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  1. It’s too late. The train has left the station and you’re too intolerant to stop it.
  2. You're right, but we should also include Harry Potter fans. To stay inclusive. LGBTQIAKHPF+
  3. the K really doesn't belong, no matter how you look at this.
  4. just learned that this got extended to LGBTQIA. Update your notebooks accordingly.
  5. Just got back from a long trail hike. One thing I did notice is that it’s way easier to control the sniffing in that situation as I was walking on the right side of the trail. This put me in between him and the smelly stuff.
  6. I actually prefer the darker amari than the nonino.
  7. Yeah I questioned it too, but apparently it’s how they train show dogs, so it’s just carried on - the standard of you will. That said, I agree with your logic. If you’re walking on a street with no sidewalks it’s probably safer to have them on the right. Forget I said anything!
  8. Regarding the nipping and chewing, all pups are mouthy in the beginning. Some things we’ve done: - when they get mouthy, put a chew toy in their mouth and praise them (good!). This get them to think of the toy rather than your hand and they will eventually bring a toy to the playtime they are seeking - don’t use soft/plush toys. It’s really hard for them to differentiate between your lady’s favorite throw pillow and a soft toy. It feels the same to them. Stick to rubber types. Antlers and medebones are great too - bully sticks are awesome when you need them to chill out they love them that said, they can also be possessive with things like that if they growl when you try to take it away, give them a treat in exchange for the bully stick, then give it right back repeat over and over and they will not be possessive. - they typically like to play with things that remind them of you (eg shoes - they have your scent), especially when you’re not around. Make sure to handle their rubbery toys as much as possible, so they associate them with you. If they do get something you don’t want them to have, don’t chase them and don’t give them a treat in exchange for it. They think you’re playing, and are being reinforced that if they take that item, they get a treat/playtime - feed them in their crate so that it becomes a happy place for them. These are great to use: - make sure to train them to walk at your side by giving them nibbles and praising them when they walk at your side. Stick to the left. If they pull you to go sniff something, pull them and walk the other direction. Sniff time should be your idea. - in terms of jumping up, they want your attention. Don’t give it to them. Turn your back and wait for them to calm down. Then give them love. After this, take it a step further and only pet them after they have sit or laid down this will condition them that love comes to them when they are calm. I’ll add stuff but happy to answer questions too
  9. Please don’t condone almond raping. Where will it end
  10. Worked last time