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  1. Of my 18 guys, according to Rotoworld's Depth Charts (for whatever that's worth, and maybe not much, I wouldn't know): 8 Starters (one suspended and two injured though and at least as of now, Luc Richard Mbah Moute... starter taken in the 12th, my latest one) 4 Backups/#2 on the depth chart (incl Z Randolph who will be almost a starter as 6th man, and Lawson who backs up my suspended starter Collison. Darrun Hilliard was taken in the 17th, though I understand his listing as #2 on the depth chart may be a misleading spot for him?) 5 guys who were #3 on the depth chart (incl Poeltl and Muscala who may get min and Gbininje who will also get min, but in D league) Caris Levert my sole #4 on the depth chart guy, been injured anyway, who knows. NO idea how that compares to others, but my guess is not so great, especially considering 3 of my starters are hurt / suspended for at least 10% of the season.
  2. I've got 80-100 crappy (Nicolino) pretty meh (Rea) or good (Ross) starting innings still... no one's actually sent an offer though. Bunch of pansies.
  3. Thank you. I tried watching but after a 1:15 or so and recognizes it was 12 min was like screw this, I'll watch the halftime show.
  4. I can try to stop ignoring the bull####. However, by not addressing it, you all but give into the fact that huge numbers of people are voting without any real idea what's going on. They are emotionally wrapped up in a vision and a feeling, without any plan nor detail and the bull#### provides enough "meat" for them to mentally justify their vote, and perhaps their actions / words. Most can't be persuaded, but it's difficult to not even try when the stakes are, honestly, as high as I can remember in my lifetime. And when the misinformation and sensational lies get repeated by people I know, there is a need for someone to call BS when they see it, lest more get wrapped up into this Dystopian Fantasy of the New Trump Right.
  5. Toots and the Maytals playing in the background there.
  6. It's all the more difficult to have a legit discussion about her flaws, since that same insane right crowd either invents and/or hyperbolizes half of these flaws anyway. By the time you debunk all of the partisan driven bull####, there's no time nor energy to discuss the actual flaws and their implications. Like, was there some undo access through the Clinton Foundation and lets talk about that like adults, rather than "its a criminal enterprise that is buying the white house with bribes from the middle east in ca-hoots with the new world order and we need to throw Hillary in jail and lock away the key. 'MERICA!" Moreso, lets talk about her legitimately poor policy and strategic choices re: Iraq, the war, actions as SoS and put down this ridiculous and utterly disingenuous Benghazi crap. It's awful that we lost four souls there... but a SoS is not at the tactical level responsible directly., Why can't we just be honest about the situation, recognize there are risks for posts such as that and to be blunt, #### happens - doesn't mean you aren't critical and find ways to avoid it, but within the context of how many souls we lost directly as a result of other's decisions (and the list is many, from Beruit on up through the Iraq War itself) we get lost in a conspiracy about a sad but historically minor if not nearly irrelevant event (historically, those touched by the deaths obviously are affected forever) as compared to huge policy decisions. Some that Hillary was in favor of, mind you. Instead we are talking about security of a post for how many years after we've stopped talking about say the attack on the post of Sandy Hook Elementary, in our country, even more souls, and far more pure ones, lost there. And we can then discuss gun rights vs. rights of others to not end up killed by someone using one, and we should - rather than talk about this one historical event that pales in comparison to probably thousands of others in relatively recent history. We really DO have serious issues and use all our energy on soundbites and misinformation circulated to avoid the very issues at stake. And if you think the system is sending these distractions out through breitbart and other channels to help the little guy in somer populist effort well... once again, I just wish we actually examined the issues rather than this methodical disingenuous bull####. Cause they are using the American public and a large percentage is just scooping it up and, worse yet, propagating the spread of that very intentional misinformation to benefit those sources that are creating and disseminating it out to begin with.
  7. Great post. And one of the best examples of my contention that we need "critical thought" Emotionally, #### the damn dirty politicians, throw them out! But, when you scratch the surface and really look at it with context and nuance, not such a good idea. Unfortunately, such a small percentage of the electorate (on both sides, but the Trump phenomenon draws these folks like moths to a flame as his own actual "policies" are not even thought through themselves) takes the effort to think beyond the emotional, or at best, the emotional and maybe a weblink from a website that already agrees with their politics.
  8. Martin would vote for himself and therefore win by default.
  9. Now the guy is going on record that he plans to sue the nearly dozen or so accusers (to date)? ALL of them? I mean, if you actually believe anything this guy says I'd say you get what you deserve, except it hurts the rest of us, too. It's not just like you are gullible and dumb enough to fall for Trump U, or any number of Trump scams - it's as if when you throw your money away on Trump U, it takes money out of our pockets as well.
  10. Not nearly as painful as the not yet even cooked Whole Foods stuff my wife buys with good intent and then lets rot in the fridge. Might as well just burn my wallet.
  11. A confluence of a number of reasons. By definition, those rooted most in the individual won't be most prone to set up hierarchical and especially institutional governing infrastructure. So you don't have a system to cultivate or ID. Also the concept of less rules, less gov't, especially those who want very little of each, also naturally attracts some segments of the population that are either harmless but can appear, well... a bit loony or crazy and also attracts people who may engage in questionable behavior and would prefer as little oversight as possible. So more reasonable and "better" politicians are less likely to be attracted and some even put off by the association with the crazy Libertarians. Take in these sort of factors and couple it with the deathgrip our two parties currently have on the system, and have for some time now historically, and many who hold Libertarian beliefs are absorbed into one of those two parties.
  12. One where we don't already have one vacancy because congress won't fulfil its obligation and have two other likely seats to fill that will dictate key decisions including significant civil rights issues such as marriage equality and women's health rights. Which are like, must elections.
  13. Long lost through migrations, was probably in the Shark Pool and something like: "Jonnie Morton or Bill Schroeder? Thanks, I'll answer yours"
  14. I don't think it was the gaffes themselves that did him in. The reality is the gaffes were just the symptom of someone not ready for this job. He already was goofy and lacked gravitas... which matters when you are trying to lead the greatest superpower in the world (especially as someone who wishes to significantly retrench that footprint). These were hard proof that someone who was a bit out there well, really IS out there. Too much so to be a serious candidate for President of the United States. That's how I saw it at least. And to see the contrast of Bill Weld... not only smart as hell, but composed yet not stiff, relatablei, utterly knowledgeable, not a hard ideologue, someone who did possess gravitas yet humanity, of which Hillary lacks the later (and Trump, both). If there were a legit party for a Bill Weld, perhaps not constrained by the loony factor that admittedly runs strong, historically, in the Libertarian halls, I think it would be tremendously powerful. While hardly a Libertarian at the top, could you imagine a Bloomberg / Bill Weld ticket, for example? You don't think that would resonate with all but perhaps the extreme nationalist Trump right. While Im not a Bloomberg fan as he's WAY too far left on the nanny state soda prohibitions and the like, you couldn't argue that they are not eminently qualified, respected, actually successful in a way you can respect. They'd raise a ton of money and be a far more moderate ticket than either major party. Not sure what Party they'd run under, perhaps a new one, and the ticket could be any number of things. But, it was this election where the stars of negativity aligned creating the greatest opportunity not only for a third party, but one that is strongly libertarian.