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  1. Good to hear. I think the key benefit to the process is the health benefits, more so than any gains in speed.
  2. True. But if you get dividends or capital gains each year, you pay every year on that gain. I haven't done the full analysis, it's entirely possible to come out essentially even if you don't trade (and incur capital gains) most years. I like the simplicity of the Roth and we max. I don't see the rules for the Roth changing, as most politicians want to keep their seat. It seems far more likely to me that tax rates would increase. But it is all a gamble.
  3. Gotta agree with Chief here. Unless your HRM is off. Might not be the right time with a goal race coming up, but I'd highly encourage MAF training. It will be slow AF. at first. But so worth it.
  4. If you're maxing your retirement accounts you'll have more when you need it if you use Roth. But 2020 will be the first year I intentionally contribute to the traditional (Roth wasn't an option a while ago for the work account). I'm just trying to figure out the mix. Our retirement investments are roughly ⅓ traditional now. I think I like that mix but is there any way to really know what is ideal?
  5. I'll agree that he's probably better for the Titans than your FF team. Fwiw, in my ongoing dynasty auction he went for just a little less than Ian Thomas and Mostert; a bit more than the 2.02 (16 teams) (not by me)
  6. Birmingham loves making waves with the SCOTUS
  7. I never even thought about this. How many actually have city income taxes?
  8. If you fully trust the people and make the right contract, I'd be on board.
  9. How's the business? I often think I'd really like to have the flexibility working in RE seems to provide. The stability of the current job is nice in many ways but making our own schedule and the skillset transferring to other areas is awfully enticing.
  10. Currently conducting a dynasty auction. $1,000 cap. Jacobs was RB9 @ $145, kamara RB5 @ $164 (I won kamara).
  11. I'm gonna guess your 81.58% and 87.5% take home incomes are significantly greater than my 98% take home. We were at 0% the last couple years, 2% this year. Although if we didn't have kids it would be around 10%
  12. Correction - last year was our last year getting the credit So now I actually owe for the first time ever. Just $215, so I guess that's almost ideal. Filed... but now I'm told we can claim the child care tax credit as the wife was at St. Jude's for 4 months and we needed child care to allow me to work. So that should get us back to almost even. problem is, HR block online doesn't seem to allow us to add the dependent care unless we have two W2s. Seems it should, as the rules allow for students and other exceptions. Has anyone dealt with this issue? i might just have to file hard copy this year. With the amended return anyway
  13. Our daughter has shot commercials with Marlo Thomas and her brother Tony Thomas. She's been in commercials with Jennifer Aniston and Michael Strahan - but those were shot in different locations. My wife knows if she shoots a commercial with Jennifer, I'm there.
  14. had dinner with James "Mad dog" Mattis right after he retired from the Marine corps. I was attending a symposium at Duke where he was speaking. There were 8 of us at the table, he was on the opposite side but we all had a decent conversation before his speech. Before the dinner I was having a beer with a friend and one of the retired general officers who was on CNN a lot at the time came up to us and chatted us up, paid for our drinks. Nice enough guy but I don't remember his name. I didn't meet him really, but shook hands with President Clinton as we were pulling crowd security in college.