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  1. yeah ok........ I have several friends that I would let borrow my car. NONE of them would end up fleeing the scene of a wreck and also leave behind hollow point bullets and marijuana - in MY CAR!!
  2. Han recognized who she was. He might have never met her....but he knew she was Luke's kid. I think so too. Cutting away from Han/Maz at the exact moment she asks him who Rey is and then going straight to the Luke lightsaber scene sure seems a pretty big whopping clue about who she is. I agree Han knew and that's why he asked her to join him and Chewie. For whatever reason (which we're bound to learn) Han couldn't tell Rey who she was but this was his way of trying to protect his niece. An understated act of heroism which was always his preferred way of operating. Really good point pack. You just made me realize that Maz suddenly wants to give up the lightsaber after all these years and ironically right after she asked Han who she was. Rey's acid trip after touching it was just icing on the cake.Plus there's the stuff from the trailers that got cut like the "Who are you?" "I've seen eyes like yours (paraphrasing)" and the let the force in stuff all from Maz. Maybe it was cut because Abrams thought it would give too much away too soon and too clearly about who Rey was. ETA - I'm pretty sure Maz also wouldn't wanna give Luke's lightsaber to just anyone who might have the force. It would have to be someone special and someone strongly connected to Luke. I don't think I've seen this mentioned (but I haven't read every page), but there are also Luke's lines from the 2nd trailer that were cut. Something like "the force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it, and you have that power too". To me, that sounds like Luke talking to Rey. Not only is he telling her that she is strong with the force, but that she is his daughter. It just doesn't sound like those lines would have ever been made for the movie so he could talk to his niece.
  3. Seriously, and he was the last year of the monster guaranteed contracts. Dude is loaded and has done nothing. Why would it cause anyone to break into a cold sweat? The only way he gets that $18 million for year 2 is if he has a very productive year 1 and stays healthy. At that point he was worth the $13 in year 1. At this point I think as Eagle fans we should be happy if he ends up getting $31 million for 2 years. No cold sweat here.
  4. @marcsesslernfl: Feels like the Foles/Bradford trade is part of a three-team swap. We just don't know the third team yet.@mattlombardo97.5: Bill Polian on ESPN: "Keep an eye on Philadelphia, there is another shoe to drop. There is another shoe to drop" I'm not blowing out my hope candle until the first offensive snap of week 1 and Bradford is under center. Until then i wont believe it. I would love to believe all of that, but I just don't see how it makes any sense. If Bradford was moving to another team, it would have to happen now. He couldn't wait until the draft and hope it works out. If Bradford isn't moving, what does he do with Bradford, Sanchez, and MM? It is Bradford and Sanchez for 2015. Can't believe I just typed that.
  5. Well, that's one way to get people to stop talking about you being a racist.
  6. So Cobb goes 4/40. Rumor had Eagles at 9/yr with Maclin wanting 11/yr. Does Cobbs deal help them get it done or does it put big $ in Maclin's eyes knowing he is the top WR left?
  7. One thing that is really disappointing about this year is that I was hoping we would get a full season to watch Foles. He was really cut short this year just when the offensive line was starting to come together. That said, I can't believe some of the comments I have heard on national ESPN radio regarding the Eagles and our QB situation. It's as if Chip was counting on turning Sanchez's career around and now the Eagles have no idea where to turn. I heard Joe Theismann (I know) on one of the shows today and he lumped the Eagles in with teams that are unsettled at the QB position. Hello out there??? I put this together myself, so I might have something wrong, but you get the point. Eagles under Chip when Foles starts and finishes the game over the last 2 years (including the playoff game) = 13-4 Against teams that finished at or below .500 = 10-2 Losses @ Vikings in 2013 and @ SF in 2014. The Vikings loss was a bad one. SF is a 'good' bad team. Either way, both on the road. I think we all would take this kind of record moving forward. Against teams that finished over .500 = 3-2 Wins 2013 - @GB (no Rodgers and they were barely over .500 so this isn't as impressive as it sounds) 2013 - AZ (good home win against a good team) 2014 - @IND on Monday night (Foles leads game tying drive starting at 5:00 and game winning FG drive starting at 2:00) Losses 2013 - NO playoff game (Foles leaves field after TD drive to get the lead, never touches ball again) 2014 - @AZ (Foles leads FG drive to take the lead at 2:00. Then, after the defense blows it, he gets team to the AZ 16 after starting at his own 20 with 1:21 remaining) I really don't know if Foles is the answer or not. The above is just too small of a sample size. However, even in the 2 losses Foles had the team in position to win. I can't seem to figure out how anyone doesn't think that the Eagles have their QB for at least next year and that there is still great reason for optimism about the position. The Eagles have their starter. Fix the other stuff on the team. Draft a QB to groom as a backup.
