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  1. All of this is wrong, ALL OF IT.
  2. No, it did not. I think you should be permabanned for even suggesting this. :reported:
  3. Diaz is a top six closer unless Osuna is beating up his woman.
  4. There are just some guys I've never bought in on. Sonny Gray is one of them. Low K's, low T, bad park, overrated in every way for as long as he's been in the league. This is a Chem X guy.
  5. People who have only seen Soto play a few times might have trouble coming up with comps. To me he has a lot of Rod Carew, a lot of a guy who is just a pure hitter. He uses all fields and although he doesn’t have Carew’s Speed, he has a good deal of raw power. Every at bat is quality. He works counts, uses all fields, has a great feel for the game, and the hit tool is MLB ready at 19. I’m so impressed.
  6. A Bruce Rondon meltdown in Detroit, that seems somewhat familiar.
  7. I dropped Yurriel Gurriel early last year and somewhat regretted. Drafted him in three leagues this year and regret that a lot more.
  8. Not dropping him but HFS I hate Billy Hamilton. Never owned before, will never own him again.
  9. Fiers kinda stinks but he’s a fine #5 on this team. Love the 84mph heaters.
  10. In my defense, Adam LaRoche was the Mia Sorvino of baseball. All the experts were predicting big things then there was just no gap power. ETA: I thought you meant Andy. Lol
  11. The irony of everything you wrote is that the Red Sox are DFAing him for another aging, replacement level player.
  12. Was James Loney not available?
  13. Obviously if you’re Hanley you refuse assignment and ask for unconditional release. Then you go to a competitor. Indians could use him as a 1B platoon with Alonso, there’s one option.