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  1. Exactly, he didn't agree with something wrong the professor said and was going to ask him about it, I want to know what it is.
  2. I'm currently on the new Harlan Coben, but recently finished "A Man Called Ove". Highly recommend it, it is funny and touching. Written by Fredrik Blackman.
  3. What was your question?
  4. Try Larceny. Very reasonable and very high marks from places that give those marks. It's tasty
  5. Get an app called SMS backup, save them somewhere not on the phone, do the phone as new, re-download that app and upload them. Works like a charm
  6. The All Star Game is when I realized the person that sang that stupid girl anthem "fight song" was amazing - https://youtu.be/097rW6KXzWI https://youtu.be/h96tqxc3ZO4
  7. What color did you get? I just saw an article saying this too, about the jet black ones. My girlfriend ordered the rose gold and I'm hoping it's a lot sooner than the Nov 4th it is saying right now.
  8. How did the trade in work in a store? Like you say, the online version is a pain. I just ordered my girlfriend a 7+ and will trade her 6+ to get the new one almost free. I know there is a September 30th deadline on the offer and the one she ordered won't be shipped until almost November. TIA
  9. He's definitely dead
  10. Ohmahdammm
  11. Old girl may not look pretty anymore, but she still rides as smooth as when I got her
  12. I think that is wrong, it's Ole Miss they have at 9.5. I agree with you, no way we win 10 games this year. I got excited and ready to bet it immediately because it was also at +140 to take the under. Then I saw it was Ole Miss.
  13. Wrist drivers I see this all the time and hate it. There is usually a lot more bend in the wrist than in this picture, but this is the general idea. http://nozama.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ed05fc2883301b8d1e3d37b970c-popup
  14. Since you mentioned it - men and long pants and flip flops / sandals - stop please
  15. They Just moved mine for free last week and gave me $60 off a month without me even asking for anything. The free moving depends on how long you've been with them.