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  1. Correct. You can also search your list of pokemon to find any perfect IV pokemon by entering 4* on the search line. Doing that search will produce a list of all pokemon you have that have perfect IV.
  2. How long did you have to wait in line?
  3. The league determines which Pokemon you can use when you battle another trainer. The Great League is the lowest of the 3 leagues, so you can use any of your Pokemon with CP of 1500 or lower when you battle against another trainer. The higher leagues allow you to use Pokemon with higher CP in the battle.
  4. We just spent 5 nights at the Disneyland hotel. It qualifies as the moderate resort at Disneyland. There isn't much theming there, which seems to be the biggest complaint that people have about it. It's closer to the parks than Paradise Pier but not as close as the Grand Californian. Still a very easy walk to the parks through Downtown Disney, since the hotel is basically across a driveway from the west entrance to Downtown Disney. We stayed in a room on the 8th floor of the tower closest to Downtown Disney and our room faced the parks. As a result we could watch the fireworks from our room each night. The room was nice with plenty of space for just two of us. It was kind of cool while we were there so we didn't spend any time at the pools. They have a character breakfast and dinner at one of the resort's restaurants, which is expensive but wasn't very crowded, so we had a great time interacting with the characters. It also has a very nice steakhouse restaurant and a fun bar. My only complaint was that I wasn't a fan of the quick service restaurant. My reason for staying at the Disneyland hotel instead of the Grand Californian was that we could get an upgraded room there for the same cost as a standard room at the GC and it was no more than an additional 5 minute walk to get to the parks.
  5. We've now completed 11 seasons with this redraft league and we're looking for a new owner to see if we can get to 16 teams for the 2019 season. We will be holding a live auction draft at Owen's Ordinary in North Bethesda on Sunday, August 18th at 11 AM. We use the Fat Box auction hardware/software. Best ball format so no need for weekly lineup decisions. WCOFF ppr scoring. Blind bid waivers during the season. League fee is usually $60 - $70 with full payout except for MFL fee. Post here or PM me if interested.
  6. Last full day of our trip to Disneyland. We were able to do Galaxy's Edge twice and as it currently stands there isn't enough to do there to fill 4 hours unless you do the cantina. Barely made it in there yesterday and between the standing in line to get a return time and time spent in the cantina that occupied about an hour of our visit. The Millennium Falcon ride is fun, especially if you luck out and have a full crew that is really into the experience. I built a droid which was cool, but didn't do the light saber. The staggered reservation system kept crowd levels very manageable, will be interesting to hear the reports coming out today now that the new reservation system and virtual queue is going into effect.
  7. I'll be doing the Mr. Toad ride for the 1st time ever during our trip to Disneyland (which begins tomorrow). Mr. Toad was already gone by the time I made my 1st visit to WDW, but my wife remembers it from when she was a kid and is really looking forward to it.
  8. Thanks for the updated DD classic. Is there a projections dominator available as there has been in the past?
  9. Old town Alexandria? You could walk around the waterfront and also check out some historical locations. The only restaurant we've been to there is The Warehouse, which we thought was very good, but that was a couple of years ago. Lots of restaurants with good reviews in that area, we just don't visit there too often.
  10. But thunderstorms are possible
  11. Great, thanks. Will send you an email with the workbook and other info either Sunday or Monday.