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  1. Here is some more fodder for the off season grist mill. On his podcast the GM Shuffle Mike Lombardi conjectured that Gruden could go after Tannehill and trade Carr. Lombardi thinks Gruden could see a lot of similarity between Gannon and Tannehill.
  2. Fans always dream of trading up to get a brand names in a draft. Arguably the team's biggest needs is a true #1 WR. This draft has strong talent at the position so there is no need to move up. Hell, very early mocks have Ruggs going around 19th. Someone with that type of speed would have a major impact on the complexion of the pass game. But, specific players aside, the point is there is strong depth at the position so no need to trade up. If anything, I would anticipate the team trades one of their 3rd round picks to acquire more picks in later rounds. The fans should applaud that sort of move if last year's results are any indication. Crosby, Renfro and Moreau were all selected after the 3rd round.
  3. When the Raiders acquired Brown the roster had 5 All-pro or former All-pro players on the offensive line. Shell, Upshaw, Otto, Mix, Brown.
  4. He has gotta make money somehow now that the NFL considers him a pariah.
  5. Speaking of Payton, he had a couple brain fart decisions at the end of the game today. With 2:14 left he didn’t take his last time out andallowed the clock to run down. Then on the penalty at the of the game he chose to run off 10 seconds instead of using the time out. That was at least two, maybe three plays he lost on that decision. I love Payton the play caller but this guy makes some of the poorest decisions at the end of games.
  6. Shanny is absolutely brutal with his end of game management. Besides what you mentioned he should have been calling time outs right after the completion to Locket that moved the ball to the 11. By not doing so he left the team no time if the Seahawks scored. He did something similar in the Falcon game. He does seem to learn from his mistakes and continues to mismanage the end of games. But as Carroll showed it was contagious. Unbelievable. A billion dollar industry and these clowns can’t make the right decisions to give their teams the best chance to win.
  7. Some omissions that jump to mind: DL: Otis Sistrunk, Lyle Alzado, John Matuszak LB: Monte Johnson
  8. So what you are saying is this is fake news. I have heard that somewhere before. 😀
  9. Is it? In sum for those who react with TLDR "The majority of Native Americans still aren’t offended by the name of the Washington Redskins." 🤷‍♂️
  10. So stupid. I am reminded of Mark Cuban's quote, "I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion." This is a step in making that prediction come to fruition.
  11. I want to get a few bucks down K Mack will score a TD vs the Raiders.
  12. Ya, even trauma to the rib cartilage hurts like hell. They will fit him with rib pads and shot him up. He will be good to go. 🙏🤞