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  1. What an awful last possession for WVU. But good no one wants to watch this garbage another game.
  2. If you can't figure it out by now, then keep the call as is. Damn
  3. They can't play. WVU hacks them every possession but touch fouls get called on them.
  4. How was the "block" on the dunk not a foul? Their bodies collided on the shot attempt.
  5. 40 fouls in this game in less than 30 minutes. Terrible basketball. Terrible officiating. Now 41 fouls. And they've missed 15 more.
  6. WVU gets away with everything and then get touch fouls called on them.
  7. Since you were playing grammar cop above, maybe you want to clean up your own mess?
  8. Hey you came in here flying off your mouth, as usual, and I called you on your stupid comment. It is what it is.
  9. You don't even know the definition of board cop yet you're entire existence here is to troll every thread. I love that pisses you off so badly that you've followed me around the forums for three months now. I would love to say your shtick is interesting but the truth is It shows how weak-minded you really are.
  10. So basically yes we can assume that. Or that's your way of apologizing for projecting others opinions onto me?
  11. Squis is outing posters real names here? After the tantrum he threw when he outed his own twitter account?
  12. So everytime you don't reply to Squis, we are to assume you agree with his comments?
  13. You've had a hard on for me for about three months now. And you're everything you accuse others of being so chill on the preaching.