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  1. Just dropped Skaggs last week after having him quite a bit since I joined the league. What a shame.
  2. This Soto kid looks really good. 98mph and a good hook. Definitely a guy who could be a bullpen asset going forward, especially if he can develop a change or a cutter.
  3. So Giancarlo hits his first homer on June 25th and gets hurt again on June 26th, won’t be back until August. Whoever drafted Jose Ramirez in the first round might have the biggest bust in fantasy baseball history, but 2nd round Stanton (even for him) is also a colossal fail.
  4. If Stanton is scheduled to start anywhere this year that is within driving distance, I will buy a cheap ticket just to boo him.
  5. The hitting is even worse than expected. Pretty bad when JaCoby Jones and his .776 OPS is your biggest bright spot.
  6. Enterprise best Thrifty by far the worst. Wouldn’t let me exchange a car that ran like crap because there was a nest in the carburetor. Never even got an apology of any sort
  7. I have JTurner, LaStella, Vlad, lemehieu, etc need an Ofer