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  1. John Conyers, you're up next
  2. You do realize they keep firing people and cancelling shows because they are losing tons of money, right? Personally, I think one of their problems is the market they target (younger people) don't watch TV as much as guys like us posters here. I do think the political nonsense has turned people off. He's right in that people that love live sports aren't cancelling ESPN but he comes off as bragging about them having a contract and ignoring the fact that people have stopped listening to nonsense like Bomani Jones and that's why he just got cancelled.
  3. I like SVP but he's throwing a fit to try to defend his job/company and not really seeing reality.
  4. Political parties are the suck. Both of them.
  5. For a guy that is always offended by something someone is doing you sure don't mind attacking other groups of people. Good work, as always
  6. This is quite ironic given the point of over 100 pages that this thread is supposedly about.
  7. That was graphic. You sound like you have experience with that
  8. A dumb attention seeker commenting on other dumb attention seekers
  9. Whatever side of healthcare you're on, you will know legislation actually cares about the people when Congress has the same healthcare as everyone else.
  10. This is funny right here
  11. Today it's about Nate Peterman. Nothing about Tom Savage though. Good times.
  12. Proof? Or are you throwing out more false allegations about posters like you did about the report button when @Clayton Gray told you to knock it off earlier this year?
  13. It wasn’t that hard to read
  14. The guy made it to the Orange Bowl in year two. I'm not even sure what point you guys are trying to make. He has that program in a much better place than it was under Hoke. He hasn't been bad by any means but no he hasn't won a national championship either.