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  1. Pitt is 1-22 against Virginia at halftime. 30-7.
  2. Miller has confirmed the obvious. He's not coaching tonight.
  3. coming from you too. This was you being mature and nice looking for honest discourse? By the way, this was all yesterday alone. "I read that as Opie Dopie." ".....please show your proof.....otherwise shut up." "Being critical thinkers is not some folks strong point, nor is it DJT's. He and his supporters would rather be told what to think/say. Besides, none of that fits the narrative DJT and his supporters want to push."
  4. That's rich coming from you
  5. Agreed. Kaep has done way more things than Trump that need apologies.
  6. He's too busy researching Jonathan Martin's political affiliation so he can decide whether to use that wacko to troll this forum
  7. If someone you didn't like made that tweet you would have called them racist and told us how many African Americans were affected in Houston and dismissed the apology. Must be embarrassing that your social hero is pretty much a hypocritical fraud. Enjoy your weekend.
  8. Nipsey in Raleigh today? https://scout.com/college/north-carolina/Bolt/UNCs-2017-National-Title-Sign-Disappears-From-I-40-115477605
  9. Making fun of flood victims is cool because he received an award. Thread never disappoints
  10. Some woman in my neighborhood posted on the neighborhood facebook page that anyone that owned a gun did so because they have a small penis. Some guy replied and offered to show her both gun and penis if she needed proof she was an idiot. She shut up quickly for once.
  11. Can't help yourself
  12. GT has to vacate an ACC championship because Demaryius Thomas took a watch and tee shirt from a former teammate. And teammate was tied to an agent. Thomas even gave both things back.
  13. Good luck with your solution
  14. Don't need to alienate people with this one. As with most topics if the two sides would come together and talk and put the ### #### identity politics aside we could all solve a lot more problems. The only people that are arguing gun regulations are the extremes and they are a small minority. You want a gun solution? Get money out of politics (and yes this affects more than just guns because the NRA isn't the only organization driving policy with their checks). Don't tell me voting democrat will take care of that after running Hillary freaking Clinton. Put up a good candidate in 2020 that isn't another paid off joker in Washington and I'll back them.
  15. Oooh the iToughGuy tries to insult me again. And then just told some other guy to get smarter. Your entire persona on two different forums to insult those that disagree with you. Plenty of people would engage in conversation around here if the conversation wasn't always insults and snarky replies every single day in every single topic. So carry on insulting me while I laugh at you guys passive aggressive nonsense.