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  1. BUMP
  2. I'd add that these BB leagues have been in existence dating back to 2004. So, we have long standing history across these leagues.
  3. There is one team available in the Backyard Brawl leagues. Backyard Brawl has five different leagues from guys here at FBG and some of the writers over at DLF. Some FBG members include: jeter23 EBF Bloom broncofan13000 wdcrob gianmarco ...with many others who I cannot recall their FBG name off the top of my head. Feel free to PM them for some insight into the league. Essentially, each season there are two drafts... a rookie draft with the rookies for the current year that have been drafted and a one round draft of college players (developmental draft). The league is a 14-team PPR with a great group of guys. Fee is $110/year. I'm looking for an active owner who checks in every day during the season and every few days in the offseason. If that's not you, this league may not be for you. Here is the opening: Backyard Brawl IV: 1.5 PPR for TEs Team Roster Rules Team has 1.06 rookie and 1.06 devy pick. I'm hoping to fill this team this week so we can run our rookie draft as scheduled beginning on Saturday. Any questions or if you're interested, please let me know.
  4. Bump We're now at 14, would like to at least hit 20....
  5. 12 entered. Targeting 8 more.
  6. Bump Got a solid group already. Need 10-12 more.
  7. After a 3-year hiatus, I'm bringing back the Backyard Brawl Playoff IDP league. $50 per entry and 100% payout - Each team will select 34 total players for ALL OF THE PLAYOFFS. In other words, after kickoff of the first game, waivers are CLOSED for the contest. It's possible for one NFL player could be on all teams in this league and you're not required to submit a full lineup during any week. Starting with kickoff of the first playoff game on Saturday 1/9, all waivers will lock. Each week, you'll need to work to field a max of 18 starters (optional to fill the max) filling the following starting lineup: 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 2 Offense Flex (RB, WR, TE) 1 K 2 DL 2 LB 2 CB 2 S 1 Defense Flex For background, I commish 5 dynasty leagues (Backyard Brawl) and have since 2004. I can provide references from those leagues upon request. Most owners are from here at footballguys, as well as DLF writers, including: jeter23 EBF Bloom broncofan13000 wdcrob gianmarco Rockchild Romulan JohnW1970 Hoping to get ~20 owners. Post here or PM if interested.
  8. Rules state the start for the Championship Round is average points from the 'regular season'. Does this include the last two weeks (i.e., league playoffs)? I'm assuming 'regular season' means prior to the individual league playoffs, but don't recall from last year.
  9. This was a rookie mistake - when debating between two guys, take the guy at higher ADP. Landry is going ten spots before Robinson, on average. If you had taken Landry, Robinson may have been there your next pick. Wilson in the 6th is a little early; I got him at 8.11 in a FFPC draft last night. If you were looking for upside, Helu in the 12th is not a good pick. He is nothing but a 3rd down back. Same goes for Woodhead in the 7th; decent value if he catches 70 balls but that's a huge IF, and otherwise a wasted pick because he's never going to see early down work. Your WRs and a healthy Kelce will keep you in contention every week and that's a good thing. To clarify on the Robinson pick, what had me lean Robinson was his higher TD potential (not much competition) and the potential for Parker to steal some of Landry's RZ looks towards the end of the year. So, went with Robinson first with the hope for Landry to come back as my #4 WR. The guy on the turn went WR/WR, so I wasn't getting both regardless of who I went with. In hindsight, though, I prefer the PPR consistency of Landry to any potential TD variance. The Helu pick - it's a clear handcuff for Murray. I selected him early because of it. Otherwise, frankly, he wouldn't be on my radar through 20. Woodhead, I disagree. He's more than a 3rd down back and with Gordon's early struggles, he's set for more snaps. He also gets more RZ carries than many suspect. I believe he's a strong play for a RB2 finish.
  10. Not necessarily looking for input, just more informational as I find it interesting to see roster construction from each draft spot and I imagine others do too. From the 11 spot this past Sunday. Went WR/TE heavy with upside/value at RB with hopes of a breakout from one of the handful. Overall I'm happy with my squad, just need a few hits: QB: R.Wilson (6), Kaepernick (14) RB: L.Murray (4), D.Woodhead (7), Crowell (8), A.Blue (11), R.Helu (12), McKinnon (15), D.Lewis (16), K.Williams (18) WR: D.Thomas (1), Calvin Johnson (2), A.Robinson (5), K.Wright (10), Shorts (20) TE: T.Kelce (3), D.Allen (9), L.Green (13) K: McManus (17) D: NYJ (19) Regrets: - Taking Robinson over Landry in the 5th. Was originally hoping to grab Robinson and get Landry after the turn. I missed. Landy should be $$ in PPR this year and have a feeling I'll be kicking myself. - Not going ASJ over Allen. Hoped to grab Allen in 9th and get ASJ, Donnell or R.Rodgers on return trip for flex options.
  11. Go to the 'Abilities' section, it's a radio button selection on the bottom below the table with all team's abilities.
  12. Nobody on the Footballguys staff does that kind of thing. There are a few people on staff who make a lot of money playing DFS. (Way more than they could ever hope to make writing about it.) Some of them might not want to publish their GPP lineups, for example -- so they simply won't publish them. They would never publish a fake lineup in its place while keeping their real lineup to themselves. Whatever we publish is our best stuff. knowing who is on staff, that's not a surprise as that's exactly how it should be done. Didn't see the same of certain on RG in the past.
  13. I know this is continuing with something slightly off topic, so I apologize. I don't mean to completly hi-jack. No one suggested anyone should be fully dependent on these writers/experts. The question was whether certain writers may hold information back or use the information to their advantage. I've seen some cases where it appears that's exactly what's happening. To reiterate, I'm talking about players deemed to be 'must-plays'. The other recommendations are very gray and can always be jusitifed as to why they were recommended. However, certain outlets and particular writers have a TON of power in perpetuating and encouraging group think, which is why ownership can be through the roof when these guys recommend a player as a 'must-play'. To call someone a 'must-play' in an article and not use them yourself is taking advatange of the power you have over the masses and perpetuating group think to gain an edge. It's pretty simple to me: you're an expert who has had success at DFS, you're being paid to write and publish your recommendations because of it and you don't follow your own slam-dunk play? I struggle to find any other explanation for not using a self-deemed 'must-play'. This is no different than people like Jim Cramer who push/dump on stocks and then have to disclose whether they're invested long/short in a particular stock.
  14. For NBA, I did notice some of the experts over at RG not always following their 'must start' recommedations. Some certainly use their recommendations for a slight advantage in GPPs since they influence the masses. By no means am I suggesting all 'experts' do this, but some certainly do. The thing is you can't fully depend on what the experts at RG say to do. Yes RG experts do not play all the players they say are must start. Even when watching the RG GrindersLive streams for NFL, you can't get the best read on what certain experts think. Some experts may say they think something is fine, etc but really they won't think to play that player. And that's exactly the point. That...and it can be used to their advantage. If you're giving advice you should practice what you preach. Otherwise, you shouldn't be selling it.