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  1. People must really be missing the gym. Yesterday while out on my ride I saw some dude on an elliptical bike, just cruising down the street. It looked exactly like what you see at the gym, except it had two wheels underneath.
  2. Sounds like ACA is working great for you.
  3. Day 2 seemed easier than the first. Not sure if it was because I just got in from a 14 mile bike ride, but I doubt it’s because I’m any better at yoga.
  4. There’s no way! No way! I could make it naked down that ramp without falling on my ###!
  5. The timing of this thread with the Axios interview sum up this presidency perfectly.
  6. Those two guys seem like real intellectuals.
  7. I admit I would have ripped him for profiteering off the virus, but we would be in a much better place had he done this. His followers would have all gotten right in line with their red masks.
  8. Such an embarrassment. I can't understand how ANYONE can watch that and confidently support him.
  9. Send in the goon squad to rough up all the people not sheltering in place.
  10. I look at the position, see the arm placement, then try to replicate and quickly realize my body cannot contort itself into even the same general concept, but she makes it look totally effortless. But hey, we're doing it and we can only get better at it.