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  1. I've found basil likes a lot of water, but I've also found it to be forgiving. I've come back from weekend trips to find mine shriveled, and a healthy watering brings it right back to life.
  2. Good point. It's kind of like saying "Why would President Trump be going to a church?" Perfect.
  3. I'm also going to assume that warnings were given, but it's abundantly apparent that they weren't obvious enough.
  4. When Trump visited Paradise, CA he couldn't be bothered to know the name of the town. Pretty much all you need to know about his and his supporters' empathy levels.
  5. Lunch: Whole grain brown rice ramen noodles tossed in a mix of Sichuan peppercorn powder, chinese black vinegar, tahini, soy sauce and red pepper flakes. Topped with sliced green onion, sesame seeds and sliced snow peas and served over a bed of green leaf lettuce and kale from my garden.
  6. My tomatoes always seemingly take forever to ripen as well. The farmers market will be selling Early Girls about a month before anything I have ripens. On the plus side, I typically have garden tomatoes well into September.
  7. You do you, and I'm not a vet. but it is mt opinion that the benefits of getting your dog used to seeing different people, and getting out and about outweigh the small risk of contracting parvo.
  8. Breakfast today: Kids wanted peanut butter toast, and I wanted oatmeal, so I have these on hand. I added a TB of chia seeds, a TB of date puree, and a tsp of cinnamon. I had maybe a half cup of raspberries on the side.
  9. Maybe he should have yelled more 3 word, 3 syllable phrases.
  10. I believe he was labelled as someone who can't be trusted by the Trump supporters.
  11. I have an artichoke plant that I put in a big pot last year. I only got 3 small artichokes, and 2 of them blossomed before I could pick them. This year I have one artichoke growing (already bigger than anything I got last year, but am going to let it keep going to see how big it will get before flowering so I know when to pick the others that come in. It’s an experiment for sure. I also have 3 tomato plants (early girl, cherry and heirloom brandywine), one red bell pepper, English cucumber, zucchini, leaf lettuce varieties, kale, 6 strawberry plants, raspberry, blueberry, snap peas, a mini Meyer lemon tree, a Santa Rosa plum tree and a wide variety of herbs.
  12. He came out of hiding for this?