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  1. Agreed. He's too good of a player to release. If he sucked he would get cut though
  2. Why do I have to justify anything to you? Do you actively donate, peacefully protest, etc... to every single issue that you're against?
  3. Maybe take a few minutes and self reflect then. I don't agree with kneeling for the anthem. I understand it's their right that's not what I'm saying. I also am 100% against racial inequality and police brutality. Sorry if you can't grasp that but that's a you problem.
  4. I try not to tell someone they are ignorant after I spend a decent portion of the evening twisting their words around into something they didn't even say
  5. As we've been saying for an hour, people have to think like you or they are wrong. Perhaps you'll see some issues with that kind of thinking and stop making it and either/or situation. Good luck
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but is he even trying to stop his teammates (or anyone else) from kneeling? All I saw was he said he disagrees with it. You're proving my point that you either agree with the liberal view or you're wrong. No wonder there's a communication issue in the world.
  7. Sure in the liberal world. It's their way or you're wrong, amirite?
  8. No he's against kneelling for the anthem. He's never said he's against peaceful protest.
  9. NO defensive end Marcus Davenport gets it.
  10. Seen on twitter "Saints gonna have Taysom Hill come in for kneel-downs"
  11. I don't know. I'm not getting into your word salad. No idea why you think he's against a peaceful protest that's a huge leap so good luck with that one.
  12. Brees thinks kneeling is disrespecting the flag. He disagrees with kneeling because of that. His opinion so he's not wrong.
  13. It's amazing how many people are putting their own meaning on Brees' words. It's not surprising it's happening in this thread but it's surprising normally intelligent people are trying to dictate to Brees how he should think instead of recognizing that reasonable people can disagree about the flag and it doesn't mean Brees is against the cause. But par for the course with the lefties you either see it exactly their way or they attack. Gee, I wonder why the country has such a listening problem.