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  1. Someone call 911. Deamon is being held hostage at gun point and being forced to read every FGB thread!
  2. Well said. We need to consider context for Drake's usage. Much like Josh Jacobs his teams were stacked. MIA was a much different situation but what context we have is that Drake and Parker flourished once free from Gase. That has me wanting to give Drake a pass. I just assume folks are trolling about Drake's injury history. He has a 97% availability rate in his career, which is prettay, prettay good. I am having a hard time ignoring that fact that Drake was on pace for a monster season with AZ. I need some to talk some sense into me! 👀
  3. Me thinks you are not very well versed in Vegas politics. Here is a taste to wet your appetite:
  4. Well done. I can think of more examples but the point was made. RB skills are pretty sticky regardless of the system. The more important question is does the player’s skills appear to be diminishing.
  5. I have read people over 65 are particularly vulnerable. If true, that puts 75% of the NFL refs on ice. 😜 Hmmm, that might not be a bad thing.
  6. That is the Raiders narrative. Mack really didn’t have choice.. They could have franchised him. The team caved.
  7. Per Field Yates: A look at the final personnel in the Khalil Mack trade with all of draft picks exchanged now made: Bears receive: OLB Khalil Mack, TE Cole Kmet, G Arlington Hambright Raiders receive: RB Josh Jacobs, CB Damon Arnette, WR Bryan Edwards, a 6th rounder used in Kelechi Osemele deal Raider fans still support this move?
  8. Heard rumors that Gabe Jackson and PJ Hall are on the block.
  9. Guess I watched different Wisconsin games.
  10. What is silly is not hold Carr accountable for any of anything. I only hear excuses. Carr is not a great QB by any stretch of the imagination. He could be a good QB under the perfect circumstances, but never a great QB. He does not elevate the play of those around, whereas Mahomes does. Put Carr on the Chiefs they do not sniff the Super bowl. You honestly think that Carr is capable of leading a comeback they way Mahomes did vs HOU in the playoffs? And that is my point.
  11. Nope, we are not communicating. You have grabbed on to the my mention of Mahomes' injury and ignored all the other statements. My over riding point is that Carr's career is full of excuses as to why he has only posted 1 winning season in 6 years. Let's review: In 2016 Carr get's injured in week 15. The Raiders never finish with a winning record since. In 2019 Mahomes dislocates his knee in week 7. He returns in week 10 to lead the Chief to the SB playing at less than 100% Mahomes looses Kareem Hunt in week 11 of 2018. Mahomes leads team to AFC conference game. Carr loses Josh Jacobs in week 13 of 2019. Raiders win one game the remainder of the season. Mahomes looses Tyreek Hill in week 1 of 2019. The Chiefs go 3-1 during his absence. Carr looses Hunter Renfro in week 11 of 2019. The Raiders go 0-3 during his absence. Carr is a very fragile asset dependent on surrounding talent.
  12. Actually I have addressed your points. you are choosing to ignore them. In sum, you think Carr's talent level is very close to Mahomes, despite evidence to the contrary. Will be fun to see how this ages.