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  1. That’s fair. I don’t think we’ll ever know what the complete details are. If teams or agents get a chance to lie they do. I forget who it was that said it best but the only truth you get into how teams feel about players is the draft and free agency.
  2. I don’t believe Adam Schefter changed his report. You keep believing that amateur Rapaport though. I won’t stop you.
  3. Also, Rapaport is a clown and has had several wrong reports about Steelers. So gtfoh with the “Rapaport says” stuff.
  4. If it was a crap offer it wouldn’t have been reported as “close” and “closer than last offseason”.
  5. His yards per route run was double the league average with Arians. I understand Bruce had a questionable past with TE’s but he certainly wasn’t holding RSJ back. If anything, it seems that would suggest more of a usage as a WR/TE hybrid. Not sure you’ll get the same with the new staff. Weeks 10-13 PFF had his yards per route run at 5.67, next highest was Gronk at 2.81.
  6. So I won’t disagree seems dumb buttttttt.... ”04/06/14 - Texas A&M's Ricky Seals-Jones charged with disorderly conduct...Texas A&M receiver Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested early Sunday morning for disordely conduct. The arrest, which took place at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, was first reported by KBTX in College Station. From the KBTX report: According to police, Seals-Jones was being "carried away by his friends" as the bars were closing in the 100 block of College Main. An officer says he saw someone bump into Seals-Jones, which led the wideout to reportedly start exchanging words with the person. As the officer moved towards the scene to see and hear what was going on, he says Seals-Jones broke away from his friends and yelled "F*** you! You want some?" The officer also says Seals-Jones motioned to the other person like he wanted to fight. The player was taken into custody on the misdemeanor charge.”
  7. Marcus Mosher has been comparing Bell’s yards per touch with some of the leagues RBBC’s and it really exposes how flawed the bell cow back premise is. Link That specific tweet shows Isaiah Crowell/Duke Johnson had a higher yards per touch, in a separate tweet showing Green Bay’s backfield averaged the same amount of defenders in the box and had the same yards per touch as Bell. Graham Barfield also posted Pittsburgh’s splits with and without Bell since ‘13. Link Good luck to him next offseason. If someone actually pays him what he wants I will be suggesting that is a bad franchise. It sounds like the Steelers were very creative in trying to offer him ~30 mil over 2 seasons and not hamstringing themselves into his late 20’s/early 30’s. Any smart team will be doing the same thing, maybe he gets lucky and some team massively front loads a contract but I don’t see how history, both recent and in the last 30 years, favors that decision.
  8. Arrested for assault Seems like a dumb incident. Wonder if the wizard of suspension will come out and deem this inappropriate.
  9. Ricky Seals Jones arrested for assault. Sorry to start off TC with bad news.
  10. I’ve always enjoyed UDFA’s as they have to fight to get any respect and they’re constantly unheralded even if they are great athletes. Look at Thielen last year. But also with Thielen it usually takes a few years to catch on. Here is a little more about three guys I’m especially fond of: Reggie Bonnafon, RB Carolina - (6’0, 212) 4.53, 38” vert, 11.22 agility score. Essentially an offensive weapon for Louisville that also had some time at QB and WR. Carolina’s FO has recently been about getting toolsy, multi-faceted weapons (McCaffery and Samuels last year). Before CJ Anderson arrived the backup job in Carolina was a wasteland. Fozzy Whitaker is already out for the year and Artis-Payne, Elijah Hood and Kenjon Barner not being a murders row of RB’s. I’m not sure he’ll adapt to the position given I thought Denard Robinson stood a good chance to succeed and flamed out. Anyway here is his NFL Draft Scout and stats. Keith Kirkwood, WR NO - (6’2, 221) 4.45, 35” vert, 93rd percentile arm length and 61st percentile catch radius. He is way older than I like in any prospect but I think it’s hard to ignore any Saints WR especially with such physical tools. His stats don’t really leave a lot to be desired either. Now I personally prefer Korey Robertson and Allen Lazard, that being said I think it’s never a bad thing to take a coin flip on situation. NFL Draft Scout Andrew Vollert, TE Arizona - (6’6 239) 4.60, 32” vert, 10.98 agility score. While everyone was drooling over Dallas Goedert, myself included, I found another small school guy with a wonderful profile. Now, he played WR at Weber State so the learning curve is long but with only RSJ and Gresham in place he could very well earn a 53 man spot if he plays special teams well. Here is his stats and NFL Draft Scout
  11. I probably have more than five. It’s hard to debate UDFA’s because it’s a crap shoot no matter what. I’m not a huge Swanson fan due to subpar measurables. Wadley didn’t test well but had a good sustained MPH during senior bowl week so I think he just sucks at drills. Agree on Lindsey, Adams and Lazard. RB’s I’ll be watching: Ryan Nall, Jarvion Franklin, Gus Edwards, Reggie Bonafon, Dontrelle Hilliard and Ralph Webb. WR’s: Korey Robertson, Keith Kirkwood, Derrick Willies, Byron Pringle TE’s: Andrew Vollert, Damon Gibson
  12. Does Arizona plan on giving DJ 30 mil guaranteed? Seems like at very least Pitt set the market now.
  13. Next year David Johnson will be a free agent alongside Bell. Bell’s contract will be based on DJ’s and not the other way around if both are healthy.
  14. It’s not his agents fault. They had a similar offer last year. The agent AGREED to it and then went to have Bell signed and he told him to go screw. Guy is screwy. He’s like TO but because he hasn’t been out front of a media circus it hasn’t been exposed.
  15. sure he wanted to retire a Steeler... good luck dude.