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  1. You ask for more respect, but then continue to blame "the extreme left" - I'm hardly that, you know it. At least I'm trying to portray what I see as the truth. Do you want me to pull punches, or be honest? I do believe such actions are unamerican. I do believe it, giving Trump a pass for what must now be dozens of serious and questionable comments, decisions, actions, policies and directives regarding Trump and Russia - all the while we have mounting evidence, and piling indictments and convictions, on a large range of charges, regarding Russia on one hand, and some perhaps at this point tangential, but still the Presidents closest men, indicted/jailed/guilty. Some call out players who kneel during the national anthem as unamerican. I think continuing to cover for Trump with such significant ramifications to doing so, when he's acted SO questionably toward the nation that has been most hostile to us and the biggest threat to our security for 50+ years, is indeed, unamerican. Im not using the word lightly, nor am I throwing it around to insult nor enflame, but it's my (sadly) honest assessment.
  2. When it's SO clear of Russia's efforts to harm our democracy and Trumps CLEAR refusal to do literally even the smallest meaningful step to hold them accountable it's just beyond me how folks who used to pride themselves on being proud, hawkish Americans just roll over on this issue. Its a summit. They happen all the time. And they are broken off for far less reason than what we've seen, punctuated by the recent 12 indictments. An arguement as weak as "frivolous happens all the time" in this context demonstrates that folks will go to ridiculous lengths, ones they have to know reek of BS and flimsiness, to continue supporting a man who is acting at every turn in Russia's interests and not ours. Again, it's sad to see a third of the nation so willing to let Russia slide and to not look at Trump with any suspicion when his allegencies are so questionable at literally just about every turn.
  3. When irony begets irony
  4. I honestly don't understand how so many are willing to just sell out all ideals, morality, responsibility, patriotism and caring for their own damn community. Maybe it's me who is the fool, as we've seen power corrupt, and absolute power corrupt, absolutely, since the dawn of civilisation. Just so blatant here - in partnership with our greatest historical enemy, at that. I alternate between so damn angry, so ####### upset, and abjectly sad at that which we've already publicly seen and know as fact. This is an indictment of a generation, to have let our great nation fall to this.
  5. ####### collaborators one and all. You will forever be associated with - and as part of - the enemy. Worse yet, the enemy abroad acts to support the sucurity of her country, her people, her ideals. You Traitors among us - including the enablers and collaborators here in this board - erode the security of our nation, our people, our ideals. We will never forget you, Traitors among us.
  6. I don't find Ren particularly manipulatable. Regardless of how convincing evidence might be on one hand, or how outright ludicrously unbelievable it may be on the other, he has been very clear and consistent where his loyalties lie. He has always pushed the Russian propaganda line, continually sides with the likes of Syria and others F.O.R. (Friends of Russia). I don't think he's being duped. He is clearly pushing whatever angle he thinks makes Russia look better, our democratic institutions look bad, and prop up Russian assets and allies like Trump.
  7. The yoga thread became redundant once I moved to Uptown, Dallas. My coffee shop (which is all like health oriented with mostly vegan options but thank god, still whole milk) Is within a block of Soulcycle, Pure Barre, Barry's, some foofie climbing gym and like three more. OMG the level of talent is unreal
  8. Try not spreading lies. Like suggesting here (and in a subsequent post of yours that wasn't worth the effort to say what I just said) the Meullers team has been involved in leaks.
  9. This is a lie. Where have we seen leaks from Mueller. Please stop spreading known falsehoods that are there only to confuse and conflate. If only there were a word for that, like what the Soviets did (err do) so well.
  10. Enablers gonna enable. Collaborators gonna collaborate. Traitors gonna trait. We know who you are. Worse yet, what you are.
  11. Please stop just saying this without at least a tiny bit of context? Asking lovingly?
  12. Taking an outcome oriented approach to this - Would it be accurate to say that your desired outcome is zero - or in a realistic world, as close to zero - abortions as possible?