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  1. Are you aware that he is running against Trump? You're really not sure what the point of comparing Biden to Trump is?
  2. This seems infinitely more corrupt than anything Joe might have done.
  3. Zigg


    If you have a problem with a real alpha, that's on you.
  4. Did my Wednesday quick run today. 4 miles in 30:05, then finished up 6.5 miles in 51:30. Will get under 30 minutes next week.
  5. I'm keeping up with my routine, but really going overboard on the snacks. Very rarely crave bad meals, but god do I love snacks. I wonder what kind of shape I'd be in if I could say no to the oreos occasionally. DAMN YOU OREOS!!!(and chips, ice cream, licorice, jube jubes, chocolate...)
  6. Hey Jon, you can say something was terrible without bringing up “the left.” Looting and vandalism is terrible. Plotting to kidnap a governor is terrible. End of story.
  7. The Vow is way too long. Should have been a two hour doc. Not nearly enough interesting material to be this long.
  8. Did Boris ever relinquish power to his deputy PM?
  9. All lot of people don’t realize how awesome Taysom is. They need to use him more, especially with Drew showing his age.