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  1. Good grief you are naive, and sorry to say you are a bit clueless. One unintended consequences if we ever do figure a way to keep cheap labor from coming into this country. Here is a link that help inform you about one of those consequences: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/06/georgias-harsh-immigration-law-costs-millions-in-unharvested-crops/240774/ And what of the cost of said wall? Washington Post estimated Trump's wall would cost $42B: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/02/11/trumps-dubious-claim-that-his-border-wall-would-cost-8-billion/ This also might be a good time to remind you about how proficient the Mexicans are at building tunnels?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az1JyDJ_iKU
  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/john-oliver-donald-trump-rnc_us_5795c0d9e4b01180b52f6bf8?section=
  4. Ya, he will always be a player I view fondly. Won lots of money picking him up late on the waivers one year.
  5. Wat? Did I miss a conviction somewhere? Or did we change the definition of criminal?
  6. Awesome!. That is the kind of attitude needed for a playoff run!
  7. Good info. How reliable a predictor are those statistics to future performance?
  8. No, not sarcasm. I am asking an honest question based on what I saw on the field last year, not statics. He played well, but at that price tag it struck me as a pretty big gamble. Hopefully it pays off.
  9. It is funny how people in other parts of the country worry about earthquakes in Cali, but suffer thru miserable winters year after year. The last big quake happened almost 30 years ago. Sure you can argue that the state is due, or you can take the view that they are so infrequent it is a non issue. For myself I would much rather live with the "threat" of earthquakes than the frequency of ice storms, tornados, blizzards, hurricanes. But that is just me.
  10. Yes, that will make a big difference. For example, Cupertino is a neighboring city that has a very strong reputation of good school. Prices are super inflated in Cupertino as a result. I have heard of people getting $10K per month in rent for a 3/2 in Cupertino. I find that hard to believe, but rents of $5K+ per month are common in that area. There are still relatively reasonable house prices in the Almaden area of San Jose. But it comes with the requirement to commute to Palo Alto on highway 85. That is not a commute I would wish on anyone.
  11. I am surprised by the amount of Amerson's contract. It was reported as $38 mil over 4 seasons. Is he really worth $9+mil a season? I didn't see it from last season's play.
  12. Thanks Ham. Appreciated. I think #2 is the primary reason for no conviction. I do not have the inclination to research it, but I have heard that Congress is exempt from insider trading. If true, then it is more the system that is broke. Doesn't excuse her actions.
  13. I only mentioned the Trump U thing because, as you mentioned, I think the ethics angle is push. Not "trying to hide" from anything. You mentioned a laundered bribe can you share a link to this? If it is a fact and not innuendo why weren't charges brought? Again, I am not trying to hide her record or defend her. Only trying to educate myself.
  14. Hmm, I have the complete opposite reaction about Arian after watching the series. I like him much more now. Based on his background (stylish clothes and some what flamboyant). I also believe that his message resonates with the black players. Arians keeps his speeches short and real, which I am sure the players also appreciate. I loved when you mentions that he talked some smack after a Rams game last year and he hopes the players has his back. Very effective way to motivate the players IMO.
  15. You forgot to mention defraud students as part of Trump's resumé. Correct me if I am wrong but I think there is still a possibility he could get indicted for this while the election is in process.