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  1. roarlions

    Going Solar....

    We have a site visit from a local installer scheduled for tomorrow. We were approached about a week ago and had an initial meeting earlier this week to talk about general estimates. Will received detailed estimates after the site visit. We live in northern VA and have a heat pump with electric heat, which kills us in the winter. Summer months are pretty cheap even with AC running almost all of the time. Proposal we received is for a 15.3 kw system, costing over $60,000! At that price I can't see it making any sense financially, especially since we hope to be moving out of the house in about 10 years. We'd have to count on recovering the cost of installation when we sell the house at a higher price than it would sell for without solar being installed. Have received a couple of preliminary estimates from other installers for smaller systems that would generate around 10 kw, which would cover about half of our electricity usage. The cost per kw for those would be lower so might look into one of those.
  2. I definitely remember seeing a few plays where the RB went to one side of the pocket and did nothing while a free rusher came through the other side of the pocket, so that was definitely a problem. Seems like Lane may not have had his best game either, at least during the later stages.
  3. Wentz is lucky he hasn't been injured due to all of the hits he has taken the last 2 weeks. I think the OL has done reasonably well in run blocking but the pass blocking has been really disappointing. Also surprised they seemed to be so confused by the Titans' pass rush and not being able to account for who was rushing and from where. Don't know if that is on Kelce and the OL, or on Wentz, or a combo of both.
  4. Don't think the announcers on the broadcast noticed it either, which surprised me.
  5. I'm pretty sure the TD by Desean was due to blown coverage/poor execution by Malcolm Jenkins. You could see on the replay that Jenkins correctly went to Desean's side of the field but for some reason he went underneath the pass, almost like he was expecting Desean to run a shorter route. There were no other receivers on that side of the field so he had no excuse for not playing the deep pass. Seemed like he just guessed on the route and was way off. Mills looked at him after the play like he was expecting inside help from Jenkins and it just wasn't there.
  6. roarlions

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    How did I miss this post? Oh yeah, same reason I've forgotten about the contest a couple of years! I promise to be better this year.
  7. roarlions

    Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

    Looking on the website at my recent activity, it is interesting to see how they are giving me the additional credits for ST Max. Apparently by subscribing to Max instead of regular ST we qualified for credits for all of the movie channels which are already included in our Premier package. So we're now getting $22 in credits every month for HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime and $10 per month for the Sports package. The discount related to ST Max is $16.50 per month. Seems kind of strange that getting ST Max was required to get those movie channel discounts, but it works for me.
  8. roarlions

    Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

    Yes, supposedly only paying $108 for ST Max for the season. Figured I'm already getting $63 per month in credits for the next year and now saving almost $300 on ST Max. Wasn't sure that going the cancellation route would get me much more than that, so I took the path of least resistance and a short phone call, rather than the hassle that I usually have to go through. Next year at this time I won't have any credits on my account so it will be time to fight the machine again.
  9. roarlions

    Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

    800-531-5000. When it asked what I was calling about I said checking for promotions.
  10. roarlions

    Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

    Good to know, wasn't aware it worked like that. Thanks.
  11. roarlions

    Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

    Just made my annual call as the 1st installment for ST hit my bill. Didn't go the cancellation route this time, just called the normal customer service # and said that I wanted to check for promotions. I'm on the Premier plan with 3 TVs and currently starting the 2nd year of $63 per month discounts, which brings the cost of Premier down to $122 per month. When the agent came on the line I said that our bill had gone up due to the renewal of ST and we were looking for a way to decrease our costs. She said asked if I was interested in ST or ST Max and I said whichever I could get cheaper was fine with me. Turns out there is a better deal going on with Max than regular ST. For regular ST she offered a monthly discount of $12 which would have brought the monthly installment for ST down to $37 from $49. However, for Max I would not only receive that discount but also a $35 monthly credit on the account which meant that I would pay $18 per month for 6 months for ST Max. I took the offer for ST Max and the call was over in 5 minutes. Next year when our current 2 year contract ends I'll be in better position to go the cancellation route if necessary.
  12. We have 1 open team available in this league, see earlier posts about rules, league set-up, etc. One of the owners who joined last year appears to be missing this year so we are looking for a replacement. Draft will be held in late August. Roster for open team: Cousins, Kirk MIN QB Hogan, Kevin WAS QB Gordon, Melvin LAC RB Lacy, Eddie FA RB Powell, Bilal NYJ RB Riddick, Theo DET RB Thompson, Chris WAS RB Benjamin, Kelvin BUF WR Richardson, Paul WAS WR Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR Thomas, Michael NOS WR Watkins, Sammy KCC WR Ebron, Eric IND TE Engram, Evan NYG TE Kelce, Travis KCC TE Tucker, Justin BAL PK Bills, Buffalo BUF Def Patriots, New England NEP Def This team made the playoffs last year and will have the 7th pick in the first 4 rounds of our 2018 draft. All of the players on the team are eligible to be kept for the 2018 season. The league fee is $4.50 per team to cover the cost of hosting the league on MFL. If interested or if you have questions, please e-mail me at
  13. Still looking for 2 more owners if anyone is interested