  8. I was happy to see him get a national interview this morning on Mike & Mike. Then they started the interview with a question about Vick and spent what seemed like half their time on him.
  9. For various reasons. mostly having little to do with ACA the growth in healthcare spending has been in line with inflation since the passage of the ACA. There have been small savings in both public and private spending directly attributable to ObamaCare, but other factors (the greater economy for one) have been larger contributors. All of the doomsday predictions in this thread are ultimately tied to this number whether or not changes are related or not. Seriously? that is what you can come up with? the growth in spending has been in line with inflation since the passing of the ACA? of course you do know that the ACA is just beginning to take effect don't you? any change in spending because of the passage is just beginning. also, are these the inflation numbers put out by the same government that state that health care spending is 0.659% of the family budget? yeah, there isn't any inflation. use the same formula they used when Carter was president. 8-10%
  10. Totally disagree with you. An invading army may be tougher, but if our gov't becomes tyrannical, you better believe that a well armed citizenry would help. It's very, very tough to police your own people, and if they are by and large armed? Huge difference in such an internal-insurgent/civil war.Hardly a delusion. And even if it helps in a minor way, I'll take empowering the electorate. If in doing so, of course, you don't end up infringing on more freedoms than you wish to even protect.Sorry Koya, I really like you and respect your postings, but if you believe that private gun-owners in this country could prevent a dictatorship, you're dreaming. What protects us from a dictatorship is our military which would refuse to use its' sophisticated weaponry on its own citizenry. But if it wanted to, forget about it.of course. we all know how calm and peaceful Iraq and Afghanistan are because of our sophisticated weaponry. it really is that simple. have the sophisticated weapons and you can impose your will on any population.
  11. Totally disagree with you. An invading army may be tougher, but if our gov't becomes tyrannical, you better believe that a well armed citizenry would help. It's very, very tough to police your own people, and if they are by and large armed? Huge difference in such an internal-insurgent/civil war.Hardly a delusion. And even if it helps in a minor way, I'll take empowering the electorate. If in doing so, of course, you don't end up infringing on more freedoms than you wish to even protect.exactly. has anyone totaled the number of people murdered by "their governments" since our 2nd amendment was passed? it has to be in the hundreds of millions. of course that could never happen here. i'm not worried about it happening tomorrow, or even in my lifetime. but it is incredibly short sighted to think that it couldn't happen to your children or grand children. i choose to give them their god given right to defend themselves at whatever point they see fit. i'm not going to count on a government elected by those willing to steal from one group to provide for another. disagree all you want, i really don't care.
  12. Dude, I gave you a strong argument in a bulletized post, using quantitative and qualitative points, that Flacco was the better quarterback yesterday. You said he wasn't and Collins was.Tell me how Flacco was legitimately the second best QB playing yesterday. I don't see any rational argument that could make that case - but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and giving you a chance to explain it.All of your questions were rhetorical.I had faith in Kerry Collins driving the Titans down the field. I had no faith in Flacco driving the Ravens down the field. Collins easily could have had one TD and Flacco easily could have had multiple TDs; just because a receiver fumbles or a DB drops a ball doesn't mean the QB did a good or bad job.To be fair, I put a bit of the blame on the Ravens OC as well. The play calling was too conservative yesterday, and if the Ravens lost, everyone would be killing that playcalling.:goodposting:Sorry GB but this only tells me that you should retract your "2nd best QB" comment.I tend to give the moderators and admin the benefit of the doubt when reading the boards. But it really is posts like this one that make me realize they are all subject to the same bias as any other fan.Chase - Please explain how Flacco was the 2nd best QB in that game. Please provide something other then "you had faith in the other guy". You can't. It makes you lose a lot of credibility. And I'll save you the trouble - i don't have any because i don't post much. but that doesn't change things for you.
  13. 5473 - 5091 I'm a little concerned because the logins my wife and I have start with L and V and neither of us has gotten the confirmation email yet. We'll keep checking.
  14. Saw this a while ago, only started voting today. Not only do you get to help a FBG, but it is easily the best idea of the bunch anyway. Good luck!