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  1. First two at bats in AA: Opposite field homer double on a shot over CFers head eta: here is the double
  2. Headed to watch Eloy Jimenez's home debut in Birmingham.
  3. I'd like to know what Trump supporters thought was strong about that performance. There is nothing presidential about that guy.
  4. The neo nazis were fine because they had a permit.
  5. This is why they don't let him do press conferences.
  6. I've been to many third world countries, actual places that Trump has never heard of. I can assure you that our infrastructure is not "literally" like a third world country.
  7. That might be two knees lost to the 1B bag this year. Also how I tore my ACL.
  8. Many dictators have taken control in times of chaos and uncertainty. Still others fanned the flames of dissent to claim ultimate power. None of this is new, Trump absolutely would adore being a dictator. It's how he's operated all his adult life.
  9. I need to have more time off so I can start going to rallies. Seriously...I don't get any of these people. It's summer, go fishing or on a bar crawl or something. Oof
  10. I just got into a twitter spat with the Erie SeaWolves mascot!
  11. Love the Nazi guys chanting "You lost, get over it." You=liberals Us=Trump guys
  12. Also those with the TSP are going to have more investment options, and they are supposed to make withdrawals much easier than they are now. TSP has the lowest fee structure out there but it is limited in scope and really makes it tough on retirees with their Stone Age withdrawal rules. They have 11 years, 7 months, and 19 days to fix this for my purposes. ?
  13. No you can't backdoor the TSP unless you completely move the money out. Since you are pretty sure your tax rate in retirement will be higher than it is now, you're on the right path now and I don't think a back door is necessary given your contribution rates anyway.
  14. If I don't get my pension (federal govt) I figure we are all screwed anyway. Congress is trying to make us pay more into the fund by 1% each year for the next six years, even though the pension fund has $800 billion in it and is funded through 2085. It is not tied to the federal budget or the debt, it's a separate fund. So those in the know believe congress is going to skim all the savings basically stealing the money to pay for pet projects. I see lawsuits coming. Now military retirements are a completely different story, and so are those who retired under the president-Reagan federal system.