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  1. Marlins Man was at game yesterday and couldn’t get anyone to trade him a seat behind the plate! I’m proud of Nats fans!
  2. I have a hard time finding people to go to the games in the summer. All the people I regularly ask all asked if I have someone to go with tomorrow night. Ah, well not you.
  3. Yeah give half to the charity that supports whatever killed him in his name, rest to jamny. #### rolling it over.
  4. That was the most amazing high stakes baseball game I’ve ever been at. I went absolutely nuts. They’re gonna beat the Doyers
  5. Congrats Cheese! I think I won money for 3rd. Roll over my entry fee for 2020 and if there is anything left let me know
  6. Unbelievable SoCal won, that’s amazing. Great job Jamny
  7. I accumulated pitching stats in live scoring but was out of innings. Congrats on 4th!
  8. Lol at the drafting pitchers shtick in WIS. He’s the same guy that was always last to draft a starting pitcher in regular leagues. He (with jamny’s help) is currently in first place in FBG’s Flagship fantasy baseball league (Cake). I’m in 2nd, hope he wins in a walk off.
  9. I have a lot of pms from him because I gave him so much bs through the years. We talked a lot during drafts, he loved baseball and was a really good fantasy player. Many of us knew he was sick, and all the terrible procedures he had to go through. He was always upbeat even after he had his league amputated, and he drafted this year with his usual goofball analysis and enthusiasm. Strong guy and I’ll miss talking baseball with him.
  10. If he and Jamny win, we should send part of the proceeds. That’s so sad. Ripped on him for years and he was always a good sport. Did many a WIS draft with him, that’s where he got the Slowcal moniker. Glad we paid for him this year. RIP Gary.
  11. Season 3 is terrific. When the last episode ended I was like oh ####!
  12. Just dropped Skaggs last week after having him quite a bit since I joined the league. What a shame.