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  1. Mcmurphy was at espn. He’s not some one off reporter trying to make a name for himself.
  2. Can you give us a list of all the various colors we can describe people? How many different shades of white, brown, black, or any other color?
  3. Did Kaepernick do it? Or did the person that did it kneel while doing it? Or did they sing the anthem while doing it?
  4. No idea who his sources are but I'm pretty sure McMurphy isn't just making up anything because he has it out for Ohio State or Smith. There's plenty of evidence that Ohio State is trash though
  5. Limp Ditka and Junior both swing and miss, as usual.
  6. Yeah it’s the white guys blaming black people, women, and gays for their lives. The idea behind the article that the environment you’re raised affects your choices might have some legs but the overall article is pure trash.
  7. Can't decide if you posted this while driving a Prius or driving a massive gas guzzling SUV
  8. Ramblin Wreck

    USA Shootings

    No idea I haven't verified his story. I would think if it's true there are other sources out there way more credible than King. But if you want to go with King have at it.
  9. Ramblin Wreck

    USA Shootings

    I did not LOL at the story. I clearly said at Shaun King tweets. He has a history of basically lying in his tweets.
  10. Ramblin Wreck

    USA Shootings

    LOL at Shaun King tweets. People still take that guy seriously?
  11. Ramblin Wreck

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Oh? Which ones use their own money?
  12. Ramblin Wreck

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Like every policy by any politician
  13. Larry Williams‏ @LarryWilliamsTI Finding it hard to buy this notion that Bobby Petrino was successful until this year. Entering 2018 he was 1-11 against teams that finished ranked (and that record will be something like 1-15 after this season). Also: 17-9 with Lamar Jackson doesn't seem like an accomplishment.