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  1. The first three seasons of the Sally Jesse Raphael show FTW
  2. I have heard of Fisher House before. Your other one has one heck of a wide scope. Just by digging into their website it seems they are a boots on the ground and get #### done type of organization. Both A+ charities with low overhead and impactful programs. I did a lot of research on animal and environmental charities and AWI is the most robust, and their programs are both widespread and thorough in scope. Fisher House is one I've seen in person, they are just amazing. In both those cases the overhead is very low, the money you give them is going to the programs you desire to fund. I would suggest to people to give to something that is important to you but always do some research. Community programs are often a no brainer but check their financial to make sure the money is going to the intended participants. If anyone wants to contribute to veterans charities feel feel to PM me, I know the very best ones that get to the troops and the vets. I spend a lot of my time doign veteran charity events so I give more of my money to animal rights charities.
  3. I changed my confidence rankings 106 times.
  4. Animal Welfare Institute Fisher House Foundation
  5. Twin Cities should be known as Cuplesstown™
  6. Ok, I’ll mess with it later. I paid league safe
  7. So this is just picking against the spread right? No confidence points right?
  8. How much snow in this blizzard did you get? You're terrible at the internet, go to bed.
  9. There was a blizzard tonight. They said it like ten times on the broadcast. You could have just looked at this year's attendance numbers and figured it out for yourself, I even gave you a hint.
  10. You recognizing it and taking action is great. I'm rooting hard for you!
  11. If the power stays he's still above replacement level and he hit about 40 points below his career average last year. He's gonna be better than what they were running out there I would guess.
  12. Check Stanley Cups and attendance records for more. Wild have won four playoff series in their history, but all those didn't come in the same year. glllllllllllllll
  13. I have read some of that stuff about Irvin, and all his other bs through the years including but not limited to smoking a ####load of crack, so him being involved in anything nefarious or inappropriate is hardly shocking. But Marshall Faulk? #### man, who can I trust anymore?