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  1. Logical that picking up passing plays would be more complex than rushing, so fully expect his role as a receiver will expand. Disclaimer - McCoy investor
  2. I wouldn't sweat the week 1 performance. they threw 10 passes which is unsustainable.
  3. I always enjoy your posts, levitous and otherwise.
  4. Go home, rockaction, you’re drunk.
  5. i don't think their schedule can hold up to such a weighted approach to rushing. they're going to get behind in a lot of them.
  6. I wound up not doing anything as the league I really focus on has an extremely short bench. We are also old school and have waiver order, which I have pole position on. The guys that went: John Brown John Ross Michael Gallup Chris Thompson Marquise Brown Adrian Peterson I was looking at Malcolm Brown most as I have Gurley, and he is still a FA. I would need to give up Shady or Montgomery to make room, though. Not worth it atm. ETA, also considering grabbing Crowder, Sutton, Amendola or McLaurin, but would need to give up either Kirk or Metcalf to do so. Any thoughts on this one?
  7. The entire thing boils down to one question. What’s a “come up?”
  8. and back to rockactions thread intention - i feel like week one used to have one or two players that are head and shoulders above the rest. not the case this year. a ton of WRs lottery tickets, and malcolm brown.
  9. I'm a Gurley owner and am strongly considering picking him up and playing both. If week 1 is an indication, you should get fairly consistent RB1/RB2 play, just not sure which one of them will fill each role. Of course you're ####ed in week 9...
  10. I'm holding him. At this point, I would only look at a WR/RB trade offer to improve at WR...but obviously everyone's roster looks different.
  11. I got on the Gurley train. I'm looking out the window, but in no way ready to jump off. This is roughly what I was expecting, but with some additional goal line looks. If he's pulled from the red zone deliberately in week 2, we could be crashing.