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  1. .5 PPR Short bench and I need to drop one of these guys. Both similar players (explosive), both dealing with lower body injuries and both looking at similar SOS. So if you had to drop one, who are you dropping? Will give my opinion on yours with a link! 👊
  2. Next year has so much talent I'd be looking to collect, no trade away, 1st (and 2nd) round rookie picks. If I was selling, I'd want more than Mack. I'd keep the pick. Please give a hand with my roster question. Thanks! 👊
  3. Depends a bit of scoring of run vs pass for yardage and TDs, but I'd roll with Allen. Brissett won't have Hilton and Allen has a higher floor and I think a higher ceiling as well. Please help with my roster question. Thanks! 👊
  4. Yes. Clearly Jones has been better but we don't win by just assuming past necessarily is prologue. I'll add another "pro" to Barkley. The defense is terrible forcing the Giants into shootouts and given Barkley's involvement in both the rushing and passing came further thoughts on if Barkley may pass Jones going forward for the season?
  5. PPR league. I'm wondering who you would want the rest of the year. A few thoughts below: Barkley Pros: Unreal skill set. Offensive focus, seems to be an overall good schedule rest of the year Cons: Dealing with injury issues, team is not good Jones Pros: Team is good which helps overall production and potential TD Cons: More of a timeshare than Barkley, seems to be a tougher upcoming schedule than Barkley Would love to see your vote and hear your thoughts! WHIR! 👍
  6. Not currently feeling great about pulling Edmonds for DJ as I'm sure others feel similarly...
  7. .5 PPR MVS or Allison given they are both active? ... or Singletary? 😶
  8. .5 PPR short bench league. Start QB/5 flex/D I'm sitting at 1-4. Was offered: I give: Adams + Singletary I get: Thielen + Ertz Thinking about countering: I give: Adams + Singletary I get: Thielen + Lindsay Would love some quick options. Thanks! 👊
  9. Hey Bloom! Thanks (as always) for your help. PPR and churning the wire for a statable TE: Eifert or Davis this week?
  10. Just starting a rebuild of a team in a shorter bench contract/dynasty where I am hurting at RB. Would you drop Sternberger or Darwin to pickup fill in types (ADP, Mostert)? Trying to balance longer term prospects with current starting lineups but I'm less convinced today than last month that either or both of them are future starters for my team. Start QB/RB/2WR/TE/Flex QB: B. Mayfield, B. Roethlisberger, RB: D. Williams, T. Coleman, M. Brown, R. Penny, D. Thompson (R) WR: O. Beckham, T. Lockett, M. Valdes-Scantling, C. Ridley, M. Gallup, P. Williams (R) TE: I. Smith (R), J. Sternberger (R), T. Eifert
  11. Not what you said but fair enough. Regardless, we don't know if Jones would have been available but again, time to move past it. Past time to move past it.
  12. I think he may be droppable in short bench leagues. Having said that, I'm probably holding onto him if my next best option is Thompson. I'd be curious what else was out there at WR and TE if Thompson is the best RB. Note: I'd rather drop Coleman for Malcolm Brown if available over Thompson.
  13. Small league. 10 team PPR with short benches. Start QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex(RB,WR,TE)/D. Only 5 bench spots. I'm have Andrews (who looks to be a more reliable target than OJ Howard) and OJ Howard at TE while Hock and Waller as on the wire I know, I know... don't overreact to week 1 but, as a wise man said, react. My rationalization to do this: 1. Hock and Waller will have consistent targets. They are both clearly a significant part of the offense. 2. Winston's offensive line is weak which may force Howard to stay into to block more. Plus Winston just doesn't look like a very good QB. I don't want to throw away all the pre-season rankings after just one week and OJ Howard was ranked high for a reason, but I don't want to hold onto pre-season rankings now that things may have changed under live fire and miss my opportunity. Am I crazy? Would love to hear your thoughts! 👊
  14. The "ungodly reason" was the Giants starting QB is 38 years old and everybody was saying, and rightfully so, that the Giants need to get a new franchise QB. You may, and obviously do, disagree with the pick. but the reason for drafting a QB made perfect sense. I mean this is the best possible way, but it is way post letting this go. Coulda, woulda, shoulda... didn't.