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  1. Good point, Bonds is a whole different level as an all around career. Was surprised to see McGwire averaged 35/100 in his first 6 years, which maybe were his clean years, if he had any. Such a fun, but weird era of baseball.
  2. How did McGwire get tossed aside so easily, yet the other steroid guys are starting to show momentum towards induction? McGwire’s stats very similar to Mike Schmidt, who was a near unanimous first ballot guy.
  3. Has anyone done this in a 12 team? Switched playoff/consolation break from 6/6 teams to 5/7 teams? We haven’t but I’m curious to see if a 5 team main playoff is better. Would give value to top 3 seeds as they’d all get a bye. Make 4/5 battle to survive. This would also allow the best or worst team to be rewarded with the only bye of the consolation playoffs.
  4. Don’t disagree here, but there needs to be some cutoff during the week to first come. Not everyone can submit a claim on Friday, and wait til late Saturday to see what happens with it.
  5. What I like about this though, is it allows some of the better players to still be available in the draft. I’ve seen some leagues where you can’t keep a guy once his keeper value gets to a certain point. With no round value, you can pretty much wipe out 30 of the top 36 players before a draft starts.
  6. Top 15 for me. Wish I could have a do over on the Royce Freeman pick, could find better use of that 16. 20 pts away from some of the real prizes. Damn!
  7. That’s big time, those of you in top 5. Looks like I’ll be top 30, maybe top 25. Can’t imagine there’s much movement from tonight’s game. Pretty cool feeing to be in the top 1% of this whole thing. Wish the prize was a little more though!
  8. #1 week 16 score for the moment, pretty cool to see. Was top 50 overall, now very curious to see how high I can get with a strong week 16.
  9. Ha, yes for sure long toss. This harness is also used for hitting.
  10. Have any of your kids used the baseball velopro harness? Seems like the concept makes sense, but not sure it will yet be helpful for my kids who are still young.
  11. For the finals, is it week 14 score plus week 15 plus week 16? Or does it combine player stats over 3 weeks to create one score?
  12. First time to finals. Looking forward to the 3 week madness. I do like that there are no decisions to make, just sit back and hope your guys score well.
  13. I’ve been in leagues where H2H is the tiebreak for multiteam, but only if a team is undefeated against all others. A nice alternative and avoids the 3-1 is better than 3-2 argument. I’m surprised that people who feel so strongly about points scored even mess with W-L record in their leagues.
  14. Only 21 had Hunt. Only 1 of those have Ware. 17 total with Ware.