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  1. The fact Prince Albert and padlocks have not yet been mentioned is a testament to how truly #&$*รท# up this show really is.
  2. This is a hoax that has been going around. Got it last week from a "friend who is a doctor"
  3. I upped my votes. Since last week my daughter's final exams (UC Davis) were cancelled (no in-person exams) and we just cancelled her spring break flight to NYC to visit friends who are attending school there. She will be driving home for spring break. Have not really changed any of our day-to-day living though. We are Orange County. Have seen nothing regarding Disneyland making any policy changes.
  4. Grew up in Cupertino, CA. There were still orchards and vacant lots back then. It was the Valley of Hearts Delight prior to Silicon Valley. Supposedly the valley has/had some of the most fertile soil in the world. In 6th grade I got to go to Atari and try out new video games and give some feedback. In high school, during the summer there was a small gym that let us workout for $10 a month. The gym shared a building with a small company that was still fairly new -- Apple. Went to college at Santa Clara University and then went to work at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto. Moved to the HP campus in Cupertino for a while -- this campus was torn down to make way for the new giant Apple HQ. In 1994 I was newly married and my wife and I were buying a house. At the same time my parents were retired and selling the home they purchased new in 1965 (paid $28,500). My brother suggested they sell it to my wife and I, but we could not afford the $320,000 price tag so they did not. That house is now a bit over $2.5M. Bay Area was too crowded so we moved in 2001 up to Granite Bay, suburb just past Sacramento. In 2010 we moved down to Huntington Beach and are still here. So, currently about 340 miles from where I grew up.
  5. Mine too. I wait until the third one to say "bless you". I'd say 90% of the time there are 3.
  6. TB v Jville looks like the forecast has improved quite a bit
  7. I remember his as a kicker, but did not know he invented the nerf football. The nerf football was huge part of my childhood -- thank you Fred and RIP!
  8. I believe he played the 3rd quarter, but not the 4th.
  9. The Bridge School benefit concerts were put on annually and held at Shoreline Amphitheater. I think Neil Young organized them and he always got his big named friends to play.
  10. In 2017 Allen was healthy and did nothing weeks 5-10 and then went wild the remainder of the season. Weeks 1-4 he was good, 5-10 nothing, and 11-16 he was great. Currently Rivers is leading the league in passing yardage. I think now would be a great time to try and get Allen based on his potential. It may not pan out, but the risk/reward seems very worthwhile.
  11. I was in section 53, upper deck at Candlestick waiting for the game to start. At first I thought the person behind me was kicking my seat. I turned around and looked up and the top edge of the stadium was moving like a wave and my initial thought was we would see how well the stadium was built. After it was over we went to the concourse and were just hanging out with everyone else. We heard the Bay Bridge collapsed and decided it was bad and that there was no way they would play the game so we bolted right then. Got out to the far dirt parking lot, took the back roads to 280 and headed south to my house in Cupertino. There were a few buckles in the freeway, like speed bumps. We got home fairly quickly. Those who did not leave the game right away were stuck for hours trying to get out.
  12. As a first timer, am I to understand this is not like golf, so my 10 under is not good? Used O: TB Used D : Philly Week 2 Offense: KC Defense: Houston