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  1. So we need one more? lets roll dem bones
  2. I took Gurriel in hopes his on base skills come shining through. I'm weak at the corners, as of now Solarte would be my CIFer. My team has speed and a good deal of power, but easily finished last in OBP last year.
  3. Depends on what goes between now and you. Let's talk.
  4. I'd be willing to deal for an upcoming pick. I have a lot of young pitching I'd consider dealing.
  5. Yeah but he has low mileage. He's like a 2009 Accord with 20k.
  6. 31.11 OF Paulo Orlando
  7. I forgot my sheet at home. Let me dig up a dead body.
  8. I received some tremendous, really tremendous offers from HT. Just terrific. However we are tabeling discussions until we have more info on Iran. So... 3.5 Yulieski Gurriel
  9. I'll pick when I get back to the office.
  10. Oh, I love me some Columbo. Ellery Queen down?
  11. Loads of mediocre prospects who should probably be on the wire, and to rid myself of unproven Alex Bregman. Care to help a brother out? I said this three pages ago when it was funny. Time makes things funny, being "in the now" makes things funny. You'd know that if you weren't locked up in a ####### Boston Creme cooler all day.
  12. Been a couple of days since I've stopped by, you guys solved everything yet? PM Shuke if you want to ask me questions about how things really are, he's my personal secretary.