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  1. Nope. Just an assortment of random gifs for me too. Brownies suck.
  2. Maybe not, but I've had red velvet from a few places that supposedly have the best red velvet cake ever and have left wondering what the fuss is all about. Just a standard chocolate cake is better.
  3. WTF is with those biceps? Is this the male equivalent of getting lip injections?
  4. I'll agree with HF re: German Chocolate cake, but can we all agree that pie is 1000x better than cake?
  5. Cream cheese frosting is the only redeeming part of red velvet cake.
  6. Because it really seems to have sunken in with certain folks the first time he said it.
  7. How does this even change anything? Everything he said was basically said word for word in the report
  8. Plums, then raspberries. Thing with plums is that the ones sold in the supermarket are awful, but fresh local plums while in season are amazing.