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  1. This show is great though frustratingly opaque. It’s the kind of show I wouldn’t fault someone for hating. But I’m only 1 episode Into the second season but am already hooked. Again. Nothing else like it on tv. #jazzhands.
  2. We are in play. I'm going to be scarce Saturday/Sunday as we are headed to the Catskills. Will check in when I can.
  3. I knew jaws would beat Close Encounters but that is WRONG.
  4. This will happen and it’s these kind of products that led us to the death of net neutrality. You’ll have to have 3 or four subscriptions if you want to play a mix of stuff. It also means that you can get way into a game but if the player base isn’t there they can just flip the switch and the game is dead. Just like tv! So, not crazy excited for this.
  5. OA season 2 today. I wonder if they'll explain everything?
  6. This movie is a mess. These guys are supposed to be the elite of all US military? Sheesh. They barely survived taking a compound with 4 guards watching tv and making sammiches. And what's up with that? Hey cartel guy, nice defense plan you doofus. And Affleck is the mastermind they must have on the team? Watch your six, genius. Stupid ### movie. Should have skimped more on the music budget and invested in a screenwriter.
  7. I loved that Keith trucked out of camp to find the advantages. Haha. If he wasn’t so slow (physically and mentally) he would be my new favorite.
  8. I believe it’s okay for the guy to hit him ... once. But much more awesome for the kid to egg the a hole.
  9. Great show tonight. Love the drive by on Leno.
  10. I like this guy. Therefore he has no chance.