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  1. Yep Animated is definitely the way to go with this one. IMO
  2. This comes to mind with BMFing. Where do we sign up? 😘
  3. Ok, I'm open minded but wanted Valkyrie to play a bigger role than this sounds like they'd do. Could be wrong of course, if Tessa is involved I'm good with it.
  4. Lesser version of the eagles or journey. Opened the thread thinking I might not even know a song they did, then recognized most, liked a few. But as a whole they're entirely forgettable.
  5. Without reading anyone else's response... 1. I'll be much more likely to see sequels than remakes, MCU notwithstanding. I'll wait for DVD/streaming to see most reboots. 2. Are there types that you won't see? I'll see the Disney stuff when it comes out on Disney+. No desire whatsoever to see the live action remakes in theater, although I'll assume Lion King 3D or IMAX could be good. 3. I'll see sequels if I really liked the others. Toy story for example. 4. We've only seen the MCU, toy story 4, and the star wars movies in theater. 5. I'm not going to the theater to see a movie that's already been out on DVD. 6. Maybe, for the companies making the movies if they see less profit opportunity. For consumers, no.
  6. At $21, I might not, but let's pretend we forecast Baker to be next year's Mahomes. Do you take him then? Obviously that's best case and unlikely.
  7. Any thoughts on players you think you're taking already? (Guessing price and thinking they will be a value) I'm probably locking in a QBBC of Mayfield and Dak.
  8. Don't pile on the cheap guys. They're cheap for a reason. If DJ is $3 I'm all over that. I've drafted him in almost every league. All dynasty so there's a clear difference, but dude is gonna be good.
  9. Just run with your arms out like an ✈️
  10. Good enough for 8th overall, 2nd AG.