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  1. Glad you can have some time with the family. Sorry for your loss, especially during these times. It's never easy (I assume, our 4 parents are still with us) but now really stinks.
  2. In Seattle, if he somehow becomes the lead back, he's a strong rb2. He's a guy you draft after you've gotten your core, as a "if things break right, this could help win the league" but understand things probably don't break "right".
  3. Thinking of moving my Roth from a broad market approach to ten-fifteen buy and hold companies. Stuff that I'm probably going to hold for the next decade (might not, but that's the plan going in). The idea isn't to necessarily try to hit all home runs, but just own good companies which should beat the market. Fwiw, my Roth IRA is less than 10% of our investments, the rest is a total market approach. This basket so far is tech heavy. Maybe heavier than I want it to be, trying to decide that right now. 3M Amazon BABA CYDY Discover Disney Google Home Depot Microsoft Sea unlimited Teledoc Tesla And then add SBIO, and QCLN - ETFs which I've held for a while already and want to keep. Thoughts? I'm okay risking losing a bit to the market, with the potential to beat it.
  4. Nice job you two! 🧡❤️💜
  5. I'm fairly sure you're right, but probably not that much faster today. I think so. I've never been very good at identifying specific issues, but a little reading indicates that it could be a mild Gluteus Medius strain. The left leg has felt like that since the 10k.
  6. Voted can't hurry love, although the tune that comes to my mind when I see the title is Phil Collins
  7. Agreed. I find Facebook makes this different than it used to be, at least if you're both somewhat active on the site. You both keep seeing each other's posts, sometimes you even comment on the other's. Mostly because while I don't necessarily need to maintain a relationship with the person, I do generally genuinely want the person to be happy and do well.
  8. you're both ahead of me right now. I knew I wasn't feeling at my best today but wanted to get an idea of where I'm at. Warmup to the first possible mile course, ran it, 6:43. Jog and walk to the next, primary choice, 6:36. Both were about all I had today. Two more mile Intervals, with no regard to the actual course (except I waited to start 4 until I was back on a path), both over 7. Not my day. I'll need fresh legs and to stretch more to have a chance to break 6 here.
  9. Yeah, it may be time to cough up the money. Or find another app.
  10. My fastest on Strava is 5:34, but that's when I had retired and hadn't started the new job, was running a ton because I had the time and we weren't going to travel right then. Yeah, I probably underrated the value of a solid down hill. If there's any wind even better.
  11. Driving up to the lake early, so just had enough time to hop on the trainer for a quick workout. Run tomorrow, probably won't try the mile for a while still.
  12. Probably true. Although I remember back in 17 thinking Hyde was turning into a decent all around back. I still think he's underrated as a back, but doesn't stand out in anything enough really. If Carson missed time or doesn't fully recover, Hyde probably becomes a pretty good RB2. at least until Penny returns fully. Or this becomes a Cerberus, making it hard to start any consistently.
  13. Even routine procedures with kids suck. But I largely agree, treated and fixed is a good thing. T&P
  14. Complete mutt, some mix of rat terrier, German Shepard, and other stuff. Got him from a rescue. - literally cannot wear a collar. It won't stay on. His neck is bigger than the biggest part of his skull. Which might not be a stupid thing he does, he kept taking it off until we just got him a harness, and he's chipped. - shakes his butt like Beyonce when he walks. His hips don't lie. - chases after rabbits in our backyard, he caught one, put it in his mouth, brought it up to the porch (maybe 50 yards), put it down as a gift to my 9yo. Rabbit was fine, hopped away after I took the dog into the house. - a few times my kids have left the back gate open, which goes to a woods / greenway. He's left the yard, walked at least 5 houses down where some don't have fences, come back to our front door, scratched on the door to be let in, looking proud. My wife thinks he's dumb but a great family dog, I think he's surprisingly smart.
  15. I'm not sure if this was smart or a screw up. Son #4's college account is with USAA, which is moving to Schwab now. When I sold his Disney shares I had planned to move to 70/30 VTI/BND before they moved. I missed the window and now can't buy in that account. He does have a small amount of KOPN in there, which has been on a tear lately. Like triple. But that's after it fell by a ton. But otherwise he's all cash now and I can't buy until May 26.