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  1. Definitely post. I’ll see what I can pilfer. I want to upgrade my card so my 770 may be free.
  2. PUBG is a perfect Copeman joint. Just saying.
  3. Guessed Holmes myself.
  4. I'm bumping this one. I've really been enjoying it. Defintely a punk-pop sound. "Every day's the weekend" is a great tune.
  5. If you put an unstained mattress curb side in Brooklyn and label it "Bed Bug Free" it will be gone within an hour. I have no idea what they do with it but it's crazy how fast they take it.
  6. I just noticed my top 10 solo finishes are not showing up in my stats on PUBG. That is irritating. I've got three forth place finishes in the last three weeks so i have to think I'll get a dinner here soon. Somehow I've ended up outside the final circle and have had to advance on entrenched players. I'll have to work on that. Major props to Bender and TLEF and friends for all of the education in squad play. The longevity of this game for me is going to come in squad play. I'm looking forward to the new map!
  7. I can't wait to send one to my FBG buddy for the exchange.
  8. Alex Lahey - I love you like a brother. Good pop album.
  9. You took smith as the handcuff, right?
  10. A lot of fans assume a QB is a god and he does it all on his own. A good team can make a QB. Someone remind me how the Chiefs finished the season last year? The Kelce injury is a concern and injuries to other key players could derail this team. But right now the Chiefs are for real and Smith is elite. This Chargers fan is pulling for them.
  11. And ESPN dangling Rod Smith as a possibility. He’s likely free on your wire.
  12. When would we know if McFadden is put on the active roster? Doesn’t matter much to me as Morris was drafted and held by a Dallas fan in my league, just curious since DMC is my handcuff.
  13. Thank god for number 8.