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  1. Watson is playing well but I would not place him in the top 5 just yet. I need to see a full season at least to put him in front of Rodgers, Wilson, Luck and Mariota. I would place him anywhere in the 6-10 range.
  2. I own Wentz in all three of my dynasty leagues, so full disclosure on that subject. I think he's the top dynasty QB right now. There is no QB I would trade him straight up for. I know some Rodgers' owners will disagree, but the possible longevity with Wentz at QB for the next 10-15 years puts him over the top IMO. Another season-ending injury to Rodgers, who will be 34 in December, also solidifies Wentz as the #1 dynasty QB.
  3. Or Taak falling to the end of round 2 would be shocking. I enjoyed your thoughts on each pick. Thanks
  4. Been a subscriber for last ten years. The my MyFBG has been beat to death so I'll ask two other questions... Why is the subscription up now as opposed to June or July in previous years? If I paid in July of 2014 for three years, then why as of March 1st am I no longer a subscriber? Also, I'm considering not renewing because most of the staff doesn't update their rankings, especially in dynasty or IDP. This coupled with the MyFBG not working makes this a hard renew. How do you respond?
  5. Any update on this? The features aren't working. I have two money drafts this weekend. This is frustrating...
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I still have Goff and Wentz ahead of him but he's gaining. Lynch has looked good as well and may start sooner. They are all really close in my estimation. Any other thoughts from others?
  7. You're right...but do we really know with any of these rookies? It's pure speculation at this point.
  8. Thanks. So what I'm hearing from you is that you would put Prescott with Wentz and Goff but ahead of Lynch?
  9. Thanks for your input. However, if you had to place him now, where would he be? After Goff, Wentz and Lynch? Somewhere in between? Ahead of Henry or Boyd?
  10. Curious where everyone would rank Dak Prescott in a start 2 QB Dynasty Rookie draft?
  11. The guys comes around here because I saw him put his link up at some point. I'm not sure on what post it was on but I"m positve I saw it on this board. Needless to say I'll never view it again.
  12. 23 Julius Jones DAL - What's his future in Dallas? 24 LenDale White TEN - One more year of Travis Henry? Maturity questions? 25 Michael Turner SD [RFA] - May not start until '08, Chargers claim they will tender highest possible I'm curious about the above guys you have ranked in Tier 4. With J. Jones, do you see him being able to keep a job in the near future with Barber becoming more and more a part of the offense? #23 is about right, but I am trying to avoid him in my leagues. With White, you have him ranked much higher than most other people on this board. (He seems to be somewhere around 29-34 on most rankings) I'd just like to hear more of your thoughts on him. Finally, with Turner, how high up do you move him if he does play for a team next year? Would be move in that 15-20 range if he were starting no matter for what team? Thanks...
  13. Very nice job on the rankings...good read and quality commentary...