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  1. The Giannis D on LeBron a bit ago was incredible. Made LeBron look feeble. Giannis has been surprisingly invisible despite that thought.
  2. Just tuned in, this is fantastic. I hate the All-Star game, just dunks and 3s, but this is next level bball. Lowry taking charges is outstanding. I assume the first 3 quarters was usual terrible all-star crap.
  3. Hilary saying other politicians don’t respect you might be the greatest endorsement in history.
  4. Must be tough to have to choose between a great politician who genuinely cares for and wants the best for people, and a pathetic man baby who cries when he doesn’t get his way, while committing as many crimes needed to get his way. Sounds like quite a bubble you roll with.
  5. Those days are long gone and never coming back.
  6. Raptors took 24 second shot clock violation to start the game to honour Kobe. Spurs did as well.
  7. Then the middle class should say #### you Amazon.
  8. Half watching PBS, and I thought I heard the expert say it’s not as bad as SARS. Is this any worse than the flu?