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  1. Dan Bickleyā€¸Verified account @danbickley 12h12 hours ago Baker Mayfield taking a knee ... this is going to get nuts
  2. There were rumors in my high school that one guy was accused of sexual harassment (assault?) for grabbing a girls boobs with her shirt on. I honestly can't remember if the word rape or attempted rape or anything like that was mentioned. There was a little talk of it back then like we couldn't believe he would do that but mostly everyone was scared to talk about it because we were told not to talk about it. I have zero doubt if social media existed back then it would have been a whole lot different with the rumors and gossip. I doubt whatever incident happened with Kavanaugh and this woman had the gossip then that would exist today.
  3. Haha had to tie your post into the subject of the thread before you got chastised too.
  4. Was Miller kneeling too?
  5. You were trolling last night that unverified rumors have not been discussed in this thread. Then you got called on it. Doubled down. And this morning you are posting the same unverified rumors that the entire thread is about. Classic trolling because you couldn't control the narrative of what others were posting last night.
  6. So you lied and were trolling everyone last night when you posted this nonsense https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/755362-colin-kaepernick-thread-and-related-kneeling-issuesnews/?do=findComment&comment=21362677
  7. Which makes the claim of collusion unverified. LOL at the crap you will argue.
  8. Looks like the OP is pulling shenanigans again after embarrassing himself last night. Perhaps he shouldn't have the ability to change thread titles after getting in another senseless argument that he loses.
  9. He won the case? Then it's an unverified rumor in case you missed it.
  10. Again, unverified rumor. Please link me where the league has made an example of them and decided Reid and Kaepernick are not allowed to play.
  11. That's the whole point. It might be true or it might not be true. It's an unverified rumor, which Squis is now claiming have not been discussed in this thread to date. Which is the biggest lie ever told on this board.
  12. How long is the training? I think there are free trial versions but not sure how long that lasts. Buying a license is a couple hundred last time I checked a couple years ago.
  13. For about the 1,000th time, why does Kenny Stills have a job? Malcolm Jenkins? Albert Wilson? Also, if Torrey Smith (or you) believe in second chances why in the world would it even be brought up?
  14. How can Kavanaugh go first? Don't they need to question her first to get the full story to ask him questions about?