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  1. I want to get a few bucks down K Mack will score a TD vs the Raiders.
  2. Ya, even trauma to the rib cartilage hurts like hell. They will fit him with rib pads and shot him up. He will be good to go. 🙏🤞
  3. Edelman will be a very strong WR2 start ROS. He will occasionally finish inside the top 10 some weeks.
  4. Defense did not make Mahomes uncomfortable so he shredded the secondary. Offensively, while they are improve they still lack true offensive threats on the perimeter, allowing the defense to focus on taking Williams away.
  5. What is the point of preserving Cam if that style of play equals losing football? I think the staff is coaching Cam's instincts out of his game. Let Cam do Cam. If it leads to a shorter career so be it. This version of Cam is not winning football.
  6. Team A gives D. Freeman, S. Diggs, J. Washington Team B gives M. Sanders, J. Edelman, Fitz, 3rd RD pick
  7. Agree. While a small sample size he appeared to be the type of player that could make receivers fear going over the middle, and cover TEs!
  8. If you look back thru this thread you will see other seasons where Cam started slowly then broke out. I think the staff needs to let Cam do Cam, meaning encouraging him to run and get physical. If it means a shorter career, so what? The Cam they are getting now is not winning QB play.
  9. Naw, if the Raiders cut him the Chiefs immediately come to mind as a team that would sign AB. Charter issues are Ried’s bag. Can you imagine the Chiefs with AB? Wow!
  10. As the saying goes, it is a business. So no, no loyalty owed to teammates. His loyalty should be to living out his life as he chooses.
  11. That’s the Colts MO when they don’t have a Franchise QB. 😂
  12. I am on the other side. I like Woods, unconvinced about AJo and DamWil. Adams seems like one of the surest bets this year.
  13. I hope you are right but I have to wonder why Washington was playing well into the second quarter while the staff didn’t need to see Moncrief. Just wondering why.
  14. I hold Ekeler in one league and this is my concern. Jackson may ultimately be the RB to own