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  1. Yeah. My brain says Miller but I think I can sleep at night if Miller does better on my bench but not sure if I’ll be sleeping if Johnson goes off on my bench.
  2. Shepard is the easy one for me (and not because I'm a Giants fan). WR1 this week. Second position is harder but I'd probably go with Njoku who is going against a pass defense that is very generous to the TE. Please return an opinion with my lineup questions. Thanks!
  3. I'd go Mayfield and Newton. Newton is heading for his usually rest before the game nursing his shoulder injury but he has been a very stable QB despite his deep ball limitations (rushing yards gives him a higher floor) this year and I expect that he will have to perform to keep up with the Saints on Monday. Mayfield is just fun to watch and Denver's defense does not look impressive. Please return on opinion on my lineup questions. Thanks!
  4. Avery

    Flex help

    McGuire. I'd go with the guy that will get the lion's share of the touches. Please return an opinion on my lineup questions. Thanks!
  5. I'd go Wilson here. I think Wilson has a good matchup against the 49ers and, despite a dud last week, he has been very efficient and stable averaging over 20 points a game with only two games under 15 points while Ryan has 4. Please return the opinion on my lineup questions. Thanks!
  6. I agree with your lineups but keep an eye on Robinson's injury status. Both him and Davis have 1pm games tomorrow so check just before game time and be prepared to throw Davis in there. Please return the opinion on my lineup questions. Thanks!
  7. Landry is the safer call. Dixon flashed but he may be the third RB behind Edwards and Jackson. Please return the assistance with my lineup questions. Thanks!
  8. .5 PPR league. Torn on two lineup decisions. Lamar Miller or David Johnson Njoku or Ian Thomas Right now I have David Johnson and Ian Thomas in my lineup but have gone back and forth on these decisions. Would love your opinion. Thanks!
  9. DJ. Williams may well split carries with West for all we know and he has never had more than 11 carries in a game. DJ has been disappointing but still putting up sold, if not spectacular, numbers.
  10. Yes and Derrick Henry disagrees with you that Thursday night games aren't good.
  11. I'm piling on with Jackson assuming Eckler and Gordon are out. Seems to be a better talent and Williams has West there too. Please see my RB quandary. Thanks!
  12. Non PPR I go Wilson. A lot of Samuels value are his receptions and Williams has never had more than 11 carries in a game and we might see more of West then we think. Please help with my RB quandary. Thanks!
  13. Williams news is good for him with Ware on the bad side of doubtful, but Carson has a good matchup against SF and Williams has never topped 11 carries in a came. Might see more of West than we think will see. Please help with my RB quandary. Thanks!
  14. I voted Williams as I am avoiding GB players wherever I have decent options. I benched Rogers for Lamar Jackson, for example (although I am starting Davante Adams somewhere else as I have limited options there.) Please help with my RB quandary. Thanks!
  15. Have little clarity here. Need to start three of these guys in full PPR. Currently have Johnson, Samuels, and Jackson in the lineup but have changed it multiple times. Currently assuming Ware, Gordon and Eckler are out. Would love your advice! Thanks!