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  1. I thought this was an interesting take in that I was the same boat -- had the right teams stacked, but ended up missing on the "big" scorer. Seemed like I would hit on 7/9 players and barely cash or just miss. Rather than thinking I was getting close though, I was thinking this is a losing game -- seemed like you had to be lucky and perfect to win. I will adopt your thinking and keep at it -- of course a big spending day is one $1 GPP and 6 .25 entries. Good luck to all.
  2. Call until you speak with someone. Emails are easy to ignore.
  3. On FD, also had 165+ using Fried/Atl/Tex for $1 in and $3 out. Unfortunately had neither Gallo nor Guzman. Had Soo, but FD makes you pick from at least 3 teams so took out Soo for 0 from Puig. Puig and Odor are my first members of the do not roster squad for 2019. Doing 8 .25 on FD since it is Friday night -- hope I can stay interested for 8 lineups. Good luck tonight. None of the pitchers were too exciting so just took a stab at a bunch of the cheaper ones -- even have a Sonny Gray (ugh). Have Atl and Tex again in a few lineups then went off on some flyers using the best hitters I could and only being able to afford Sonny.
  4. I too had plenty of Sea/Verlander and also a few Turner/Adams so nothing yesterday. There were no .25 GPP today so just one $1 entry. Cole with Dodgers and Correa + cheapies Duggar, Panik, Kang.
  5. Not the night for Tex/Hou hitters
  6. Using Urias against my sad sack Giants. Hou/Tex for hitters with Justin Turner and Mallex filling it out. Just did one Saturday, $1 in and $2.50 out even with Pena as P only getting 6 (totalled 169). So far I am liking the Tex hitters.
  7. 4-6th grade, '76-78, Northern California. Bonus, freshman year of HS, western swing due to "Urban Cowboy". Eddie Rabbit "Love a Rainy Night"
  8. Good luck everyone. Just two lineups in FD -- Scherzer and Verlander. Just went with cheap hitters near top of the orders and not going against the stud pitchers. Would like to have put Harper in because it looks like he kills Teheran, but cannot afford it. Fearless prediction 1-- Carpenter leads off season with HR #2 -- Puig homers
  9. Glad to hear the good report from surgery. Maybe suggest to your friend that it is a very nice gesture, but not ready for it quite yet. After radiation and some chemo your wife is going to be exhausted and maybe a bit more "used to the cancer thing", and might appreciate the house keeper. From my wife's experience, the first few months of breast cancer are an overwhelming whirl wind, especially the surgery side of things and the telling/not telling people issue. Post-chemo we had someone bring us food and it was very much appreciated. My wife was a bit hesitant, but I asked her what she would do if her friend was the one with cancer -- she realized she would offer help. Best of luck, sounds like you are well on your way to putting cancer in the rear view mirror.
  10. Phil Mickelson only used the agency to help his daughter figure out which college would be a good fit. He is shocked about all this. Hmmm.
  11. If your friend just wants an appraisal for his own personal knowledge, he can pay for as many as he likes. Is your friend just selling to sell? Or, is it a probate/divorce/forced sale? Why doesn't your friend have the broker list it in the MLS? Is there something unusual about the property? I don't have all the details, but this transaction seems a bit off. BTW, my broker is an appraiser and private appraisals start at $350 and go up from there for more complexity. Your estimates seem very high.
  12. If your broker has presented your friend with an offer from the tenant I would make him enter the property in the MLS and list it for that price and let the market decide. If he does not want to list it on the MLS then he is not looking out for your friend and should be fired. Not sure what state you are in, but in California (probably other states also, but I don't know) if he is double ending the deal he better bend over backwards to make sure he is upholding his fiduciary duty to your friend. Best of luck.
