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  1. Seems like terrible construction quality if it’s falling over while being constructed due to wind (at it wasn’t particularly strong wind)
  2. So why argue that the jury is biased? They aren’t the ones recommending the sentencing.
  3. I have still not heard anyone argue Stone’s innocence, so why are we talking about biased jurors?
  4. This is where I’m at. I’d expect everything to be basically the same except for the trade war.
  5. Would have been nice if Trump testified under oath. Lying about a ####### versus extorting a foreign ally to smear a political opponent
  6. Which is why it was so outrageous to acquit him
  7. 8 days after his acquittal, Trump openly admitted sending Giuliani to hunt for dirt on Joe Biden — reversing a key part of his impeachment defense
  8. How about paying hush money to a porn star to cover up his adultery while his wife was pregnant? I don't recall him asking for forgiveness.
  9. Total deal breaker for me in the primaries if Bernie won't release medical records. I'd still vote for him in the general, but would very much prefer he released them. A major candidate for President coming off a heart attack is a serious issue that voters should want to know about