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  1. White Sox signing Eloy to a long term deal should allow them to have him up north whenever they want. They already optioned him to Charlotte but they could easily reverse that action.
  2. #### happens, sometimes for the right reasons. Didn't need him this year anyway, this is probably not a bad thing in the big picture.
  3. I'm in five leagues 3 Roto, 1 HTH Categories, and 1 hybrid ####storm that I'm not sure how to quantify. A Dynasty, a deep keeper, a shallow keeper, and two redrafts. Here is what I got 3 Shares of Juan Soto: one dynasty, one deep keeper, one redraft 3 of Jose Abreu 3 of Brad Hand 3 of Justin Turner 2 of Mookie Betts: Dynasty and deep Keep 2 each of Gary Sanchez, Jesse Winker, Eloy Jimenez, Aldelberto Mondesi, Joey Gallo, Nelson Cruz, Marcell Ozuna, Charlie Morton, Josh James, Rich Hill, Kirby Yates, and Jordan HIcks Abreu, Hand, and Turner were guys I thought presented amazing value in all formats. I rarely have any must targets, I just go with the flow and hope to get players I like. I'd take five shares of Juan Soto or Joey Gallo, but that's not always possible.
  4. You really suckered Shady into that trade. lololol
  5. Didn't say this year, that wasn't the question. He has 30+ homer upside going forward, he's not Orlando Arcia II, Electric Boogaloo. Major gains? Why? He hit 21 homers in the Midwest League as the youngest player in that league in 2017, and that's not a hitter-friendly league. He had a .862 OPS in San Antonio last year as one of the youngest players in that league, again...not really a hitters league. He has a 1.000 OPS this spring. I have no idea what "major gains" means to you, but he could start opening day and be the 2nd best position player the Padres have. He's exponentially better than Boegarts IMO. I mean, he's better right now. X man had a really good year last year but he's probably a high 700 OPS guy most years, Tatis is just at a different level.