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  1. The thread was started today. Therefore, a new thread. This isn't that difficult to understand.
  2. Biden is going to win the nomination. Watch.
  3. Why on Earth would you remove Fedde after 6 last night when he had only allowed 5 hits, was getting a ton of ground balls, and his pitch count was 66? And he was going to do the Suero, Rodney, Doolittle thing to close it out right before the most important series of the season where they must take 3 out of 4 and a sweep would be very nice. The only positive thing is that the bullpen meltdown last night at least kept Rodney and Doolittle fresh going into the ATL series (and Rainey too). Guerra is probably unavailable at least today and he won't use McGowin except in an emergency. We need at least 7 from the starters this weekend.
  4. It is quite funny that the party of diversity is going all in on an old white man.
  5. Another falsehood. He wasn't complaining about other posters. He asked you a legitimate question. Which you failed to answer yet again. This is why everyone ignores your questions.
  6. Oh I'm sure you'll pop in and whine about posters in this thread, make up falsehood bigotry claims, scream racist a few times, and oddly use sho to troll this thread.
  7. This is also a falsehood. That's not what's happening.
  8. You shouldn't twist the sentence into some reverse scenario so you can scream bigot for the 8000th time this month.
  9. If I told a black guy I knew was from Africa to go back to Africa is that just rude or is it racist?