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  1. I'll buy that, and it makes sense. I should have mentioned this in the original post, but we have two remotes and both of them are acting the same way. As soon as a new battery is installed they both start working right away, but after a couple of days the remotes no longer work and the batteries are dead.
  2. A remote starter was installed in my wife's car, and it works fine whenever a new battery is put into the remote key fob. However, after 2-3 days the battery will die, and the remote starter no longer works. Is there something wired/installed incorrectly so that the remote starter and key fob keep contact continuously and the battery ends up constantly strained until it dies? Or is there something else going on? We've gone through numerous batteries just in case the batteries were bad with the same result. Obviously we're taking it back to the installer, but I'd like to know what to tell them other than the battery is dead.
  3. SFU is back up for me as well after a force kill and logging out/in yesterday. Checked again today and it was fine without the force kill, etc.
  4. I received on this morning as well! I was wondering what was going on - big thanks to whoever it was
  5. Sorry, I got your PM but hadn't gotten around to replying since I was still trying to find the original shipment. I found that the package was delivered to my old address and stopped by there but nobody was home. I'll be stopping by again to see if there's a box there. If not, I'll shoot you my info, but only if you let me send you something in return for being a cool dude
  6. You're the third person with neck and back pain to say this (the other two were co-workers). Just ordered a Spoonk one from Amazon based on ratings and will provide my review once I've tried it a few times. I have neck and lower back issues - although not nearly as bad as some posters in this thread, when my lower back is bad it's pretty debilitating for me for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks until it gets better.
  7. Just finished a no-cost 30-year refi with LenderFi at 3.6% (apparently our townhouse was registered as a Condo by the builder when they built the development - saved them money at the time but costs us extra as condos get about a quarter percent higher APR). Painless, knocked about $300/month off the payment, and I was extremely pleased at how well it went. LenderFi immediately sold the note to Wells Fargo just like they did with Foos. Having had Wells Fargo on a previous mortage, I'm less than thrilled. If rates go down enough to make it worth my while to refi again and get away from them, I'll jump on it, but otherwise I just need them to be freaking normal for once. Still, in the end I'm saving big money. Big to @skycriesmary for his contact!
  8. I think I paid around $50 for the year (could be more than that, but it wasn't much more) a few months ago and have gotten more than my money's worth so far, so I'm cool if something happens with SFU.
  9. I'm told the shipment was delivered on 9/16, but I didn't receive anything and we have Ring doorbells on both doors that are checked constantly. That means nothing was left at either door, and I didn't have any packages in my mailbox. I'm hoping the shipment didn't go to a different address, and am staying positive LOL.
  10. In again, thanks. Do you still have my numbers or do you need them again?
  11. On the site you mentioned, what exactly did you buy? I'll definitely give this a shot if your sleeping improved that much.
  12. Haven't received anything, either, but I'm sure my guy will eventually get around to it
  13. Have a hookup for a resort in Mexico in March, just need the plane tickets for three adults. What's the best card to get for some quick miles to cover some /all of the tickets? And is this worth not following the chart? Already set with mortgage, etc, so I can wait to start churning if taking a miles card first sets me back a bit.
  14. Finally sent my package Shipping to my old stomping grounds where it's always warm, so I figure he'll get plenty of use out of the t-shirts. I'm drop-shipping one more t-shirt since the one I wanted isn't in stock and I can't wait any longer, so my guy will get an extra package in the mail to help alleviate the pain of waiting. Still haven't received my package yet, but I'm not sweating it since I always take a while to get mine out. PS - I do this every year, but let me know if anyone gets stiffed and I'd be happy to send out a small care package. I think I did it last year, and I was much faster on the 2nd stalkee than the first. So I've got that going for me