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  1. I have caught one wreck that happened in front of me, and captured myself hitting a deer at 77mph
  2. I think Lavazza is great, haven't had any flavor that wasn't wonderful, but the Kilimanjaro flavor is my favorite coffee I've ever had. It's really good.
  3. 2 days in with my S8 plus and I'm getting right at 7 1/2 hours screen on time with the battery. I've had many phones over the last two years - S7 edge, S7, Oneplus 3, iPhone 6s plus, a couple others - none got more than 4 hours screen on time with my usage. The thing is all the comparisons with the S7 edge have it being basically the same battery life. Not for me so far, very impressed.
  4. As someone who drives a lot and has a front and back web cam this is a cool idea
  5. Got my AT&T S8 Plus today at 1pm from ups 2 days early. Pretty awesome
  6. What training/ classes did you do?
  7. You would think that if "she" identifies as a girl she would try to look at least a little like one - makeup, etc. This dude looks and talks like Ricky Williams and has a full mustache
  8. Quinn
  9. Wow, that's despicable
  10. Ordered an S8+ last night (AT&T), supposed to come with VR and remote. I'm counting on it being real close to the same size in hand as my S7 Edge.
  11. I am. Love my S7 Edge, can't wait for new ones
  12. Sorry they aren't working now for me either Scraper - search foodservice 37487 Oil bottle - search griddle squeeze bottle Spatula - search overstockedkitchen turner
  13. Get a scraper you can press down hard on These spatulas are great Necessity for the oil
  14. Do it. Now. I received the academy version exactly like that one for father's day last year and it is the single best thing I've ever owned. I started with lots of breakfast - omelletes, bacon, sausage, hasbrowns.. I still do that every weekend and have also moved to shrimp fried rice, burgers, vegetables, just about anything. I love it. I hardly use my regular grill anymore. Things to know - I didn't know what I was doing at first for cleaning. I would put water and soap on it. Don't do that! Get s scraper and get the debris off then coat with oil and rub in with paper towel. The next time you use heat it up and scrape the oil layer off. Then cook. Repeat. Get you a couple of the long spatulas like at a hibachi restaurant. I got a pair on Amazon for 8 bucks. They're all i use except for a big grill fork sometimes for the bacon. On the bacon grease it can run down between the grease catcher and leg if you have the griddle leaning wrong. Just put something small under the back right leg and the whole thing will slightly lean perfectly for draining. Best thing ever.
  15. Yes they do, this was about the 7th time I've used them in the past 2 years. All but this last one was an iPhone 5s or earlier, was very glad to see a 6 now included in that dirt cheap price.