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  1. We're like AA for booty addicts. We're here for you bro.
  2. He would have killed him harder. So hard. He would not believe how hard he was killed.
  3. Nothing says "let's do it" like shellfish soaked hands. Keep it simple. This isn't Mardi Gras
  4. Black Amex and Costco. What else do you need?
  5. So sorry shady. Rest in peace.
  6. I remember a couples of years ago I called these guys out in that year's album thread and your head exploded when I tried to explain their sound as a low rent, mid west Jamie T. Ha! I haven't tried to do the "they sound like..." game since.
  7. I still haven't picked up the citibike pass but I'm thinking about it now with the new horrible subway commute. How hard is it going to be to hump one of these things over an east river bridge?
  8. What else have I got to do?
  9. My wife just showed me a case that expands into a clothing shelving unit. I want that thing. You get where you are going and then expand it and all your #### is accessible right there. I hate digging through a suitcase.
  10. I get a #### ton of guilt from this roast beef Sammie.
  11. You guys should jump all over the new COO about that bull ####. A more expensive one would have that AC up and running by lunch.
  12. I start my new job on Monday. It's my first 5 day a week suit job and it's hot and humid as hell. Oh and it's half a block from Trump Tower and all the hijinks we are going to to see the next few months.
  13. Back in college I used to tell the flight attendants upon boarding that I was afraid to fly but Jack Daniels helped. More often than not they would deliver one to my seat before taxi. Those were the days...