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  1. Moving the semi finals off of New Year's Eve is just a little smart.
  2. That proposal would lead to a drop in the number of intelligent, ambitious, and successful people seeking office unless you greatly raised the salaries of political positions. I'm not sure that would be the side effect as much as the private sector not getting the very best people to lead and advise their firms. In general some of the brightest people will still choose public office over private enterprise because of the influence and the face time, it's an ego thing. Former flag officers end up in high ranking defense sector positions making $500k a year, and I'm fine with that given what they make while in uniform and given their knowledge of defense systems. I think the difference is that flag officers are usually not making strategic decisions based on what may happen when they leave service, while politicians are coddling certain lobbies hoping to hit the jackpot when they hang it up. Not all of them, but I think it happens more than we'd like.
  3. Because I like to hear the concerns from all and I don't like fear-mongering. If the Dems are doing it then I at least want to consider the implications. To me the GOP platform, and especially this Trump platform, is pretty much driven by making the public fear things. The dems should take the high road, but that's not always the case.
  4. Yeah what was Trump's response to Bloomberg? Have to think those two know each other quite well.
  5. I always thought there were PED concerns with him, his massive production bump never really made sense to me. I have never had him on any team and I usually have at least 4 teams a year.
  6. I'm good with BYU being a football only member to avoid the Sunday sports thing.
  7. Plenty of time to claw your way back to a great 2016 IMO. glllllll
  8. And you got that he compared Trump to Hitler, Stalin, and Bin Laden from that? Wasn't he speaking about the history of America where we defeated those mind sets? Or was that the meat in the sandwich in a reference to Trump? I guess I need to see what he said right before and after that.
  9. Ok, that's fair. I'll try to keep an open mind and listen for these cues going forward.
  10. If you need steals, absolutely.
  11. Any other options? Yeah I'm not sure I'd do that either. If Cargo or Blackmon get traded, Dahl is going to play every day and his near-term ceiling is probably quite a bit higher. Dickerson had pretty good MiLB numbers, but this may be a case of pitchers unfamiliar with him. His weaknesses may be identified pretty quick, although he is very tempting to grab hoping he's Adam Duvall II, Electric Boogaloo.
  12. Make Ivanka Trump president and show her breast feeding things. :peaceonearth: