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  1. There has been no indication about Carson’s productivity besides biased eyeballs that love when he crunches a DB. This board gets all steamy over two down bruisers but they have no place in today’s NFL. There is a reason he had close to zero productivity in college and there is a reason Seattle is turning away from him early.
  2. Maybe Carson is the fat ### is if he’s winded on 6 carries
  3. He’s never been productive. Not in the NFL, not in college. He has a flash play here or there. His ypc has stunk, his auxiliaries are average. Everyone loves the back that runs over DB’s that they’ll ignore everything to try to validate his role. Ok, so one 50 yard run? It’s short sighted. He had one good game last year (against a very bad run defense). Think they would even dream about splitting Carson out wide? This narrative from preseason is such a falsehood. Carroll created this scenario with his stupid ### commentary. Should never have made these wild assertations about a guy who has never been a workhorse.
  4. I see no reason to drop either but if it continues to be a split with negative game script neither is worth starting. I will continue to root for Penny and I think they are too. They had him running routes tonight and had him split out wide. He looks like a rookie to me who needs to regain the composure and confidence he had in college. Hopefully, he can do that. Also, I posted this in the Penny thread but is relevant here:
  5. Barkley is really, really good. Just reinforcing lessons to myself here about being arrogant when OC’s are awful and OLine’s are even worse. BTW here is example #2103 why not to trust Pete Carroll:
  6. This thing could be a mess for the whole season. I recall they didn’t have very many games where they were favored by Vegas. I think tonight is a small example of what the Seahawks will be offensively and it’s vomit inducing.
  7. When has Carson been productive?
  8. Which young guy you talking about? RoJo who is has been inactive, Michel who has had 10 carries at a 3.4 clip, Royce who is splitting time with a UDFA and completely dismissed in the passing game, Kerryon who is splitting with Blount and Theo Riddick or Saquon who is averaging below 3 ypc if not for his 60 yd gain? Penny has broken tackles when given the opportunity. He looks similar to what he did in college. He can catch out of the backfield and is nimble in space. I’m not sure game script or the Seattle offense as a whole will allow it but I’d like to see him with 15-18 carries and 5-7 targets. The season is young. People want to bury him because Rotoworld decides to take a Pete Carroll blurb where he is praising Penny but says he’s 10 lbs over his combine weight in passing. Ludicrous.
  9. ### ####. Schottenheimer is a ####### clown and Carroll is a bigger clown for letting him do things like that.
  12. Khalil Mack is WORTH. EVERY. CENT.
  13. Maybe the QB is to blame.
  14. You would think they could make that call two weeks out. Probably a collective bargaining thing. Red Zone spoils us with avoiding the mundane.
  15. When is the NFL going to finally have a flex schedule to not have these road kill games on Sunday and Monday night?