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  1. Perriman. Hands down. I see Mack platooning, with an offense that’s struggling and is out of playoff contention. Winston tosses for 3 I believe and Tampa’s top 2 are out... any questions?
  2. Perriman is WAAAAY too hot. Lock Perriman in and don’t even look back
  3. Going into this season I was so high on Gallup and the possibility of him being a top 10 wideout as I’m not sold on Cooper... well that has not come to fruition. That entire O is disappointing and w Dak nicked I dont see him going a full game. Last week you saw the run game elevated BIG TIME once the injury became more pronounced. I say Boone is a league winner for a lot here... it suxs it’s Monday night though.
  4. Tough there as all have a good possibility. Actually with the receiver situation in NE, I say White has HUGE upside. Look at his increased usage in recent weeks. That Buffalo D should be stifling and Brady will be checking down. I expect a ton of dump offs in a game both need.
  5. Straight up scoring league, so we’re talking who is gonna score here. At wideout I have T Hill @ Chicago, T Lockett v. Arizona, J Cook @ Tennessee, J Edelman v. Buffalo, and A Thielen v. GB. I’m thinking Hill, Lockett and Cook. What ya all say? Thanks and good luck.... I’ll answer yours.
  6. Going forward who has more TD’s, Damien Williams (KC) vs Jamaal Williams (GB)?
  7. Going forward who has more TD’s, Damien Williams (KC) vs Jamaal Williams (GB)?
  8. Fournette and Williams.. volume is King.
  9. Safest bet Mixon. Seattle will be passing a ton to keep up w KC.
  10. Straight up scoring league I have Gronk at home vs Buffalo, Jeffery at home vs Houston, or Stills at home vs Jacksonville? Who scores the most TD’s? (Diggs, and Locket are penciled in). Thanks all and good luck.
  11. Straight up scoring league w 6 pts for a TD M Lynch vs Dallas or C Hyde vs Tenn.
  12. As sad as this is... I am debating dropping Ridley for Le'Veon Bell. At least theres no speculation on who's getting the lions share of the carries in Pittsburgh. And thats dropping him over Lamar MIller! Just pissed I wasted a pick on him.