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  1. The finale is still on my DVR. This season was s h ! T but still the best show on a broadcast network.
  2. $3200 on camps for my 5 year old's art and outdoor day camps. Doubles as daycare. But damn.
  3. The mamangement is definitely a check in the "con" column since that will all fall on me. How big is your brothers bnb if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Knock it off smart guy.
  5. Another positive is I would have a whole apartment available for out of town friends and family to stay in when they visit. Assuming I can make enough the rest of the time, that may be the deciding factor.
  6. So here is a dilemma for you New Yorkers. Our tenants are moving out in August. To recap, we own a 4 story townhouse in Bed Stuy, not one of those super nice blocks but centrally located and the house is in pretty good shape. We are debating whether we seek new tenants (questionable 3 bedroom, grandfathered by building code workarounds) or go the Air BNB route. I'm on the fence because in general I think Air BNB has really hurt the renter. Our block is lousy with Air BNBs and they are making a killing, but our space is not the typical unit for that. We would have to charge more than a studio or one bedroom but families need to Air BNB too, right? But as a 3 bedroom, our rental pool is families (unlikely based on the hood) and a group of 3 students (pains in my ###, unreliable). Not sure what to do here. And we have to live underneath whatever we do, so that is a factor.
  7. That works for me.... when I pair it with helping a homeless couple to shelter.
  8. Whatever allows you to sleep through the night...
  9. You alert the train crew that there is a sick passenger. What else can you do? In most cases like this, they will help her off the train and set her up with station crew. 5 minutes tops.
  10. Dot. Will return with my number after I feed all the figures into Watson. Not sure how you guys are getting two phones for $100 bucks. I need some of that action.
  11. After hippling the thread, I googled him because I was unaware. As you type in his name he comes up second to Mark Sanchez. He has some work to do if he wants to run for president.
  12. “Look carefully at these two photos,” recording artist Vinnie James wrote. “The one on the RIGHT is a lesson in American exceptionalism: @FLOTUS no hijab, @POTUS no kowtow.” ####
  13. In my opinion it's three elements: positioning, patience and challenges. You have to set up some core voting blocks or you aren't in the game. You have to win a few challenges to keep your numbers and stay fed and positive. Zeke and Andrea both built good groups and had some game in challenges but they went after each other too early. They were distrusted and pegged as threats and they are gone. The patient players remain.