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  1. Ya I read OK as average, which gives Ito more credit than he deserves in my view. I agree he didn’t do anything special, which explains my position. I am aware of Freeman’s start, so there is a chance Ito becomes an asset. I just don’t understand the optimism.
  2. I own Rodgers in 12 team league. I wouldn’t move him for less then a younger QB + a 2020 1st. I know that is above market price but I am a fan boy and honestly not concern about his age. Barring injury he is gold for 3 more years minimum.
  3. Did Ito really look ok? Sell me on this take. He looked very average from what I saw. He avg 3.5 ypc. Coleman avg 4.8 ypc behind the same line. My perception is Ito has the beneficiary of a lack of depth behind Coleman. I would rather take a flyer on Ollison. Much cheaper.
  4. No kidding. JuJu type early breakouts are rare and far between. For context, AB went 16/167/0 his rookie season. Patience grasshoppers!
  5. I will take 3 good years from Julio. Thank you.
  6. Miller has not finished outside the top 24 RBs L5Y. Not sexy, but serviceable
  7. LOL. People have been saying the same thing about Fitz for 6 years. Julio will be fantasy relevant for 3 years minimum.
  8. I found the write interesting but I was left with questions. How were EZ defenses identified? I understand They are defined as one of the eight (seven during the bye weeks) worst defenses. What was the criteria? Fantasy points allowed? Same questions for TF defenses. Thanks.
  9. I can see an easy pathway where the assets on the AB side depreciate quickly.
  10. Damn, that is the worst case of rookie fever I have ever sen.
  11. I agree with your main point, but at the same time it doesn't eliminate the possibility of Thomas becoming a relevant asset. When I look at Norv's history I see a talent focused approach: If a player has the talent the ball will find him. When Norv had a player of Gates caliber TE was a focus of the offense. When he didn't the ball went elsewhere. What we know today is that Olsen has chronic foot issues and only been able to play 50% of the time L2Y. We also know that it generally takes TEs a few years to establish themselves in the league. Thomas showed improvement throughout the year culminating in 3 double digit games in the last quarter of the season. I like Thomas' chances to become a relevant fantasy asset. It may take a year but in context of the bleak TE landscape I think he is worthwhile risk.
  12. I could be under thinking it or letting my bias cloud my vision, this doesn't really require a huge change in running style. Don't lead with your head, get of bounds to avoid contact. He should be very motivate to make such changes given his history and how much money is on the line.
  13. Not trying to talk you on to the Freeman train but I think you mischaracterizing his situation. This isn't a "sudden" thing. I am making an assumption that doctors and coaches have given him the harsh reality: change your style of running or you may not see the end of your contract. I suspect that is very good motivation to make changes. I think the fact that the Falcons didn't sign any big name RBs or spend high draft capital on the position is an endorsement for Freeman. Definitely some risk but well worth the upside.