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  1. Please keep spending your money against trump mike. Thank you!
  2. Bloomberg isn't ready for this. What an opening.
  3. Read On Directing film by Mamet and Adventures in the screen trade by Goldman. Read a couple of screenplays to get a feel for the structure. Get Fade In software for free. Don’t buy final draft. Write everyday and let people who will be honest read your stuff and give you notes. Submit completed scripts that aren’t total embarrassments to festivals and screenplay contests. You have a much better chance there than in Hollywoo. Good luck. Don’t quit your day job.
  4. Can’t help you with the tax but let’s get lunch!
  5. Come on Max!I don’t want to believe you believe this.
  6. The stock could crash, but luckily Leronlimab is so good it also treats depression.
  7. Yang is awesome. I don't think he'll ever be president but we've got to find a way to get him in place way up in an administration.
  8. A quick review of her Instagram confirms she is bursting with talent.
  9. It’s 2020. He can enjoy both. Why would anyone care?
  10. Boston terrier. He won it going away, while licking his crotch.