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  1. Or, people think Biden is better than that #### show of a "debate" We should all be embarrassed that we're here, but Trumpites never had any conscience anyway.
  2. Exactly this. It's easy to spin it as he wants to address the issues. Meanwhile, if people weren't turned off by political #### fighting before, most are now.
  3. She'll do MUCH better next go round, especially if she happens to be the incumbent. Who knew, despite everything they claim, Democrats don't like women with substance. (Ok, this is overboard.) Still, Harris and Warren would have been better Presidents than Biden or Hillary. Agreed Pence has the personality of a saltine cracker. He's almost as unlikeable as McConnell except Mitch actually stands for something.
  4. I assume the 50% is total amount. But yeah, when the legislative and executive is D, we should expect some reforms. How much is a question. I don't think there will be BIG changes, but perhaps a bit for capital gains and write-offs.
  5. I expect President Harris to be the almost automatic nominee. While not trying to be cavalier about it, I don't think Biden serves a full term. Hopefully that's because he resigns and then gets healthier. Harris serves 6ish years, then someone without a huge following at this point takes the house back for the GoP in 2028. Weakening executive branch only works for our benefit in two situations. 1. States grow in power as we remember these are the united STATES. 2. The legislative branch gets its #### together. I wouldn't bet on 2.
  6. Yep. I'm not trying to time it.
  7. 30% is far too much in EM, IMO. but some diversity makes sense. I get that the US companies both have done well and many have large international exposure, and the world is more connected than ever. But I figure the US will stop being King at some point. Hopefully not in our lifetimes but I think we'd be fools to think it's impossible for us to start falling relative to other countries, or to overlook the chances that other countries grow faster than the US over the next 50 years.
  8. I've been tempted to buy into VGK a bit. Probably no more than 3% of our total.
  9. Aside from SE or other specific companies? 25% of my TSP, nothing in my wife's IRA. So 15%, give or take 2%
  10. That's a fair point. Superficially, the Ravens and chiefs can have huge games which is a cause for concern. But if not many teams own the players it really won't matter. Points above the cut line probably means slightly less than teams which would have to leap you. (I'm comfortable this week with a gap of 5,227 teams between me and the turk.)
  11. We'll see. Both are crazy and incredibly unlikable. Maybe they'll kill each other.
  12. Yep. Just along for the ride right now. I won't sell, but I'm not buying extra. Most months I'll throw whatever is left after the automatic investments and bills into my regular brokerage. This month I'll probably just keep the extra cash on hand. I'm expecting more drop into November, but without the conviction to sell much.
  13. Yep My 2nd and 3rd highest score for the week are my kicker and defense. My second kicker scored more than any of my RBs. But for now, thanks to Dak, gost, and Indy D, I'll go on.