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  1. I thought I had a real shot at some cash with 13 players involved. Of course no Damien Williams and too much McCoy and Mecole did me in... ETA: Finished 28th
  2. The board consensus (and I apologize if you don't agree) is that FBG should move to a percentage cut each week versus a hard number. Even a 10% cut in week one would require at least a score to advance. That being said, this is the first time in quite a while we have had fewer than 3,000 entries (the week 1 cut).
  3. I think getting the under on Mostert's carries might be good value. Coleman is trending towards playing. I can see the under hitting.(Haven't checked current number or value)
  4. I decided to go the DTV 4K route late last year. My experience.... You have to get new equipment for 4K content. Now, I only have one 4K TV so I only had to get a receiver for the main TV. The genie minis that I had were compatible with it. There is no increase in programming fees but they will (likely) charge you to upgrade the receiver. I managed to get them to acquiesce to a single $99 charge although there were installation($199 maybe?) charges that they offset with credits. I haven't watched a lot on the three 4K channels they have, although I have watched a couple college FB games. I hopeful more content is coming, but I don't know I would pay much for the "upgrade".
  5. I'm one of the 13-player teams that would have been eliminated, but not for lack of trying. I had $45 in players who played in week one and only scored 31.2. A.J Brown barely registered a blip and Arcega-Whiteside had 0. I tried to find the two teams I thought had the best shot at the SB which I could get 11+ players on while still having skin in the game after week 1 and that ending up being KC-SF. I think (hope?) we see a slight modification next season to at least generate a cut that requires at least a positive score to advance in week 1. I get it's modeled after the regular season contest, but with only 4 weeks versus 13 (to advance), the difference in no week-one cut is immense.
  6. I need Damian Williams to fumble on his first carry and SF return it for a TD. Then Reid turn to McCoy for the rest of the game. I also need Tyreek to pull a hammy leading into the game (nothing major, just enough to miss the game). I also need Coleman to not get healthy and another game like the NFC Championship Game from SF. I don't think that's asking too much...
  7. OK, I know I can't win, but give me your honest opinion about placing for a prize. Mahomes, McCoy, Watkins, Hardman, Kelce, Butker, KC D/ST Garoppolo, Mostert, Deebo, Kittle, Gould, SF D/ST Notably missing Tyreek and Damian Williams and potentially Coleman or Jusczek.
  8. Next year, I'll just take all the players from one team and see how that goes! 😁
  9. Cole Beasley $12 8.40 0.00 A.J. Brown $13 1.40 2.80 MyCole Pruitt $2 3.40 3.00 Patrick Mahomes $36 0.00 51.35 LeSean McCoy $10 0.00 0.00 Sammy Watkins $9 0.00 11.00 Mecole Hardman $8 0.00 3.90 Travis Kelce $22 0.00 46.40 Harrison Butker $12 0.00 9.00 Kansas City Chiefs $10 0.00 7.00 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside $3 0.00 0.00 Kirk Cousins $15 18.00 13.60 Marquez Valdes-Scantling $2 0.00 1.80 Jimmy Garoppolo $25 0.00 11.55 Raheem Mostert $14 0.00 5.80 Deebo Samuel $16 0.00 7.80 George Kittle $21 0.00 6.10 Robbie Gould $8 0.00 9.50 San Francisco 49ers $12 0.00 10.00 Seven players counting for week 3. If TN has to pass at some point, maybe I'll get more than 6 points from my TN players. KC-SF Super Bowl nets me 13 counting players, although I have LeSean McCoy and not Damien Williams, which could be the difference.
  10. Cole Beasley $12 8.40 A.J. Brown $13 1.40 MyCole Pruitt $2 3.40 Patrick Mahomes $36 0.00 LeSean McCoy $10 0.00 Sammy Watkins $9 0.00 Mecole Hardman $8 0.00 Travis Kelce $22 0.00 Harrison Butker $12 0.00 Kansas City Chiefs $10 0.00 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside $3 0.00 Kirk Cousins $15 18.00 Marquez Valdes-Scantling $2 0.00 Jimmy Garoppolo $25 0.00 Raheem Mostert $14 0.00 Deebo Samuel $16 0.00 George Kittle $21 0.00 Robbie Gould $8 0.00 San Francisco 49ers $12 0.00 The no-cut in week 1 saved my bacon. Only lost two guys and will have 8 countable players this week. I like my chances if KC-SF wind up in the SB...(MINN and TEN advancing this weekend would be HUGE)
  11. I think the Bills are still a year away from being legitimate contenders. Houston has a penchant for scoring in bunches, and I think they get some big strikes early and hold on for the win. Houston 27-21.
  12. My brain says the Seahawks easy, but then again my brain has cost me money in the past. It took a bad snap for the Eagles to finally put away the Giants last week. I don't think the 'Hawks will suffer the same fate. Seattle 24-17.
  13. I agree, but I also know hamstring injuries have a tendency to pop back up even after a player looks like he's 100% over it.
  14. I'm leaning NO in this one just because of how good they are on both sides of the ball. Combine that with a huge homefield advantage and I think they can win bu double digits. NO 38-28.
  15. I'd reluctantly take the points, but Henry's health is the key in this game. He's probably over the hamstring injury that held him out of week 16, but he just had 32 carries. If Henry is in any way limited, I think the Pats can focus their attention on A.J. Brown and get a win at home. Let's say 21-17. IF Henry can play his normal allotment of snaps, I think the Titans can squeak by. 24-21 or something similar.