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  1. My timing was poor for a quick flip, but McBokonon said it was a sure thing. j/k GB McBokonon
  2. To sum up GOAT Leading Actor: 1 point – James Cagney 2 Points – Gregory Peck 3 Points – Peter O’Toole 4 Points – Al Pacino 5 Points – Henry Fonda 6 Points - Dustin Hoffman 7 Points – Spencer Tracy 8 Points – Sir Laurence Olivier 9 Points – Gary Oldman 10 Points – Robert Duvall 11 Points – Jack Lemmon 12 Points – Robert Deniro 13 Points – Anthony Hopkins 14 Points – Tom Hanks 15 Points – Marlon Brando 16 Points – Daniel Day Lewis
  3. I would have had him much higher on Movie Star for sure. No losers on this list, just lesser winners.
  4. TOP TIER – The true leading men 12 Points – Robert Deniro. This feels right to me because he has the lowest versatility score of the top group. He has had a wide variety of roles but can’t hide himself as well as the others. But look at the characters he has played and it’s an amazing list. Will watch him in anything. My Rank: 5 Favorite Role: Jack Walsh, Midnight Run 13 Points – Anthony Hopkins. Based on his entire catalog his roles don’t quite match up to the other greats in this list. But his performance in The Remains of the Day has some of the most heartbreaking acting moments I’ve ever seen. Oh, and Hannibal Lecter. So I’m comfortable with this ranking. My Rank: 3 Favorite Role: Stevens, The Remains of the Day 14 Points – Tom Hanks. Recency bias at play here with this one. But there are a lot of great performances in a career that could go on a few more decades. I had him rated lowest of the top tier but the awards, conglomerate ranking and versatility keep him high. My Rank: 6 Favorite Role: Josh, Big 15 Points – Marlon Brando. Say he retires after On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire. He still probably gets this spot. He has more influence on modern acting than any other actor and is kept high on the list by all other judging criteria. My Rank: 2 Favorite Role: Carmine Sabatini, The Freshman 16 Points – Daniel Day Lewis. He has by far the fewest roles on this list, best nomination percentage per role, best hit percentage per nomination and sits in the top 3 for versatility. When he plays a role, there is only the character. He is, in my opinion, the Greatest Actor of All Time. My Rank: 1 Favorite Role: Bill “The Butcher” Cutting, Gangs of New York
  5. MIDDLE TIER – The characters start to outshine the performers. 6 Points - Dustin Hoffman. I’m often uncomfortable watching Hoffman work and that is a compliment. I think that’s intentional based on the characters he plays. He has had incredible consistency over his career and remains relevant today though his roles have skewed toward supporting. I thought he was great in Meyerowitz Stories a few years back. He gets a boost from the versatility score but dragged down by the consensus wife/internet conglomerate ranking. My Rank 11, which is right where he sits after adjustments. Favorite Role: Shifu, Kung Fu Panda (j/k. Michael Dorsey, Tootsie) 7 Points – Spencer Tracy. Boosted by the awards category here. He had great run, but I have similar feelings about him as Cagney and the time period of cinema. The acting craft has changed so much. But IMO he got much better as he aged culminating in some great roles in the 60s. My Rank – 12 Favorite Role: Matt Drayton, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Along side top 5 GOAT Lead Actor Sidney Poitier) 8 Points – Sir Laurence Olivier. He is widely regarded the best Shakespearian actor of all time. He overcomes a low versatility score and gets a boost from the award category with 9 (!) nominations. He’s a great who played great, well known roles, but maybe didn’t have the meatiest characters to create from scratch. My Rank: 9 Favorite Role: Maxim de Winter, Rebecca 9 Points – Gary Oldman – The Biggest mover of the group from a near bottom personal ranking. He is boosted by his versatility rating and his conglomerate score. There is no doubt that he is a great actor but I always think of him more as a supporting player. I guess that will change more as he ages. My Rank: 15 Favorite Role: Sid Vicious, Sid and Nancy (but really Drexl in True Romance) 10 Points – Robert Duvall. I love the smell of Duvall in anything. Again though he is someone who’s supporting roles perhaps overshadow his leading ones. But he is so damn good in everything. Even though I lowered the impact he is lifted by his supporting wins as well as my rank. My Rank: 7 Favorite Role: Bull Meechum, The Great Santini 11 Points – Jack Lemmon. One of the best comedic actors and he could just rip your heart out with his serious roles. And he just got better with age bridging the different styles as cinema matured. He’s so good I’ll even stop surfing and watch him in Grumpy Old Men. He slips on the conglomerate ranking. My Rank: 4 Favorite Role: Shelley Levene, Glengarry Glen Ross
  6. LOWER TIER GREATS – I’m watching great acting, but I know what actor I’m watching as opposed to a character. 1 point – James Cagney. In my opinion he would have been better slotted into the Movie Star category than actor. He had great versatility for the time, but his acting skill is limited against the competition by the time period in which he worked. My Rank: 16 Favorite Role: Rocky Sullivan, Angels with Dirty Faces 2 Points – Gregory Peck. The clear number one for “Best Voice” category. In my opinion he is the least versatile in the category, but he always delivers with his presence. My rank: 14 Favorite Role: Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird 3 Points – Peter O’Toole. He’s dinged here for never having landed an academy award win against 8 nominations. I think he gets dinged in my versatility ranking because he played so many period kings and leaders. His performances are effortless, but always very much Peter O’Toole. It’s probably not fair, but he fits down here in the lower tier when the dust settles. My Rank: 10 Favorite Role: Eli Cross, The Stunt Man 4 Points – Al Pacino. I’m sure I’ll take a lot of crap for this ranking and honestly on first look at the list I would have said Al would be top five. But as I got into the ranking he kept falling behind others. His late career has not offered up much for me to be interested in. He turns in the third or fourth best performance in his signature Godfather series. I always know I’m watching Al Pacino no matter the role. Love the guy, but he belongs in this lower tier. My Rank: 13 Favorite Role: Sonny, Dog Day Afternoon 5 Points – Henry Fonda. Fonda is the biggest drop from my ranking when factoring in the other factors, versatility being the biggest knock. But I ranked him so high because I find him endlessly watchable and he selected great roles. Bonus points for turning in such a great performance in his final years. My Rank: 8 Favorite Role: Norman, On Golden Pond
  7. No one here on a Friday? I'm giving this a go anyway. GOAT LEAD ACTOR A refresher on the criteria. I ranked each based on my personal opinion of their acting and careers - 40% I put together an aggregate score based on 5 random web rankings and my wife's - 20% I scored an academy award hit percentage based on nominations -10% *Note, I weighted these so that Leading Actor nominations were more valuable than Supporting Actor nominations I scored academy award hit percentage based on awards per role - 10% I gave each candidate a versatility rating - 20% Lower tier first....
  8. Wait what? I already did the judging and was asked to hold until the end. Not my game though.