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  1. Smack Tripper

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    How many Leonard Fournette teams left?
  2. Smack Tripper

    2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Thread

    Where is mcgriff?
  3. Smack Tripper

    Week 9 Waiver Wire Targets/Pickups

    For the qb desperate, any chance Lamar Jackson is getting the call?
  4. Smack Tripper

    Indefinite Green Bay Packers Thread

    Not a packer fan or owner but as an outside observer, this is crazy to me. He is effectively playing on one leg, and if he only cared about endorsements I donโ€™t think heโ€™d be grinding through this.
  5. Smack Tripper

    Marquise Goodwin

    Hard to see him having more upside than waiver guys if you have shorter rosters
  6. well do we think its done? Will she get a book deal out of all this?
  7. represenation... zero travel... probably a few grand in money to drive across the country?
  8. Go fund me sitting at $171,000 dollars.
  9. So I've not been locked in with the news cycle, I apologize, is the third accuser presenting the narrative to friends story, or is that Ford. I'm willing to listen to Ford, I find her the most credible in the relative sense of the reasons you outlined. But in terms of assigning a motivation, do you think there isn't money is this for her ultimately? I'm not saying she did it for money, but I'd really respect and listen to her if she rejected the go fund me money and refused any money for her story.
  10. second answer first, I don't know and I take it with a grain of salt. It would make it a sham because it would seems exceedingly long odds of it being coincidence. Which is not to say its impossible, but occams razor would tell me that a former client was referred to another attorney to strengthen the case. Particularly given that we passed all the way through all the steps of this confirmation and now the Kavanagh rape army is coming out. Anything's possible, certainly. But it just kind of smells like BS to me.
  11. do you think its more likely Ford's lawyer positioned this third accuser or Kavanaugh witnessed/participated in a gang rape?
  12. if this is true the whole thing is a sham
  13. looks like the 4 chan kids got him