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  1. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I think we have reached a point if maximum silliness when the discussion turns to determental conduct, To my knowledge the only law AB has violated is excessive speed. Granted it was not a good look but hardly determental to the team. What I would love to see is the Steelers ask for a prorated refund of his signing bonus in return for free agency. Rubber be hitting the road. 😀
  2. 32 Counter Pass

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    No doubt, but this is all speculation when it comes to Mack's value. Again my point isn't as much about elevating Mack but the thought process behind the devaluation. IMO it is as likely or more so that several of the teams I mentioned above draft a RB early. There seems to be some inconsistency in the thought process.
  3. 32 Counter Pass

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Dr O if the Colts drafted a RB in the first or second rd then yes Mack's value takes a big hit. This gets to a point made earlier, not many RBs are immune to that scenario. For example, what if the Vikings draft a RB in the 1st or 2nd rd or sign one of the FA you mention? How about the value for D. Freeman, McKinnon, Michel, L. Miller, Fournette, D, Williams?
  4. 32 Counter Pass

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I agree that his receiving was disappointing. I am not sure how much of that was due to missing time. I will have to look at the production when both players were healthy. I think the observation about Chubb is hyperbole. Look on Twitter or go to the Dynasty trade thread you will see that the Hunt signing has more than a few owners nervous, right or wrong. LY the Colts drafted two RBs in the 3rd RD or later and Mack still finished as RB21 in ppr format, despite missing 4 games. My initial post was in response to Mack's general value. Many folks seem to be pretty dismissive of his potential. You touch on it here but Mack seems to get discounted by the fear of competition. My point is the scenario you present unfolded LY when the Colts drafted Hines and Wilkins. Mack still got a majority of the touches when available. If the Colts were to sign L. Bell all bets are off. But short of bringing in a uber talent I think the reason for discounting Mack doesn't hold a lot of water. I think an argument can be made to discount Mack because of durabilities concerns but not competition from a RB drafted in the 3rd round or later. Good talk. And disagreement is what makes this hobby fun.
  5. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Interesting tweet from Evan Silva: Owner wants to meet & clear air with Antonio Brown = #Steelers already capitulating off hardline stance. They benefit in no way by moving him. It hurts them. And if he's such a cancer, man up & trade him to #Patriots. Inject that poison into your "rival." He'll surely sink them. Link
  6. 32 Counter Pass

    2019 NFL Offseason Predictions

    Appreciate effort T dog. Well done!
  7. 32 Counter Pass

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I get the concern about the draft or FA signing impacting Mack’s touches but... ...with exception to a handful of backs no one is immune from this. Chubb being the latest example. ...the Colts drafted two RBs last year and they had little impact on Mack’s touches. Mack has the talent to take advantage of one of the best situations in football—young, improving oline, great QB, good coach. My only concern is durability.
  8. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    BB = Big Ben in context to AB
  9. No argument the Raiders need pass rush help. That is the consequences of trading a generational player at DE. How the staff views their current DBs is hard to judge. I thought Melvin and Conley were one of the few highlights on the defense. They kept getting better as the season progressed. IIRC they were among the league leaders in fewest fantasy points allowed to WRs. I saw the same improvement out of Joseph. How the draft unfolds will tells us how the staff feels about this group. Personally I think the front 7 should be the priority on defense unless some serious value falls. The team also needs a big infusion of talent on offense. WR-RB-TE in no particular order are dire needs. Getting a field stretching WR is a must. There is a big need at TE as well. Cook is an FA and even if they bring him back he is getting long in the tooth and I doubt he comes anywhere close to last season's production.
  10. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I agree that getting paid is one motivating factor, but for whatever reason AB seems to have an ax to grind with BB. It is sounds like a pretty large ax.
  11. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Just to clarify, those aren't my words. I am quoting reports have been circulating about his value. Too lazy to google and link. What fascinates my is the notion that the Steelers would take substantially less from any team not named the Patriots. That seems to go against their own long term interests.
  12. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Should worrying about what fans think be the deciding factor in making football decisions? Definitely a factor but not the primary factor. If you could get a high value draft pick I think that would better serve the team long term.
  13. 32 Counter Pass

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    "Insiders" allegedly said that the Steelers would be lucky to get a day 2 pick for AB. What if the Pats were offering a day 2 pick while all other teams were offering a 4th round pick? Would the Steelers bite?
  14. 32 Counter Pass

    Tesla electric cars

    I mainly use it to commute and run errands locally. You are correct Tesla does not recommend fully charging the battery. I can get 270+ miles on a charge. One cool feature is the map program can find chargers/super charges close to you location. I will say this car is silly fast. Go to youtube and check out some of the videos.
  15. 32 Counter Pass

    Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

    I am not picking it apart, but if it is valid it should be applied equally to all situations, no?