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  1. I think I would agree with this. NFC has a lot of good teams though, and Arizona is loaded too. Should be interesting, they need to get out of the gate this year playing well though instead of playing catch up in the second half. Arizona is not losing more than five games.
  2. Boykin looks pretty good, this offense is gonna be a lot better this year IMO. I think we'll see more consistency and I like the fact that there is depth at RB and WR now, giving Wilson the weapons he needs. Pretty excited about this season to be honest.
  3. Justin Wilson's cutter no longer actually cutting. That's the issue there.
  4. So sorry Shady, so sorry for your loss. RIP Riley, what a fight she put up.
  5. He had a WAR under two combined the last two years. As a dumb tosu fan maybe you can understand this: he's the Bobby Hoyer of pitchers. Have a nice season, clown town.
  6. Yeah that was a tough spot but it sounds like he made the choices all his. If all your siblings were all estranged from him, then he was obviously the problem. Sorry for your loss anyway, obviously you've done some thinking on it. IMO you should have zero guilt of any kind.
  7. How was I wrong on the trade? Ray is clearly better than Fister now and has five more years of team control, while Fister will be out of the league in less than two years. And I never said choosing Pelfrey at all was a good idea. So in closing,
  8. Yeah that's good stuff there. Also wondering if a The team used a quadruple mass spectrometer to study the air pockets ...could be used for beer pong.
  9. I trained myself when I was in the military to sleep on flights. Now I get on a two hour flight and I'm sleeping 10 minutes after takeoff, sometimes I wake up to an empty plane.
  10. Yeah I'm not sure how government pension plans can ever get away with this, but they do because the politicians rob from Peter to pay Paul all over the place. I didn't know some employees could count OT toward their pensions, I guess in Law Enforcement and in emergency response that could be part of the formula. Other than that though, seems like a scam.
  11. Best vote Republican then Keep your political nonsense out of this thread, it's not appreciated here.