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  1. Anyone know if the training taking place at George Mason Univ. this week is open to the public? If so, where can I find info. about schedule, etc.?
  2. I think this season has shown that pass interference in general has now reached the same status that receptions reached a few years ago, when no one really knew whether a catch was a catch or not. I don't think anyone knows what is pass interference any more. Each week we hear announcers describe what they believe is or isn't pass interference, just to have it contradicted the next time we watch a game. Hopefully the NFL realizes this and makes the effort to once and for all identify pass interference in a reasonable matter, just like it did with the definition of a catch.
  3. In addition to the new event, it seems like Niantic made major changes to spawn points. Up until yesterday afternoon we had 4 or 5 spawns around my office each hour and 1 spawn near my house each hour. Now it has been nearly reversed. Only seeing 1 spawn at my office each hour and 3 or 4 spawns near my house each hour. Wonder why they changed the spawn points/frequency so drastically?
  4. I've seen all of the issues with local channels possibly being dropped due to disagreements with the broadcast companies that own the local stations. This morning we wake up and 2 of our 3 TVs aren't getting any local channels. The 2 not receiving the channels are both SD receivers while the HD receiver is getting the channels on HD but not the SD channels. Call the regular 800 customer service # and get the canned speech about negotiations with companies owning local stations. Explain that isn't the problem since it is more than 1 local channel involved and we are getting all of them on HD channels but not SD channels. Rep gives me a new number call for tech support. Give that number a call, go through the whole explanation again, they ask if I've tried disconnecting receivers and other troubleshooting solutions. Tell them yes and they give me another number for tech support. Call that number, explain once again what is happening, and the rep says yes, we know about it, it is a software problem affecting SD receivers and channels, we will let you know when it is fixed. First, why couldn't that message be given as soon as I called in, either by the rep or by a recorded message? Second, why is it still an issue over 12 hours later? Just unbelievable!
  5. In addition to the slow start and injuries on offense, I thought the O line had a pretty bad game, especially Seumalo. Peters was getting beat more often than usual too.
  6. My wife and I went in late June this year, no kids. We don't do a lot of the of the high demand attractions (didn't do Cars Land at all) and we used the MaxPass a few days which greatly cut down on wait times. We didn't do rope drop or rush to the parks in the morning. Given all of that, 2 days was enough time for us to do pretty much everything we wanted but we actually spent 4 days because we spent a half of 2 different days in Galaxy's Edge. I'd say with kids and spending most of a day in Galaxy's Edge, you're looking at 3 or 4 days. You could probably do it in 3 if you rope drop, use MaxPass and don't spend as much time in Galaxy's Edge.
  7. I've been hatching 1 or 2 7K eggs every day this week and still no Mr. Mime or Kangaskhan. Sent a few of you friend requests this morning, if any others are outside the DC area and we aren't friends yet then send me a request - 1583 6440 2523 - mufasa60.
  8. I'll get my 7th day spin on Saturday, can't wait.
  10. Finished catching my psychic/steel mons, ready to fight if you are still looking for someone. We can coordinate best time to do it if interested. mufasa60
  11. Doesn't help that this new event is causing about 80% of the spawns I see to be Sentrets. 😡
  12. Not there yet, I'm only through half of my psychic/steel collecting. 😥
  13. Amazingly enough I just had the easiest and most pleasant customer experience I've probably ever had with DTV. This was my 3rd call spread out over the past month. Each time I have called the 1-800-531-5000 number and requested to cancel our service. I posted about a month ago about the 1st call, which was one of the worst experiences. I thought I had a year of discounts still remaining and no one I talked to that time (3 or 4 different reps) had the sense to figure out when my discounts started (2017, not 2018 as I thought from reading our bill) and just kept insisting that no one ever received a discount on programming that lasted for more than a year (they were wrong). Once I figured out my mistake about when the previous discount started, I called last weekend to see what new discounts I could get. The rep last weekend confirmed that we were no longer under contract and offered a new discount of $55 per month on the Premier package with 3 receivers (no whole home DVR or whatever it is). I had already lined up discounts on the movie channels even though they are included in the Premier package. So after that 2nd call our bill was scheduled to be about $137 per month instead of over $200 per month. Still no contract. During that 2nd call I asked about ST discounts and was told none were available at that time and I should call back closer to the start of the season. Today I called to complain about the customer service I had received during my 1st call and how confusing the billing was. The woman today was very understanding and explained some of the problems they are having. Apparently they are in the process of setting up a new billing system, which is supposed to be in place by the end of the year. Everyone will be converted to the new system and many, if not everyone, will be issued new account numbers. This probably explains why some people have reported calling certain numbers and being told their account isn't in the system. She claims that the new system will be easier for customers to understand their bills. She confirmed the discounts we already have and when I told her that I've been able to get ST discounted in the past but wasn't able to do that during my 2nd call she said she could take care of that for me. Then she asked if getting ST (not Max) for free was a big enough discount. Problem solved, just like that. She didn't mention anything about having to go back on contract and I forgot to ask. I went online shortly after finishing the call and it listed ST as part of our programming and in the recent activity section it listed ST again with no charge. I'll keep monitoring our account but it seems like everything went really well and didn't require cancelling our service or going on to a new contract. Wish I could get that rep every time I call DTV.
  14. Saw a projection from one of the Philly writers yesterday that none of those 4 would make it.