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  1. Skip me the two guys I had on my list were taken.
  2. Miguel Montera - C and handcuff @Sammy3469
  3. Is RnR up? If so he's a skip after 15
  4. Former congressman and former head of the DCCC Steve Israel, who had been heavily involved in national security issues throughout his tenure in Congress, had exceptionally high praise for him. Knowing Steve, that's enough for me. Good to as the right person in the position.
  5. DD texted and responded.
  6. I think it's safe to change the Title: Talent Available
  7. Moving with the swiftness of the weekend here
  8. Who's up? We at least letting folks know they are up by calling them out here (if not PM / text)?
  9. 2B got REAL thin suddenly. SS too. I think the last "starters" were taken in the past round, unless I missed something. Dilson has nice upside, imo. Should get at least 200 PAs, if not more.
  10. Freddy Galvis, SS - sucks at offense. Had these last two guys on my list from just after my last turn - not many MI options left and Dietrich was my only other decent option at either position. Pretty shocked (though pleasently surprised) they made it back to me. the ? we get excited about not even half way through this monster... @Arsenal of Doom
  11. Your guarantee is right. And you are doing it exactly how you should. Ive gone out of LGA near a dozen times in the last few months and never had more then 15 extra minutes thought it felt like 30... being picked up though I've waited 40 min for the car to come around. Thst said, I've heard some horror stories of when things go bad and people are like climbing over the barriers to get to the terminal, but leave yourself and extra 45-60 min and you should be more than fine.
  12. Jed Lowrie 2B @Sammy3469 OTC
  13. That's how we roll? This was more very late breakfast. Wife is dealing with a cold and putting out resumes but we had to eat.
  14. YOLK - best breakfast and best biscuits and gravy I've had in Dallas. I guess they have a few locations (including Ft Worth), but this was the one in the arts district. Seemed to be a steady 45-60 min wait per never wait app, but by the time we got here at 2 was walk right in.