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  1. RIP Dan Fogelberg 1951-2007
  2. Elias Diaz, C COUNTING PIRATES On the off, almost impossible chance that Cervelli gets hurt, a chance at a breakout season. Or he might end up with 38 PAs in September. @Arsenal of Doom
  3. Weird, I literally searched the thread 5 times. Will search this and google from here out when possible. A.J. Ellis C Likely to have half the PAs, but probably better value in that. Waited a long time for my third since I have both Cubs catchers (and, health allowing, hoping that gives me more than a season worth there with Willson Contreras maybe getting some playing time in the OF. IF Ellis is available.
  4. Carlos Perez C Chance to be in a close to 50/50 timeshare as I read it? I'll take that at this point. @Sammy3469
  5. @Arsenal of Doom OTC
  6. cosjobs style. let us know if you need more time gb.
  7. @RnR on his self requested 15 min clock.
  8. Above all else, the act of the President to bar these outlets is an act of utter and pure cowardness. There is no way around that. Trump supporters are really ok with a guy that is so weak at heart and thin skinned that he doesn't have the balls nor fortitude to face criticism in a nation that is supposed to cherish free speech? He, and those that are ok with this are pathetic, unamerican and, as mentioned, pure cowards. Stand up and face the music... the press corps and press conferences are not a safe zone. Sorry you delicate snowflakes are so gentle that you are only brave enough to deal with people that already agree with you.
  9. No. Also, many non Liberals are stunned at both the Presidential overreach and the lemmings that would so gladly throw the very tenets of our democracy out the window. Ok, not stunned since there's been a pattern of people that seem unwilling and/or unable to think critically nor objectively, without ideologically driven partisanship. But certainly concerned and saddened.
  10. Moops likes switch hitters.
  11. I'm past lists and onto random agglomeration of names.
  12. Aren't half our expectations just shtick
  13. FWIW, these weekend rules sound like any weekend.
  14. Im in workshops with Durham and Chapel Hill all day Sat/Sun. Boredom is not my concern