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  1. Best thing about this show is the NFL doesn't like it or want it on TV. Also there should be a lot more female nudity.
  2. I think they rattled Jansen. Heyward on 2nd and every time he steps off or fakes to 2nd, the crowd boos like it was an away game. Jansen was pissed at the whole scene, Cubs tie it, then win in extras. I am just hoping Cubs fans don't turn into what Red Sox fans became. A little near-term hubris seems ok but I still think they choke in the playoffs. This year anyway...
  3. Friday night is a busy stripper night. If she really likes you she'll come over to sit with you for 30 minutes, and not ask you for a drink or a dance. Then she comes back and does the same thing again, then you got her and a case of the clap. win/lose/win
  4. The Brandon Finnegan stream worked well tonight, but I've had some streaming clunkers this week like Reynaldo.
  5. Koya is good people.
  6. I mean all things considered, does anyone think this team should be better than they are right now? JD, JZimm, Big Nick, and Maybin have had significant DL stints and we've leaned heavily not on just one, but three rookie starting pitchers. The bullpen is good for a few weeks, then it sucks for a few weeks, then it's good again. K-Rod has been pretty good but he's had his shaky outings, Pelfrey is not even serviceable, Anibal looked like a DFA candidate now looks good again, and Brad was making some terrible decisions early in the season. They lose eight straight, they win seven straight, they score five runs in four games, then they score 8 runs or more in four straight. It's been maddening but kinda fun too, right?
  7. Crap I forgot about Houston, like seven teams within four games of the #1 wildcard now.
  8. Hackenberg has the size, the pedigree, and the arm strength to be a really good QB. I think his issues are mechanical above anything else, and NFL coaches can fix guys with serious mechanical flaws. I mean he's probably two years away from contributing, but I think this guy could actually grow into being better than any of the others.
  9. Um i doubt it Compelling stuff here, thanks.
  10. I think it's important to stay close to the #1 wildcard, and they're only 2 back after tonight. KC is on fire right now, five teams for two spots and six if you want to include the Yankees who are also hot.
  11. Justin Verlander in the conversation, hitters batting just .177 against him since May 1st. Kluber is the guy to beat though going into September but it's not over.
  12. Had to have been a 200 mph exit velocity on that JUP shot.
  13. Seems legit IMHO, glllllll