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  1. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. :::highfive:::
  2. Good to know there are others that share my utter disbelief of why the wife can’t take the trash or empty cardboard amazon boxes all the way to the bins. She puts it all just outside the side door. Trash/recycle bins are also just a few feet from the door.
  3. The girl in the black dress could eat corn on the cob through a chain link fence.
  4. Between that and Sears, my mom would always wonder why her catalogs ended up in my room.
  5. Used to watch a lot of Monty Python and Benny Hill back in the day. My favorite Monty Python sketch. Upper-Class Twit of the Year
  6. That is so cool and well deserved, Krista! Kudos to @Kilgore Trout for sending them the link.
  7. Me too. :highfive: Took a couple hours just to get out of the parking lot.
  8. First time I saw SCI was back in 2001, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. They opened up with Black Clouds and it blew my mind. The energy was off the charts...everyone was grooving!
  9. Sirius listeners have pretty good taste. Was #12 on my list.
  10. Bundy had two guest spots, and one bit part on Married... with Children, as the creators had named the lead characters "Bundy" as an homage to him. In 1987, he played Uncle Irwin, the brother of Peggy Bundy. In 1995, he appeared again as the King Kong Bundy character.
  11. Absolutely amazing write up of all the songs in the medley, @krista4! The dueling guitars always make me crank up the sound up while driving. So good! For your final two songs, I had "In My Life" at #4, and Across the Universe snuck in at #25.