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  1. You sure showed him with that zinger. Great job, Tim
  2. Ask a moderator. I don't make those decisions. I didn't take your post to task either until having to explain to sho the similarities between you doing that and whining about a laughing emoji. I really don't get triggered by the emoji responses. Carry on now.
  3. I doubt you need this explained to you but I'll bite anyway. We've been asked not to post with emojis only. So the goofy looking head nod or popcorn is the same as the laughing emoji. HTH
  4. Agreed but some that complain most about OMB are the ones constantly trying to play gotcha or zing someone for posts months or years ago. Weird dynamic
  5. This is pretty ironic. You’re claiming OMB is a zinger so does that apply to yours and your side as well?
  6. Warren murdered Bloomberg in the first hour regarding his non disclosure agreements with women in his company. Bloomberg still won the night overall. Buttigieg destroyed Klobuchar as did the moderator. Two really old white dudes argued over heart attacks.
  7. Yeah of all the phrases to manipulate someone is triggered enough to choose that one? That's sad and embarrassing, IMO. But then to change it into something that could very easily draw you a suspension shows whoever did it should not be moderating anything.
  8. Pretty pathetic when that might be the best option
  9. Tim tells us the black folks especially in SC won't vote for a gay guy.
  10. Several of us, including Las Vegas, tried to tell you this a month ago. You argued over and over and over and over and over.
  11. The winners tonight are Trump and another billionaire that got murdered in the first hour.