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  1. Looks like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America IMHO
  2. I've put about 100 hours in on a project to honor WWII vets in Maryland. Tomorrow is the big day, I have a speech and stuff. Then we'll drink and talk about how the Canadiens suck balls.
  3. I'd guess ISIS but the Saudi's will probably blame Iran.
  4. I don't follow the Forbes stuff, how close are we to a Trillionaire? Only a matter of time I guess.
  5. Great job by the hitters tonight. No way I ever thought they'd lose seven straight to the likes of the Rays, M's, and Padres. Terrible.
  6. This is so hilarious At least I'm not a Mets fan, that's what all the fans of ####ty teams can agree on. @Gildo
  7. Yeah, didn't need that guy. Just like every closer we've had since Mike Henneman.
  8. The worst trade and the one you omitted was the Thompson/Knebal for Soria. And Avi Garcia has had two good months and peripherals don't support his production. Iglesias leads all of baseball in UZR and runs saved at SS. As much as I hate him sometimes at the plate, he's a top 3 fielder at the most important position in the field. Plus we got a free Alex Wilson, we won that one.
  9. Ok thanks Mike. Only good thing I have to say about this team today is Miggy has a 49% hard contact rate and he's gonna be just fine.
  10. Bush, Obama, and now Trump making the VA, and thus veteran's lives better. Prior to about 2006 VA hospitals would have made the Soviets blush. We've come a long way but still have a ways to go.
  11. VA bill signed, nice job Trump.
  12. Yeah they are not this bad. I really think the bad bullpen vibes increases the pressure on everyone. Starting pitching has been pretty good lately but they aren't scoring or the bullpen makes a 3-2 game a 7-2 game. It's a vicious cycle.
  13. Didn't help the Muslims in Bosnia 20 years ago, hth.
  14. Yes, you deserve to celebrate. Congrats.