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  1. Cleveland makes a lot of people sad.
  2. Would a Colton Wanderer comment go over well in here?
  3. Stay at Bellagio and watch O if you want iconic Vegas. I prefer Venetian, but Bellagio is a better location for a first visit. Of you prefer modern, stay at Aria or Cosmo.
  4. Ladies always say how important confidence is, why would this be any different. To be clear, I am in no way serious here, and also laughed when he posted it.
  5. It's all about confidence. No one else will love you if you don't love yourself.
  6. I think they always appraise diamonds very high. Good luck ever selling it anywhere near that amount(not saying you're trying).
  7. I feel bad for Lonzo. He seems like a good kid(no idea if true) and I like the way he plays, but he's stuck with an over compensating dad who is sabotaging his career. Guy works hard to make the NBA and it turns out like this. And GM is right. There is no reason for any network to be giving this clown a second of airtime. At some point integrity has to be more important than clicks.
  8. Since bounty gate came up, let me remind posters of the total number of games that Saints players were suspended, 0. This was a horrible call, it happens. Bounty gate was sabotaging the Saints for PR purposes. I will forever be infinitely more bitter about bounty gate than this.
  9. If this had happened to the Eagles, it would probably lead to a separate forum.
  10. I don't watch much tv, and don't watch blackish often, but the work place bits I've seen are absolutely fantastic. "I wish I could just leave my family like the white man." "Dre, there's still time."
  11. She's a self made success story who came from a humble beginning. She seems to sincerely care about the less fortunate. She is articulate and thoughtful. It's like they're the same person.