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  1. Just finished 8. Curious what you think of it.
  2. When Bojack's story is over they could and should create another show in this world. I hope I see some Abe Ziegler and Ziggy Abler in the final episodes.
  3. First time seeing OP and liked it. The tone and pace of the movie synced perfectly with the tense calm performances. And than the conclusion, wow. I was expecting a mother son hug not a taxi cab. It was also refreshing that the dialogue contained no "yeah umm so..ok's" that has taken over modern times. Saw TSH years ago. It was better the second time around, me being 15 years older. As posted above gut wrenching.
  4. Halfway into season 2 and I'm now caring about these characters that I despised. No better example than Tom. The show is getting better. At first it reminded me of something you'd see Friday nights on ABC. But there does seem to be a pattern forming with the plot which makes things predictable. We'll see how S2 ends. side note. Rectify has the best theme music and the actress who plays Geri is on the show
  5. I read The Glass City and really enjoyed it. Didn't know the NY trilogy existed which makes it more of a gem. The Don Quixote reference pushed me to give DQ a try. But just like Hitchhikers Guide Galaxy and every Terry Pratchett book I've tried to read it couldn't hold me. The only funny books I can remember enjoying from front to back is A Confederacy of Dunces and Carl Hiaasen. What are the must reads?
  6. A Brightness Long ago. Another terrific book by Guy Gavriel Kay. Almost as good as Lions of al rasaan.
  7. Scott Pilgram vs the world The American President Heartbreakers
  8. Yanking hard on the leash because they have no patience for an excited dog.
  9. i'd pick Affleck because of that scene with ERatajski in Gone Girl.
  10. Ceci was a liability. The Toronto noise makers will turn him into an overrated liability.
  11. thanks for using the spoiler tags. you didn't ruin my day, only 30 minutes of it. you are an awful life form.
  12. I never saw the show but I got a dual cassette for christmas that had a bunch of their skits on audio. It was hilarious. Being eatin by a crocadile
  13. from that list I liked The Day of the Triffids.