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  1. The new Honor 8 just came out and is getting great reviews. It's $399, and was actually $350 on Monday for one day. You can get it at best buy and Amazon. It's a very nice looking and feeling 5 incher... TWSS
  2. Yes, I got the "Karbon" one they make. It's barely there, only weighs a few grams, but protects from scratches and provides grip. It does have gorilla Glass. No scratches or marks at all in the month I've had it. I believe only their chargers do the extremely fast charging, and I haven't tried using others. It is a USB type C. I bought the phone, the case, an extra wall block and cord, and a car charger with cord and it all including shipping was 480.
  3. I didn't know that. I assumed it was like the S7. I really wanted to try a note 7. Phones I've owned in the last year, in order iPhone 6 plus, LG V10, galaxy s7 active, galaxy s7, iPhone 7 , OnePlus 3. Wanted a note 7, just bought an S7 edge to see what it's like, but don't have it yet. My favorite of all of them is the OnePlus 3.
  4. Here is something simple that I can't really explain why I think it is so perfect about the OnePlus 3 - you don't have to press the button attached to the fingerprint scanner. You just place your finger on it and it reacts. I know pressing a button is minimal but once you get used to not pressing it going to a phone you have to press it makes it seem like a huge pain. I love that feature. The only phone I've seen that also had this was the 6P. But the sensor is on the back so I didn't like as much.
  5. I have had one for about a month and I love it. I have an S7 also and have stopped using it for the OnePlus. Nothing bad to say about it at all. Selling my s7 because I like it so much. The dash charging, which is their own fast charging is awesome. It charges from 20% to 80 in about 25 minutes, all while I'm still using the phone. Very solid build, feels good in my hand with their extremely thin case on it.
  6. I've had a OnePlus 3 for a week now too and I like it better than my galaxy S7 so far. Very smooth phone, love the dash charging, the thinness, the big screen. The camera is pretty great too, very comparable to the S7 which is awesome.
  7. Exactly, he didn't agree with something wrong the professor said and was going to ask him about it, I want to know what it is.
  8. I'm currently on the new Harlan Coben, but recently finished "A Man Called Ove". Highly recommend it, it is funny and touching. Written by Fredrik Blackman.
  9. What was your question?
  10. Try Larceny. Very reasonable and very high marks from places that give those marks. It's tasty
  11. Get an app called SMS backup, save them somewhere not on the phone, do the phone as new, re-download that app and upload them. Works like a charm
  12. The All Star Game is when I realized the person that sang that stupid girl anthem "fight song" was amazing - https://youtu.be/097rW6KXzWI https://youtu.be/h96tqxc3ZO4
  13. What color did you get? I just saw an article saying this too, about the jet black ones. My girlfriend ordered the rose gold and I'm hoping it's a lot sooner than the Nov 4th it is saying right now.
  14. How did the trade in work in a store? Like you say, the online version is a pain. I just ordered my girlfriend a 7+ and will trade her 6+ to get the new one almost free. I know there is a September 30th deadline on the offer and the one she ordered won't be shipped until almost November. TIA
  15. He's definitely dead