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  1. Trade Wentz.. Hes bound to break something over the next 9 weeks so salvage him now. Fight the jets for the #1 pick. Maybe land some WRs that can last more than 2 weeks.
  2. The NFC is taking dumpster fire to a new level.
  3. Can you clue me into what "stimulus FAAB" is exactly? You cutting FAAB checks on the weekly? PM will do so we dont muddy this thread.
  4. Drafted in my 10 teamer (.5 ppr) last night and the news broke about Fournette roughly 45 seconds after I picked R Jones. We are only allowed to roster 5 RBs so wondering if I make any changes based on who is available on waivers. We must start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D. My Rbs: Cook, D Johnson, Mostert, R Jones, Armstead. Best available rbs on the wire: A Peterson Edmunds D Harris (read he may miss week 1) D Henderson Mattison Jones should split time out of the gate so he is still worth a roster spot. I may try to move him after a good game to a team in need or package him with my depth at QB (Wilson and Wentz) or TE (Andrews and Henry). Any changes worth making?
  5. I think you look at this as players that stand out from a tier perspective against the round you surrender. Lamar is elite so he is a no brainer that late. Andrews is also top tier and the only drawback is you are also keeping/ starting his QB weekly so if there is a down week from lamar, you also suffer with andrews (typically). Assuming those two are kept, you keep A Brown as hes the WR1. If you want to diversify, swap metcalf in for andrews. Please see mine.
  6. Thomas and Julio are locks. Ekeler no longer has captain checkdown yet Jones has a quality RB behind him who may steal goal line work. Flip a coin. Please see mine.
  7. Zeke for sure if he falls or CMC. Otherwise I would look to WR unless you can start 4 RBS. Any chance you can move one of your RBs to someone else and grab the #2 pick? Which WRs will be there? Im not sold on the giants and barkley personally. Please see mine.
  8. Jones only because I feel he will be the lead back. Lindsey has some promise even with Melvin in town but take a chance on the lead back. Please see mine.
  9. Brown for sure given the uncertainty. You can draft Samuel later. Please see mine.
  10. 10 team league. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1K, 1D. .5 ppr 6 per td and 1 per 10 yards rush and receive. I pick 9th of 10. Player and their cost per round are notated below: D Cook (Round 13) Mostert (Round 15) DK Metcalf (Round 15) M Andrews (Round 10) Cook holdout is concerning but insane value for a 1st rounder. I am in the pro-mostert camp and am not concerned with the other rbs on the roster. I am also shopping all four and would be fine keeping any two of them. Given the keeper round, who would you keep? Leave yours and I will respond. Cheers.
  11. I am keeping Elliott and T Hill so this is purely an upgrade in picks for me.
  12. Gurley and waller for sure. Sutton or Mont
  13. 12 team league, we must keep 2 players each year. We start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 1K, 1D. .5ppr and 6 pt tds for everyone other than QB. I pick 1.11, 2.2 etc. Someone hit me up about acquiring Chark which will cost a 16th (he was picked up in FA). That owner picks 1.12, 2.1. We always send a player and like for like picks (trade 1 or 2 picks to one another). I am trying to value Chark in terms of what round pick or picks to trade (something like my 4.2 for his 3.11 and maybe swap of a later round). Thoughts?
  14. Increase your IR spots, not bench. Worst case you have a running message board thread tracking active roster covid players for each team, set a rule that they may be dropped and not picked up by any other owner during their NFL IR designation and the team that dropped them have 24-48 hours after the player is cleared to play to pick them back up before they hit FA.