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  1. The Michigan/MSU example is still awful decisions by the committee. It's not like playing in Wash DC is a huge advantage for the "closer region". They don't need to do conference matchups in the Sweet 16 either. They could have put FSU on the 3-line and put VT in the Gonzaga bracket to avoid that. Also, Michigan St might have to play Minnesota in the second round. That's just dumb. Overall, not much to whine about with the seeding but doesn't mean it was perfect either.
  2. Nothing major but it feels like they ignored Sunday's games. Auburn should probably be a 4 instead of a 5, Cincinnati a 6 instead of a 7, and Michigan State and Michigan should swap places on the bracket. Washington, Arizona St, and Oregon should be 16's.
  3. Michigan gets the fourth #1 and MSU gets the #1 overall seed. They could have literally switched the two a minute before the show started.
  4. Why is Duke and Va. Tech going to play in S16 if seeds win out? There aren't going to be 9 ACC teams so that shouldn't happen. And Michigan State and Minnesota could play in the 2nd round? That's dumb. Good for Belmont.
  5. He averaged 300 yards a start last year and is a good veteran presence on a rebuilding roster. Good signing
  6. Can I get a summary of why I'm in this conversation so I don't have to read this train wreck?
  7. I think Clemson/NC State tomorrow might be a winner gets in loser is out game. Going to be interesting to see Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, and Indiana against Belmont, Greensboro, Lipscomb and St Mary's.
  8. I don't understand how many bracketologist not only have Texas in the thing but safely in. They are 16-15 with losses to Radford, Providence, Oklahoma State, and Georgia (who is god awful). They do have a win over UNC before Thanksgiving but still 16-15.
  9. When dirt comes up on the next President, how many people are going to "But Trump" well?
  10. Dumb foul by Ethan Happ. The shoulder launch at mid court gonna get called every time. They didn't even need a screen there
  11. Oh I didn’t mean your were baiting. Meant some of the over the top dramatics that always get posted because people think there’s a one size fits all for every child.
  12. I guess but other than saying I don’t think the government should mandate what goes into a child I’m not taking the bait. Emotional or not people cannot handle themselves whatsoever in that discussion. They’ve already decided their way is 100% correct and anyone that disagrees is an idiot at best.
  13. Post something that questions vaccines or is against the government mandating drugging babies with vaccines and see what you get called.
  14. Bolden has sprained MCL according to Coach K. So that's out for next weekend and at least the first weekend of the NCAAs and then it's who knows, right?
  15. If he didn't play tonight, why would he play 3 straight days next weekend? I have the feeling they are trying to protect their seeding and he's not going to play.
  16. Yeah, I think Gonzaga and Virginia have 1's wrapped up. Maybe not Gonzaga if they lose in the WCC tournament but I don't see that happening. Carolina controls the third one by getting to the ACC finals. I could see Michigan getting last one if they win tonight and win the B1G tournament, or Kentucky or Tennessee if they win the SEC Tournament. What if Purdue/Michigan St and LSU win those tournaments? Is Duke the 4th #1?