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  1. I do. I don't think the election was about tax returns or finances. He pretty much admitted in a debate he took advantage of tax loopholes when he was telling Hillary she helped create those loopholes.
  2. Covfefe
  3. Straw man
  4. Whataboutism
  5. What is on your twitter bingo card today?
  6. Great addition to the dialouge, sho
  7. Are you really so thin-skinned that LMAO is okay but is not?
  8. Just because it gets under your skin doesn't make it trolling. You don't get to define my intentions. I find it funny you have selective outrage over it too. Never see you whine when it's used by someone you typically agree with.
  9. Crazy town. You can ignore me. The smilie isn't trolling. It's laughing. There's a difference. Maybe @Dickies can explain the difference?
  10. No, you're being your typical passive aggressive self. You can't win because you want to falsely accuse people of intending to say something they never said and you're getting called out on it. Either name the people you think are intending to use sissy as a homophobic slur or shut up and stop accusing them of it.
  11. It's not disingenuous for anyone to think what they think in this conversation. Name the names if you want to be passive aggressive and selectively call out some.