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  1. A wet field isn't going to do Jarwin or Beasley any favors with their ankle injuries. Anyone else think this is the day for Rico's first regular season TD?
  2. I watched the game from week 3 one more time. If we dont shoot ourselves in the foot and come to play tomorrow we will win the game by 10.
  3. Thank you. He is 13 and likes Zeke and Dak. Thank you everyone for the ideas.
  4. I am heading to Dallas this Friday and taking my son to the game this Saturday. Anything we should make sure that we don't miss leading up to the game?
  5. We will find out what this team is all about with the next two games against Washington and New Orleans.
  6. I can't say if Dallas would have taken the tight end or not but if they were then the Eagles did us a favor by drafting him first. A quality guard who can also play tackle is more valuable to our team. Besides. I have high expectations for Rico Gathers. Probably the biggest disappointment I had last season was seeing him get hurt right before the season started.
  7. I am a huge Anthony Miller fan and cussed out loud when the Bears drafted him with the next pick in the 2nd round but Williams was a no brainer. They had to pick him at that spot over any other position. Having a dominant offensive line is what makes our team go. It's laughable for anyone to think that Dallas would have picked a tight end instead.
  8. I loved how David Akers took credit for the Superbowl when he wasn't even on the team at the time. Of course to be fair, no Eagle who wasn't on the team last year can claim a Superbowl win.
  9. Good game Denver. You kicked my team's butt today.
  10. Red zone and fantasy red zone are both out for me on Direct TV in Houston. Everything else works.
  11. Elliot and the line are putting this away.
  12. Not quite the year he has had on the past? It's game one.