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  1. My 23 yr old just got an offer from a company called Lakeview Loan Servicing (she's in MN) to refi and drop her 30 yr from 4.99 to 3.65, saving her $144/month. Just under in $3k in closing costs. She doesn't have much credit history other than her mortgage and car payments, so I'm not sure what her credit score is. Chad, have you ever heard of this outfit? Do you have someone in MN other than Lender Fi since they're not taking new refis?
  2. Let me know how it goes. So far the blossom end issues are the only thing we've experienced this summer, but it's taken out too many of our tomatoes and peppers
  3. I want to try the 30 Day Yoga with Adriene and see how it goes. I assume I can search "Yoga With Adriene Day 1", etc?
  4. I'll drink anything (love bourbon and gin), all color shirts are welcome, and flower/edibles/etc get a big gold star. Honestly, though, I'm not picky so whatever is sent will be fine
  5. My list is missing one from last year - I didn't receive anything, but Senor Schmutzig sent me the package, it just got delivered to the wrong place and the house claimed they didn't get anything, despite the UPS delivery notice. So I should be four and four.
  6. I'm in the same boat. I'm really bummed out that she's missing her freshman experience as well, but am thinking she's better off going to CC and keeping in the "I'm going to college" mindset than taking a year off.
  7. Good question, she just decided to go to CC so her college hasn't been notified yet. I'll check with the Mrs. and see if they've looked into that yet.
  8. Our youngest daughter was all set to be a freshman and go off to college this year, but since everything is moving to online classes and virtually all of the activities she was excited to experience at college have been canceled, she's going to go to CC this year and then transfer to her original college if everything is ok by then for her sophomore year. I don't blame her, and it saves a good amount of money. The key will be in keeping her motivated since by staying here she'll be living at home and still working her part time job.
  9. I managed to spend an extra shot or two on each hole last night at my normal Wednesday nine. Whether it was a bad drive, bad chip, or bad putt, I kept turning potential birdies into pars and pars into bogeys. Frustrating, to say the least, but that's golf for you
  10. I keep hearing people say that Sling has buffering issues, but I've had it for going on 5 years now and have never had that issue. The guide isn't the greatest, to be sure, but I know how to get to the channels that I watch all the time. In addition, I've been paying between $30-45 per month for it depending on which add-ons I've added or removed for those 5 years, saving me a ton of moola over that time. My main gripe with Sling is that it doesn't have all of the local channels, but I can live with that until the remaining locals are added.
  11. I don't disagree with that, and was thinking more like the wife and daughter are saying they were told that because the daughter has used Macs and iPads for her junior and senior high classes.