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  1. I think that way about a few beers, including Sculpin. I think that the IPA competition and the increasing need to out-hop each other has ruined my taste buds for 'normal' IPA. I also find that lagers and Belgian Ale are often too sweet. Stupid hops.
  2. I’m smoking a couple racks of ribs. Anyone have a butter, honey, brown sugar ratio they can share? I want to try that in one of the racks. I’m also open to other ideas. Whatcha got?
  3. Two buddies and I are smoking about 120 pounds of butt today for a HS graduation party tomorrow. It may get ugly later, well I’m hoping it does.
  4. My wife reloads the dishwasher after someone puts in some dishes. If all the plates are put in facing right, I’ll put the next one in facing left. I’m easily amused.
  5. We cut the cable in December. Started with Hulu but that was a bad experience. I blamed our internet but it was Hulu. Bad interface, lots of lag and then triple speed video to catch up to “live”. Switched to YouTube TV. Massive improvement, no lag, no freezing. Highly recommend.
  6. Anytime the family is watching TV or a movie and a character yells “Stop!”, I say ‘Hammer Time’ or ‘collaborate and listen’. It works best when it’s quiet movie.