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  1. Wait, he had more than 48 hours to show up for this interview. Usually in season if a guy gets hurt on Sunday then teams have the guys in there working out by Tuesday to sign someone for that week. How much time does Kaepernick need to be ready for this interview? Is he not able to prepare quickly so he's not able to help anyone immediately? That would make sense why he's not getting signed. I'm still confused. You are claiming he made a joke of the interview because he thinks the NFL did the same. But you also keep claiming he's interested in football and wanting to play. How can both of those be true? If he really wanted to play, he'd take his opportunity more seriously and tone down the slave nonsense, for example.
  2. If he didn't believe it was legitimate then why did he go in the first place? If he thought it was legitimate then why all the mental gymnastics about the location? And why the slave t-shirt? Are you trying to say he's not intelligent enough to know the impact of that shirt or that he didn't take the job interview very seriously?
  3. I did say the snark continues and is getting closer to the normal each day (the whistleblower thread yesterday contained plenty) but I've also said overall it's definitely better.
  4. Don't disagree at all but take someone like that tackle from Iowa that is projected to go top 5-10. Why would he be playing at all in November? These games are meaningless too not just the non-playoff bowl games.
  5. To answer the question in the thread title, it's changed at first but slowly getting back to the old with more and more of the snark. People always behave when Joe is active and participating.
  6. Their punishment should be make Correa, Springer, and Bregman all free agents and not allow them to resign with Houston.
  7. I'll be stunned if CK even shows up on Saturday. Just feels like he's looking more for an excuse than an opportunity. If he really wanted to play, he would quickly say my bad for any distractions I've caused, social injustice is important to me and I appreciate the NFL working with me on this cause, and the kneeling for the anthem is behind me. And go play football somewhere (Canada, XFL, Arena or wherever to show people he can play).
  8. If Virginia ends their 15 year losing streak against Va Tech this year, their reward is Clemson in the ACCCG, likely Georgia/Alabama/LSU in the Orange Bowl, and they open with Georgia next year.
  9. It's right here in this thread today. But LOL at providing "proof". I mean come on just get rid of the rule if it's not going to be enforced.
  10. Is this one being enforced or just window dressing?
  11. You've labeled me as one thing or another dozens of times over the years. I'm sure it happens to other posters. Just own it and move on.
  12. That guy was running NC State's offense under Ryan Finley. The guy that built most of Appy's current team is at Louisville now
  13. To answer your original question I think people visit here because they are interested in discussing politics and learning about issues and others thoughts on issues. Sure, some are seemingly here just to argue and not here the other side of a discussion but you nor I can control that either. I wish Joe and Maurile luck on achieving what they want here. I've tried to be more of a lurker in the last week to see how the changes are going to play out and only popped into a discussion here and there. For a few days I was reading better discussions but there's a handful of guys (and some on both sides) that are mostly snark and here to get in an insult or zinger. From my view, the discussions are back to where they were a few weeks ago again. I don't think anyone here is trying to get the board shut down. I think there are several here that lack self-awareness to realize they are part of the issue and they assume it's the guy on the other side. Maybe I'm wrong about that but I'm more than happy if you or Tim want to PM me who (and how) you think is trying to shut this place down.
  14. Good question. I guess one could ask you why you visit after accusing Joe of letting people subjugate the truth on his boards too. It’s probably best we all stop asking why others are visiting these forums though.
  15. Same snarky stuff that kills any chance of real discussion. I mean one guy came out and said he was going to do it and keep doing it.
  16. I'll take some proof of this, please. As Joe and others have stated a million times, each of us are responsible for what we type and say. Laying blame at someone else is the problem. Be accountable for your own actions. There was only one person in there basically stating he doesn't care about the rules and he's going to call out behavior he doesn't like however he wants. Those attacks whether justified or not is what I think Joe is trying to stop.
  17. It was a good few days but the same guys are back to the same nonsense in multiple threads. It's not going to change. I applaud the effort though
  18. Just saw on twitter that Michael Divinity has left the LSU program. Crazy the week of the Alabama game. Is this one of the Christian McCaffrey cases where he's saving himself for the NFL payday just doing it a month earlier or is there more to the story?