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  1. I just retired (61 YO) so I now have the benefit of hindsight. I was always a high earner and my wife quit working when we had our 1st kid 21 years ago. She is very high maintenance and tends to try and stay up with the Joneses. I, on the other hand, do not care about appearances. Over the years when she would whine about neighbors having nicer homes, going on more vacations, and driving brand new cars I would remind her that we didn't know their situation and, for all we knew, they were one layoff away from disaster. We had nice cars but we tended to keep them nearly 10 years. Instead of a $650K home we could easily have afforded one double that cost. We never put our kids in private schools and they did great in the public ones. And now that I'm retired many from our circle of friends have confided that they don't think they'll ever have enough $$ to retire. Pretty damn sad.
  2. No, never took them. I have a hereditary heart disease that killed my dad when he was 35. I had my first MI at 27 and have been squeaky clean ever since then. I keep my weight at 165 and body fat at about 13 - 14 %. Throughout my entire adult life I have worked out hard, and have been in great cardio shape. Just a crappy roll of the dice.
  3. That's good to know. It seems ridiculous that I've been told by my rehab tech that I have to limit arm repetitive motion. I'm going to talk to a real Doc and see what that person says. Thanks.
  4. That wasn't my experience in corporate software sales. Establishing relationships and trust was extremely important, but the real pros had no need to BS or lie.
  5. Let me tell you my story now that I'm retired. When I graduated from college in '81 I took a job in IT consulting with one of the Big 8 Accounting firms. I was a programmer, sales consultant, customer support rep, IT Director, and then a Sales Rep. After that I eventually moved back into IT management and ultimately ended my career after about 15 years as a VP of IT. Of all the jobs I held, the Sales Rep job was the most fun and rewarding. I sold software systems/packages to large corporations and my income was limited only by my effort. In my industry it was not uncommon for a sales rep to be one of the top paid people in the entire org. It's not unheard of for a software sales rep to make in excess of $300K or more. And it was fun. I traveled to nearly every major city in the US, and many countries in Europe, and China and Australia. When I traveled I had the budget to take my clients to the best restaurants and events. It really was exhilarating. My older son is majoring in IT and Supply Chain and I'm encouraging him to go into Software or Systems sales. Depending on the industry or market you're in, it really can be an incredible situation.
  6. As you can imagine, every single day I realize how fricken fortunate I was. Only 5 - 8 people out of 100 live from what I experienced, and of those that live, almost all of them have severe brain damage. I have brain damage, but I can deal with it. For example, I had neurological testing last week and I only tested at 1% for short-term memory. That sucks. But, no one seems to notice, so it doesn't effect my day-to-day life. So, yeah, I should have bought a lottery ticket. I tell people I'm like a fricken cat with 9 lives, and I've used up about 5 of them. Doesn't seem to make anyone laugh, though : - )
  7. No, not really. When I was 27 I had my first heart attack. I was extremely active and athletic, so it was a big surprise. To combat the effects of the MI I took up long-distance bicycling (did several 200 mile races), triathlons, jiu-jitsu, karate, and had an extremely healthy diet. I had 2 more heart attacks over the years, but was doing well. I've always been at the top of the charts athletically and worked out 4 - 5 times per week. To give you an example, when I was around 50 I entered an old-timers wrestling tourney. All the other entrants at my weight (150 lbs) were 18 - 21 years old. I held me own and did very well. But now I'm screwed. I have a defibrillator implanted in my chest and I can't do anything with repetitive arm motion, or I will reduce the life of the leads on the diffibrillator. So, no more karate, no more jiu-jitsu, no pushups, no pull-ups, no planks - - no anything that involves arms. I started taking group stretching and yoga classes, but I'm really bummed. I think I might start long distance bicycling again, but my docs tell me I can't do that by myself. So, that's a problem.
  8. yep, and it's pretty annoying. I am slim with a pretty low body fat %. The ICD has no where to hide, and is pretty prominant.
  9. Just turned 61. True story. Several months ago I was 1.5 hours into my 2-hour workout. I was half way through the boxing/sparring part of the workout and the next thing I know, it's 3 days later and I found myself coming out of a coma. Turns out I actually died from something called Sudden Cardiac Death. Absolutely everything stopped including my heart, brain, etc. Only 5 - 8% of people that experience that live, so I guess I now looking forward to other things that remind me I'm getting older : - )
  10. Just saw the thread asking who is in better shape, you or your wife? Since almost all the posters are raving about the great shape their wife is in, post 'em up. Here's mine at 58. She's still hanging in there : - )
  11. I have a team in the main ffpc league (not the FBG league) and I can get in with no problems.
  12. Man, I'm so relieved. My son had distanced himself from his friends in high school and he spent his Senior year mostly as a loner. He was counting the days to move out of state and go to college at Colorado State. He's 2 weeks into it, and the start couldn't have been better. His roommate is from CO and has introduced my son to many of his friends. They are a great match and work out nearly every day. In his 2 short weeks he's: 1) gone to a CSU volleyball game, 2) gone to the CSU football home opener in their new stadium, 3) gone to the 2nd CSU football game that was held in Mile High stadium, 3) went to a Rockies game, 4) went to his roommate's vacation home in Breckenridge for the holiday weekend and, while there, went to a concert and an auto race. He tells me it's been a perfect start to the year. I just hope it holds up.