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  1. I haven’t been watching. Is Dem. Thomas even playing?
  2. Looks like it wasn't just Peyton Manning that made Latimer a bad NFL player.
  3. Starting to think I should drop Lewis for guys who are actually playing instead of hanging on to a FF playoff lottery ticket that won't be worth anything.
  4. I was a fan of JT when he played for the Broncos, but I'm starting to think he's worthless.
  5. I have no idea if Meredith is any good or not. But for those asking "Are you that desperate?" keep in mind that a lot of us play in very competitive 12-team leagues where Meredith should definitely be in the conversation of Week 5 fantasy starters.
  6. Royal is active? Wow. I had taken him out of several lineups last night. I may leave it that way.
  7. I'm benching him. This has 1/12/0 written all over it.
  8. Thank you, Gary Kubiak, for not playing head games and announcing this on Saturday so fantasy owners can make QB plans. If this had been Belicheat...
  9. I can see the headline now: "Crowell, Parkey lead Browns to stunning upset over Pats"
  10. Hoping Trevor can recover in time for Sunday. He's earned it. Fantasy-wise, I don't really care which QB starts as long as I know which one it is before 1 p.m. Sunday ... and that may not happen.
  11. I can't wait to revisit this thread after Isaiah Crowell runs for 150/2 and Cody Parkey boots a late field goal to help Cleveland pull off the upset.