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  1. Then why all the spin with their "reporting"?
  2. From Booger McFarland Booger‏ @ESPNBooger 8m8 minutes ago Oh how I wish mike Carey were explaining this right now - about the only thing that could make this better
  3. I thought the Florida rule was "If you can't see through the water assume there is a gator in there"
  4. I'm not sure it bothers anyone as much as it drags down a conversation. Someone naturally will respond to that with equal nonsense and it goes downhill from there. Ironic thing is the handful of people that use those terms are the ones screaming for people on the other side to be banned. It's weird.
  5. I'd like to think I'm jumping in to help the guy but I'd be freaking out the whole time thinking a gator is waiting in there in Florida.
  6. I'm laughing at the impatience of you trolling quez. Not you the person. Just stop.
  7. Sir that's not ridiculing. It's laughing at your impatience and calling someone else out.
  8. Always get a kick out of someone telling you what they want you to say.
  9. You gave him an hour before calling him out?
  10. I'm not sure what you're talking about in relation to my post
  11. Not disagreeing but younger people don't vote and many change their outlook as they get older. Not necessarily social outlook but financial outlook. If the Republicans would come around on a handful of social issues I think they could start dominating elections similar to how I think the Democrats could if they cut down on some of the nonsense racist/sexist attacks.
  12. I was talking about the voters and there are plenty on both sides. I would say most voters that vote the party line have very little interest in even listening to the other side. They are only interested in "winning".
  13. You said this last year before the election too. What makes you so sure about this? I agree with the you that some things need to change. It would be nice if the extremes on both sides would listen to the other side a little bit more instead of pushing their beliefs onto everyone.