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  1. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
  2. It’s not a slam dunk because we have collectively lowered the bar to such a degree that a President who clearly seeks to have a foreign power look to get dirt on his primary perceived political rival in the upcoming election is somehow “ok” by 30%+ of this nation. This should be one of the greatest offenses a democratically elected leader could do, yet a huge swath of this nation will contort every “law and order” bone in their body to come to his defense. And it’s not like some on off instance of abuse of power nor looking to extend an MO that purposefully runs outside of appropriate authorities and legal channels - again, this man has decades of history to that fact. When you need to hide behind the fact that no one has seen trump with the smoking gun (it’s hearsay! I mean, are we really that gullible?) while putting party above country, it’s a damning statement on where we are as a nation.
  3. Jamny, I appreciate your effort here in bribing nuance and detail to the discussion. For those reasons, shouldn’t we hold a bit more skepticism toward the Trump family in general considering their multiple issues in the past, including the fact that the Trumps have been deemed not worthy/trustworthy enough to run a charity in the state of NY due to past misdealings and malfeasance?
  4. Thought he was more like 12-14 overall, taken at the beginning of the backup WB run or high upside later round starters. In the two leagues I got him he was there in round 10/11.
  5. We can discuss the merits of these recent examples, but it would seem terribly naive to suggest that history is irrelevant. One of the greatest takeaways from the Holocaust was “never forgot” - history matters. Context matters. In this case, we have to at least consider the context of history, and the context of Omar’s past anti-Semitic remarks / tropes. That doesn’t mean this is the same, but it certainly provides important perspective.
  6. FWIW, while I agree with most of the other points, this is by far the most compelling reason I've seen.
  7. I agree with you generally speaking... although my faith in the GOP is non-existent (just willing to examine ways to call bluffs and make clear that there IS an underlying truth here) and my faith in the American people is near an all time low, unfortunately. That extends not only to those who support the dangerous, unseemly, and treacherous behaviors of Trumpbut also those on the left that will sacrifice our collective future to prove a point rather than support someone a bit more moderate than are they.
  8. Understood - and I generally agree. But believe its important to explore all angles.
  9. All good points. 1. Then that should come out to bear 2. TOTALLY hear you here. But extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Perhaps provide some framework so there are rules and boundaries - and if the Republicans don't accept them, then you don't move forward. I know the Republicans are, by and large, not acting in earnest nor in good faith, but I also believe that when the truth is on your side, sometimes you need to entertain approaches you wouldn't otherwise in times like these. 3. I NEVER suggested the WB testify. Schiff, however, is not the WB. The lack of respect for WB's in general and for the safety of a decorated Veteran is, well... trying to find something other than the D word. It's just so beneath what I've learned is to be a good American to attack someone who has come forward to defend democracy at great personal and professional risk (regardless if you believe the claims), and so sad to watch so many stoop to levels that don't represent what I thought American values stood for. 4. I agree. 100%. But I also want to remove any "excuses" the in-bad faith actors are trying to put forth. Let the truth illuminate. If not in the near future, then 1, 3, 5, 10 years into the future so we can all hopefully learn, and even hold accountable those who indeed have acted in bad faith, today. Be that accountability the shame they must then live with moving forward from a historical perspective, or even legal avenues if/when they are warranted.
  10. Question to @timschochet @SaintsInDome2006 and others - I am not "comfortable" with having Schiff testify as to the precedent it seeks... but let's be honest, these are not normal times. In an effort to be fully transparent, and to look at EVERY angle and detail of this situation, what is the harm in him volunteering to do so? The old "if there is nothing to hide, let's put it out there" Yes, I know the details of "how" he might be interviewed is essential, but perhaps we all need to extend ourselves to bend over backward for the sake of this nation's future.
  11. Appreciate this well thought out response. I think as to "who" may or may not be "trying" to shut the boards down I'll stick to doing my best to not guess as to a poster's motivation. As others have said, we sometimes react to the poster moreso than the post, and that's a recipe for negativity and poor discourse. Instead, regardless of a poster's intentions, I'll do my best to address the substantive issues, stay on topic, and most of all, be respectful to all on this board. And, if/when I don't achieve those aims, please feel free to PM me as I'll take it in stride and as a positive (of course, that's up to you, hardly your responsibility to keep me or others in check... but it's welcome if you do so on my end)
  12. I should also add, I did indeed take a year off from any substantive posting, though I did come by to lurk quite a bit. I recognized the boards had become a negative force in my life, and that I'd become a negative force on this community. Upon returning and falling into some old bad habits, I am now doing my best to adjust my behavior. The ol' adage "be the change you want to see" and hope that is indeed what is occurring - and if not, I'm willing to accept direction and recommendations, so feel free to shoot me a PM if somehow you don't believe my contributions are in the spirit of fostering more positive discourse.
  13. This. If which many of us, myself included, have been guilty of doing. As I said above though, the motivation of another poster should not matter. The substance of their posts and our responsibility to respond in a mature and productive manner IS what matters.
  14. This is a most valid point. My personal opinion is both exist (some want it shut, some may actively act in a manner to promote that end). I still come back to the fact that if you don’t like it there’s everywhere else to go rather than here, and with many of us at least trying to behave in a more cordial and understanding manner, those who don’t abide by the rules can be more easily spotted and suspended etc. We may have a gut feeling as to the motivations of others but as folks have pointed out, guessing another’s motivation is a dangerous game. Better to simply react/respond in a manner that is deserving of being a member of this community, not attack nor guess another’s behavior nor motivation, and just try to be better human beings. Myself certainly included.