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  1. People go on cruises for two weeks? Soooooooo lame.
  2. Lots of regression has arrived. The pitching injuries are just too much but they probably are good if they add a Rich Hill or Andrew Cashner. Not promoting Gallo is nuts IMO, not sure what they are doing there.,
  3. I've put about $5k into my dog the last two months. Her spleen stopped working, she had a heart problem, and she was days away from death. She's better now, albeit with more prescriptions than a Seinfeld elderly family member (Uncle Leo?). I need to look into pet insurance for the next dog. When the vet was talking blood transfusion that was my limit. Wasn't going down that road.
  4. Norris has 74 innings, if he can stay healthy, he won't be up against any innings limits. There are a bunch of teams trying to trade for starting pitching, it's not cheap. No reason to trade all these bats that have bubbled this year, Stewart should be off limits and I wouldn't trade Hill either, and definitely not Fulmer or Norrus. Gerber and Jiminez maybe, but this franchise needs to start keeping their blue chips, and right now we might have more than we've had in three decades.
  5. Well this proves that anyone can start a thread. So there's that.
  6. Dotdotdot
  7. Makes me sick. These people doing this #### are a bunch of cowards. Go back to attacking military targets so we can dispense you to hell.
  8. Did I say that? Brad is an average manager but he's not the worst. Fister sucks, I wish you could just go to Fangraphs, look at his numbers. He has a 4.64 FIP, Pelfrey is 4.84. He's marginally better, stop. I hated the Pelfrey signing from day one(you can look it up) but Fister isn't the answer either. The answer is Norris and/or Boyd.
  9. People always #####ing about Brad should take special notice of how Ventura left a raw rookie out there to fail tonight. No idea at all why he was still in there to face Kinsler yet Miggy. Terrible managing.
  10. It's gonna cost a little more because of the middle man but it doesn't matter. I have a red cedar futon couch, a barn wood coffee table, a barn wood TV stand/entertainment center (I designed it, Amish provided supplies but they can't build those items so it was done by a local craftsman) two barn wood end tables, a hickory fill table, a red cedar chest, and two red cedar lamps I have bought over the past 7 years. Plus I have some 1970s Pine lounge chairs that are probably Amish-built, and they look wonderful at 40. They all look like new now and I don't leave the heat on here in the winter, and it's a damp and cold place. I bought a Anorindeck chair in red cedar shaped like Michigan this trip, wish they would have had two. Outside the futon nothing was over $300, and this furniture will last way longer than I will. The only problem with the furniture is you just want to buy more of it. I'm going barn wood master bedroom set next.
  11. I keep liking then unliking this post.
  12. Blue Onion in the den with a candlestick FTW
  13. Doesn't matter, Houston is a monster city. The nomenclature of commuter school might apply to Boise or Albuquerque but probably not Houston. They have a respectable endowment, a large enrollment, in a heavily populated city in the heart of football country.
  14. Does this mean Tim isn't a Hillary supporter?