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  1. Who is T-Shirt Ninja the alias for?
  2. Took 5 minutes for the normal response. Usually only about 3 minutes.
  3. Going to need to reasons for the miscarriage to play this game. But I suspect it would be like a car crash. Some are accidents without charges and some are due to negligence and carry charges. Another hypothetical. If a man beats a pregnant woman and causes a miscarriage is that just an assault situation? Or carry additional charges? Like you, being 100% genuine here and don't know the answer to my own question. I've always assumed it would be additional charges.
  4. Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. retired.
  5. Well I believe it's trolling if you're going to agree with the tweet about Trump but disagree about Clinton using the standard of "has not been charged". I'm not sure why you keep deflecting. Fine, I follow him around closely. You apparently follow me around closely. We should have a group hug. Have a nice evening, scooter in brackets.
  6. All I did was point out Hillary's hypocrisy in her tweet. I didn't start all the mental gymnastics about being charged or not and why that applies to one person and not the other. I stand by my post that Clinton is a hypocrite. Not sure what accountability you're looking for but no need to start attacking me with false claims.
  7. Might wanna rethink your Clinton stance where you decided being charged was the standard.
  8. So no answer to my question?
  9. Squistion himself wrote "None, which was why she was never charged with anything.". Unless I'm missing something he says you have to be charged with something to be involved with another country. If that's true, what was the point of the tweet with the weird head nodding emoji agreeing with it?
  10. You agree unless a politician is charged with a crime that no other country is in their pocket?
  11. If that's the standard we're going with then keep us posted when Trump gets charged. In the meantime, guess the posting of that tweet was just to troll.
  12. Quite laughable from Miss Saudi Arabia
  13. Applies to 95% of the board