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  1. I assumed they'd increase. But could be wrong. Right, just not close to the best team in the league.
  2. If they can get other teams to not be laser focused on stopping Brees, that's probably a benefit. If the saints can be slightly better prepared if Brees got injured that's probably good too - although it seems really unlikely that a Breesless saints do much.
  3. 152 Used O: DET, WAS, TB, NOS, PIT, NE, ATL, HOU, CAR, GB D. BAL, LAC, CLE, JAX, TEN, GB, IND, NEP, CHI, NYJ Week 11 O: Rams D. Cardinals
  4. NBA Ultimate fighting Keeping up with the Joneses All "reality" TV - except some of the craft stuff and I do like the lakefront property show. Major league baseball (I might take an interest in our new minor league team, the Trash Pandas) Fashion Swinging New cars All award shows
  5. Could be interesting. Generally speaking I'm anti embrace.
  6. 60 42 I could retire earlier but I want the federal civilian pension.
  7. -OZ-

    Titans 2018

    That's certainly within reach.
  8. -OZ-

    Titans 2018

    Redskins week 16 I'd be fine starting them throughout the playoffs with those matchups.
  9. I don't remember seeing them either. But then there's only a couple on my infrequent routes.
  10. So I'm reading a book about brain disorders, this morning I read the chapter about addictions. Obviously I thought about y'all. And then I signed up for the recover from the holidays 50k on NYE. I'm freaking stupid, but at least I have an excuse according to the book, addicts can't stop themselves.
  11. And a post for every thread we don't want to see!
  12. Surely NWA, Johnny cash, Eminem, Ray Charles, Dolly Parton, and spinal tap all deserve a movie. Oh wait...
  13. I'm just here for the playlist. Please post in the first post. (I think you do but wanted to ask anyway)
  14. -OZ-

    SNL On War Veteran - Over The Line?

    Sort of. As person can earn respect but still not be given respect. Vietnam vets are the personification of this happening.
  15. -OZ-

    SNL On War Veteran - Over The Line?

    Biggest difference is respect is personal, politically correct is just something you're giving lip service to. Both might appear the same from the outside, but not intrinsically