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  1. kylechoffman

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    My score for the week was 179.4 (had to manually score) yet my page says I am not alive and doesnt show the cut line nor my score. Help? Goff - 28.2 K Johnson - 23.9 Brieda - 26.7 C Davis - 25.5 Lockett - 19.5 Agholor - 13.3 Barkley - 12 Doyle - 8.1 Zuerlein - 13.2 KC - 9
  2. kylechoffman

    What do you need tonight? MNF - Titans @ Cowboys

    Dallas defensive route of the oilers. Need 17.5 in one league and 25 in another from Cowgirl D. Eagles fan here - no faith so hope they prove me wrong.
  3. What the hell is with the halftime show nonsense? That was time I will never get back..
  4. kylechoffman

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    @ Denver forecast for Sunday. It is showing snow showers and temps in the 20s (I live near downtown). Things can change quickly around here though so keep an eye on it.
  5. 12 team league. 1 per 10 rush and receive, 1 per 25 pass, 6 pt tds rush and receive, 4 pt pass. 2 point bonus for tds over 40 yds, 2 pt bonus over 200 yd rush or receive games. Start 1QB, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flex QB - Wilson, Luck RB - Elliott, Ingram, White, Collins, Yeldon WR - Julio, Hill, Kupp, Agholor, Crowder TE - Gronk, Reed K and D Another team is decimated at RB so I offered yeldon and kupp for thomas. Got a counter for white and kupp. He has A jeffrey so can't move agholor. Would you make any trade?
  6. kylechoffman

    Le'Veon Bell

    Birds send Foles to SF for a 2nd. Birds send SF 2nd to Pitt for Bell. Birds let bell walk next season but win another title in the process. Championship!!
  7. kylechoffman

    Le'Veon Bell

    Sign with the birds so my pipedream becomes reality. The flip side is that him signing would submarine the organization and all they have built so said pipedream will continue to fester.
  8. kylechoffman

    What do you need to win on MNF?

    Up 6 on my opponent with Juju going against his FitzMagic..
  9. I can keep hill or juju in the 15th round. Each year a player is kept the price goes up by one round. .5 ppr, 6 pt tds, 1 per 10 yards and bonus for 40+ yard tds. start 2 wrs and 1 flex. T Hill or Juju - Who do you keep for this year and beyond?
  10. kylechoffman

    Which would you rather start a draft with?

    Yes assuming Julio falls. Howard, Allen (or juju or mckinnon) are locks. Its up to me to pick Barkley or Fournette at 1 and then whoever is left at my 2.1 after 3 picks are made is my selection. I may not get Julio as I assume Fournette, Julio and probably Green will be gone. I may be looking at Evans or D Adams (forgot to list him).
  11. kylechoffman

    UPDATE OFFER: Trade for Evans: No Brainer? WHIR

    I voted next years 3rd. Not sure if the picks move up year to year but made the assumption they do. Hold this years third and you can always move him next season. Please see mine:
  12. kylechoffman

    Thielen Keeper Offer Help (Pick Trading)

    Good input. Thank you both.
  13. Im in a 10 team, 2 keeper league. Keeper surrendering is based upon previous draft season unless they were a FA which counts towards the last pick of the draft. Currently, I am keeping AB for a 1st and Howard for a 14 (FA keeper last year). I am in discussions with the team picking 1st who is keeping David Johnson (1) and deciding between K allen (3), Juju (15) or Mckinnon (15). The numbers in parentheses are what he would need to surrender to keep the player. I pick 9th in the first, 2nd in the second etc. Only two teams will be drafting in the 1st round due to keepers, then the 2.1 pick will be made followed by me so I will be the 4th pick in the draft. Scoring/ Starters: .5 ppr, 1 per 10 yds rush or recv and must start 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex from either position. Two scenarios: 1) I stay put keeping AB and Howard. Draft best available from whoever is left of Barkley, Fournette, McCaffrey, Mixon, Julio, Green, Allen (or Juju or Mckinnon per above), Evans and Gronk. The two stud rbs will be gone so I am looking at either another studly wr or secondary tier rb. 2) I trade AB to the guy with the 1.1 pick. We swap first round picks (I am surrendering my 1.9 and he is surrendering his 1.1 due to him keeping David Johnson), I send him AB and he sends me Juju or McKinnon which costs him a 15th rounder. This would allow me to start the draft with Howard, Barkley, Juju or Mckinnon and Julio, Green, Allen, Evans or Gronk.. Also, who would you rather have in this scenario - Juju or Mckinnon or Allen? I can weigh in on this and arguably as attractive as Allen is in the third, Im temped to go after Juju or Mckinnon and keep the third rounder. Which team (Scenario) would you rather start with?
  14. Keep 2 annually, 12 team .5 ppr league. 1 per 10 yds rush and recv. 6 pt tds but bonus 2 points for tds over 40 yds. I am keeping Elliot for my last round pick (not going to get into how I pulled that off) and I am scouting for my second. I have Evans which would cost me my first but I pick early so would like a shot at one of Barkley, Fournette, Hunt, Hopkins or Green so trying to avoid surrendering my first. I was looking at trading for Baldwin which have surrendered my 5th rounder but the recent news has me a little nervous to pull the trigger. I was offered Thielen which would cost me an 11th rounder so I am trying to determine what is fair and reasonable in terms of a pick swap. I would offer one of my picks in return for Thielen and a pick. The team with Thielen picks 12th in odd rounds, 1st in even. I pick 3rd in odd rounds, 10th in even. This other team is holding Gurley in the 1st and AB in the second so hes starting out well. There are plenty more options of players to go after as a few teams are cutting a lot of fat. Hopkins being dropped being one of them. Offer I would love to offer my 11th for his 14th plus AT but thats not reasonable. I am thinking of starting at my 9th for his 12th with AT and see where we land. Appreciate your thoughts..
  15. Been a subscriber for a long time. I won 2 years free back in the day but have continued to pay annually. My bro and I split fees and used to be members of many sites (fantasy asylum >, pff, 4for4, fftoday etc) but we pared down our memberships to only FBG over time because the content was great and this board has been solid all around. We will subscribe again this week although we may forgo the DFS content due to price even though I did quite well last year so the extra costs paid for the difference. I miss the 3 year signup personally because I don't need to worry about paying every year (any chance you can opt into auto-pay at a discount)? Other than that, the only thing I wish came out sooner was the weekly waivers and FAAB article as someone else mentioned. Otherwise, continue with the excellence and much appreciated.