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  1. So when you don't respond to questions asked of you, it's proof you aren't here for discussion in good faith? Good to know.
  2. It comes with ESPN+ if you care about any of those games, shows, or articles. You'll also get all the movies Disney+ offers.
  3. What does your whataboutism have to do with Hillary?
  4. Serious question in the interest of Joe's new plea to everyone. Why do you respond to it? Every. Single. Time. If you feel the way you do, why do you care so damn much? You can label it whatever you want just as anyone else can.
  5. at Lane Kiffin. Is this the same as commenting on officiating?
  6. Come on man. Be better than this. You're jumping on this guy because not on your tribe but you completely ignore this garbage, which is 100% false: "Let's add "communism" to the list of things conservatives don't understand."
  7. Good but certainly not great. I have no idea what has happened to their offense. I expected the D to be a little worse without all those DL but that side of the ball is playing great.
  8. Perhaps that's how you think. I didn't vote for Clinton because I believe she's dishonest and corrupt way beyond even normal politician standards. It had nothing to do with her being a woman. At all. You insinuating that it does and hiding behind "nobody knows what all of their motivations are" is bordering on a new level of crazy. Seriously, I"m done discussing it with you. Just stop labeling me and telling me what I believe (immediately after I tell you myself what I believe). If you need the last word go ahead and have it.
  9. I'm a conservative? That's news to me. Why don't you stop labeling people and telling them what they think and start listening? Yes, that might require you to back away from the keyboard occasionally. Hint: Was open to Bernie in 2016 though I don't believe he could have passed most of the stuff he wanted. Put Mayor Pete on the ticket in 2020 and I'll likely vote for him. Sound like a conservative?
  10. Fair enough. It's easy to ignore 1 or 2 guys. The whole thread usually gets ruined when it becomes 25 guys piling onto them to "win". And they never win anything because they never change anyone's mind it just makes the entire discussion difficult to read and follow. Anyway, I've said my opinion here and I doubt anything changes that Joe wants to change. We've gotten this plea from him several times.
  11. Why it's hard to be excellent in this forum. I got Schochet in the Clinton thread telling me that I don't know why I didn't support Clinton and sexism is a possibility because it's not conscious. That's why these threads become a cesspool. Guys like schochet will post 17000 times in every thread and try to tell other posters what their beliefs and reasons are. It's impossible to have a civil conversation that way.
  12. Wait. You're telling me I don't know why I refused to vote for Clinton? Bye, Tim.
  13. You believe this person had the proper government experience to be POTUS but lacked the knowledge to not have a personal email server? I know we've been through this dozens of times but do you believe she failed to attend numerous security briefings and the government said oh it's cool she doesn't need to know the rules?