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  1. WTMF? Stay safe Floppo
  2. really miss the food and beverage vouchers. Now you are lucky to find a human to help you at all. It's scull faster to call for service.
  3. No, stupid. That's a slip 'n slide.
  4. I'm just noticing for the first time all of the dump trucks filled with sand surrounding the UN dignitary hotels. The Plaza is completely encircled. Rolling car bomb barrier I guess?
  5. We all remember our first terror scare affection.
  6. Now imagine it's parquet courts...
  7. I won't go a dollar over 4400.
  8. She also does magic.
  9. "We could have had it all... Rolling in the meat...."
  10. Update from the gentrifying hood: 20 year old man shot dead in the street last night a block from my house. And that is all the detail I can find. Barely warrants a mention in the news I guess and the cops blocking the street wouldn't give me any information. Good times.
  11. Haven't we done all this already? I thought it was pretty much proven that info gleaned from waterboarding and the black site program proved to be worthless.
  12. Tap Tap Joe Bryant.
  13. What a ####.
  14. Regarding the location of the bombs, there is a PATH train station right there. If the suspect is the guy, he probably rolled in from Jersey on the train and planted the first bomb as soon as he hopped of the train. Scary that he was probably on the train with at least two bombs. But clearly he didn't want to die in an explosion.
  15. Book of Mormon was excellent. Live your life FBGs!