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  1. Ramblin Wreck

    So Democracy is Fake in the UK?

    Good chance it's both
  2. Going to Syracuse the week after A&M early in the season won't be easy. And Clemson doesn't play a cupcake early either (hold the GT jokes, please!).
  3. Looks like several are starting to see Kaepernick for what he is. Unbelievable this guy thinks the Super Bowl is about him.
  4. That's what it's been for Georgia Tech games when Johnson was there with the option but no ACC team has a bye before us this year. Coincidence, eh?
  5. Apparently Lincoln Riley is stopping one of his QB from transferring to WVU as a graduate transfer at the same time he's recruiting Jalen Hurts to come to Oklahoma as a graduate transfer. Bad look, if true.
  6. You and sho go one week without mentioning posty, or anyone else. I'll follow your lead. By the way all of your stupid personal attacks apply to yourself because you do the same damn thing you're accusing me of. You're also a hypocrite with your hall monitor schtick but you know this already too. Carry on.
  7. Ramblin Wreck

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    Dealerships love those people. If a dealer ever asks you "What are you looking to pay a month?" the answer to that question should always be $0.
  8. Ramblin Wreck

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    I've seen people show empathy and point the finger at bad decisions. It's amazing to me how many people refuse to take responsibility for their choices.
  9. Does troll or boat mean "confused with facts"? Thanks in advance