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  1. My kids told me about it Saturday. I put in all 4 of their orders and mine, paid, went to the restaurant, walked to "order pick up", 2 minutes later I'm walking out with my huge order. Usually at this one that whole ordeal would have taken over 30 minutes and I'd have had to deal with chaos. Also if you use it enough you start getting free stuff.
  2. My S7 Edge updated last night, I haven't had any problems yet that I know of. I just checked my kindle app and chick fila and they both seemed fine.
  3. Update?
  4. Ha, exactly! Christie Brinkley is still and always has been stunning
  5. Not brushed - with big girl what's her name https://www.instagram.com/p/BQiT2HChpzh/
  6. Yep that was brutal, made the first of three easily then clanks next two to lose by one. I'll add my worst 2 for teams I root for: 1. Derrick Rose and Calipari with Memphis vs Kansas in title game. 10 point lead with minute and a half left. Give up tying 3 at buzzer and lose in OT. 2. Cubs Marlins Bartman game
  7. Stevie Ray is a blues guitar God that died way too early and MJW is Theo from the Cosby show. Neither is a household name though
  8. Stevie Ray Vaughn Malcolm Jamal Warner Not sure which is more famous
  9. Kiehl's facial fuel
  10. Where is this, someplace big like Buster's or a small place? I'm not going to go, just curious because this sounds awesome. Also founders breakfast stout is probably my favorite beer. It's great with a fine cigar.
  11. Which store is doing this? Sounds like y'all are in for a good time!
  12. I've got the S7 Edge and have used the VR several times without issue. My son was playing around with it the other day and it overheated and made him stop. I'm not sure what all he had going on it, but I think it was just 360 roller coaster videos. That was the only time mine has done that. This thread is definitely appreciated because I want to get the most out of the VR but not sure where to start . the Netflix I had already done and it is pretty cool. I also liked one where you can stand on the tee and green at #17 at TPC Sawgrass and look around.
  13. I did too and thought to myself "well that's certainly getting right to the point"
  14. I just read a comparison of charging speeds between the iPhone 7 Plus (2900 mAh), Pixel XL(3450 mAh), and S7 Edge (3600mAh). Even though the Samsung has the biggest capacity, it still charges much faster. All 3 phones started at 1%, had wifi and BT off, and airplane mode on. Quote - The test found that, after 30 minutes, the Pixel XL had 24 percent of battery life and the iPhone 7 Plus 18 percent. But the Galaxy S7 edge was leading with a 46 percent charge. At the 1-hour mark, the Galaxy S7 edge still led the show with an 85 percent battery charge, followed by Pixel XL with 54 percent. Last was iPhone 7 Plus, which had only 36 percent battery charge.