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  1. Thanks Drew, can you let me know what you're adjusting and what site you're using so I can have the team look into the issue?
  2. Thanks, totally get where you're coming from, definitely was not intended to be a long-term fix. If I could code it, I would be on top of it.
  3. In it's current form, there is not a setting that will lock a percentage. There is a way to manipulate the system that I've used. I manually edit his projection (say 60 points) and then have the maximum that you have CMC at 30%. The optimizer will force that player into 30% of your lineups. It's not perfect, but this will get you the result you're looking for. I don't pretend to know how to build one of these tools, I'll take the feedback and share it with the developers.
  4. DraftKings released this slate really late this week and did not get picked up by our auto import. It should be in there now as I added it manually.
  5. Not this year unfortunately, but something that is on our radar as a potential future enhancement as these continue to grow.
  6. The edit/upload button has been moved to the controls portion. We had to do this to comply with DraftKings community guidelines.
  7. Not this year as we still work through the optimizer and making enhancements. This is potentially on the list for future seasons.
  8. Hey @Titans_fan The unique column tries to predict based on % ownership how unique the lineup is going to be. For example, if a lineup is 1.06m, essentially it is saying that it should be a unique lineup in a contest that has 1.06m entries. Not always a guarantee as it's using math on assumed ownership projections, but essentially the higher the number the less likely there will be a duplicate lineup.
  9. Hey @Shermanator I try to keep my article Cracking FanDuel up to date. I'll fully admit that I haven't done a great job of that the first two weeks, as I've been trying to help people with the new lineup optimizer with support tickets. Going forward, I'll try to keep this up to date with a Sunday morning updates section.
  10. Hi FreeBaGel, sorry for the delayed response, FantasyDraft requires an additional manual step we have an article on the website under FantasyDraft with instructions. The reason for this is there is a unique personal upload key on their template. We are actively working with FantasyDraft to see if there is a way that we can eliminate this step.
  11. Thanks, our tech team was able to solve this bug as of yesterday, sorry for the delayed response back.
  12. Optimizer upload issues should be fixed, I was just able to upload 100 lineups to FD, DK, FantasyDraft
  13. Hi Steeler- There are two current ways to mass change percentages. You can upload projections and exposure percentages using the edit/upload. Or you can mass change all exposure using the pencil above the exp %. For example, you can set all players to 0% or 10% and then go back and manually change the ones that you wish to change. I'll add the option to just change percentages while keeping projections to our list of future enhancements.
  14. Hey @Joeybags24 we record every Thursday night and it is up on Youtube late Thursday (around midnight). We released Week 1 early.
  15. @SeniorVBDStudent I was able to isolate the issue (I believe). The issue is that Kyler Murray for some reason is not populating correctly, so he is causing the uploads to fail. I have our tech team looking into this and hopefully will be able to resolve.