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  1. This is a troll post. It's not that hard to distinguish.
  2. Have we retracted the blame that any trump voter was responsible for the KC bar murders?
  3. Henry/Tim - Do you guys leave the thread long enough to sleep? Eat?
  4. Never change, Ripleys
  5. Three straight years signing a 5 star point guard not good enough?
  6. Greenland. And Jeter and A-Rod should have gone with him.
  7. He should have been deported. For being a damn Yankee
  8. My belief is we should allow them to apply for citizenship but I'm against illegals not paying taxes or what not. But I didn't make up the term illegal immigrant either so all this anger from whoever is misguided once again.
  9. Didn't make any sense as a response to my post either. Much like yours.