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  1. I sent before I left for PR, just pm'd again. Cake champ!
  2. So I am part of a historic FEMA effort that is sending up to 5000 people to various places for hurricane relief. This "tier 4" is made up of all agency volunteers working for agencies outside Homeland Security. I'm in the 2nd waive, first waive left today. Almost all of them are going to Florida main and the keys. So they asked today for 60 volunteers for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. There were 150 of us in a room and I positioned myself to bolt to the front of the line. I was first, so to the islands I go. This was exactly what I signed up for.
  3. I can get them. I'll give you a pair if you invite @Frostillicus and I can punch him in the junk. Everyone wins!
  4. Kyle Shannahan learned his timeout management from Jim Zorn.
  5. Really interested to go there someday. Wyoming in general seems awesome.
  6. I'd just make them all ineligible to be picked up, whether they get a call or not.
  7. I mean if someone wants to partner up I can do it. I'm not a great drafter anyway but I'm a good in-season manager. Just make it so if anyone is up for it, I'll be back in Mid November.
  8. That's Foos, I rarely draft Red Wings. Especially these days.
  9. I'm deploying for hurricane relief so I'm out unless something weird happens.
  10. I always saw you with a Ukrainian prostitute or a Kindergarten teacher. Yeah, me too!
  11. I love this show
  12. Let me know where you are going. I leave Friday, in place at a deployed location by Tuesday. Hope they have bug spray and a flu shot.
  13. Not sure if anyone watched this Laci Peterson thing on A&E, but damn, Nancy Grace convicted him. No evidence at all, pretty much the opposite of the OJ case. He might have done it but the evidence doesn't follow, pretty scary considering "a trial of your peers" these days is made up of people who are definitely not your peers. Juror #7 in particular, what a #### show.