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  1. You realize that wages and income are a pretty easy thing to track, right? There's a pretty reliable record of what people earn. I understand where he's coming from although he's being a bit dramatic. What isn't accounted for are people who have been in these east coast cities forever, and bought their house 50 years ago for $12k and then passed it along. I live in a neighborhood in DC Metro where the cheapest house is $300k, and I know there are people who make $70k a year or so in household income. Taxes are terrible in Mass/Maryland too, which weighs you down even further. Still, you can live on $67k in household income, and as the survey noted, most people do.
  2. I live in a more expensive area than you do. Also I thought you gave out handies for free? When did you stop that?
  3. If they can get a blue chip hitting or starting pitching prospect for K-Rod, I'd probably do it. If they don't, they have a cheap and good closer but I think you take your opportunities as they come.
  4. They should start playing music like they do at the Emmy's to get him off the stage.
  5. Oh yeah, Bernie brings the ire! That's why the kooks like him and Trump! Old white guy anger is just the best IMO.
  6. Yeah, you have missed his entire campaign. Say what you want about Bernie but saying he doesn't stand up for himself is complete nonsense. That's basically his whole shtick, has been for decades.
  7. Katie Holmes?