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  1. I want to trade for him in dynasty, he's a pure hitter. I pointed him out to a non-baseball nerd, and although he let me down, I'd say he's a top 10 hitting prospect for certain. I see what Milwaukee wants to do this year, but I wouldn't trade this guy for what probably is a rental. I'd like to see him in the field more, he DHs a lot, but I think he can handle the keystone with work. He can hit though, no doubt. Southern League is a good test and he's adjusting well. I'd say he's ready for fulltime in 2020 but you're gonna see him next year, and he's gonna hit right away.
  2. A Robert, Basabe, Jimenez OF looks pretty good though. Tatis is a true 5 tool guy though, and he’s gonna stick at SS. I guess the Padres finally did something right,
  3. A good reason why scouts missed the boat on him. It was basically one Cleveland scout that saw what he is, and he’s even surprised how good he is.
  4. Futures game was great. Loved seeing all these guys I never get to see in person, in the same place at the same time. Even though he got mashed, seeing Hunter Greene in person was the best part of the game. 102 mph, 101, 100, 102 and he’s not even 19. Basabe just obliterated that ball he hit though, curious in the exit velocity. The other Reds prospect Trammell looked terrific also. Fernando Tatis has an amazing presence for a 20-year-old. I’ve seen him before but can’t wait until he’s in the majors. Celebrity softball game was meh except for Dascha Polanco’s terrific, giant culo. Shaq hitting was funny I guess. There was someone in my section heckling Bill Nye, which was quite amazing.
  5. I think Trump wants re-education camps, so this can be done there IMO.
  6. Buxton had an 893 OPS with 24 XBHs and 13 steals in the 2nd half last year. I think most thought that was his bust out but with the contact issues and all the injuries, this is gonna be a lost year. Too bad because he’s one of the best CFers I’ve ever seen, and his skills across the board look elite at times.
  7. Yeah this is ridiculous. Castellanos has an OPS 100 points higher than the next regular (Goodrum) and Candelario hasn’t hit in over a month. The burning Stewart’s eligibility argument on a bad team is dumb. He’s almost 25, we’re past super two, so he wont be eligible for free agency until he’s 32. Let him get acclimated to ML pitching now, and then next year we have a core of Nick, Miggy, Stewart, and Candy. Add a good vet bat and hope this Goodrum production isn’t a mirage, and you have the makings of a pretty good lineup.
  8. Put him in LF and he’s fine. You’re throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  9. We might have to consider that Buxton’s upside might be closer to Cameron Maybin than it is to Tris Speaker.
  10. This offense is offensive, and @bicycle_seat_sniffer wants to part with the only good bat we have. Cool story.
  11. Yeah but @shuke is the man if the people, the quintessential FBG, the standard. So yeah, all those guys look like Shuke but he’s the boiling point of the masses, so we accept this as truth.
  12. You wish you were actually in that picture.