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  1. Non PPR, standard scoring. Have questions about RB/Flex. RBs: Benson MJD (lock) Maroney Westbrook Maurice Morris WRs Greg Jennings (lock) Austin Collie T.O. Braylon Manningham Mike Wallace I need 2 WRs, 1 WR/RB, and 2 RBs. I'm not sure what the thoughts are on Benson. I've heard some rumor of him getting a rest against the Jets, and he hasn't been a world beater lately. My gut says that TO is the boom/bust pick... with the Colts resting their D starters, and Fitz back, he could score big. But if the team decides to help Fred Jackson get his milestone, then he's hosed. Collie will probably see playing time, but will be stuck with Painter. Manningham is hurt. Braylon is on a run first team with a rookie QB against a good D. Maroney may or may not get playing time at all. Waiver wire is pretty sparse, although I did just now pick up Maurice Morris and Mike Wallace (hence the edit). Michael Bush is still there, but I like Morris's odds better. I'm also not sure if I should start Heap over Gates, since there's the chance Gates may be benched. Thoughts?
  2. I might be the only one promoting him, but I would go with Collie. Garcon is nicked up. Revis will be playing Wayne. Seems as though Collie could have a decent game.That was my thought, I just wasn't sure what was going on with the Colts starters for this game.
  3. Merry Christmas I have a lineup question in Week 1 of my 2 week championship game. It's standard scoring, no PPR. Have a WR/Flex issue. Currently my two RBs & flex are MJD, Benson, Maroney. That leaves me with 2 WRs. One of those is easily Greg Jennings. The last spot is up for grabs between the following players: T.O. Manningham Austin Collie Braylon Edwards Thoughts?
  4. Now that Washington is injured I need an RB. I've put in a waiver claim for Shonn Greene but since I won this week I'll probably get beaten to the punch. 10 team, standard scoring, no PPR. Guys I can pick up INSTANTLY without having to go through waiver order: Julius Jones Justin Forsett Lamont Jordan Lendale Guys who I will have to put a claim in for: Shonn Greene (already got that in) Michael Bush Jerome Harrison Kevin Faulk FWP Mewelde Moore Derrick Ward D-Mac (still injured) My thought was to go for a FA pickup ASAP then put in a waiver claim. Good idea? Any thoughts on who to take? My instinct tells me Faulk is probably the safest bet, and I'm looking at a 1 week fill-in until MJD & Benson are off byes. Then it's flex play/spot matchups at best for whomever I get. Thoughts?
  5. I was all set to suggest taking the deal with LJ just because I think he has a decent chance of outproducing LT this week. SD is putrid vs run. But, you need the WR help and hopefully Jennings will get things going. Also, Jennings hold more value in trade than the other package, imoSo you're with me in thinking that Jennings is the stronger WR option over the course of the season?
  6. I've gotten two trade offers for LDT this week, from guys clearly hoping to cash in on the matchup vs KC. This is in a 10 team, no PPR league. Start 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 RB/WR Here's the roster (not including D & kicker) QB: Rodgers, McNabb RB: MJD, LDT, Benson, Leon Washington WR: Braylon, TO, Royal, Earl Bennett, Torry Holt TE: Gates, Keller Offer one: LDT for Greg Jennings, straight up Offer two: LDT for Knowshon Moreno, Larry Johnson, Mario Manningham. Thoughts on which one to take, if either? I like Moreno. Johnson I see as kind of a meh replacement for LDT, though, and while I like Manningham and he's been better than Jennings, I'm not sure that will hold the rest of the season. Although Jennings fantasy playoffs schedule is hit or miss, since they're playing teams who are either a) good at rushing the passer or b) good at actually defending the pass. PS: This is a redraft league.
  7. Pick 2 (No PPR) Braylon TO Leon Washington
  8. Is it too knee-jerk to drop Braylon for Massoquoi in a redraft league (no PPR). Right now my WRs are killing me. They are: TO Braylon Earl Bennett Holt Royal Mark Clayton Britt and Massoquoi are on the WW, but I'm kind worried Massoquoi might be a guy who flashes big then disappears (like Bubba Caldwell or Louis Murphy), or that they might be too inconsistent like the other WW options like Mike Wallace, Jacoby, Gage, etc. The rest of my team is good enough to keep me in it most of the time, but with even mediocre WRs I'd be in great shape. The only other option would be to trade, but I'm not really deep enough at RB unless LDT or Leon has a big game or two and allows me to safely move them.
  9. Looking for the flex play. 1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving 6 points per rushing/receiving. Options: Holt Eddie Royal Leon Washington Earl Bennett Cedric Benson. I was thinking Leon was probably the best bet. Thoughts?
  10. Follow up to previous post in my non PPR redraft. My WRs are now: TO, Braylon, Laurent Robinson, Earl Bennett, and Mark Clayton. Someone just dropped Torry Holt. Worth dropping someone to pick him up, or wait and see?
  11. Some STARTING free agent WRs in my ESPN redraft league (non-PPR). Looking for some depth & possible flex play behind TO/Braylon/Earl Bennett/Royal/Camarillo 1. Louis Murphy 2. Troy Williamson 3. Laurent Robinson 4. Sidney Rice 5. Mark Clayton 6. Isaac Bruce 7. Bryant Johnson I'd have to drop either the TB D/ST or Chargers D/ST, but I don't mind only carrying 1 D / 1 K. Any thoughts? I'm kinda leaning towards Williamson/Robinson based on situation/schedule/etc but Clayton and Bruce have upside as well.