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  1. Read up thread man. (pretty fun diversion if you 1) like sweets, 2) like colors, 3) like ball pits, 4) have all your shots. Not for toddlers.)
  2. Not for a 2 year old. My 7 loved it, my 4 year old was bored but for 2 rooms.
  3. Yup. How old is this kid? Children's Art Museum is fun if they are into making stuff. Also, lunch at Per Se is a must for any toddler.
  4. We use the Mifold. It positions the shoulder strap and is about the size of a book. It's for a 4 year old though so probably won't work in this case.
  5. Is there a way to pull up previous weeks' release radar lists?
  6. I forgot to say, totally psyched for this. Everything else will be pushed aside.
  7. Is there a way to set permissions on a spreadsheet that will allow people to input data but not change the structure of the sheet or edit formulas?
  8. Yahoo still projecting him for 5.9 points in PPR. You’re missing a zero or two Yahoo!