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  1. WK1 WK2 WK3 Offense: HOU (23) JAC (14) NO Defense: PHI (10) BAL (20) MIA Total: 13 7
  2. My thoughts exactly. One target was an overthrow by Bress that would have been an easy TD. I am hoping for a breakout this week.
  3. My understanding is that when Congress did away with Glass-Steagall it allowed banks like Wells Fargo and such to enter into more speculative investments. This gave these clowns the ability to make risky investments and still have the comfort of federally guaranteed deposits. The best of both world at the expense of the general public.
  4. Disagree. It shows that big banks are continuing to bend rules at the expense of the general public. This is more evidence for the need to regulate big banks, and renew Glass-Steagall. These suits cannot be trusted.
  5. Over reaction IMO. Watching the Viking game it was very clear the crowd noise had a huge impact on the game and limited the Pack's ability to call audibles.
  6. The thing that is disturbing is that the Raiders do not seem to have answer on defense. For the most part they stay in their base sets and do not send extra people to improve the pass rush. Same can be said with the issue of covering the TE. There is not a lot of creativity on defense to cover the deficiencies, and this lays at the feet of Norton. Just for comparison, what would Billichick do with this defense? Doubt BB would stay in base as much as I see today.
  7. I am on board with JDR's approach and confidence building. I just thought it was a poor play call for that situation. The failure to make the first down ultimately put the game out of reach. It can be reasonably argued that even if the Raiders had punted there is no certainty that the defense was going to stop the Falcons. What is really disappointing is to see the defense give up big play after big play on their home field, to a team that had to travel across the country. We have made any strides forward despite all the off season moves. This all stems from a lack of pass rush. It is time to dial up the blitz and put the damn QB on the ground.
  8. Agree Bruno. Z E R O sacks and no pressures. Pass rush has stunk the first two. In turn it has exposed the secondary. Very disappointing. JDR's decision to go forit on 4th diwn at midfield was stupid and cost them any chance to win.
  9. Chris Hogan - WR - Patriots Patriots WR Chris Hogan (shoulder) is active for Week 2 against the Dolphins. Hogan is fine. Even with Rob Gronkowski again sidelined, Hogan isn't more than a WR5. Sep 18 - 11:41 AM
  10. Rex Ryan wants Bills to throw more under Lynn Bills coach Rex Ryan said he wants the offense to throw more under new OC Anthony Lynn. "I want to be multiple. I want to be able to throw the football," Ryan said. "I want to be multiple in the running game, but I also want to be able to use the entire arsenal. The quick game, the intermediate game, and the deep passing game." Ryan can want as much as he likes, but the Bills simply do not have the weapons to be a consistent force through the air. Still, this proclamation could be good news for Tyrod Taylor, who had a much better stat line than performance Thursday night against the Jets. Source: buffalobills.com Sep 17 - 12:07 PM
  11. His philosophy seems to parallel Roma's philosophy of a run-centric offense so I am not optimistic about the Bills offense moving forward. The oline is a major weakness and unable to generate production in the run game. They better have some answers in the pass game when the run game gets stuffed. If I was a Bills fan I would be more concerned about the owners meddling. That is the quickest route to becoming a door mat of the league.
  12. Used: WK1 Offense: HOU (23) Defense: PHI (10) Total: +13 WK2 Offense: JAC Defense: BAL
  13. Long term, the side getting sammy will be very happy.
  14. I'd bring a sign that says fired Fisher. Goff and Gurley will never reach their full potential under the current regime.
  15. Agree. MoP nailed it. I have to say after watching Hard Knocks I came away thinking the Rams staff was the most unimpressive staff I had seen since the inception of the show. Yes, Philbin was the most unimpressive HC, but as a staff the Rams are lacking. The development of Goff requires the Rams to hire an offensive minded HC. Based on what I saw on Hard Knocks and last night, I do not believe that person is currently on the staff. Fisher has to go.