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  1. This was our 30th year doing an auction draft. Never had disks/paddles, but one team (Stink Finger) does have a stick with a finger on the end of it. All teams are encouraged to call out a dollar amount followed by their team name.
  2. Age 9 - Cheek bone running into a pole while trying to launch a kite. Age 12 - Foot & Ribs after going off a 25' drop in an odyssey on Idaho sand dunes. Age 22 - Snapped right pinky finger diving back to 2nd base during slow pitch softball game Age 28 - Compression fracture of left wrist sliding into home plate in an adult baseball league. Age 31 - Broke right thumb and tore the ligaments while sliding head first into 2nd for a double in adult baseball league.
  3. Damn dude....that’s a monster! Nice haul by your crew.
  4. Outstanding! Such a great place to fish/visit.We stayed in Kasilof at my friend's cabin. He did well at Sportsman's Landing catching a few sockeye. Enjoy your trip! I hope the fires are under control by the time you arrive. Coopers landing area was extremely smoky.
  5. Just got back from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. I didn't get a chance to hit the Russian for sockeye, but did pretty well fishing for halibut out of Homer.
  6. Sylmar (So Cal) earthquake in ‘71. I was 5 and it scared the crap out of me.
  7. Do you see Mike Trout wearing one of those square pot holder pads? No, he wears an oven mitt. You’re fine Sheik. Be like Mike.
  8. Snoop Dogg (Current Residence) Quentin Tarantino (Hometown)
  9. I was blown away when I heard the first few chords. My first time hearing it live. She, on the other hand is 2 for 2 now as they played it during her first show at Dodger Stadium last year. Cassidy & Friend @Hollywood Bowl
  10. Set 1 [~7:20 - 8:27] A Love Supreme* Shakedown Street > Friend of the Devil Alabama Getaway Ramble On Rose Brown-Eyed Women Cassidy > Fire on the Mountain *With Brass of Sorts (not streamed/available for download) Set 2 [9:13 - 10:38] Estimated Prophet > - Watch Truckin'* > He's Gone St. Stephen > Turn On Your Lovelight > Drums/Space > Standing on the Moon > U.S. Blues * > Smokestack Lightning Jam > Encore [10:40 - 10:46] Brokedown Palace Incredible show last night as John Mayer melted everyone's faces. They had a high school jazz band (with a huge horn section) come out for the intro and then played Shakedown with the band. Was so stoked to hear Cassidy with my daughter, and a perfect ending with Brokedown Palace. Place was full to the gills and one of the biggest deadheads around was at the show...Bill Walton. Amazing time to say the least.
  11. Going to see Dead & Company at The Hollywood Bowl tonight. I’ve been to around 30 shows back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, when Jerry was still with us. Also a number of Phil and Friends, The Other Ones, RatDog shows, but this is a special one. This will be my first concert with my daughter, Cassidy. Yes, we named her after the Grateful Dead song. “Let your life proceed by its own design”
  12. Hot as a pistol but cool inside.