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  1. Seems like a good bet to make a big impact in FF the 2nd half of the season with 10-15 carries and 3-4 catches with DET down in the 4Q most weeks.
  2. EEK. Hopefully just a scare. Was about to post that two of the Steelers big playmakers on D, Minkah and Bush have yet to create a turnover this season. Will be needed over the next month.
  3. It seems like the Steelers have had a different RB and WR step up just about each week, great thing for the team but ugly for fantasy owners. The great plus on Claypool is he doesn't need much volume to be a WR3 with upside for WR1/2 any week. In four games he's already shown he's going to be a huge factor in the red zone and will also break off big chunks of yardage on short and deep routes. Also encouraging to see Matt Canada adding his skills on jet-sweeps, etc. Claypool made a comment before the bye week that he was ready for more, he knows all the plays and can line up anywhere so he shouldn't have limitations that many rookies do. Seems like a great WR3 moving forward this year.
  4. Seems like this could be the week Mike Williams finally scores.
  5. Rudolph has definitely not been the answer this year. Likely never. Let's hope the Duck is at least serviceable.
  6. Rudolph looks bad, slow to process reads, slow feet in the pocket. The team's upside was always going to be capped with him this year but he's worse than I expected. However I'd trust the coaches on not elevating The Duck. They've seen this kid from Day 1 and thought enough of him that they released him and watched while he went unclaimed. He really didn't do much in the Chargers win. QB has been a problem but more concerning to me is the OL and run game. The offense's best chance for success when Ben went down was the run game but Conner can't stay healthy and the OL appears to have aged quickly or really misses Munchak. Hopefully JuJu and Deionte Johnson return in 10 days and the O can at least score 20-24 most weeks.
  7. The Steelers running game and commitment to it has let them down. Hopefully Conner will be ready to contribute this week. Seems like if they can play D and run the ball (especially in the redzone) they could win many of their remaining games. Rudolph is what he is, just need to put less on his plate.
  8. Coming off the bye to Monday night vs. CLE looks like a Pettis breakout game.
  9. Interesting article on PFF
  10. Lynn made it clear, however, that once Gordon is ready to roll, he'll be the workhorse. "No doubt. He's our starter," the coach said. "He was the starter for a reason and I like the way Austin and J.J [Justin Jackson]'s been working. They've done a heck of a job. They've both proved they can play in this league, but they will still have a major role in the offense. But as soon as Melvin's ready, he'll go back. He'll go back to No. 1."
  11. Risky move but I like it if they are confident that Rudolph will be solid. May even be able to get that first back for Ben or Rudolph if Mason has a good year. 8 first round picks now starting on D. Heyward, Watt, Dupree, Bush, Barron, Fitzpatrick, Haden and Edmunds. If the D doesn't show some serious improvement soon (as in top 5) have to think it comes down quickly on Butler and eventually Tomlin.
  12. First team OL and DL were dominant last night. Hopefully both stay healthy. Plenty of playmakers in front 7 hopefully a safety will step up this year.
  13. I'd go down with the Dez ship before dealing him for Andy Dalton.
  14. Lewis is a dynamic player, Blount is not. That is why Belichick has stuck with him.
  15. Pats were up 37-13 entering 4th, (also after Lewis fumble), 4th Q snap breakdown: Lewis 12 Blount 3 Bolden 2