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  1. I’ve seen people pumping Speaks but Tanoh Kpassagnon’s workout metrics were a little better. Also the GM talked about how the 4-3 move will benefit both of them.
  2. Really, was just giving you the numbers to plug in since you had mentioned him previously. Agility score, IMO, does have some correlation to slot specific success but that doesn’t always correlate to fantasy success.
  3. Maybe they want him to compete. Didn’t the Cowboys do this back in the day with Aikman and Steve Walsh?
  4. Interesting that Jeremiah seems to think that for scouts it’s somehow a game of Haskins vs Murray. They are completely different QB’s and personalities. I think both will have a lot of success in the NFL. I think Drew Lock also has the potential to be a good QB and won’t shy away from him either in the right situation for dynasty rookie drafts.
  5. I also don’t question his work ethic or being the guy 110% at practice... that’s a so what quality though. I’ve tried to ride that horse on Ohio State players like John Simon. Ya he’s had a long NFL career, he’s also been cut three or four times and has never been a star or had a signature moment. Just because the class is thin doesn’t mean someone NEEDS to be propelled to the top. It’s a bad class. None of these backs should go before maybe round three, late round two if you’re really in love but it’s almost psychotic to think this guy is a 2nd rounder. Chubb, Kerryon and Guice were 2nd rounders and I doubt any of their teams would swap Jacobs for them (maybe Ronald Jones just on sheer crap shoot).
  6. It is trolling to a degree. He ran some dudes over, scouts got hard... stuff like that bothers me. It probably shouldn’t. If anything it will open up value for me if someone grabs him top five to eight. I am not joking though when I say I see him as a 4th to 7th round talent who is not better than Kalen Ballage.
  7. Oh but isn’t Mr. Hero a complete three down work horse? Shouldn’t he have caught some balls with those pillow soft hands and run all over the Clemson defense?
  8. I’ll continue to be as absurd as Gil Brandt and Daniel Jeremiah. Alabama goes down 28-16 against Clemson. Mr. Superstar RB has 3 touches the rest of the game.
  9. Key situations... like being embarrassingly tied against Citadel and getting 3 touches? Seriously none of this #### holds water.
  10. Also this 4.6 narrative and it being ok is garbage. 40 times for ALL prospects not in the combine need to be adjusted .02-.05 (I always go on the conservatives end of .05) which means he adjusts closer to 4.65-4.70. That is bad on the closer side to awful.
  11. Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all this guy has. Not talent, not production... scouts creating a massive group think and everyone trotting along like mice following the pied piper.
  12. It’s awful process. This cat has done dog #### in his career. If he was in last years class he’d be behind Kalen Ballage and Ito Smith.
  13. When Jeremiah posts stupid #### like comparing him to Michel it’s an insult to the communities collective intelligence. This guy did absolutely nothing in college. I’m doubling down. This dude should be nothing but a 5th to 7th round flier. If he succeeds it will not be because of his subpar skill set but because he’ll have landed in a plum spot.
  14. Already buried but throw some more dirt on him. Untouchable in drafts. Doubt he’ll be drafted.