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  1. I don't understand all of this. So aerosol spread is the same thing as droplet spread? You claim that anyone who doubts the mask studies about droplet spread don't understand how COVID spreads. Then you quote studies about aerosol spread. Are they the same thing? I wasn't under the impression that they are. But that could be a misunderstanding on my part. If a mask that contains droplets also contains aerosols it makes a big difference.
  2. Right. But the study doesn't talk about the quantify of the virus contained by the mask. Just the particles measured. They are not the same thing. Are you saying they are the same thing? I don't think they are and I don't think the study claims they are, but I could be wrong. But as long as I can cross the person of the list because their concerns are "not known" I don't have anything to worry about. I just get confused about our scientific theories based on limited evidence. You know, which ones matter and which ones don't.
  3. Serious question. Anybody have any idea?? I've read things like this: They can't work because blocking 1,000 pretty-large droplets sounds like it's great except hundreds of thousands or even millions of condensed water vapor molecule clusters were also expelled, they have enough virons on them to infect another person and very nearly zero of those are caught by the mask in either direction. The ones you see when you breathe out in the winter are >50um in size (the limit of visibility to the unaided eye); more than 50 times the size of the mean particle you actually exhale. Worse, every one of those tiny particles, unless condensed out or breathed in by someone else can remain in the air for hours since they are small enough to remain within the purview of brownian motion of air molecules; that is, they "float" so to speak because the energy of said molecular vibration and ordinary air currents, even indoors, is large compared to the pull of gravity toward the ground and thus they remain suspended in the air.
  4. What percentage of virus expelled was collected by any of the masks? Isn't that the actually question?
  5. So when did they take the test? Did they show up with it in their system, get tested on Monday, and reported positive today? Or have they been testing every day since Monday, all negative, and suddenly today they were all positive. I haven’t seen any of these articles that make the timeline clear for any of these college or pro teams. At the end of the day it’s the same problem for the sports, but it sure would be helpful to analyze if they are getting it at the facilities or bringing it in from a bunch of different directions. Has anyone seen this clarified?
  6. Kind of how I feel. Wouldn’t mind a couple spot move up at a low cost, but otherwise stay or even move back is fine.
  7. Nope, no "magical" spreading. It is just the that at a 1% death rate it is 100 times as deadly as the flu. If that isn't a big deal to you, then cool. Nothing to worry about, just another flu virus.
  8. How about that catch by Brown tonight? Can you imagine anyone on the Eagles making that catch?
  9. Where is this being reported about AB? edit - I looked, didn't see it anywhere. Just asking, not doubting you.
  10. What a complete load of crap. There is so much money being dumped into "anti-gun" research the government could never dream of spending enough to keep up. Acting like somehow if the government didn't fund the research it can't happen is embarrassing for you.
  11. At face value? How much deeper do we need to look? Embellish?? He lied about the cause of death of his wife and child to score political points and give a good speech. In doing so he also accused a dead man of a crime. Do you think he just forgot what caused that accident? It is disgusting.