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  1. Throwing out the west coast, you get one of two cities in America: Glass or Brick. The only city with any real culture in this country is New Orleans, it feels like a different world. Everything is some reordering if Bank of Americas, CVS pharmacies and starbucks
  2. love the curvy younger girl working the desk in Bob Ross inc.
  3. I've wanted to own one since I was little, I had heard urban rumors in the early days of the internet that some libraries around where he lived had them. But there's something massively heartening knowing they're not for sale. Bob was for everyone
  4. We live in a modern world, where the logical point of where you'd take Bond is now a third rail amongst financiers, in that they are so afraid of the Chinese market, you don't get much of them as a logical antagonist. You took Bond through the Cold War, and then into the terror age, and even the quantum of solace/skyfall arc somewhat openly touched upon the antiquated nature of a "super spy" concept in the face of technology being the next wave of espionage. In terms of the casting, ever choice seems like a reaction. Connery was the Flemming prototype as I understand it(haven't read the books) but dark haired, dark eyed, mysterious suave. How do you follow Connery? After a Lazenby miss, Moore takes the tone in a totally different direction that I think worked. Dalton is a return to form but really was a poor placeholder as for some reason Pierce Brosnan didn't want to do it in 1987. But he was pretty serviceable in the role. Craig, indeed, the blonde Bond, yet another reaction but I don't know many who saw "Layer Cake" who doubted him, he had great presence. How do you follow Craig, you do another 180 on the concept. If this chick flops, we go back to where it belongs anyway, a constant reboot.
  5. I don't recall pants crapping, I do know Bond felt dead as a doornail at that point, like there was nothing left to do with this character. Craig is great, and I liked personally what they did with it, but it was a bit of a cheat to have the carryover movie to movie. I mean, a hardcore bond fan will love Skyfall but emotionally investing in M and things like the Aston Martin are a big cheat and not exactly fair to the franchise going forward because if you're going to do that with the universe, how do you top it? Craig coming back at all is probably a huge mistake but a testament to his star power, which does seem limited to this character. Much like Moore, he couldn't do anything with other roles but he was a star in this role. What guy could you basically reboot all you've done with to tell new spy stories. Bond became a personal character with connections, feelings and relations. Made for a nice character but hamstrung things. I always say Bond is like the Beach Boys. The Beach Boys weren't the Beatles, but they got to a pretty good level and they were able to stay there and they're still going out touring today. They have a dedicated base that supports them. Now that Bond is a blockbuster and apparently has blockbuster expectations based on recent receipts, the whole thing may be skewed. So a black female 007 may make the most sense in the world Especially if it means you can keep Craig as some sort of Yoda.
  6. Following Craig is a thankless job that’s likely a fail so I get their attempt to totally revisit I object more to makingn bond serial as opposed to episodic. Carrying over too much story paints you in a corner in a franchise this old
  7. Bobby I've felt the same thoughts on this and I work in NYC each day, just finding your post years later. I agree totally on this being a basic foundational step to hopefully maybe assess some folks and at a bare minimum help them feel good about themselves. I hadn't considered a truck but I was thinking about renting a room at the Hotel Pennsylvania to have access to the shower at least. I guess its strange on the spectrum of requests to these homeless folks, hey pal you wanna come up to my room with me. But I don't know what else to do. Its harder and harder to walk by the growing numbers of these people without doing something
  8. I don’t know if the xfl has the same Partnership model as the NFL, and it seems like they’re marketing a bit to the maga crowd by that league might get interesting if they signed Kaep
  9. He didn’t willfully give up his career, he reportedly was willing to stop kneeling to get back in the league. He also got reportedly a near 9 figure settlement from the league
  10. I think it is a certain arrogance and a rationalization to justify this sweatshop situation. I can’t speak for these workers, the totality of their wants and desires, but our involvement warps the market of what was a fishing/Agro culture in almost every respect. I don’t know how you quantify happiness or contentment, but being connected with the earth and living a simpler life seems to grade out happier than taking people away from a naturalistic life and putting them inside of a factory to toil away. But the market dictates that if 20 cents an hour changes the housing market and local food cost, you have to keep up with the joneses. But on a net level, leaving the people stressed and less happy. But we are giving them money! More than they could ever make in Cambodia! Well I’d guess, the “bonus” of giving African tribesmen Christianity was also a rationalization and justification. The mere fact of giving them clothes, food. These people are “free” but are they really if our intrusion has totally skewed what the local financial ecosystem would be without Nike et al coming in. Now I say this with the caveat, I don’t know what the local opinion is of this, maybe they’re happy to chase a western, more material existence. But the end result still seems to leave them unhappy at work even if the end result is advantageous
  11. What is your metric of “good” for these people?
  12. That’s their purview and right, but when they willingly seek out political wedge points, it calls this into question. Slaves were sold at market rates too, and Masas gave them food and shelter, they did more for slaves than we did too. This also says nothing of the environmental impact they inflict by manufacturing in countries with less regulation. It is a market rate but indeed a market they create by self imposed scarcity. Legal? Of course. Ethical, for a company that has taken the mantle of social justice? We have limited marketing in this country due to people being impressionable and irresponsible, maybe it’s time for Nike to face similar regulation since people with no money are waiting in line all night for new kicks