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  1. From the article... Shanahan initially said that neither will participate during preseason. He later clarified taht Garoppolo and Alexander will not play during Week 1 of preseason — a matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. The team will reevaluate each player after that.
  2. I am with you in that I thought Dunn had the toughest match up and she battled the whole time. France's best chance was the thru ball to Diani and Dunn caught up and denied her. If not for a questionable offsides call, Dunn would have had the cross to put US up 3-0. The biggest issue I saw was the numerous attempted clears that went right to France just outside the box.
  3. That age group, whatever you do the kids will probably mess it up. I played a zone with 3 short and 2 deep. There is usually one or two kids you really have to watch out for. Our league had a timer on the QB, so even if you did not rush he only had so long to throw. Just be prepared to be a bit frustrated and every so often you hope to get an interception. Another option if the other team has 1 kid who is a stud is going with a box and 1. Your fastest kid man on man and then 2 and 2 play zone. Good luck and remember patience is a virtue!
  4. The low level GPP with multiple entries seem like craps -- craps you have to put a lot of money out to play the odds to get the best EV. When you can enter 75 times in a .25 GPP but only put in 4-5 you end up way behind those guys putting in 75 lineups. Looking at some of the contests you can see 10-20 entries from the same person in last place because are all iterations with minor changes to a core line up or single pitcher. And conversely, have seen the same person holding many of the top spots in these tournaments. What sucks is that these folks are probably just buying their lineups and they are auto-generated.
  5. I did 4 .25 lineups on FD using my FDPoints since I only had .24 left. 3 with NYY/BAL and Scherzer and one with Minn. Crazy that game was cancelled -- I live 10 miles from the stadium and it rained for about an hour around 5pm and then moved on. But won $1.57 so I am back having real money!
  6. And do you work in the area?

    1. needanap


      Personally, I am familiar with Laguna as we have friends who live there, but I have not had a listing or buyer in Laguna yet.  I spend most of my time in HB, but have done work in Long Beach and San Pedro and then down Costa Mesa, Newport and Dana Point way.

      I come from a software/data background so I will research the heck out of things so we can come up with a good list price for you house.  In looking at the 4 houses that sold in the past 6 months, 3 were in Emerald Bay.  Each one had the final sale price $1.5M less than original list price (and one was on market for over 800 days).

      While I would love to sell your house for a $100,000+ commission, I will list it for .75% on my side  ($40,000ish) and 2.0% on the buyer side.  I would give you full service and work hard to get it sold.  There is benefit for me having a listing like that and if I do a good job I can hopefully parlay it into more listings.  You benefit by saving over $100,000 off of typical commission amounts.   Also, if we do end up having a listing contract you can cancel it at any time (true with most any listing contract).

      If you give me your address (will keep confidential) I can put together specific research on what I think a good list price would be.  If you would rather not give address at this time you can give me the cross streets/area and I can give you general information.

      Is the anything special/problematic about your house?  Will you be living in the house until sold or will it be vacant?  Will you be buying something as a replacement?



      Paradise Realty, Lic No. 01899781


    2. Rodrigo Duterte

      Rodrigo Duterte

      Thanks for the reply.  The house is in the 8 million range.  I changed it to 500K on that post because people get all uptight.


    3. needanap


      Interestingly, the 3 homes in that price range that sold in the past 6 months all did so very quickly.  These homes were pretty amazing, as opposed to just a regular house that happens to be in Laguna.  Crazy to think a $4-5M house is "regular", but such is Laguna.   That said, there are 18 listed between $7-9M, with 4 sitting over 6 months and 2 over a year.   If the house is priced correctly,, it should sell.

      I would love to have the chance to list it at the total 2.75% I mentioned above.  And, if I was able to secure the buyer, I'd waive the listing commission (so total would be just 2%).

  7. What do you think is a fair price for 5MM home?

  8. I would tell him "sorry" and enjoy my land just as I like it. I personally think it is not worth the potential future headache.
  9. Just checked in Huntington Beach where I live, and on the 27 homes listed over $3M, the buyer side is getting 2.5% on 25 of them. Doubt the listing agent is taking less than 1.5% (since they all paint themselves as "high-end"), so despite the high price looks like you are the typical 4-5%. Are you in California? If so, I could probably give you more area specific info, but HB is probably typical.
  10. We had litter mates for 9 years -- black lab/bassett hound mixes. Last summer one got cancer and passed away. In January the other one was drinking a ton of water, not eating much, and basically a zombie. Move his paw to awkward position and he would just leave it there. We took him to vet and basically it was "we don't know for sure, but can do expensive surgery that may or may not help." We chose to bring him home and prepare to put him down in a few days. The vet gave him IV liquids to hydrate him and steroids to stimulate his appetite. Crazy, but a couple days later he perked up. We got another weeks worth of steroids and he was eating and drinking normally and excited to go on walks. Here it is May and he seems as spry as ever. We spent about $1500 on tests and crap to basically have the vet say they did not know what was wrong, but $25 worth of steroids and an IV seemed to do the trick. If I had to do it again, knowing what I know now, I would take the dog in to get an IV and ask for steroids to stimulate his appetite. If the IV and steroids did not work we were going have someone come put him down at home. I know it sucks and hope for the best for you and your dog.
  11. I'd recommend getting the headphone tour for Edinburgh Castle -- not too expensive and it has a lot of good info. Stirling Castle was interesting. Also saw Doune Castle on same day as Stirling. Doune is mostly a ruin. I think you might want to scale back a little bit, everything seems to take a bit longer than you would think. Also, are you only interested in castles? Lot of interesting things in Scotland besides castles. I saw three very different castles and was about castle'd out. In August the Fringe Festival and the Tattoo Military show are happening, but looks like you will be after those are over.
  12. Hated to spend the money, but I chose Paxson against my SFG -- him possibly getting 6x value seems more likely than any of the other pitchers. Skipped all the weather games and not thrilled with what I could fit in. $1 GPP on FD --- Paxson, Garver, Harrison, Carpenter, Tucker, Mallex, Bruce, N.Cruz, Cron Good luck tonight
  13. Hit 167ish and got $2.5. Hanniger,Gardner, and Moreland were the let downs. Not sure if I will have time today
  14. $1 on FD Smith, Encarncion,Chavis,Healy,Rojas,Hanniger,Santana,Gardner,Moreland I will have to try draft tomorrow. I put $10 in last year to get the free FBG subscription and have not been back. Good luck