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  1. Dodgers are gonna crash and burn in October aren't they?
  2. Young pitchers can't be trusted. His FIP is 3.99 and his LOB % is historically unlucky, so it's not nearly as bad as the raw numbers show. He's a back of the rotation guy, but at his age he needs to be a little more consistent. But he's really been unlucky this year, I think he'll be ok long-term. Still need one more RP IMO, hoping they get Justin Wilson for selfish reasons. A backend of Madson/Doolittle/Wilson/Glover/Albers is pretty good, the rest is already in place.
  3. @cosjobs Fax me a Astros hat, I'm all in!
  4. I'm just gonna say this and leave it before I get suspended for calling someone a moron, because I can't help myself. I served 12 years active duty, did multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, am a combat veteran, am a disabled veteran with PTSD. I have continued to serve my country in the DOD and now in federal law enforcement and I am happy to serve the stars and stripes and the people who respect the things that make our country the greatest in the history of civilization IMO. I volunteer 15-20 a week with two veteran's organizations and love every minute of it. I'm heterosexual. But if I were homosexual, transgender, a woman, a guy who thinks wearing ladies shoes is cool...would it be any different? I don't think so, I have served with homosexuals, women, blacks, Canadians, Mormons, Canadians, Hispanics, Muslims, Canadians, and guys who think Anna Nicole Smith was an alien. It's all in your service and your heart, it's what you believe in and anyone who has the responsibility of putting on that uniform everyday with a "U.S." somewhere on it, deserves my consideration regardless of their politics, religion, race, color, or sexual orientation. I like women, I love boobs and just watching them get on and off the Metro every day. That might actually make me a little weird, but it doesn't make me any less of a very good American than you. DON'T JUDGE ME!
  5. :sehorn:
  6. I think you are taking things too seriously. Have a sense of humor. Don't try to shut down free speech so quickly. Everyone who has a different opinion than you doesn't desrve to be banned. . I have a sense of humor, for example, I think your post is hilarious.
  7. This is a good point to the degree that the bottom line in war is always the bottom line, and that is victory. But if you look at recent military engagements, we have lost very few individual battles since the second WW. People equate the Tet Offensive as a U.S. military loss, nothing could be further from the truth, it was a huge battlefield loss for the North Vietnamese. Now the political, public relations, and national news back home loss did spiral and led to losing support for the overall war but still, my point stands. Fallujah was an intense campaign in Iraq, but we won that and win every major battle because we have superiority in the air, on the ground, and we put so much doubt in the minds of the enemy that they are usually terrified to fight us man for man. I want you to consider something as far as your point of "fairness and equality." The U.S. Armed Forces has been a social experiment going back to the Civil War. The Buffalo Soldiers, Women Air Force Service Pilots, Women's Army Corps, The Tuskegee Airmen, and so many other examples of the military recognizing integration and strength as a people that made us different. So while I agree winning wars and battles is most important, we have pretty much always done that with inclusion. The number of gay and lesbian military members who have served in combat and otherwise honorably is staggering. They just recently gained the right to be free and unencumbered Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. In the military our strength is in our merit, our loyalty, our ingenuity but maybe most our diversity.
  8. Re: Tigers got robbed on JD deal The Mets have received very little interest for Jay Bruce, who has 25 homers an .850 OPS, and hits left-handed.
  9. If you're a mod and you start a controversial thread, you probably should monitor it. Or...what TPW said is just fine, I'm trying to get clarification either way.
  10. No, I'm not reporting it. What I did there is fine, thanks.
  11. Not like you have good competition or anything, you're good.
  12. @Joe Bryant I want to understand why this bs is allowed in our new FBG world? I've seen you chime into several threads so far admonishing what I'd characterize as borderline behavior, yet you let this post stand in your own thread? That's amazing to me. Apparently you want to take back the moderation of these boards, and I'll play by the rules. But when you have careless, over-the-top, and blatantly ignorant posts in the thread you yourself started, well that isn't the greatest of precedents now is it?
  13. Joey Gallo is the only player in MLB history to have an OPS over 850 with a BA under 200.
  14. Shaw Nunez just crashed the Devers coming out party with no pants on. NTTATWWT
  15. Greedy Gretchen FTW