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  1. Google sheets? Want to confirm how much my guys cost, and see who is out there as potential draftees. Pitchers and catchers, report!
  2. In. Don't check boards often at this point, someone have Koyafone to text? Where's das sheet cause my team is sheet.
  3. @Joe Bryant I apologize for even bringing it up. While my intent has always been to foster discussion, it appears my presence is more a negative than a positive here. Ill show myself the door and sorry to have burdened you. Of that, I truly am sorry as I know you have only the best of intentions (as do an overwhelming majority of the posters here).
  4. Except that is not at all the truth. Who am I condemning on this issue? I’m not even taking about others with a different POV. I’m calling out our leadership and asking for us to examine ALL points of view. Why is this viewed as trying to condemn anyone?
  5. Please show where I claimed anything along the lines of Trump is a murderer. We earn our reputations, and must live with the repercussions of our words and deeds. Trumps include multiple lies, forwarding propaganda, purposefully misleading and obfuscating. I don’t know nearly enough about this situation to make an informed judgement yet. I DO know far more than enough to doubt the veracity, motives, and morality, of our President. That’s not my doing, it’s a reflection who and what he has been as a person, for decades. Doesn’t mean he made the wrong decision here, nor a self serving one. But to be vigilant, we have to at least consider what is too obvious a POSSIBILITY. My ONLY point here is that considering our CIC’s loose relationship with the truth and his propensity to do whatever is in his own self interest everyone else’s well being be damned, it is not only fair to bring up his potential projections during this dangerous time in an already heightened period in our history. It also concerns me how so many want to clamp down on not only legitimate, but essential conversations, discourse, and valid and objectively backed point of views. Bring light to all potential valid points of discussion. Because democracy dies in the dark.
  6. But if it DID happen, by your own example of the shoe being on the other foot, it would be understandable... and hardly radical but rather perhaps logical? Again, I need to learn a lot more about what exactly went down here, but there is POTENTIALLY a very dangerous precedent in the midst of a potentially significant escalation from a military perspective that must be considered.
  7. By that logic, it would seem understandable if Iran does the same to the best of their abilities (let’s say a nuke/dirty bomb on our ally Israel or US soil).
  8. I had already hid my post recognizing it was not the appropriate thread, before you posted this. If you wish to attack me I did repost it in the you’ll be suspended thread.
  9. There are layers of issue here. Aside from the motivation and underlying truths (which are essential and important for us to know...), the fact remains that is is very easy to begin a war (or “armed conflict”). Successfully navigating a war? Even ever actually “ending” it? Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan Thats just my lifetime. When you compound the need to have an endgame before waging conflict with 1. A natural distrust of government especially in the military-industrial era who has repeatedly taken such actions and 2. A specific administration that has demonstrated carelessness combined with intentional untruthfulness unparalleled perhaps in our history. Personally, I don’t know nearly enough to make an informed judgement on this case... but know enough history to be fearful of the ramifications. That is made all the harder by my compete lack of Faith and trust in just about anyone currently in this administration. Would feel so much better if at least Mattis were there.
  10. I’m want to even post here as my last time to clarify (both the perspective of the poster and the issue at hand) seemed to go so off the rails, but this is too important to our nation to overlook. @Joe Bryant - please understand that this (as my last) post is with all good intent to forward constructive discussion. Didn’t want to muddle the thread with it so I HOPE this is ok. If not let me know and I’ll hide it and move on. Thank you. “27 minutes ago, Joe Bryantsaid: Please be way more careful about making accusations of murder for help in a Senate trial like that. Thanks. If you want to do that, please find a different board to do it on today. We're trying to have a productive discussion and that does not help. If we can not discuss this context and perspective in an adult manner - context which sadly is especially important as we as a nation decide individually and collectively whether to support a potential ongoing conflict with Iran that could escalate even further, what purpose is a discussion board at all?” my response: You have a man (President Trump) who is known for constant lies, questionable and immoral tactics with a history of not caring at all if his actions harm others so long as it serves his personal gain. He has also repeatedly shown a pattern of projecting his very behaviors onto others potentially pushing us into war. As others have pointed out, experts are saying we are in uncharted territory... it is our responsibility as citizens of a democracy to question and be appropriately skeptical (and also appropriately supportive) of those in charge. And past actions and behaviors matter when we have to make these decisions as individuals and the electorate. At the least it’s worth a reminder that Trump repeatedly put out these tweets. What a sad time in our history. But a time that calls not for sugar coating or limiting fair discourse. It calls for vigilance, including discussing the uncomfortable.
  11. Watched it three times already (last episode only twice - so far) Just a fun show.
  12. In all fairness, I lost my #### when Luke merely lost his arm. Of course, I was 9 years old at the time.
  13. Brown and Larry Fitz for top two of the decade. Julio just doesn’t have the TDs nor as much impact for a perennial winning team as compared to Brown. Megatron hasn’t played in the past couple years already. It’s not most dominate player in their prime, it’s production over the decade.
  14. My confidence in what has for the most part been a stellar organization is at an all time low (was not fan/aware enough back before the Parcells run, so from day mid 1980’s on)