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  1. Team is looking into this one. It only occurred for me when I clicked on two low priced players. Forcing in higher salary players it doesn't seem to occur, but very weird as it is not occurring on FanDuel/DraftKings.
  2. @Binky The Doormat Yes, works exactly like IVC. Here is a video walking you through it.
  3. Hi Maik- You may want to try private or incognito mode to see if that resolves this and if it does, you may want to clear your cache on your phone. We had fixed a couple of bugs in our latest versions/updates. If not, send me an email and I can help look into this.
  4. Hey @Steeler Very strange/frustrating. Can you send me some details, how many lineups you're trying to run and what browser? Will send this to our development team ASAP.
  5. We are having a series over on Youtube that started today. Started with can the 49ers stop the Chiefs passing attack
  6. @Kub @dmac37@Steeler@cobalt_27 @dewmass @Binky The Doormat and anyone else who might not have commented. Here's what I'll tell you all. I completely hear you and understand. My ask is that you not overreact just yet. We have 30 weeks to get the single lineup optimizer looking and feeling as close to the IVC as possible. That's the goal. @Joe Bryant may not like what I'm going to say here, but if we don't have the single lineup optimizer perfect, I'm going to push hard for us to keep the IVC's. Also, to give some additional background on why we are doing this. There are some major benefits for the new optimizer over the IVC. Most notably that the updates are automatic where the IVC are a manual update. This means that any time David/Sigmund/Maurile want to update their projections, it is live as soon as they hit submit which in theory give you more up-to-date immediate projections. Today, David/Sigmund have to send to Maurile and he has to manually create the IVC which can lead to some time gaps between updates. The lineup optimizer also lets you go back and look at previously saved rosters.
  7. Agree with you here @Steeler. My goal is to have this look and feel like the IVC as much as possible to the point of people not really noticing. We aren't there yet, but something I'm focusing on in the off season. We have this view on the Multi-Lineup Builder, but not on the single builder. I'll work with Simon to see what is possible here.
  8. Hey everyone- I wanted to put a quick post here as your feedback is incredibly valuable. 1) With the new optimizer, it is an automatic projection update compared to a manual update meaning as soon as David, Sigmund, or Maurile update their projections the optimizer is updated. Today, with the IVC's while they're frequently updated, they do require Maurile to be around a computer to manually update. This allows for faster updates and more real-time projections. It also allows for you to enter in your own projections, and to customize a players projections which are not available within the IVC today. 2) Our intent is that no functionality is lost and the user experience is at least on par if not better than the IVC's. 3) The more feedback we can get the better this will be. We are taking all feedback and incorporating it into the product. If you have not tried out the single lineup builder it is supposed to replicate the IVC. 4) We will be posting more videos, having live streams, have customer support to help with this transition that I personally will create and oversee. Thanks Devin Knotts
  9. Hey @Panthers803 For this specific issue can you email me at Will need some additional information (what site, is it still occurring, etc).
  10. This is something that we are likely going to try to add for next year.
  11. Thanks Drew, can you let me know what you're adjusting and what site you're using so I can have the team look into the issue?
  12. Thanks, totally get where you're coming from, definitely was not intended to be a long-term fix. If I could code it, I would be on top of it.
  13. In it's current form, there is not a setting that will lock a percentage. There is a way to manipulate the system that I've used. I manually edit his projection (say 60 points) and then have the maximum that you have CMC at 30%. The optimizer will force that player into 30% of your lineups. It's not perfect, but this will get you the result you're looking for. I don't pretend to know how to build one of these tools, I'll take the feedback and share it with the developers.
  14. DraftKings released this slate really late this week and did not get picked up by our auto import. It should be in there now as I added it manually.