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  1. Not sure if this link will work, but it is pretty enlightening about DeFilippo Daily 12-12-18&utm_content=Sports Daily 12-12-18+CID_98fc6015f6d390bbe15732dad17429aa&utm_source=email&utm_term=Read More
  2. Supposedly the conflict between Zimmer and DeFilippo was exactly over the run/pass balance of the offense, with Zimmer wanting to run the ball more. So if we're looking for a guy who have a better balance between run and pass for the Eagles offense, it may not be DeFilippo. OTOH, Doug may not have any problem with staying more pass happy.
  3. There was a lot of talk during last night's game that DeFilippo is at odds with Zimmer in Minny. Some people were talking up DeFilippo as a possible head coach candidate for a team in 2019, but that seems unlikely if he basically gets booted out of his current job. If that happens how about bringing him back to Philly as OC to replace Groh?
  4. roarlions

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Other RBs I'm thinking about trading for - Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Either/both worth an early 2019 draft pick? Freeman's injuries the past few years have me worried and Coleman's relatively low production this year has me worried.
  5. The other thing I don't understand about the pass rush is that to my untrained eye it seems like the front 4 rarely stunt. Always seems like the ends speed rush on the outside and the inside bull rushes. Maybe I've been missing the stunts, but it seems like the pass rush is pretty predictable and relies on each man winning his individual match-up.
  6. roarlions

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the reply. I'm a Hunt owner with little else at RB. At WR I have Michael Thomas, Cooks, and a number of other middling WRs and young WRs. I'm looking at having the 4th - 6th pick in 2019 and wondering which RBs I might be able to get for a pick in that range. Michel is one that has been discussed during the season.
  7. roarlions

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    What 2019 rookie pick would you give up to get Sony Michel in a 12 team PPR dynasty league and what pick would you need to give up Michel?
  8. Any one get the impression that the offense has run far fewer read options this season because they are protecting Carson? Seems to me that is the case, and it may be hampering the offense. Plus they don't seem to have a RB that they trust to carry the ball more than 10 times a game, if that many.
  9. I think on Talking Dead they said the time jump will be about 6 years. Alos said the Rick is gone from Walking Dead on TV, but his story will continue in movies and possibly other content they produce.
  10. roarlions

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Coaches certainly deserve some blame but I've been disappointed in a lot of the players. I think everyone knew coming into the season that the offense would only be as good as the OL and Trace would allow it to be, and I've been disappointed in both. Even before the knee injury Trace hasn't seemed to be nearly as good throwing the ball this year as he has been in the past. No doubt the WRs have dropped a lot of balls and probably had trouble getting open, but there have been a number of throws where Trace has missed guys that were open, or thrown the ball too high or behind the receiver. Not sure what's caused his problems this year, but I really thought he'd be better. His running has been very good up until the knee injury, but now he isn't a running threat on the options so those plays aren't going to work very well. I don't think they ran more than a few options last night and he and Sanders messed up the exchange on one of them. Even when he was healthy it seemed like he wasn't reading the options very well, there were a number of times when it looked like it would have been better if he had kept the ball instead of giving it to Sanders or vice versa. Considering Trace as mentioned as a possible Heisman candidate coming into the season I've been surprised at how out of sync he and the offense have appeared this season. Hate to see his career ending this way. As far as the D goes, I think it doesn't have nearly the talent it has had in the past. The fact that so many of the guys seem to be incapable of tackling has shocked me. Maybe it is just inexperience, but they really seem to be struggling with basic fundamentals on D. A former player that observed some preseason practices this year said he was surprised at the lack of contact drills during practice and thinks that is causing a lot of the problems we're seeing on D. He understood the lack of contact drills when the team was low on scholarship players due to the NCAA sanctions, but doesn't understand why they are still avoiding contact drills now when they have more scholarship players.
  11. I thought it was a pretty strong show, I even laughed at the last skit about Pug Wigs
  12. Smallwood is going to get Wentz killed on a passing play in one of these games, his pass protection and blitz pickup are non-existent. Don't know how they keep sticking him out there in those situations.
  13. roarlions

    Disney Vacation

    My wife and I stayed at Portofino Bay a few years ago and loved it. Nice setting, a bit spread out so it seemed quiet, and the boat ride to the parks is pleasant and relatively short. Plus I think they do the bag check before you get on the boat so you don't have to worry about it when you get to the parks. Express Pass really is gold. When we went the pass couldn't be used for 1 or 2 of the Harry Potter rides but now I think they have lifted that restriction. Park hopper is definitely necessary if you want to see all of the Harry Potter stuff in one day since they have the rides spread across both parks, not concentrated in one. I think Halloween Horror Nights ends the 1st weekend in Nov. so if you arrive after that you shouldn't have to worry about the main park closing early for it. I think the parks are open until 7 PM in Nov.
  14. roarlions

    Going Solar....

    We have a site visit from a local installer scheduled for tomorrow. We were approached about a week ago and had an initial meeting earlier this week to talk about general estimates. Will received detailed estimates after the site visit. We live in northern VA and have a heat pump with electric heat, which kills us in the winter. Summer months are pretty cheap even with AC running almost all of the time. Proposal we received is for a 15.3 kw system, costing over $60,000! At that price I can't see it making any sense financially, especially since we hope to be moving out of the house in about 10 years. We'd have to count on recovering the cost of installation when we sell the house at a higher price than it would sell for without solar being installed. Have received a couple of preliminary estimates from other installers for smaller systems that would generate around 10 kw, which would cover about half of our electricity usage. The cost per kw for those would be lower so might look into one of those.
  15. I definitely remember seeing a few plays where the RB went to one side of the pocket and did nothing while a free rusher came through the other side of the pocket, so that was definitely a problem. Seems like Lane may not have had his best game either, at least during the later stages.