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  1. "kaepernick was fine until he married that Muslim who radicalized him." Things I actually heard today in Maryland. Imagine what they are saying in Mississippi!
  2. I think he might pitch 2-2 also. Only scenario I can really see them wait until game 6 is if they are up 3-1.
  3. Good reverse jinx bump by me
  4. No one else can beat the Indians either. Really hope JV wins the Cy Young, and seriously...Kinsler has to get the GG. 3 straight years leading 2Bman in DRS deserves proper recognition.
  5. If Dodgers can win one of the next two then you can start him game 5 and then possibly use him sometime in game 7. Really hope that is how all this plays out.
  6. That was really bad baseball, he's completely lost out there.
  7. Chapman and Jansen are both going to get some record closer contracts in the off-season. Chapman and Miller might be the top two relievers in baseball, but Jansen and Britton aren't far behind.
  8. Not really seeing anything different than I did last year, he's not very good. At least he's targeting Hopkins a lot tonight I guess.
  9. Houston won today but they are done as far as the playoff goes. If Baylor loses and Michigan and Ohio State are unbeaten going into their game, both will be in playoff. This assumes TAMU fades, which seems inevitable. Tennessee went to ot to beat Ap State and beat a bad UGa team on a Hail Mary. I think they'd beat Notre Dame by a FG though.
  10. Humor: look into it
  11. I see some creamy Jif in your future.
  12. You know that's Mad Cow right?
  13. Fcs power, Cowboys rule the Southland.
  14. Love the Hawks and Steelheads locals making list.