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  1. I'm hoping they trade the 35 to KC to move up and keep the 26.
  2. Bridgewater. I'm fine with either one. Me too. Johnny brings more buzz but I'm ok with Teddy too.
  3. Shefty tweeted that we tried to move up to 11.
  4. CB was the biggest need position. Great pick.
  5. I grew up with Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield. I am so ok with this pick.
  6. Absolutely love this trade. Ray Farmer is a beast.
  7. sure. at 26. or if they "have" to move up cuz they want him... fine. id rather not, but ok. at 4, it's lights out. I will never support this team again, as it would be evident that haslam is a ####### moron who is hellbent on dragging this organization underground. On what basis do you think that if they pick Johnny at 4, it is definitely Haslem's doing? How can you know it wouldn't be Farmer's pick?
  8. if we move down I will be disappointed if the return is only a two, especially if we move down that far.Agreed! Though 16 might get us a top-3 CB. How about two 1s and 2?
  9. So, if the Cowboys are hellbent on taking Manziel, as it's being reported, how do we feel about moving down to 16? Is that too low? It would take the Cowboys 1 & 2 (picks 16 & 47) this year, right? As much as I'm intrigued by Johnny coming to Cleveland, I'm also kind of intrigued by this idea.
  10. Ugh. I don't like this schedule at all. I originally had thought it could be a 9 win season, maybe more. Now I'd be happy if they start 1-3. I'm afraid they're going to be shell-shocked by the time the easier games arrive in the middle of the season. No favors from the league this year. @ Pit NO Bal BYE @ Ten Pit @ Jax Oak TB @ Cin (Thur) Hou @ Atl @ Buf Ind Cin @ Car @ Bal