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  1. It would turn into a 6 or 8 team league. No owner would want to start a team in a small market or non-weather friendly market as there is no reason to compete.
  2. As the resident Browns fan of the staff. I'm torn on this one. In Dorsey I trust as he knows Hunt a lot better than any of us, but I'm not sure putting Hunt back near his hometown where the on-camera incident happened is a good idea. Interested to see what the contract is, it could be a low-risk high-upside move with contingencies that one foot out of line and you're gone.
  3. Couple things for me. 1) React faster and don't ignore early season success. It's easy to ignore players such as Tyler Boyd and Phillip Lindsay and I did for the most part. Having a pre-conceived bias heading into the season that has you create a narrative on why that player will not be successful. 2) I spent up on Ertz almost everywhere this year and where I did it paid big time. Getting either Ertz or Kelce is such a big advantage and should be drafted much higher next season. 3) This is nothing new for me, but paying up for running backs continues to be the right strategy. While Zero RB can still work, you have to get lucky. The theory that you're the only one searching for running backs off the waiver wire is a flawed concept that might work in an extremely casual office league, but if you're playing with people that know what they are doing everyone is looking for running backs every week. 4) Don't overvalue top-end quarterbacks. I went out of the way to draft Aaron Rodgers in a number of leagues. I still think there is value in taking the elite quarterback, but at the right cost. For example, someone is going to likely take Mahomes far too early next year.
  4. This has been fixed David sends his apologies was an error on the upload getting cut off.
  5. We talk about guaranteed money, but it's not necessarily true. In the NFL, if you're a first or second round quarterback, you're essentially given a chance to play at some point and the team is committing to you. For every Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Kris Bryant who are top picks that make a ton of money there are these players who were top #1 or #2 picks overall. Even these players make about the same as the elite quarterbacks in the NFL ~$30M per year. If you expand outside of the top 2 the list is massive. The reality is that baseball is incredibly hard and if you don't succeed, you get your signing bonus of about $5M in Murray's case, but you're making pennies living in small towns for years with massive pressure. Murray is incredibly raw as a baseball player so it is far from a guarantee he makes the majors. Even if you make the majors, you're making less than $1M a year until arbitration which is 3 years of MLB service. Brady Aiken #1 2014 pick Tyler Kolek #2 2014 pick Mark Appel #1 2013 pick Danny Hultzen #2 2011 pick
  6. Kyler Murray is likely suspended for tomorrow's game or at least for part of it for violation of team rules. Should help Trey Sermon. Not sure I can trust either Austin Kendall or Murray.
  7. Ian Book starting for Notre Dame over Wimbush. Book essentially becomes a free play on Fanduel
  8. Grier Jefferson Dillon Sills Simmons Buckley Tate This is my cash lineup today for the FanDuel main slate. Essentially I hate all of the wide receivers on this slate, so punting with Simmons/Buckley.
  9. This main slate is really bad this week as all of the wide receivers are garbage. The night slate on FanDuel though is awesome.
  10. I prefer Sills, just because outside of the Youngstown State game he has such consistent upside. I generally believe they were up big and just sat him. We've seen this offense have enough passing potential to support two elite wr before. While Kansas State isn't the team I'd target both, I think Sills finds the end zone twice this week.
  11. On FanDuel you don't have to, on DraftKings he's certainly intriguing although I think I like Dion Lewis more
  12. Higdon reminds me of Melvin Gordon a few years ago (or was it Montee Ball). Announced the third drive of the game after Corey Clement was going off.
  13. The Emannuel Hall injury is costing me a lot this week. Had 3/62 in the first quarter.