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  1. Except Dickies, he's an awesome Sharks fan.
  2. A federal judge just ordered a recount in Michigan. Money well spent! ooooooooooof
  3. He's an honorable person, he's the guy who was the face of America abroad and I can't think of a better representative of my country. You people acting like you know if he's a "good" person or not need to get a new hobby.
  4. Stay off Twitter when you are in your weakest moment. I understand what he wrote but it's better saved for another day and it's a huge downer on the team and fanbase. Plus he needs further tests and evaluation, it's not like he tore his Achilles, ACL, MCL, and PCL on the same play. Broken bones heal for mortals, they'll heal for Earl too.
  5. Not this year.
  6. I lived in Texas when they were bad, and they still were really ####### annoying. They are one of the only fan bases in sports that talks crazy #### even when they lose.
  7. No one is ever gonna miss that thread, let's move on.
  8. Not droppable for the NFL/real football playoffs though.
  9. Weren't you supposed to retire, Olaf?
  10. There is no truth at all to your white people did it because they hate brown people. ####### leftists. ####### enviro nazis. ####### lunatics. I never said that, Rove!/Leviathan/Useless poster if the year at FBG
  11. :racecard: :truth: Not my fault you're too dumb to see it.
  12. Ohio State fans Dallas Cowboys fans Boston Red Sox fans Not necessarily in that order.
  13. Apparently too close to the people of Bismarck. Residents feared contamination and other calamities with the pipeline near them. Total NIMBYs. Too many white folk in Bismark, they had to divert so they'd be safe and the brown people had to deal with the contamination threat. Same as it ever was.