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  1. Scott Pilgram vs the world The American President Heartbreakers
  2. Yanking hard on the leash because they have no patience for an excited dog.
  3. i'd pick Affleck because of that scene with ERatajski in Gone Girl.
  4. Ceci was a liability. The Toronto noise makers will turn him into an overrated liability.
  5. thanks for using the spoiler tags. you didn't ruin my day, only 30 minutes of it. you are an awful life form.
  6. I never saw the show but I got a dual cassette for christmas that had a bunch of their skits on audio. It was hilarious. Being eatin by a crocadile
  7. from that list I liked The Day of the Triffids.
  8. The Hod King was great. same great writing as the first two. The structure is a little different but the story continues from the conclusion of Spinx.
  9. Free Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi is free in digital format if you sign up or have already signed up for Tor's newsletter. ends mar16.
  10. so much hate for such an insignificant slight. get a grip
  11. Lonesome Dove. I should've read this years ago. Great great book.
  12. Outlander. it finished second on PBS favorite book contest so I gave it a try. The two romantic leads were too good to be true and boring. it's too bad because the book was well written and full of interesting characters. Zero chance i continue with the series.
  13. *Shakespeare in Love. great movie. qualifies if most means FBGS
  14. I started a tank 15 years ago. I guy on my hockey team owned a pet store and said I only needed water conditioner and a pinch of fish flakes (would do the same as the bottle of bacteria) at startup. ran the filter for a week, added fish and everything turned out fine. I would never put water from a store in my tank. they have a high turnover of fish and add chemicals to fight disease.