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  1. Anyone ever been to Brian Head? Planning a family vacation for late December and trying to decide between Mammoth or Brian Head. Looking to book a "ski in ski out" rental. I'm very familiar with Mammoth, but not Brian Head. All levels of skiers in our group.
  2. When i was in middle school, a group of seniors from our High School stole Bob and put him on top of a two story roof at the school. They also hauled lunch tables up to the roof and made a pyramid out of them, which Bob stood on top of. Made the local paper circa 1977. Bob's Big Boy
  3. This was our 30th year doing an auction draft. Never had disks/paddles, but one team (Stink Finger) does have a stick with a finger on the end of it. All teams are encouraged to call out a dollar amount followed by their team name.
  4. Age 9 - Cheek bone running into a pole while trying to launch a kite. Age 12 - Foot & Ribs after going off a 25' drop in an odyssey on Idaho sand dunes. Age 22 - Snapped right pinky finger diving back to 2nd base during slow pitch softball game Age 28 - Compression fracture of left wrist sliding into home plate in an adult baseball league. Age 31 - Broke right thumb and tore the ligaments while sliding head first into 2nd for a double in adult baseball league.
  5. Damn dude....that’s a monster! Nice haul by your crew.
  6. Outstanding! Such a great place to fish/visit.We stayed in Kasilof at my friend's cabin. He did well at Sportsman's Landing catching a few sockeye. Enjoy your trip! I hope the fires are under control by the time you arrive. Coopers landing area was extremely smoky.