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  1. Washington Please answer mine
  2. Kelce and sutton for sure Please answer mine
  3. Diggs Please answer mine
  4. Mack Please answer mine
  5. Penny Please answer mine
  6. Deebo Please answer mine
  7. Two leagues with flex issues. Please leave a link to yours and I will answer. League 1 (.5 ppr, 1 per ten yards and 6 pt tds) D Samuel @ NO, D Thompson @ NE or Duke Johnson vs Denver. I have B Powell plugged in at RB2 today so assume he is the right pick at RB leaving the other flex options. League 2 (1 ppr, 1 per 10 yards and 6 pt tds, 2 pt 100 yard game bonus) M Sanders vs NYG, B Powell vs Mia, Metcalf @ rams, Westbrook vs Chargers,
  8. This is how we all feel right about now:
  9. Brady is on a bye and my back Cam crushed my plan for this week. Scoring - 4 pt tds under 50 yds, 6 pt tds over 50 yds. 1 per 20 passing yards. 1 per 10 rushing yards and 6 pt rushing tds. Options: Carr vs LAC Tannehill vs KC Daniel Jones @ Jets (arguably a home game) Other options are available (Allen, Darnold, Mayfield, Fitz) but thinking the above three are the best options. Appreciate your thoughts.
  10. 1/2 point PPR League. Down 15.3 with V Davis. Repeat week 1 buddy.
  11. QB scoring 1 per 25, 4 pt tds, 6 pt tds over 40 yds, 2 pt bonus for 300 yd game, 1 per 10 rush, 6 pt rush tds TE scoring 1 per 10 yds, .5 ppr, 6 pt tds, 2 pt bonus for tds over 40 yds My decisions Cam or Brady Cam or Wilson in another league with Same scoring Goedert, Ebron or V Davis