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  1. I prefer to bet teams that will win the conference. Odds aren't as good but if I correctly select the long shot it allows me to bet the money line the other way. It then becomes a no loose prop. For example, LY I had the Falcons to win the NFC championship. It allowed me to bet the money line the other way and be in a no loose situation. This year I really like the Buccs (I got them at +2000) and the Giants (I got them at +1000). Have decided on my AFC teams yet.
  2. I had the Mad Stork on my list because: a) He was such a dominant player with the Raiders. During that era the hash marks were closer to the sidelines. I recall the Raiders often deploying Hendricks as the sole player on LOS when the ball was on the short side of the field. Unreal. b) He spearheaded the first Super bowl championship. All the older fans painfully recall how those dominant teams seemed to alway loose in the AFC championship game. c) He was one of the most entertaining players of all time. Willie Brown, Howie, Freddie were my others, but a strong argument could be made for Shell, Upshaw, Tim Brown, Tatum, Casper.
  3. Definitely a dart throw. I took him in the because the pickings were slim. The two positives are a) Hyde appears to be the only player standing between him starting b) Hyde has not played more than 13 games in a season. I am just hoping I can flip him for something better if and when he assumes the starter role.
  4. Phone your brother and ask some question related to putting her on the deed. For instance, "Hey, I am working on getting [her name] on your deed. What is her middle name?" This alerts your brother of the request without making any accusatory remarks.
  5. His situation may be better than perceived. I expect the Rams to be playing from behind in most their games. So their could be a lot of garbage time production form the pass game.
  6. I didn't even know this was still a thing.
  7. I would call it lopsided for Ajayi. I look at Ajayi and ARob as pretty even in value despite their current ADPs. Then it becomes trading the 1.04 for the 2.04. Grand larceny.
  8. I do think there has been a shift in the organization's attitude. The first clue was hosting Mixon prior to the draft. I respected the Raiders' stance on DV. I am very ambivalent about their new approach.
  9. FFPC Team A gets: Ajayi, 1.04 Team B gets: ARob, 2.04
  10. Their schedule is much tougher this year, and the Broncos look to be improved. As much I as hate to say it, winning the division feels a bit optimistic. Possible, but optimistic.
  11. Reggie was on Sirius yesterday and mentioned several times how excited they were to draft Treyvon Hester. So that is someone to watch in preseason. He also said they have signed a big cropped of UFAs, 17 IIRC. Anyone got a list?
  12. Deregulation seems to be working out very well for us consumers.
  13. So, not a lot of history of success. Just seems like a serious leap of faith to me given his lack of college experience. Time will tell.
  14. Maybe Jylan Ware can become that player.
  15. I am drawing a blank, are there examples of success in the nfl after starting only 13 games in college?