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  1. I didn't even realize this was a thing: Oz, the IRS is holding your refunduntil mid-February. Your federal return contains one or both of these forms: Earned Income Credit Additional Child Tax Credit According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, the IRS is required to hold all refunds for taxpayers claiming these credits. This means the IRS won't issue your refund until mid-February. This delay applies to all tax prep companies and filing methods and impacts your entire refund amount -- not just the portion associated with these credits. While the IRS will begin issuing refunds with these forms starting in mid-February, your federal refund likely will not appear in your bank account until February 27. How is holding my refund protecting me?
  2. Makes sense. I'm personally more into all this for the health benefits, but maybe if I were better at all this I'd change my mind. Honestly, I've never been out of moderately decent shape. Largely because I went from HS sports to college sports to the Army, along the way grew a reputation for being in shape which I work to maintain. I think we're defining health benefits differently. I need 5-10 hours a week to reach the health status I'm aiming for. Agreed. But I think you're missing out. Helps a ton that I swam early, lifeguarded and taught swimming throughout HS and into college, played water polo in college. Basically grew up near the pool or lakes. Nowhere near elite or even really fast for swimmers (decent for tri) but it's mostly enjoyable. Not the same as trail running or cycling, but it leaves you feeling really good afterwards. But it does take a while to get into it.
  3. Highly doubt that. He seems to have wanted to leave a legacy / become a legend.
  4. It's not enough that you're doing well, those other people over there are getting richer! Pretty sure it was main Street, all of us, that allowed it to happen. I'm also fairly sure it's also not necessarily a bad thing. Nope, not by wall Street anyway
  5. -OZ-

    2019 FBG WSL 1 Discussion Thread

    Seems right to me. Jacobs in Philly or Baltimore and you got a steal. He lands in a less favorable location or to back a stud up, not so much. I'd have a real hard time putting Jacobs as top 5 in this class unless you're talking FF draft and not NFL.
  6. No idea. Maybe your house was just off? Or other features of your house were affected differently? If you're really concerned about it you could call an agent or just look for comparable homes that sell in your school district.
  7. I think they said it was nation wide. Our city is growing fast, and we just bought in 2016, so that might have something to do with the last one being more accurate.
  8. Largely I think housing markets are local. From your description it sounds like it could be a good time to sell but that's just speculation. They recently changed their algorithm (NPR ran a story about their contest to increase accuracy). Our house dropped $10k in the last month which is probably more accurate than the highest. No worries on our end as we're not selling for maybe 15 years anyway.
  9. -OZ-

    Need help buying used car

    We went to CarMax Saturday, pleasant experience. Not overly impressive but I really liked that the salesman didn't really seem to care all that much whether we bought that day, came back later or went elsewhere. No pressure, he answered our questions, took my number and said he'd call in a month - I told him my timeframe was 2-3 months or whenever I found exactly what I wanted at the right price. Ideally it will be a 2018 Camry XSE, predawn gray Mica with gray interior, Moon roof, for under $22 (I'll go $24 if needed, will also consider the xle, might consider Avalon). So he'll keep an eye out. Trying to decide whether a hybrid is worthwhile. Also trying to decide whether I like the Accord, I don't think I do but need to look into it. I'd also consider an Altima or Maxima, my in laws swear by them (all they drive is Nissan), wife thinks they've had lots of issues with their cars, FIL insists that's not true.