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  1. Not the conversation right now. But nice job on your draft and roster. Seriously.
  2. Come on man!
  3. Super Bowl! But seriously. AFC west is going to be a contest.
  4. Yup, disaster to my MVP so far this season. I'll be following along as we try to figure out what to do here.
  5. Look at me! Illiterates want to work for me!
  6. Pulling for you GB. You go ahead and puke.
  7. My father in law who is from Chicago can't watch the game. We are at their house this weekend. He's convinced whenever he tunes in they are jinxed. So if they go, he won't even enjoy it. Poor bastards, you cub fans.
  8. Go as Otis. Wear xtra xtra xtra large gloves, stuff the excess fingers with sausages. Spread fake cash around behind you all night like a crop duster. :hawkscreech;
  9. From the 30 seconds of investigation, they it appears they just have a new version that has bluetooth. This is unconfirmed.
  10. The prices on Amazon are pretty amazing vs MSRP. But boy are these things ugly. The old model 7 is only 299. I may have to give it a shot.
  11. Ok, why the hell can't I open imgur lings all of a sudden?
  12. Need updated pic please. With Halloween coming up, she's bound to wear something thread worthy.
  13. This is what I hate about the current state of digital media. I just want one thing that works everywhere.
  14. Is Heos the same sort of thing as Sonos?