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  1. May roll him against Oakland next week hearing this
  2. Is rogers even playing?
  3. Bruno looks great for however old he is... also sharp for doing that business for 30 years
  4. Cortisone was basically a band aid for me, its apparently a tough shot to land. I got it twice, first time I could barely get into the office and I walked out tapdancing, pure miracle. Second time, wasn't as lucky getting that sweet spot. They did send me for physical therapy on it and it helped a great deal, maybe 4 or 6 sessions... of course, by the 2nd or 3rd it felt great but they want you to keep going, they told me to "knock it out". Well of course in my last session I reiritated it and was basically back to square one. Like I said, I've been up and down the road with it a bit, and yoga was my biggest saving grace. May not be for everyone, may have helped to lose weight, who knows.
  5. My doc explained PF to me as an issue with the calf as much as anything... she had given me calf exercises to do to stretch that. Everyone's mileage will vary, I never got relief from rolling the ball or water bottle under my foot but calf stretches help. Yoga you're barefoot and integrating your foot frequently, seems to me you stretched and strengthed so many support muscles that it keep the PF loose.
  6. Forgot I posted this and was coming to post this, yoga saved me from this. Will really get everything that you need stretched worked over
  7. very few upside guys on my wire... I think I'm rolling Chester Rogers... seems to hang onto everything, has some burst and Luck likes him, lots of injuries in Indy too.
  8. Looks like our hero dabbled in some light insurance fraud. The answer is obvious, we must arrest every NOT journalist looking a bit too closely. LEAVE THE BONE ALONE
  9. The ego stroke of being the first female president
  10. Yeah that's what I'm seeing too:.. cut barniage for him feel like a horses patoot
  11. any news on him?
  12. His sweater is sold out at jc penny's. Could he singlehandedly resurrect that brand?
  13. This guy is so much the Salt of the earth, we should probably consider naming it after him. "Honey pass the Ken Bone"... "Damn these potato chips are Ken Boney"
  14. Question for the bone fans... taking a quick straw poll... do we want to be known as: a. Bone heads b. Bone collectors c. Boners d. The bonetrust
  15. He's on twitter thank goodness