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  1. Seeing on twitter that former Texas RB Cedric Benson was killed in a motorcycle accident this morning
  2. ESPN is in charge of the programming. They will make sure the carriage gets done by all the major players. They have Hulu and Youtube just need Sling from a streaming standpoint.
  3. Most deals with providers are done in the days and weeks leading up to the launch. Was the same for SEC and Big Ten Networks and most other big money negotiations that occur in every day business
  4. No it's immature and stupid. Are you proud that you and Trump have something in common?
  5. Go ahead and try. I can't determine who will or won't engage you. But I'm pretty certain people aren't going to engage when sho starts his ridiculous schtick of asking questions. People have asked him questions in several different threads and it goes unanswered so he can't claim he's interested in discussion. And I don't see anyone volunteering to be quizzed by sho when it's never reciprocated. But he doesn't have the self awareness to back away so others like yourself can engage. It is what it is.
  6. For what? Blutarsky wasn't breaking rules from what I saw.
  7. Funny thing is you expect anyone here to take your questions seriously. Not gonna happen based on your history.
  8. I'll agree to disagree. I've seen the main Trump supporters attempt real discussions several times but the same usual suspects instantly troll this thread. We all know who they are.
  9. In fairness they tried but the trolls took over the thread so what's the point for them?
  10. That makes sense for you since you have a pass and it doesn't cost you extra. That's probably the case for a decent amount of Miami/Florida fans too. I've been to gameday once and it was a cool experience to see in person. I even made my way up to the front row but we weren't THAT close to the stage anyway. The little side prop field where Rinaldi and gang do a couple of features was cool. It was more interactive during the commercials. When they were live on air most people were just watching on the big screens they have setup. I'm a little surprised they aren't using the castle for the set for the space.
  11. Going to Disney is a cool idea but who is paying admission to Disney to hang out at the Gameday set?
  12. So nothing in the actual comments except but trump?
  13. Clay Travis It’s interesting how everything borderline that Trump Tweets is immediately castigated, but Warren is able to Tweet a 100% complete lie here — one she should be sued for, honestly, & that is clearly intended to provoke racial division — and most in media completely ignore it.
  14. I just want to state for the record that I have nothing against the Clintons and have no information about them. I'm just saying.
  15. So is Trump with a lot of things he says he shouldn't say. What's your point?
  16. Cheering people dying isn't allowed on the board either or has never been tolerated anyway
  17. That’s funny. Posters have stated a fact they supported Gary Johnson and you twist those facts around.
  18. So no one is doing what you said. Got it
  19. I asked you a direct question. You ignored it. Stop trying to play gotcha where it doesn’t exist.
  20. Wait until you get to the second paragraph
  21. I have no idea what's happening here
  22. Who doesn't want justice for all?