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  1. For me, Derrick Mason. Year after year, no love. Year after year I would draft him late. Year after year he played a quiet but significant role at the back end of my starting lineups.
  2. Because I'm old, really, really old. What's an app? Because I drafted next to the Wizard at WCOFF 2003. Because I played at Antsports last year. Because I don't live in Jersey any more
  3. Hillary just tweeted: "What difference does it make?"
  4. Just the sort of responses I expected. Lots of laughs. Thanks guys. Hello to all the oldtimers. Been around, just don't post.
  5. As I write this the front page has threads that were started in Nov, 2012, May 2013, March 2012, Jan 2013, Aug 2009, March 2013, Jan 2013, Oct 2012, May 2011, July, 2012...and a bunch more, I'm tired of flipping back to look. All of this back slapping and I told you so stuff makes trying to find relevant information quickly impossible. How does "How do you feel about Cutler now?" started in 2009 help me today. What page of the 29 pages should I start reviewing? "Cutler going foreward" is a great topic, why do opinions from 2009 need to be revisited? I used to rely on these pages for great thinking by serious fantasy football people. It's still there, but hard to find.
  6. If you are a blackjack card counter and the deck is extremely favorable you bet the max. There is no guarantee you are going to win that hand, but over time you'll come out ahead.Having a team appropriately rated as #1 is not a guarantee, just a more than likely chance they will win. That's why they play the games.