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  1. Don't hate on Squis, he has the meats!
  2. Yeah but that's what didn't happen. Trump paid some Russian hookers to #### on his chest and paid off a porn star to deny she ever saw his tiny orange penis. Me, I'm cool with that. I'm fine with lions being lions until past lions are judged for leg humping and staining blue dresses. Let's forget about the greatest economic expansion in U.S. history, general world peace, logical government where the executive and legislative branches worked together, because some guy liked a thick intern. I'm good with Trump being a guy who probably poops on glass with 12 Czech hookers under the table. Powerful men poop on glass, look it up.
  3. No, just a stripper who was in Good Will Humping. HTH. BUT HE WASN'T PRESIDENT WHEN HE DID IT!!! THAT MAKES IT OKAY SOMEHOW! Yeah, but maybe he was. The Clinton impeachment was one of the most ridiculous things this country has ever seen. A country founded by headscarves and the bible suddenly rose up and came to the conclusion that values and morals were important. Then 20 years later the same people elected one of the most immoral humans ever, knowing all along he was just that, and now let's just forget about all that Clinton stuff. ##### grabbing and stripper ####### is back on the table! Sorry, I'm not for the hypocrisy. And to explain it to these Trump people, it's just not worth my time.
  4. No, just a stripper who was in Good Will Humping. HTH.
  5. I thought so, thanks.
  6. Did Harrison Ford really die in Star Wars Episode VII? Not the character, but the guy who played Han Solo. He's dead right?
  7. I thought that was your name at FFToday before Mike banned you? Mike banned me because I soiled his sister, BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!
  8. My handle is Hotforyourmom69 over there, friend me please.
  9. I think Red Lobster is a focal point of capitalist waste. NTTATTWT, but this outfit probably throws away more food each day than the entire country of Mali could possibly eat. That said their Cheddar bay Biscuits are pretty awesome.
  10. Why? Why do we have to deal with this?
  11. You had a good team
  12. I’m a bit surprised that the Flyers haven’t sent Patrick down to get some confidence. He’s been milling along for months now.
  13. Whatever option has the most drunk chicks
  14. Yeah because they can’t minipulate it. China being against seems to be a given, and probably not necessarily a bad thing. They have been known to adjust course accordingly to feed their economic engine, they hate getting behind. So if this takes off expect them to quickly change their tune.