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  1. Nobody knows and I don't think the backup RB at best for JAX is worth a roster spot in "regular" sized leagues. Please see my cut question. Thanks!
  2. Strong caveat that a lot depends on scoring, bench depth etc but in order of preference I would drop: Slayton Jones Henderson Please see my cut question too. Thanks1
  3. Piling on for Drake here. Please see my cut question. Thanks!
  4. I like Shenault a lot but this isn't great value for the team giving away Prescott and Lamb. Please see my cut question. Thanks!
  5. Yeah. Michel will be useless. He may have good weeks but good luck finding them. Wilson is good for a spot start now and with RB injuries, he has shown competence at the position. Please see my cut question. Thanks!
  6. Nope. Don't like it. You're selling low and buying high at every position here. Please see my cut question. Thanks!
  7. I think Robby is the better, surer asset at this point. Ingram seems to be a three way committee now at RB - four if you include the QB! Please see my cut questions. Thanks!
  8. I'm probably rolling with Conner and Hunt. Washington's defense is stout up from so I expect this to a "Hunt week" for the Cleveland RBs. Please take a look at my cut questions. Thanks!
  9. PPR league. We start 5 flex (plug QB and D) so positions don't really matter and all positions score the same. I look for a combination of upside players who can be top starters if all comes together right (like Edmonds and Mattison) and guys I can start right now (like the rest) but I need to cut 2 to make room for a defense and a QB. So what say you? Who are my cuts? As always, if you leave a link, I'll do my best with my opinion on your questions. Thanks for helping! 👍
  10. I like Burrow but I'd still stick with Brees. Maybe more short passing game to Kamara et al but I still think the passing will be there. Please take a look at my roster question. Thanks! 👊
  11. Easy accept for me (with a small caveat that it depends on the rest of your roster construction). Sutton is hurt. Chubb seems to be in a full on time share. Taylor is going to blow up. His price is only going up. This won't get it done in a week or two. Please take a look at my roster questions. Thanks! 👊
  12. I'd go Shenalut too. I don't think he'll get a lot of touches but the ones he gets should be high leverage. Sounds like s decent flex for you. Please take a look at my roster questions. Thanks! 👊
  13. I just don't see Williams in anything more than a timeshare should CEH get hurt. I assume they would bring Washington up and there may be 3 way committee.
  14. Start Johnson and not to quibble, but he is your RB2 - not Chubb given PPR and the timeshare with Hunt. Please take a look at my roster questions. Thanks! 👊
  15. I'm no fan of Cooper but I make that trade especially given your roster. Please take a look at my roster questions. Thanks! 👊
  16. I wouldn't do it. Not even sure Chubb is the better fantasy asset than Hunt right now so I wouldn't add more to get him. Please take a look at my roster questions. Thanks! 👊
  17. 12 team PPR vampire league (if you don't know what that is, it doesn't really matter - but if you do, I'm the 🧛‍♂️!). Start QB / 5 Flex / D I need to drop 1 to pick up a defense. Trying to balance guys I can start with very high-upside guy if it falls right. Who are you dropping! Thanks and leave a link and I'll do my best with your assistant coach question. 👍
  18. 👍 This is the big philosophical evolution I have made in fantasy, especially, dynasty in the past couple of years - be willing to overpay or overdraft players you want and believe in. I used to always rely on getting the most value I could but values are set by where players are today. We are trying to predict the future so make a (educated) prediction even if current values say you "lost" a trade. First of all, if you are right, you didn't overpay or overdraft. Second, we do this silly hobby of trying to predict the unpredictable because it is supposed to be fun, so go out there and get the players you want and believe in. Take a stand. 👊
  19. 12 team, .05 PPR (with yardage scoring bump for TEs) QB / 1 RB / 2 WR / 1 TE / 1 FLEX Team A gave: Goedert, Parker, Peterson. 2021 2nd Team B gave: Herndon, Thielen, Moss
  20. To get a data point on value current value after week 1, I was just offered in a .5 PPR (slight TE scoring bump) dynasty league where I'm short on a TE: I give: Thielen, Moss, Herndon I get: Parker, Peterson, Goedart
  21. Goedert, Lamb, Miller and Snell shouldn't be on this list. White probably should be on there either. It's Scott or Williams. I'd probably drop Williams.
  22. In non-PPR I'd probably lean to Moss a bit over Gibson as I can see Moss pounding in a couple of TDs. Please take a look at my starter question. Thanks!
  23. Mostart is your top RB here so he's a start. After that, I probably go Ridley and Gibson a bit over Scott. Please take a look at my starter question. Thanks!
  24. McLauren is pretty easy your top option. After that I'd probably go with Gallup until we see how Edelman is with Cam and Johnson is healthier. Please help with my starter question. Thanks!
  25. PPR start 2 of 3: P. Williams, D. Jackson, H. Ruggs Leaning towards benching Ruggs...