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  1. Nothing like celebrating the boycott of a store that did the right thing according to those who are boycotting. People are stupid.
  2. He and Matthias are battling to see who can be a bigger bad hombre in this thread
  3. at Brent Musberger. WTF is he talking about? https://twitter.com/brentmusburger/status/986849104788467712
  4. The previous employee was severely dealt with. The impress upon the public is the dog and pony show
  5. You follow someone named Camel Toe?
  6. Don't disagree with any of that. Doesn't mean she committed a racist act either because her first (that we know) 911 call happened to be two black guys. Overreaction? Sure. Stupid? Sure. I look forward to seeing you help her get her job back.
  7. How many customers have been in the store while she was manager? How many were white? How many were black? How many times did she call the police on a customer? How many of those were white? How many of those were black? To our knowledge the answers to those questions are Many, Many, Many, 1, 0, and 1. Still not enough evidence to be making all these false equivalent accusations against the manager. If she's racist, why did she choose these two guys that night? Why not any of the other black customers?
  8. Assuming the new information is true why did the manager call the cops after 2 minutes? How many black customers have been in her store? Has she ever called the cops on another black customer? Still haven't seen evidence of it being about race. I'm totally open to terrible jerk manager though.
  9. You mean like everyone else on this board? But but but egg on your face
  10. Typical Tim troll post. You are knowing thumping your chest as if you won something based on one side of the story. And I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread questioning the events were doing so because there is a lack of information.
  11. If he was black and someone called the cops on him I'm pretty sure Squistion would have started the thread first
  12. Pitching Ryan Madson in 125 games seems like a poor idea.
  13. Imagine if any of these women were black and they tried to hold the baby shower at a Starbucks