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  1. Good work. Well thought out. Almost zero chance Steelers take a CB in Rd 2. If the pick is on D, it will likely be an edge rusher. More likely than not, it will be on O.
  2. This mock draft: With Chase Claypool at pick 125 and AJ Dillon at 178 would make me deliriously happy.
  3. For all of you critics of Mike Tomlin out there...he did the right thing backing up Rudolph and taking on ESPN.
  4. I'm going to have to shave my head now, aren't I?
  5. You've had two full hours for snooping!
  6. I can't wait until it shows up at your ex's house.
  7. She did have quite the motive, however.
  8. I suspect that this topic isn't getting the proper amount of attention based upon the innocent sounding title.
  9. Foos couldn't even keep his elevator shoes joke a secret for 5 minutes, you think he's capable of the long con? Negative. My main suspect is Uncle Steve. Or that woman who tried to molest every man at your housewarming party.
  10. Current (Men) John Mullaney Gary Gulman Anthony Jesilnek, Trevor Noah (if you count him as current stand up) Current (Women) Whitney Cummings Michele Wolf Iliza Schlessinger/Nikki Glazer