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  1. Fwiw, I'm completely with you regarding road marathons. No desire to hit the pavement that long, to what end? But I will do another 140.6 someday when the kids are a little older. Also perhaps a trail... There's a good chance I do a hundred before another road 26.2. Unless the marathon is training for the 100.
  2. And this is why tri >>>>>> running races. Same plan / concept but divided up better.
  3. Right. And if Leonard is back, Blake won't throw as much against the Titans. I like Cole a lot, have him in a few leagues, but even I'm a bit reluctant to put him on par with Thieleen.
  4. Not after they draft Drew lock, Justin Hebert, Ryan Findley or whomever they like next year. If they had drafted a QB this year he'd not be doing much better than Josh Allen. Except they do have OBJ and Engram. they help.
  5. when you spend big on RBs and 5 of your WR score more than your top RB, who cost $4 But over 200 so can't complain.
  6. It's early but I really do think we're seeing a changing of the guard here. Pats are still playoff bound but the jags are damn good. We're in Jason's Good Place.
  7. Guessing (almost) all Mahomes owners will stay alive.
  8. Done with roughing the kicker
  9. Amazing that the DBs seem to have had good coverage that long.
  10. Had them just where we wanted them!
  11. 15 seconds to get 15 yards...
  12. It's been ugly but I didn't expect much with MM out.
  13. Why I love and hate FF. it's a weird feeling cheering for a TD by your rival against your team, but I need Nuk to do just enough for my teams to win but not for them to beat my team
  14. You're crazy. A good high grade, grass fed Angus burger is better than most steak of a similar price range.
  15. Could go this way But I'll take bacon, fried egg, blue cheese