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  1. Again, I didn't like the pick, away to early for either Jones or Haskins, but feel free to go read scouting reports and compare. Not a slam dunk for Haskins over Jones.
  2. I hate the Jones pick at 6 but there are legit reasons to take Jones over Haskins. Not saying it will work out but Haskins was not a slam dunk over Jones.
  3. Ya. And Brady was a late round pick and Mayfield was the 1st overall pick. I just don't get why other QBs dropping in the draft means the Jones pick is better or worse... and I hate the Jones pick.
  4. Again, I hate the pick but other QBs falling doesn't make the Jones pick better or worse to me. All it means is that the other QBs were not liked as much by the teams selecting by this point in the draft.
  5. Ya. I hate the pick. Couldn't believe they passed on Allen. Having said that, Haskins dropping in the draft doesn't make the Jones pick better or worse. Only speaks to what other teams think of Haskins.
  6. As a Giants fan, I'm banging my head against the wall over the Jones pick but I don't see the logic. All that means is other teams didn't like Haskins too.
  7. Let's just say Bush is fortunate that the NFL and the Steelers get to pick his outfits on gameday.
  8. I'll give you that. It is a rather amazing outfit he's rocking there.
  9. I know it's not the most important thing, but WTF is Bush wearing? With the buckle, I thought he was injured and wearing a brace. 🤣
  10. Yeah. My brain says Miller but I think I can sleep at night if Miller does better on my bench but not sure if I’ll be sleeping if Johnson goes off on my bench.
  11. Shepard is the easy one for me (and not because I'm a Giants fan). WR1 this week. Second position is harder but I'd probably go with Njoku who is going against a pass defense that is very generous to the TE. Please return an opinion with my lineup questions. Thanks!
  12. I'd go Mayfield and Newton. Newton is heading for his usually rest before the game nursing his shoulder injury but he has been a very stable QB despite his deep ball limitations (rushing yards gives him a higher floor) this year and I expect that he will have to perform to keep up with the Saints on Monday. Mayfield is just fun to watch and Denver's defense does not look impressive. Please return on opinion on my lineup questions. Thanks!
  13. Avery

    Flex help

    McGuire. I'd go with the guy that will get the lion's share of the touches. Please return an opinion on my lineup questions. Thanks!