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  1. I didn't notice him. Oohhhhhhhhhhhh.
  2. or maybe Im trying to save the money? WHAAAAA???
  3. This guy is more senile than Reagan.
  4. The TV Series? Sure. The Gestapo? Nadda so much.
  5. He used to be cool man. j/k. Obviously.
  6. What the damn #### is Trump even talking about? Oh wait... race?
  7. If I did not already have my two cats I'd vote mobile. As of today, if I had to give up either, no ####### way I give either of my pets away. I'd go landline before that.
  8. When do guys get loaded into WIS? I recall it being pretty soon after season ends. Looks like a likely tolling period on trades until ratings come out.
  9. apparently I am. Although I'm not getting anyone today
  10. Apparently I'm well ahead of the game here. Check first post. wisruthroll@somethingsomething.com
  11. Ill take a guy that can at least go boom when provided the chance.
  12. massraider likes him?
  13. A ploy to soon cut ?
  14. Many well informed people and sources thought o DJ as just that, looking back to his college career and extrapolating forward. His physical talent and production demanded a harder look... by everyone including his own coaches.