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  1. Saw on twitter acc rules say at least 10 days so he’s out for ND game too
  2. Hope Lawrence gets better soon but karma bites Dabo as one of his two main backups got hurt while he was running up the score on GT two weeks ago. Hope he has to play ND next week with only Uigaleilei and the punter as his two QBs
  3. "Poor kids are just as bright as white kids"
  4. Yep they talk about Trumps behavior but yet their own behavior is to bully and threaten anyone on the other side. Then they turn around and state how divisive things are and how can we all come together. They aren’t interested in anything but shoving their politics down America’s throat. No negotiation. No compromise. Their way or they online bully and threaten people like the Girl Scouts. I would actually support many of the things they claim as their agenda but their actions are so gross I can’t vote for any of them.
  5. Moved on from defending the Portland rioters?
  6. The Girl Scouts tweeted congratuations to ACB for the SCOTUS seat and got shamed into retracting that tweet. The libs are just disgusting.
  7. Perhaps you need to realize people interpret things differently from you. This wouldn't apply to the guy that emailed Joe and unsubscribed but those that read this forum might get turned off by their perception of Joe pushing his support on Biden onto his readers because FBG has essentially silenced Dodds from this forum while those employees that do participate and moderate are pretty heavy towards the left.
  8. Good point. We all look forward to you debating content and stop attacking posters over the sources they use moving forward in the interest of positive discourse.
  9. Quite a comparison you're making to link masks and rape but you do you. One is guidance to keep you safer in a pandemic and the other is a serious crime. I'll humor you. You seem to be a smart enough guy. Did you really need to wait to hear from Trump before you would wear a mask? Or did you use common sense and start wearing one on your own?
  10. Similar schtick to people didn't exercise common sense because Donald Trump didn't guide them and hold their hand 24/7?