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  1. Yeah, maybe I should have said reasonable. Whatever, I consider myself moderate but the fact is I'm pretty extreme about the things I believe in, and those issues fall on both sides of the political spectrum. One day you think my opinion sucks, next day you are giving me a
  2. Yeah, same one.
  3. FYSA, Redmond Longhorn is pretty moderate in his politics.
  4. Woah, woah, woah. Trump called this chick Miss Piggy? That's the most appalling thing I think he's ever sad.
  5. Only two games out of the wildcard with six to play and the teams we are chasing play each other the next three days. Let's go!
  6. Gratuitous bump of my best post of the night. That's a wrap!
  7. No worries here.
  8. Trump campaign manager doing damage control. "Lester Holt did a great job", too.
  9. And not being prepared, which even Foxheads agreed with, was the ultimate hubris. If they don't roll out the red carpet for him in China, he's just pulling chalks and going back to 'Murica. That's the guy I want to be my president, unprepared and irrational.
  10. No need to get snarky with the italics. I understand your position just fine. Thanks. Dude, relax.
  11. Drudge Report=Card Trader Huffington=Squisy Why would either of those opinions count? They don't, the lunatic fringes are just that. HTH
  12. There were some dumb looking white dudes in there, seems legit.
  13. Both schools are tragic academically which plays a small role in realignment I think. Both were essentially JuCos at one time. I don't think Houston is that bad anymore, their endowment actually exceeds that of Oregon. Endowments have little to do with a Athletic Department budget - other than attracting money to it. That Phil Knight "Endowment" trumps anything Houston has by a longshot when it comes to the Athletic Department Still odd that Oregon Endowment is that small. GM was specifically addressing academics, so...
  14. Undecided voter: "I wanted to hear more about campaign finance reform." Yeah, the two political parties want to shut that spigot off as soon as they can.