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  1. First you get the product. Then you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the girls. THEN you get a deductible you can afford.
  2. Was this just a drive by trolling effort? Toss out some fake news red meat about Hillary, but don't have the decency to come back and continue the conversation nor address any questions / issues. Seriously, is the purpose to engage in constructive dialogue from which many of us might learn something - or just throw out unsubstantiated and inflammatory claims to sow discord rather than discourse?
  3. How about showing you care about the current state of our nation and the many, many issues (Russian and non Russian alike) with our actual President? What is the motivation to focus on a failed candidate when we are currently under the most divisive regime that we've witnessed during our lifetime? Why such a callous disregard for our nations current well being but continual focus on a women that many of us never voted for, are glad is out of the picture... but also whose issues pale in comparison to the danger of the gig currently IN the office?
  4. So mad this guy couldn't even make it to being hired. Was all lined up with The Mooch persona as Halloween Costume but no one remembers who the hell this guy even is, anymore
  5. In that case maybe there is something. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know #### was going on with at least some if not most of the owners ... though I haven't personally seen anything where the league office is directly implicated
  6. 1. I know what my friends who are cops think. They tell me themselves. And those working NYPD are underpaid, those that work in Dallas (leading the anti gang unit mind you) are severely underpaid (and shot at last year in the downtown shooting) however those working for Nassau County are if anything, overpaid. But don't you tell me what they would think, and some are lifelong friends. 2. What happened to not being PC and calling it like it is? I can - and do - have tremendous respect for those who serve and served... you seem to literally just IGNORE my comments to that effect. Why is it you would just ignore something that runs counter to your insulting and baseless claims? Hmm to the point, I can have respect for those serving and call out those who use them as pawns for the purpose of political and monetary gain. You seem unable to discern the two.
  7. Take back and regroup because a group of ideological driven people prefer to twist words to their story rather than have the spine to engage in a legitimate above board conversation? Point out where I either disparaged the military? FYI, if I'd do anything with pig cop socks or would probably be purchasing them - for one of any number of my friends who are cops. They'd get a hoot - they also know I actually have their back and appreciate the very difficult job they do... they also respect that I don't waver in that we are all to have our freedoms and rights protected, regardless if we agree or not. sorry, but to just jump out and proclaim something like the above is idiotic and foolish. It's pathetic, man. Do better - plenty to discuss without just making crap up
  8. Actually went to give up my upgraded seat last week to a member of our military. I have tremendous respect for those who serve, and make that known when I see them in uniform - and thank them. Another example of people making #### up to align with some preconceived notion and concocted view of reality and, in turn, making it more clear as to those true and underlying motivations.
  9. Where did I say anything to disparage those who served? Says something that you'd make such an insinuation when my comment was about our tax dollars and a jingoistic and imo unnecessary ad campaign that, trust me, is not about honor nor patriotism. Some of us who prefer more limited govt in may realms are not so hypocritical to take the exact opposite stance just because it's shrouded in the flag of false bravado and faux patriotism.
  10. Well, our tax dollars are the reason NFL teams even come out for the anthem in the first place... it's a part of the armed forces propoganda machine that only occurred after big dollars were provided to the NFL to show their "patriotism" So, our tax dollars are in a way, involved
  11. I don't know the legal specifics, but seems to me that while we all "know" he's been all but blackballed, it's going to be hard to prove willful, league wide collision on this.
  12. No imagine the McDouble had a tomato on it.
  13. I've always been opposed to single payer. This last year, especially since Trump took office, has me seriously considering whether it's the only viable solution, ####ty as it may be in some ways. Trump and the GOP are proving to me incapable of having even a semblance of fairness and humanity, creating an atmosphere where Folks like me really need to start considering even the more extreme alternative on the other side. Same can be said on gun control... in the long game, the selfish and shortsighted tactics of the right are only going to cause a backlash too far left... but it's hard to argue that wouldn't be, for the most part, a far better nation than they which the Republicans are actively trying to paint. The irony that I'll be lambasting our huge pull to the left in ten years because of the insolence of today's right is no more starkely evident than in this issue of healthcare.
  14. Have another explanation?
  15. @Bruce Dickinson and FYI for others... a great way to enjoy the Mayflower is at their well known bar, EMMITT's... good DC vibe power player mixed with tourist bar and restaurant. Expect hotel bar type prices though it's not outrageous, but get a couple sodas, a coupe adult bevs and an appetiser and enjoy sitting where Flynn and Manafort were making deals. Or where Elliot Spitzer wined and dined before making "other types" of deals.