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  1. Dani’s behavior is totally illogical if we don’t just hang it on madness. I find that lazy. Cersei deserved a far more drawn out and defiant ending. Jaime should have risen to decency/nobility. His arc had very little point in the end. Agree that Bran better have some ####### relevance by the end of this. Air Arya was either poorly edited or poorly written.
  2. I have a ‘16 Solace 10 Disc and I love it. Upgraded to Reynolds Assaults, a Fizik saddle and an Ultegra crank (it came with a non groupo crank) making it Ultegra throughout. It’s a great bike. That said, if you’ve got the inclination to go get fitted, you can match up your body geometry with a specific manufacturer. Regarding the one you saw used, it’s priced high. See link:
  3. Folks have an issue with supporting a pedos livelihood. If I went to a restaurant frequently because the food was great, I would stop going if I found out the owner diddled kids. I realize Jackson is dead, but I think it kinda falls into that category. Spacey surely does. I also recognize that this is a slippery slope in terms of where you draw the line on the good person spectrum.
  4. Yeah. Just thought it was lazy that’s all.
  5. He escapes when the fire starts. The fire starts because a candle gets knocked down during the surgery. Why would anyone perform surgery by candlelight?
  6. Watch Get Out. I realize that this is a thread about Us, but lots of comments on the former.
  7. I have an idea. Let’s perform surgery by candlelight. Because, you know, LEDs don’t really start fires.
  8. Three way tie for ME between Hooper, Roy and Dave - because I ####### loved that movie. *Would laugh my ### off watching him when watching the graduate baked.
  9. What about going the gournet food truck route? You tend to work more during business hours or working festivals, which could be fun. Some parents in my kids school started with one truck, developed a name, now have 12 and are essentially just running the business now.
  10. Tie breaker for me was there was more quantity with the Matrix franchise. Dead even otherwise. ETA that Ted was also a reboot of Tod.
  11. I lived on Uranus Terrace for a decade. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Would have been cool to see his son ultimately solve the case, but then let Julie live in peace.