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  1. yes, and we have played 3 well above average defenses also....
  2. 179 transactions including 19 trades in my Best Ball league since we opened this year on May 3, not including the draft....
  3. set disconnect date on about 25 July for 19 August when my current billing cycle ended on Choice Xtra Classic (normal $99/mo plus fees/taxes).... called 18 August for retention deals prior to disconnect and there was nothing per rep....rep said to check back after disconnect for possible deals.... disconnect email received on 19 August but service ended up being disconnected on 20 August.... called today, 21 August, got $55/mo discount, free NFL ticket max, 3 months free Showtime/HBO and $200 Visa gift card with 1 year commitment.... number I used was 888-333-0804 and talked to Rockny
  4. clipping baseball/football cards to our bike wheels so that the spokes would slap them when turning making your bike a "hot rod".....
  5. just cancelled after some BS customer service the last few days/mpnths.... was told yesterday they would give me $60/mo credit for 12 months but got an email this morning saying I got a ONE TIME $60 credit to my account...very nice CS lady at disconnect verified the BS credit and in the "notes" section saw where I WAS supposedly offered the $60/mo credit, and she would report the person who gave me the bogus offer.... so I disconnected hoping I could set the date for tomorrow but found that ATT (as others have noted above) will NOT prorate disconnects any more even if you are not under contract, so I wait til 8/19 when my current billing cycle ends for my disconnect and will see what happens. as an aside.....a few months ago I was offered free Starz because I'm such a loyal, long term customer but after my free month I started getting billed for it as I was supposed to cancel it if I no longer wanted it....of course the person offering the free Starz failed to mention this and it took 3 calls to straighten out....BUYER BEWARE with ATT/DTV
  6. I heard a small part of an interview with HOF LB Dave Robinson on Sirius today. He mentioned, that of the starters for the Pack in the SB 1/2 era, only he, Jerry Kramer, Boyd Dowler and Paul Hornung are still sad for us Pack fans, especially us old timers....RIP Bart and all the rest who helped instill a life long love of this game....
  7. I'm also a Sony owner and I just took Harris at 2.01 in a 12 teamer....notable guys still on the board included M Brown, Debo, Isabella, JJAW, and Butler
  8. I believe he lived here in Colorado Springs. I'd heard a while back from a guy here who knew him that he was battling dementia for some time. Lombardi called him the best football player he had ever seen. RIP....
  9. I saw where Marvin Jones left in the 3rd quarter with a knee injury....not sure if he returned or the extent of the injury
  10. for kids of varying ages....boche ball set, compact croquet set, compact disc golf set and especially chem lights help keep them entertained....
  11. I accepted the $60/mo offer and will call back next month about the ticket....having my "log" helps as I can demonstrate the past deals they have given me for being a long term customer with auto idea about stand alone redzone availability or cost as I'm only interested in the ticket max.....
  12. got the same $60/mo for a year making my cost about $70/ the same $60 deal last year (I've kept a log about my contacts with DTV since 2002)....Christina said no Ticket deals show up for me right now but check back when they start their Ticket promo on TV ads, likely mid August
  13. We got an 8 week old dog and cat on the same day many years ago and after about 2 days we weren't sure if we had 2 dogs or 2 cats. They became fast, life long friends, chased each other around, wrestled, slept together etc. Both lived to be a happy, healthy 15 years old.