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  1. Thanks @need2know. How far in advance did you call? We're moving on 7/29 and I don't think the new house has a dish. Just to confirm, you didn't cancel but just called and told them you were moving, correct? Assuming based on the free stuff, there was no additional fees for the move, correct?
  2. So, we are moving at the end of the month. I've done the "Negotiation Mamba" every year, but wondered if there was any advice for this somewhat unique circumstance. I'm out of contract and in the last month of credits from last year. I wouldn't mind a free upgrade to their 4k receiver, even though the channel selection in 4k is sparse at best. Maybe future-proofing a little? I've heard about a significant charge to move, even though they advertise to call them and they'll make the process easy. Anybody have any experience with moving? Best to cancel and reup or negotiate?
  3. I think the thing that makes it a hard pass from me is the mayo. Not sure why, but that just seems like it doesn't belong.
  4. I limited my selections to albums released from July 1991 through June 1992. As such, here is my list, in no particular order. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Red Hot Chili Peppers) The Dirt Road (Sawyer Brown) Wayne's World (Soundtrack) Totally Krossed Out (Kriss Kross) Mack Daddy (Sir Mix-A-Lot)
  5. So, I got my information from here for reference. For me, these were the best of the bunch (some are loosely described as comedies) 2010 - The Other Guys, Toy Story 3, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 2011 - Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses 2012 - TED 2013 - Nothing 2014 - Lego Movie, What We Do In The Shadows 2015 - Nothing 2016 - Deadpool, Zootopia 2017 - Baby Driver, Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2018 - Game Night As to why no comedies in the past decade have transcended like some before, I can't answer that. Maybe the trend of having "tent-pole" releases (Marvel movies, Star Wars movies, Avatar, etc.) as opposed to having more niche-based movies is the reason.
  6. Watched "The Perfection" on Netflix the other night. Not your typical horror movie, but more of a revenge flick. Go into it blind like I did for maximum effect. I'd say 3.5/5, but it kept me interested throughout.
  7. Contact whoever you ordered them from. Worst case they ask you to send them back and get you the right item. Best case they tell you to keep them and still send you the right item.
  8. If it's not too late, you can get the same TV with a voice-enabled remote from Amazon for the same price. The remote is the only difference between the two, but the ability to search by voice might be worth the hassle.
  9. It's on my "to watch" list this weekend, so I'll defer to you on this. Just heard it was an amazing movie. Thanks for the info!
  10. There is a rumor going around that the author of the Exodus Redux add-on pushed a new update recently. Can't confirm with 100% certainty, but might be worth a look for you.
  11. Wall-E Incredibles (either one) Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is on digital right now
  12. If you're ever in the Nashville area, check out Game Galaxy Arcade. Tons of classic stand-up machines (Galaga, Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man, etc.) and probably 100+ pinball machines from the early days to some current ones (Ghostbusters, Hobbit, Deadpool, etc.). They also have consoles set up (NES, SNES, all the way up to PS4 and the PSVR). I think it's $10 for an all-day pass, and everything is free play. Located in Smyrna. I'd link to the website, but it's sorely out of date.
  13. The default GAIA interface is not too bad, especially if you rope in Trakt. I follow a couple lists on there, and I can view those lists in GAIA that shows me the latest movies on BR/DVD so I don't waste my time watching a cam version of a newer movie. I use Super Favourites so links to my TV shows and movie lists are accessible from the home screen and I don't have to navigate through GAIA each time. The biggest advantage of GAIA is the sheer amount of tweaking you can do to how the add-on searches for sources. You want only cached content that is 1080p or higher and is less than 10 gbs in size? You can set that. You want to stop searching sources after you find 10 that meet a certain criteria? You can do that, too. I can go from searching a movie to watching a 1080 or better in less than 30 seconds. I haven't really utilized RD in a while. Had both for a few months, but I've not had an issue finding anything with PM. The cost is a bit more, but the customer support is top notch (something I've heard is not true with RD) and they sometimes run specials (I got 2 years for ~ $100 as part of a Black Friday promotion). You can find 3 day trials to PM on Reddit just to check and see if the upgrade in quality is worth the extra $$$. ETA: The awesome thing about KODI with almost any of the up-to-date addons (GAIA, Seren, 13 Clowns the go-to choices right now) is you can find all the Netflix and Prime shows as well. I can't convince the wife to drop DTV yet because of the convenience of the List and we watch enough live TV to hang on for a bit longer, but hopefully we can drop all those services by 2020.
  14. I mainly use GAIA (with a Premiumize subscription) for movies/TV. No shortage of 1080 or higher links and plenty of sources. I don't look for "in theater" stuff, just wait for BR/DVD rips to drop, which is usually no later than same day of release. Retroplayer utilizes the same libretro cores Retroarch uses, but it's all self-contained within KODI. The emulator cores are all in the official KODI repo and I paired it with the IAGL add-on (found at IAGL launcher) to launch the ROMs. It's all free, but does come with some gray area concerns, but if you're using KODI to watch movies/TV, it's the same color of gray for me.
  15. I'm currently using 18.1 without any issues for what I utilize it for (watching movies & TV, mainly). The addition of the Retroplayer to play older videogames from the internet is a nice addition. The biggest complaints I'm hearing is the KODI dev team has put some sort of limit on how many settings an add-on can have, which is generally not a big deal for most casual users but those that want to have total control have found this limitation frustrating. There are some skins and add-ons that haven't been fully ported to 18.1 yet, so 17.6 is probably the more used option right now, but I suspect 18 will be the new normal within the next couple releases.