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  1. Willing to trade offense for some pitching - edema altuve with my depth at the position. No one is untouchable for if it’s a true top tier starter... interested in a good closer as well. Would consider trading back Severino if it’s a truly enticing offer, or if it’s a build for the future to get me top tier for more immediate future.
  2. To be clear, a propagandist, which I do firmly believe describes your pattern of behavior over the past couple years, does not connote being a foreign agent. Perhaps you are a sympathizer. Perhaps a true believer in Putin, Assad and their brethren. I dont know. I do know the propaganda you spread and where it aligns... over and over again. While I dont know your base motivations nor allegiances, the pattern at least makes me wonder. Just being bluntly honest as I've learned skepticism and vigilance is necessary to retain freedoms and democracy. Especially in light of how friends I've known real world have been pulled into becoming similar mouthpieces for Russian interests in the context we now know to have been a concerted efforts by foreign powers to do just that. Persuade, convert, weaponize Americans against the very freedoms and institutions that are designed to protect our freedoms. And I can say, as vocal on some of these issues as even the most ardent of those folks have been, the propaganda I've seen spread by you has been so far above and beyond and appears so singularly aligned with anything that would benefit russia, I dont know what else to call it. This conclusion arises from the individuals, nations and efforts you have supported from Putin and any number of Russian related policies, to Assad, to the insistence on clouding any legitimacy for Obama as you paint him the worse of any number of comparisons (including those listed above). That said, you do engage in ongoing discourse, even if in my opinion its disingenuous and misleading at best, with all arrows pointing to pro russia. This is why I felt you deserved the respect of a response. Sorry to derail the convo but did want to give you an answer.
  3. It is one thing to 'name call' other posters. Another altogether to accurately describe their behavior to forward important aspects of the conversation, the implication of certain behaviors, thought processes, and subsequent policies and actions. As you note, the inability to speak honestly, sincerely, and in an earnest manner, is a form of thought censorship that only reinforces the negative repercussions of a clear intentional strategy of a President, he GOP, and their supporters to one one hand muddy the truth, eliminate legitimate, fact based debate, and literally have us 'ignore' the facts, the truth, that which we see, that which we hear. The mod's choice to curtail a check on lies, trolling, purposeful obfuscation, while allowing trolling, lies, and obfuscation to continue feeds right into the strategy of those who wish to eliminate objective truth to eliminate legitimate dissent and destroy thoughtful and constructive discourse. This is all the more true when someone has indeed acted, for years now, as a true propagandist (to the point that I've seriously at times considered is it our responsibility to point out a poster to some authorities as someone that might literally be infiltrating our public discourse / social media in a manner that can only be described as curiously aligned with foreign entities - on a full range of issues, not just Russian meddling in our elections - entities/nations that have been PROVEN to have undertaken concerted campaigns to do just that across any number of platforms. Do we ignore these realities and possibilities? Considering the orchestrated campaigns on other platforms, should we just naively assume there's not chance that such forces are looking to influence this community in a less than honest and earnest manner, and for the benefit of foreign entities that are still conducting ongoing efforts to damage our democracy? So much for being resilient to protect our democracies and freedoms. As such, I took the @FBG Moderator 's suggestion. Other than my posts in dire hope to change management's mind as to allow legit discourse (including harsh truths and realities), I can no longer in good conscience participate in muted discussions whereby the truth is shackled while those who wish to blur the truth for their agenda's purpose are allowed to continue doing just that.
  4. I've got plenty. Unfortunately only a handful are actually playing in the next couple weeks
  5. I’d be willing to trade an IF for an OF: Elvis Andrus SS ($6, 1) Jed Lowrie 2B, 3B ($1, 2) Asdrubel Cabrerra 2B, SS, 3B ($1, 2) Jeimer Candelario 3B ($1, 2)
  6. Have we not allowed it or has it just not occurred?
  7. Either works. fyi, text me if its a time sensitive matter since im not here much and forget to check. thx
  8. your my boy cos, but SoCal has owned and built that team. You'd really want the fruits of his efforts when he can still be in the league? That said, if you prefer to not take the other that would be an option.
  9. Ill actually do my first substantive post in over a half year for this: Pretty much the exact same. Exccept in real life, most assume I am a Republican / lean or am conservative. Hell, most of my business associates actually are. On this board I’m lumped into the “lefty liberals” and “anti-Trump” echo chamber. In real life, though, I can honestly challenge, in a legitimate and meaningful manner, those who just espouse lies and/or push policies and support for people that I tell them reflect negatively on who and what they are as people. I can tell them, to their face, in an earnest discussion, that their words and deeds and support undercut their stated positions of caring about people, standing for what’s right and being a moral upstanding supporter of freedom and democracy. I can even tell them that while they may not be racist, they are sure as hell ok supporting one, and if they tell me the line about how it’s helping their 401k, I’ll bluntly retort how that reflects upon their (lack of) character. Sometimes we get into it. Often they are forced to honestly reflect. I am unable to conduct myself in that honest and transparent manner here, creating an environment where racism, hate and vitriol are unable to be called out as such. Where instead of providing an opportunity to have someone reflect and look into the mirror to recognize that perhaps they have strayed from a moral and decent approach, I’m relegated to a former voice of that gosh darn echo chamber.
  10. I don't believe we need to use pejorative terms to get our point across. As noted, there are other ways to call someone an "idiot" while getting the very same point across (and perhaps doing a better job at that). However, the forced equalization of "all sides" is a different issue. How do we find "appropriate" language to call someone out if we believe they are acting without humanity? If they are being immoral in their words, actions, deeds and/or are at the least fine if their elected leaders do the same? That's been my issue here. If we can not be honest and fair in pointing out the range of inhumanities, immoralities and at times actual evils being done by Trump, the GOP and supported by millions, we both legitimize those behaviors while eliminating a fair opportunity to hold up a mirror to others, including posters here. It lets people off the hook for the things they say and issues/people they support, as they don't have to see the reflection of what they have become. Or at least what they appear to have become. Perhaps by pointing out to someone who is willing to support a racist, nationalist, amoral President and party, in true terms (i.e. question their moral character), it forces a reflection whereby some posters might say - "Have I really become or at least support that which I disdain? I need to reconsider." Sadly, our hands are tied as to being able to point out these harsh but damaging realities. And silence is never the friend of the oppressed, only the oppressor. That said, terms like idiot or stupid, imo, doesn't further the truth. If anything, it clouds the ugly realities we must face. Combined with the fact that we must be so overly PC as to not offend people (even for things they actually are), the content of discussion becomes that much more dribble rather than constructive dialogue. Obviously there's still enough value on these boards to warrant participation (including those of us who no longer engage in the discussion), but that value is certainly waning, and of concern at such a critical time for our nation's well being. And humanity as a whole.
  11. Around, but only to say hello, GB. And occasionally vent on why that's about all it is at this point, in deference to the rules of this road. Don't want to become part of a negative cycle all the while my hands are tied behind my back because even truthful (if harsh) assertions or observations are pointed out.
  12. I know a couple people mentioned me - have a ton of notifications as I rarely check the boards nowadays. As some no, I've taken an extended (and potentially permanent) break from the board due to the nature of limiting certain conversations and not enabling us to speak freely, even when doing so in as respectful a manner as possible considering the ugly realities of which we wish to speak. FWIW, I've written a number of articles on this very subject. If you PM me and want to know more, I seem to log in every month or so to check on baseball drafts and ####. All the best!