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  1. In! Goal will be under 5 hours riding time. Realistically 5:30 total time. They took out the 20% grade climb that kicked my ### last time.
  2. Tell my wife. Not about the race, the philosophy.
  3. To do, or not to do, the all you can eat century ride again this year. Missed last year as I was a little busy (and out of the country) but it's a fun event. September 15
  4. Fwiw, I took gronk at pick #46, 3.14. I'll agree that he cost too much in most leagues in previous seasons.
  5. Engram was the 2nd or 3rd TE taken in my recent drafts behind Kelce, ertz. I'd take gronk as I think he plays another 3-5 years despite the rumors. I just don't think he's "better enough" than a few TEs that go significantly later. Like Howard, njoku, Everett, and still my later choice, Shaheen (like TE 34)
  6. at the bolded. If I give it much thought there's no way Engram is a top 16 player IMO. Agree on Goff. Not to suggest he's elite yet, but I'll be happy to draft him outside the top 5 in dynasty. Just took him after Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, Wentz, and Watson. Not crazy value but in a 16 team league I was happy with it. (Pick 4.13)
  7. Started this way Yep When we had our first, the only place there was room for the basinet in the room was on the left side. So she took that side. 5 moves later, she's still there. And it's closest to the door. But the Intruders would have to get through the dog first.
  8. Of course. But mid-6, like half a million. That's tier 1 or 2 FBG. It is Otis, so that's a safe assumption.
  9. This. During law school I drove 70 miles each way. Thankfully in Kansas that meant about an hour even in "rush" hour. And gas was less than a dollar per gallon, and I drove a Civic. Audio books (including bar prep) made it work. Now, no thanks.
  10. No ####. Better be mid 6 figures or more.
  11. Ugh. That's a major reason I've avoided big cities. 12 miles, I take three different routes just depending on my feeling that day. Morning is usually 20 minutes, I'm one of the first in the parking lot and avoid most traffic. We occasionally get backed up at the gate to the installation, that can add 10-15 minutes if I'm coming in later than usual. The way home is more congested, can take 30 minutes or more. There are a few choke points (mostly due to the gate) but no good way to avoid them.
  12. Now that would make a good story. "I got a shirt and $360 million" Of course the guy would have to drive /fly to your state to claim the prize, but for the jackpot we'd manage.
  13. Yep. He's looked better than Amari Cooper. Yet coop goes roughly a round earlier usually. I prefer cooks.