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  1. Did I say my actions weren't immature? How about chilling out and stop putting words in my mouth? Why are you singling me out instead of everyone including all those guys you side with politically? And shut up with the be a man not a boy comments. You sound like some immature fake iToughGuy yourself. Don't be a hypocrite if you're going to come lecture me.
  2. Yeah is 13-ish but Ramblin Dreck and all the other names that Massraider, Homer, Slapdash come up with are mature adult conversation. Good logic, man.
  3. Funny thing is you're more worried about what I'm posting then anything you think I'm worried about. How about when I post? You keep scrolling and ignore me? Are you capable? Other funny thing is those that beg for people to engage in political discussions are the ones that throw out the insults and troll posters that disagree with them. That's why you guys get so often. You're getting the responses your posts deserve. You want real discussion then start it yourself.
  4. No I'm not. He trolls you? Big deal dedfin is an alias that trolls me and others. You don't whine about him? My point is we can either stick to the topic or whine about aliases but don't be selective about which ones you want to whine about.
  5. Not my fault everytime I post in this thread the same half dozen posters start attacking. I'm only responding just as you do over and over. If they want to attack me in another thread I'll respond there. Ignore sounds good. Maybe this well organized thread can back on subject now.
  6. Bruce wants you to take your personal issues with me to a different thread
  7. Oooh another personal attack zinger. Good job
  8. You can post wherever you want man. Funny how you're worried about where everyone else posts though
  9. Ironically, another alias whining about me. I don't think Koya and friends are going to like you trolling me if they are consistent
  10. Again, Koya was playing board cop. I just asked if he was going to be consistent. You should read the whole thing before constantly trying to be the board babysitter. Also, at you of all people whining about airing out grievances. You argue with people in almost every thread whenever someone disagrees with you all the way back to the Ferris days.
  11. Officer Simpson and Deputy Desert Power are unhinged today. Good times