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  1. I wish someone would have taken her in, but where does it end? what happens when she doesn’t get invited to the mixer or formal with a date? do you let her get blind drunk as I understand frat people do at parties? If not, is that exclusionary?
  2. What can I tell you man, thats the gut reaction. What am I missing in what I laid out? Did she not ask to testify?
  3. You know, occams razor to me, would be this is less about getting to some truth and more about a delay. Good politics, and I'm glad to see the dems willing to fight dirty. However, exploiting claims of this nature, if we are not able to verfiy them, does two things. It wrecks this guy, and it makes the case of future accusers look weak. I guess I support the game but hate the play calling. In terms of the dance, correct me if I'm wrong, the FBI has never initiated an investigation at this point in the proceedings, as this was going to a vote. So, where are we left with procedure in terms of that?
  4. To term this as credible, here is my gut reaction snap judgement hot take. A man stands accused, a woman asks for justice and to be heard. That request is granted, the accused agrees to face the music and the accussor basically says “now wait just a minute”. You waited 36 years for this, presumably, if this event required therapy, and you have been given what you asked for and want more?
  5. I’d probably go with the rape first, As we can see here it’s moved the needle
  6. Well what was the end game of Feinstein, as we were approaching the vote, saying the had this accusation at that point? Was her name always going to be a factor at some point?
  7. I agree with you that was wrong, and was more spineless capitulation by dems, and they didn’t even get anything for it. They’ve also been rubber stamping judges and approving his budgets and voting for trump wars
  8. If you believe this to be a credible accusation, how do you feel about it not being the first question asked of him when questioned?
  9. he’s not my guy and again I’m asking questions because I work all day and I see a dopey meme and I’m curious to know if this contrasting information to the main narrative is true. I’m not saying you did, I’m saying this woman, if this story doesn’t hold up, did. It seems a fluid story to me, although I think I had more sympathy 48 hours ago. She asked for a chance to speak, to be heard and I supported and still support that. She was afforded that and it seems to me like all hell broke loose. She wants an fbi investigation, she’s gotten death threats(which frankly is hard to believe) she won’t fly, and this letter is apparently under wraps for some reason. Why? I just don’t understand the business of this country being put on hold by a person showing herself to be erratic and having inconsistencies to her account apparently.
  10. I did not support the GOP's stance on that, but as best I recall, no one attacked his reputation.
  11. I didn't really mention outrage and nor do I feel it. But I would think we would all be interested in some fairness to the proceeding and Kavanaugh seems reasonably willing to face questioning on the matter and the accuser has seemed wishy washy and if in fact the letter accusing him is somehow redacted, I don't really understand why. I figure If I stood accused, I'd like to know what the hell I'm being accused of. And I'd also like to know if this is a capital crime, why was it used as an October surprise rather than addressed earlier in this process? So I'm not "outraged" about the court insomuch as I'm disheartened to think accusations can destroy people and as more time passes and there is more foot dragging, it feels less about a woman achieving justice and more about politics as usual.
  12. so is feinstein really withholding the letter? If so, why? What exactly is he defending himself from if she refuses to testify and the allegations outlined are withheld? Can anyone tell me why the dems sat on this during the inital phase of review with Kavanaugh?
  13. I did, thank you. Is that really a party then?
  14. If this event shaped your life to the point of needing therapy 35 years later , could you remembered if it betsy’s House or Mikey’s? If there were 4 guys or 2? im willing to operate from the position that prep school kids are jagoffs on the whole but if we can’t trust her memory from 5 years ago with a therapist how are we to trust it from 40 years ago when this stands as an isolated incident until someone not else comes forward if he did this at 17, he did it again in college. Someone else would know something If this is all we got, we got nothing
  15. have we figured out where the party was yet? How can he deny being there if she doesn't know where it was?