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  1. I agree with most of your posts in this thread but you did just make it political unnecessarily, IMO. What I don't get is why anti-rape is the progressive side of a social issue. Are there political parties that are pro-rape?
  2. I have no idea what happened but agree it doesn't sound like a money grab. It kind of sounds like a drunk girl that regretted her decision to go into that room then a pissed off embarrassed girl that got kicked out of the room. Who knows though.
  3. Jabrill Peppers now has as many failed drug tests as interceptions.
  4. at the libs losing their minds yet again because a few of them called Right voters uneducated yet they don't even realize the base of voters they desperately need to be relevant again.
  5. Yeah all those inner city votes you guys need to win elections are all college grads. Party of hypocrites.
  6. Jaguars take Trubisky at 4 if he's there
  7. They are hypocritical. They need uneducated people to vote for their guys to win elections.
  8. Surprised to see Webb, Peterman and even Dobbs don't make the top 100 as potential top 50 NFL draft picks.
  9. Funny. I enjoyed most of the read and appreciate the effort but thought that line was ridiculous and incorrect.