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  1. He's definitely dead
  2. Ohmahdammm
  3. Old girl may not look pretty anymore, but she still rides as smooth as when I got her
  4. I think that is wrong, it's Ole Miss they have at 9.5. I agree with you, no way we win 10 games this year. I got excited and ready to bet it immediately because it was also at +140 to take the under. Then I saw it was Ole Miss.
  5. Wrist drivers I see this all the time and hate it. There is usually a lot more bend in the wrist than in this picture, but this is the general idea. http://nozama.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ed05fc2883301b8d1e3d37b970c-popup
  6. Since you mentioned it - men and long pants and flip flops / sandals - stop please
  7. They Just moved mine for free last week and gave me $60 off a month without me even asking for anything. The free moving depends on how long you've been with them.
  8. Last week I downgraded packages to save some money and my discounts from this time last year were about to go away. I also knew I would be calling this week to set up my service to be moved. Last time I moved they charged me $299. So today I call about moving service. Without even asking she starts throwing deals at me. Ended up $60 additional off, free movie channels for 3 months, free move (I fully expected to have to pay big again), and kept the discounts I had for months 13-24 from last years deal. Point I guess I'm trying to make is she seemed to do all this because I have been with them for 4 years and they have deals to give. I didn't even ask for anything except to move my service. My bill is $18 for the next year.
  9. I just got off of a call that was a group of people where I was and a group in a room on the other end. I heard someone on the other end ask this gripe about everything lady "hey Karen, how's it going?" Karen - "oh just living the dream" - I busted out laughing and thought of this post! Wish they would have ninja kicked her throat
  10. I discovered/started listening to Jason Isbell on Pandora and these guys get played some on that channel. First song by them I heard was from the 1372 Overton Park record so being from Memphis I had to look them up. So good. Jason Isbell is amazing too. After finding Lucero and really liking them I was rewatching an episode of Breaking Bad and I noticed junior had a Lucero poster on his wall. Pretty cool.
  11. For the past 3 years I have had a 96 mile 1 hour 40 minute commute. People ask all the time how I handle that. I say it is not bad at all. Reason - Audible. I have listened to over 125 books and love it. Sometimes I drive around the block a couple times before I go home so I can listen to a good spot in a book. You definitely learn what narrators and styles you like and dislike. Mostly I've listened to mystery, detective/crime, and spy/CIA type stuff. Occasionally I have listened to comedies but I am not as captivated. I like series, they don't end as soon and leave you wanting more. Jack Reacher, Harry Bosch, The Gray Man, Nathan McBride, DD Warren, many more. Dick Hill, Scott Brick are good narrators. David Baldacci, Harlen Coben, Gregg Hurwitz are some great authors I've listened to. I love Audible. I pay $22 a month and get 2 credits.
  12. Wow, that everyday 3 picture is one of the hottest pictures of her I've seen.
  13. 3 looks like Ferris Bueller's sister
  14. Interesting. There is a big Cooper tire plant in the city I live in (Tupelo) but I know nothing about their tires and especially this one if it's like the energy saver. Thanks a lot, looking up now. Eta: tire rack seems to not carry Cooper so that explains why I know nothing about them...
  15. Weather is tame, no need for snow tires or anything. Just all season year round. I'm in Memphis/ North Mississippi area