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  1. Care to take a wager?
  2. You are correct. FO does not break it down by points allowed. I think this would be a very useful stat. Very surprised no one offers this information. Also, knowing points allowed by home/away splits would be very useful.
  3. I am curious if anyone has a resource showing defensive points allowed for each position by home and away splts. Second question does anyone have a resource showing points allowed the #1 WRs?
  4. To start the Republicans should have offered a better slate of candidates. Next they should have thinned the heard sooner. This would have forced Trump to field serious questions revealing him to be the buffoon he is. Instead the debates were spent talking about hand size, offering up zingers and speaking and innuendo. Right in Trump's wheel house. Watching this circus unfold I did not understand why John Kasich did not garner more support. The Republicans would have had a decent shot with Kasich. Instead they decide to embrace the crazy: Trump, Florina, Carson, Cruz... good grief.
  5. The more I watch other teams, the more I appreciate the Raider's oline play. It is disconcerting that they leave a lot of points on the field. That could be a bad omen vs a good team. Carr really strikes me as a young Farve in respect to his arm, accuracy and field presence. Like a young Farve, he can be inaccurate on some passes. I notice he has location issues throwing to RBs in the flat. The ball always goes to the back hip. He also can be inaccurate on crossing routes and dig routes. On the other hand, he might be one of the best QBs at locating the fade and seem routes. He has really improve in throwing the fade. Previous to this year a lot of those throws would end up OB.
  6. Anything less than 9 wins will be a disappointment.
  7. Some interesting words in this post. What drama? Assange was shut down by the Ecuadorian govt. "dark" seem to imply some kind of conspiracy but the Ecuadorian President was pretty clear about the reason. They did not want foreign countries (the Russians) influencing our election process. I applaud them. I don't want that either. From what I understand the cyber attack was from a foreign country and required a lot of resources to pull off. Russia was the first country that came to my mind. They have motive (influencing the election) and the resources. I am not saying they are the culprits. I just find it interesting how you and I see this thru completely different lenses.
  8. I think you are painting with a pretty broad brush here. The Kurds come to mind as an ethnic group that that is very pro US from what I understand. A more accurate statement would be there are a lot of political and religious leaders in the middle east are enemies to the US. I agree with this for the most part but believe that the US destabilized the area when Saddam was overthrown. This has result in wide-spread destruction and death throughout the area. Do we not have an obligation to try and reduce the violence we created? If your answer is no, what are the consequences to our foreign policy in the future? I agree by large with your position about taxes and getting out. However, we created this situation and we need to take steps to mitigate the violence. I think we are approaching this more intelligently now than in the past (limited troops and air support). The solution might start with walk backing from our commitment to the Saudis, where much of the seeds of radical islamism have originated.
  9. Curious, are you making an argument for Trump, or an argument for a 3rd party candidate?
  10. I use CBS as a starting point: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/2017/QB Then I use draft breakdown to watch film: http://draftbreakdown.com/
  11. Agree. It is painful to watch a game. Kickoff - commercial, Punt-commercial, TV time-commercial. And Thursday nite games are unwatchable.
  12. They are going to stay on east coast after the Jacksonville game: http://www.espn.com/blog/oakland-raiders/post/_/id/15942/have-the-raiders-solved-their-eastern-time-zone-woes The Raiders have another East Coast swing in October, but will spend the entire week in Florida after playing at the Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct. 23, and before facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Oct. 30.
  13. You are correct. So far there have been two long pass plays over the middle (I think one in the Saints game and one in the Falcons game) where I immediately thought Woodson would have intercepted that ball.
  14. Anybody else disappointed that Karl Joseph has not made more of an impact?
  15. Frankly, I do not see a lot of value in the 9er offense as long as CK is under center. The team becomes one dimensional with CK's inability to throw an accurate pass at almost any distance. (Even the long td to Smith was under thrown.) Case in point, Hyde had his worst game of the season with CK under center. The offense presented a more dimensional threat with Gabbert under center, which say more about CK's ability than anything else. Run the other way!