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  1. I couldn't imagine going any direction other than a surface, whichever best fits your needs and budget.
  2. moderates and others on the fence (social libs or moderates esp) hat live in battleground states and are just too scared of trump to vote third party / GJ, even if they cant stand voting for Hill
  3. Check out local charities and houses of worship or local charitable events / balls. Often there is an auction competent for which good tix are usually well received and can get them ok cash.
  4. Ive been uber lucky in this regard. 20 years post college and ive always had a top notch, very consistent hook-up. One guy over five guys during my time in LA, late 90s. Back east, Ive had three guys over the past 15 years, two of whom I knew when I was in HS and they were in Jr. High, local kids. Top stuff, always available - like always, save MAYBE a couple days here or there, over 15 years - always at least very good, usually great or awesome. Then again, perfect confluence of hippie/hip hop dealers and plenty of wealth and appetite for only the good stuff.
  5. Productive response. No wonder Ive spent less and less time here. Appreciate your take, however, Ivan. As usual. Unlike the helium that takes up so many posts and whatever 'thought' that went into it.
  6. Fair and detailed response, but with all the facts that have come to bear, compared with actions of past presidents alone (Bush's crusade to enter a full blown invasion for no good reason, Iran contra just to name the first two that come to mind) and the ultimate findings, it just seems way overblown. ESPECIALLY considering what we could expect from a Trump pres. with his litany of purposefully screwing people over and other super shady business dealings, multiple business failures and selfish and vindictive nature (not to mention a penchant for making fun of others like a child and inciting hate and bigotry). Maybe I just have low expectations to begin with for our executive branch.
  7. With all the #### we face as a nation, shame on you if a priority is Hillary's emails or Benghazi for both the fact that each has been vetted at ridiculous taxpayer cost and resource and more importantly, the context of what each represents in terms of issues of real value. As a GJ guy, just stop with your petty political hatchet job pandering and actually show you give a #### about the many far, FAR more important issues we face. If you have no decency, at least have some respect... for yourselves and our nation and people.
  8. I don't know how ANY self respecting conservative could vote for Trump. Whether its a conservative by ideology as in actually believes in limited govt, a greater private realm and personal freedom (you know, for all, not just those like you) or a Conservative by Politic as in rolling back said personal freedoms and increasing govt intrusion so long as it serves your theocratic and social opinions even at (especially at) the expense of others. In terms of fiscal policy, don't see how either wants a guys who welches on business deals, leverages business associates with an utter lack of scruples, has committed deceipt and likely flat out fraud and is completely pk not just screewing over people for their life savings but actually creating a business model that does just that... and still has failed business after failed business. Now, if you want a narcissist showman who is a great brander? Well, ok there, you got me.
  9. I can say this: my current hospital stay would be so much less painful, uncomfortable and unpleasant if I were able to smoke ####### natural weed as opposed to various combos of fentanyl, oxy and dilauded. Just brutal and usually nauseous. Trying anything to get home where I'll obviously have less "care" but can supplement the necessary narcotics with soothing, anti-nauseal weed. What a stupid and selfish law.
  10. Not with top grade weed. unless you have a LOT of friends. And even more
  11. Can't speak to any specifics today fwiw. Seems to have been a bit Mrs even of late though. Then again I've been quite a bit less involved personally recently
  12. Pretty evenly distributed with a strong plurality stating keep as is. I'd take that as a job well done and worth keeping the current course.
  13. While it is true that Bacon makes anything better, I find its not the best of toppings for a traditions (re: good) pie. That said, extra bacon can make a dominos or other such crap quite delish m for what it is
  14. When is it ok to NOT punch this self absorbed, self serving ##### nozzle in the nose?
  15. Yesterday would have been Tremendous Upside's 39th Birthday. Still brings me, very much literally, to tears at times.