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  1. The team giving up Zeke and the 2nd round pick was the league champ this past season. Likely to be a playoff team at the least and possible league champ again. My team made it to the semifinals in 2019 and I'd expect to do as well next season. So I'd be giving up Hill and a likely late 1st round pick for Zeke and a late 2nd round pick.
  2. Thanks for all of the replies. My initial reaction was that it probably would be worth giving up Hill and moving down a round next year to get Zeke, but after looking at some rankings and ADP it looks like the 2 of them are closer than I thought. I really didn't think that Hill was considered a top 10 (or near top 10) player. The league where I received the offer is similar to the one Warhogs described, with minimal required starters at RB/WR/TE and 3 flex positions. Looks like Zeke scored almost 3 points more per game than Hill did in this league. However, in 2018 Hill scored 328 points in this league and while I don't expect a repeat of that season something around 300 points seems reasonable if he stays healthy and out of trouble. The last 2 years Zeke has had 312 and 329 points in this league, so Zeke probably has a slight edge in scoring. Adding Zeke would give me a backfield of him, Kamara, Lindsay and Damien Williams (plus others). Subtracting Hill would leave me with Godwin, Woods, Mike Williams, and Cooks (plus others) at WR. Tough decision but I'm inclined to not move down in the draft to gain maybe a couple of points per game (if that). Seems to be a decision between the risk of Hill getting in more trouble vs. the changes in Dallas and the shorter playing career for RBs.
  3. I get: Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Year 2021 Round 2 Draft Pick I give: Hill, Tyreek KCC WR Year 2021 Round 1 Draft Pick Is this an instant accept, strictly from a value point of view?
  4. You could get around that by doing a day at Universal Studios in LA. You can take studio tours there, not sure if they have age requirements since it is also a theme park. We saw the set from Friends while we were there.
  5. Lots to do day or night at the Observatory. There is a great planetarium with lots of shows, chances to safely observe the sun, lots of hands on stuff, and other typical displays/exhibits you would find in an observatory/planetarium. Also lots of stuff about earthquakes, tectonic plates, etc. Plus great views of the city. Only real drawback is that you can't park right at the observatory. There is a long road leading to it and you often have to park along the road (paid parking) and then hike up the road to the observatory. Can be fine if it isn't raining or too hot, but young kid might not like it as much. Probably worth considering Uber or something like that to get dropped at the Observatory if the cost isn't too high.
  6. Do you remember the name of that museum? Would love to see both of those sets next time we are out there.
  7. My wife and I just did this type of trip (LA and Disneyland) last year. A couple of suggestions off the top of my head for LA are the La Brea tar pits and the Griffith Observatory. Could also go to the beach at Santa Monica if warm enough. If I think of others I'll post them.
  8. I might be trading Cam to get Allen and I can't count on Brees being around for much longer. So Allen and possibly a rookie would be my new long term plan. Our rosters have 28 players so plenty of room to carry 3 QBs if I deal Cam.
  9. I currently have Brees and Cam in this league and had been counting on Cam to be my QB long term until I could draft a young guy, but that plan isn't working so well now. Allen finished as QB11 in the league last year and was only 12 points behind QB7 (Rodgers). His 500 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs were obviously a big part of that finish. If I keep my late 2nd round pick and can trade for Allen I might use the pick on 1 of the rookie QBs, depending on who else is available. Unfortunately the late 2nd round pick is the earliest I have this year, so to try to get one of the earlier QBs I'd have to make a trade for probably a mid to late 1st round pick (the first couple rookie QBs always seem to get drafted late in the 1st round or early 2nd round in this league).
  10. I'm surprised he was the 4th most expensive QB. Most of the dynasty rankings I've looked at have had him in 6 - 10 range for QBs (excluding rookie QBs).
  11. I guess there haven't been any trades involving Josh Allen recently. Let me ask a different question then. How many QBs in the 2020 draft class would you rank ahead of Josh? I have a late 2nd round pick where I can probably get the 3rd or 4th QB to be drafted by our 14 team league and am wondering if the QB I get there is likely to be better than Josh.
  12. We used Ship a Car Direct not too long ago to ship a car from the DC area to New Orleans. Worked out well and I think they have good reviews.
  13. Has anyone traded for or traded away Josh Allen recently? I'm thinking about acquiring him in a start 1 QB league and wondering what it might take to get him.
  14. When do we start hearing talk of canceling the Summer Olympics?