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  1. Tomorrow is now where you are?
  2. Mods, Please consider merging this thread with the "Holding in a fart" thread. TIA.
  3. Subway chicken is what Nikki Minaj puts in her butt to make it look bigger. Pretty much 90% gelatin, 8% chicken, 2% turtle balls.
  4. Yeah this is such I call funny business™
  5. I think this guy is from the early 90s. You're thinking of Michael Bowlstainer, the set-up guy for the Mariners back in the 80s.
  6. Can we get this and GM's paypal in the first post please.
  7. Bautista wasn't an option.
  8. JD probably strikes out too much to hit third IMO.
  9. 34.14 OF Christin Stewart/Tigers
  10. 33.11 IF Erik Gonzalez/Indians think he's available
  11. Yeah, do that.
  12. Goodbye stranger it's been nice Hope you find your paradise Tried to see your point of view Hope your dreams will all come true Goodbye Mary, Goodbye Jane Will we ever meet again Feel no sorrow, feel no shame Come tomorrow, feel no pain One of my favorite verses ever.