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  1. Thank you for the info, given the rb market and the situation I’m definitely stashing. He was pretty electric at maryland, watched him a lot, not sure if his instincts to run inside and you can’t live forever bouncing it outside but he did light up osu doing that who have good athletes
  2. He seems to get the best coverage. He’s a deep guy and dak hasn’t had much time but the line is healing. Gallup will be 1000-7 in the end
  3. Devonta went for 77 out of 200 in my 12 teamer
  4. I wonder if they don't come up with some kind of "dead arm" injury for Brees. I thought he was on fumes last year. If he can't get it deep in a dome, wait til he gets a few outdoor games in colder weather. I also don't get the Hill fascination. Winston... is what he is most likely, if Arians couldn't straighten him out, he may not be salvageable but golly...
  5. He was just dropped in my league 16 teamer I mean, I figure he has to be ROSTERED right?
  6. Hamler reminded me of tyreek at psu
  7. Same here, not down on Edwards but high on Campbell
  8. Ruggs looking unlikely... I cut him in all my leagues this week for waivers but really thinking about re adding him, I get the feeling he is gonna blow up on national tv monday fire up your braylons
  9. She had to be made of the best stuff to cut that kind of path as a woman when she did, rip to a great American
  10. Mixon will be gold, they found something with that drive or two using him as a pass catcher. 10 days off, schedule is going to lighten up and Burrow is going to keep defenses honest. Great buy low.
  11. Jones has never in his life looked as good as Burrow has tonight, to be doing what he's doing, no preseason, scaled down camp, short week, on the road. He's going to be something