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  1. Meijer is a less offensive Walmart, more tidy and organized.
  2. YEah if it was a drunk trade I'd have already accepted it. I need to drop someone though and I'm flag drunk right now, so I gotta think about it tomorrow.
  3. @Northern Voice Give me 24 hours but there is a better than 50/50 chance I do that trade.
  4. What about rooting against Vancouver just on merit? Is that allowed?
  5. Maybe in Toronto. Well the gay is strong in Toronto, we all know that. NTTATWWT
  6. Capps is lurking near a Tucks Medicated Pad, and a 7 ERA.
  7. That's quite a run for the Sens, they were one shot away from the SCF. I thought they were the second worse team in the playoffs behind Montreal.
  8. Pens will win but I can't think of the last time there was this big of an upset this late if the Sens pull it out somehow. Was thinking the Flames knocking out 1 seeded Detroit then 2 seeded San Jose back in 2004, maybe someone else can think of something more recent. What was Pittsburgh to start this series? -250? They were -200 tonight.
  9. When I heard JV "tweaked" his mechanics about four starts ago, my inner voice said UGH. Astros are the real deal but even an average JV doesn't do what he did tonight. Un tweak please, TIA.
  10. I've lost all interest in the NBA and some in the NFL, but I like baseball and hockey more than ever and college football is glorious. I'm never gonna stop loving those. I could go sit at a minor league baseball game every day for the rest of my life and love every minute of it.
  11. Really should had called him captain chili fries, I'm off my game.