  13. What is your situation for selling that makes you think you need potentially two appraisals? Seems a bit unusual.
  14. Both games decided on some iffy VAR penalty calls. Not a great ending.
  15. Newbie Tourist Report tl/dr: Fairfield Inn @ Times Square has good breakfast and good location and price. Subway not overly complicated. Walking great for seeing things. Central Park and 9/11 Memorial don't miss. Most people helpful, always felt safe. Discount theater tickets are good deal. Don't take a leisurely pedi-cab through Central Park. Pizza slice for dinner is very economical. NYC is amazing and we just saw the tip of the iceberg. Full We just returned from a long weekend in NYC. We were taking my daughter to check out three colleges she got accepted to and do as much sightseeing as possible in just 3 days. None of us had ever been to NYC. Took the redeye from LAX so arrived at JFK at 8am. We took a cab (fixed price $61 + tip) from JFK to our hotel since cabs were cheaper than UBER/Lyft and I knew they could fit our luggage. At this point we were not brave enough to try and figure out the subway to our hotel. Went right by Empire State Building which was cool. We were right by our hotel, but due to one way street had to circle the block -- took 13 minutes to circle block, glad it was a fixed price. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn at 330 W. 40th Street, right across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It was just under $600 for the three night stay. It included a hot buffet breakfast each morning which was really good for a hotel and I figure it saved us a ton of money and time by have a big breakfast right on site. We arrived around 10am on Friday and hoped to drop our luggage, but they actually had our room ready so we were able to check in. Since breakfast went to 11am they let us have breakfast that morning which was awesome. We actually liked everything about this hotel and all the staff were very nice. The initial plan had been to get a pass for the double decker buses that take you around to see the sights since we really did not have much time. However, with the weather forecast being for rain and/or snow each day we decided sitting up top would not be fun. So, with the weather being cold, but nice, we decided to walk from our hotel to Marymount Manhattan -- about 2.5 miles that took us through time square, through the theater area (daughter is a musical theater person), through Central Park and then to MM College. This walk could have been sponsored by the NYC tourism board because it was amazing. Central Park was covered in snow and it was beautiful. Was not overly crowded, we were dressed warmly, and every so often a few snow flakes would drift down. Classic moment was watching the facial expression of the two young Asian girl tourists as the pedi-cab driver showed them the amount being charged to their credit card -- $4.99 a minute so I can only imagine how much it was. Toured MMC (a no-go) then headed back through Central Park and saw a bunch of sights there, another great walk. Google and google maps were our friends. One of the leads of Mean Girls is an alumni of the musical theater program at my daughter's high school, so we had 8pm tickets to see that. We headed to Ellen's Stardust Diner for lunch/dinner around 4pm. Had to wait about 20 minutes, not too bad. It is somewhat expensive diner food, but the wait staff take turns singing so it is basically a show also. With a musical theater kid this is the type of stuff you end up doing. It was fun and entertaining and glad we did it -- all in is was about $130 for the three of us. Not bad since the show and food were both good. Walked back to our hotel and took a nap. About 7:15 we walked to theater which was about 15 minute walk. Mean Girls was really good and then after the show we got to go backstage with Kyle. He gave us a tour and my daughter was in heaven. After the show we grabbed a slice of pizza and wandered back to hotel. Saturday morning is was snowing so we got a late start. Ubered up to Manhattanville. After tour and lunch, Ubered down to 9/11 Memorial rather than our hotel. Got into the 9/11 Memorial about 4pm. There is a lot to see and it is quite an experience. Talk with the docents, many were there that day and have stories to tell. We moved along at a decent pace, but still ended up spending about 4 hours there. And that was kind of rushing through the last parts of it (the before 9/11 and after 9/11 sections). Glad we got to this. We then walked down to Battery Park so we could get our first glimpse of Statue of Liberty. Wandered around a bit then caught an Uber back to hotel. Went back out and wandered around Times Square just checking things out. Sunday morning took the Subway downtown to Pace. Port Authority Bus Terminal was right across street so it was simple and google maps had told us which lines we could take to get to Pace. Was at Pace until about 4pm. First glitch of trip was Alaska notifying me that our Monday 1pm flight was cancelled. Ended up calling and getting a 7:30am flight through Portland to get us home. Hoping overnight snow storm does not mess that up. From Pace we started to walk across Brooklyn Bridge, but decided did not have time. So walked down Broadway towards Battery Park in order to see Statue of Liberty during day. Saw Federal Hall, Trinity Church, New York Stock Exchange, and the "Charging Bull" (line to take picture next to the Bull's balls was a bit longer than line to take picture with his head, fwiw) along the way. Wandered around Battery Park, looked at the Statue of Liberty and a cool carousel, then back towards 9/11 Memorial where we caught the subway uptown. Took subway to Time Square so my wife and daughter could buy last minute theater tickets (48th Ave and 8th I think). They got center, row C, tickets to see Chicago for less than half price. Show started at 7 so we had time to walk to Radio City Music Hall to see it. Went by the NBC building where Jimmy Fallon is filmed. Stopped for a slice of pizza on way to theater. Left my wife and daughter in line and at this point it was raining/snowing and I walked back to our hotel, got warm, and watched out the window to see if this big storm actually was going to happen and hope our flight did not get canceled/delayed. We had planned to take the subway to our 1pm flight since it was a simple train ride, but with the change of time and weather (and my daughter getting sick around 3AM) we ended up taking a taxi to JFK. Snow stopped around 4am and at 5:45am it took just about 40 minutes to get to JFK. Got home 4pm. If not for my daughter being sick the whole way home, it would have been a perfect trip.