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  1. Thoprawishes Keerock. I have no concept of the pain. I'm sure it's a thousand times worse than I can even begin to imagine. My heart breaks for you.
  2. Minor per Adam Schefter
  3. I think they keep 6 WRs with both Switzer and Rogers, hoping to sneak Spenser onto the PS. Holton's injury hurt his chances. He brings something different to the table than Switzer or Rogers, but hasn't had a chance to show it.
  4. Have they ever kept 5 RBs? I can't see them not keeping any of the other 4. Artie isn't terrible as CB5/6. He's just not a good CB1/2/3
  5. I misrembered. Still, I think this underestimates the impact of the missed opportunity.
  6. They would have still had a pick at 20. They could have Bush and Noah Fant.
  7. They did hit all of their need spots. It just remains to be seen if they picked the right guys at those spots. Still don’t know what caused Harmon to drop and wish we’d taken a flier on him. They must feel pretty confident in Washington to only grab a slot guy.
  8. There’s the TE. Not familiar with him, but I’m sure he’s decent
  9. I like the Snell pick. Good depth, but I would’ve loved Harmon from NC State. Maybe he and Alize Mack make it to round 5