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  1. 12 team PPR league holding rookie draft now I gave rookie pick 18 I got Noah Fant No idea if this is good value or not but my only TEs behind Kittle are J. Graham and Olsen. Wanted a younger TE who has a chance to back up Kittle for a number of years. Pick was used to take AJ Dillon. Rookies still left include Shenault, Tua, Aiyuk.
  2. Talking to a couple of owners in my one league who are interested in Hunt it seems like they value him as a 1st round rookie pick (1.06 - 1.10 range). I was surprised to see him valued that high. It has led me to rethink the offers I have received for him and my 1.05 pick. Wanted to provide that info. to others who might have Hunt and wondering what his value might be in a PPR league.
  3. 12 team PPR league Josh Jacobs for 2020 pick 1.05 and K. Hunt Seems like a good deal to get Jacobs?
  4. Sounds like Mims might not be too crazy about playing for the Eagles.
  5. According to Hindery's April trade value chart Hunt + 2020 rookie pick 18 = McLaurin. I think his chart puts less value on Hunt than I do (he has Hunt = Shepard) but wanted to get other opinions. According to his chart Hunt + 2020 rookie pick 5 is a little higher than Sutton, so arranging the options according to the chart looks like this: Hunt and rookie pick 5 Sutton McLaurin and C. Davis Ridley Hunt and rookie pick 18 Shepard
  6. Looking for values/ranking of the following in a 12 team PPR league: Sutton Ridley McLaurin and Corey Davis K. Hunt and 2020 rookie pick #5 K. Hunt and 2020 rookie pick #18 Sterling Shepard
  7. I agree. In a 14 team PPR dynasty league another owner offered me Chubb for Tyreek Hill. Turned it down and after seeing the completed trades involving Chubb in here I'm really glad I did.
  8. 14 team start 1 QB league Is Wentz worth a projected late 1st round 2021 pick and a late 2nd round 2020 pick?
  9. In a 14 team PPR dynasty league I'm in Thomas was traded for Chark and 2 2021 1st round picks.
  10. I read in an article earlier (don't remember source) that it will be based on AGI.
  11. $40. Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of everyone paying in advance so you never have to deal with collecting fees for specific trades. I think that will be the alternative I put for vote in addition to changing the current rule to specifically state that it is a trade of the owner's original pick that triggers the need to pay half the league fee.
  12. Thanks to those who replied with constructive criticism and discussion of what their leagues do. Much appreciated. I'm not the original commish of the league and didn't write the rule. I took over as commish a few years ago when the original quit the league. So I'm not just another owner in the league trying to stick it to another owner, I have to enforce the rules. I'm not trying to be a #####, I really do not understand why a rule that applies to trading a future 1st round pick only applies to an owner's original pick, not to other 1st round picks he may have acquired. As I said earlier, to me a 1st round pick is a 1st round pick, regardless of where it came from. Sorry for questioning the reasoning behind a rule that everyone seems so set on. Based on some of the comments, it seems to me like a better rule would be that an owner only needs to pay 1/2 of their fee for the future season once they have traded the last future 1st round pick they have. My initial reaction to changing the rule was to change it to specify that it only applied to trading the owner's original pick, but now I think it would be better to propose the rule that I just suggested. Thoughts?
  13. Sure, I see the poor wording of the current rule and no one is being forced to pay for each 1st rounder that they trade, only for the 1st trade they make involving a 1st rounder. I have no problem with the rule being rewritten after a league vote, just trying to deal with the rule as currently written.
  14. My interpretation is that a 1st round pick is a 1st round pick, doesn't matter where it came from. The payments made by other teams discourage them from bailing on the league, but they have no influence on the current owner bailing. He's trading a 1st round pick (actually multiple 1st rounders in this situation) and could just as easily bail even though his original pick has not been dealt. I anticipate a league vote will not agree with my view so the rule will likely be rewritten to specifically state that it only applies to the owner's original pick, but as currently written that isn't what it states.