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  1. I think I have stuff sitting in Binance, Coinbase, and Uphold. Should I be moving out of any of those?
  2. Big thanks to Siff for his post and for continuing to venture into this thread and be active from time to time. There aren't enough emojis to apply to your posts! Those same emojis go out to all of you willing to take the time to explain your positions and educate us with those explanations.
  3. I'm a little fish compared to Chet and others, but my shares are at an average of $.63. I bought a bunch at $.30 but also some anywhere from $.60 to $1.37. The $1.37 price was definitely FOMO for me when it was on the rise. Too bad I was paying attention that day, or else I'd have a much lower average cost. I'm still a believer and in it for the long haul, and I'm only using money I can afford to lose, but it was definitely nicer when it was shooting up LOL.
  4. I'll let you know how it turns out, I decided to be the guinea pig and ordered one The seller is some Chinese site through Shopify so I'm not holding my breath, but the transaction took place through Paypal, so I've got some protection there. I figured it was worth a shot and something I can spend part of my fantasy football winnings on. If it works out, great, and if it doesn't, hopefully I can get the $$ back through Paypal. I'll let you know what happens. Now, if this works out I'm going to need to learn how to row, as I don't think I've ever done it before in my life other than messing around a few times at the gym. I'm looking for a low or no impact form of exercise, though, so maybe this will be the start of something beautiful
  5. What do the sane people use for gold and silver, then? I;m looking to start putting something aside in precious metals for further diversification.
  6. Love this idea of keeping your same handle and the smart lock hidden. Joined the Reserve group as I may give this a go when they become available.
  7. I just confirmed that I'm past the first spend threshold if it's $3k, and my statement is on the 17th, so it sounds like they'll give me my bonus before the year end. Live and learn, I guess. I'll have to get smarter with this churning stuff.
  8. So I started the churning journey and went down the left side of the flowchart. I accidentally got the Chase SW Premier Biz on accident instead of the Performance Biz first, and have had it for about a month. I'm either close to or at the spend requirement but it doesn't show on my account yet, I'm assuming because the points are noted on the statement date each month? Following the flow chart I should apply for the SW Performance Biz card next, right? And how long should I wait to apply for it? The Wiki suggests around 3-6 months between applying for separate Chase cards, I assume to help you avoid hitting the 5/24. Another question - do I slow roll my spend if I'm not at it yet and wait until after the new year so the bonus is applied at the beginning of the year? I thought I read the companion pass is 125k in a calendar year, so wouldn't that mean if I get my bonus before 2019 ends it won't count towards my 125k for 2020? So many questions...I'm reading the Reddit and Wiki but it's a lot of information to digest. Stay tuned for more silly questions on this crazy ride. My goal is to put forth the effort to allow me to approach Culdeus' success - though I doubt I'll get anywhere near his level of awesomeness, even 30-50% of his success would be worth the effort.
  9. How much would you recommend for a 23lb turkey? And just brine overnight? Do you recommend air drying in the fridge after the brine?
  10. We got a Shark last year and it's been stellar ever since, and handles the fur from our two dogs with ease. Definitely a good buy.
  11. I'm looking for a wet brine recipe and instructions for a 23 lb turkey that'll be cooked in the oven. The families involved are pretty traditional Thanksgiving families, so I'm going to have to smoke a turkey on the Camp Chef some other time to convince them for next year.
  12. I'll buy that, and it makes sense. I should have mentioned this in the original post, but we have two remotes and both of them are acting the same way. As soon as a new battery is installed they both start working right away, but after a couple of days the remotes no longer work and the batteries are dead.