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  1. To the first bolded... no. That works in the first term, during the first campaign. He had 8 years to fulfill a promise, a goal, an imperative even. I dont doubt its a challenge, but his failure in this regard is substantial with ongoing and far reaching effects. I guess we differ on where to apply the urgency of the inevitable. Healthcare was and remains a terribly terribly thorny issue in the states. But I disagree with you on the second bolded... the Obama I drew from was as much rooted in hope and change and restoration of our global image, a promise that we would be better perceived in the world community and end this war. There was never gonna be a good time for healthcare any more than the there was ever going to be a good time to exit the region. But again, I don't know if its the ego or avarice of him or the US, state department, whoever, but its seems to me, some jerk from afar, that the better statecraft would have been to stabilize whatever tribal leader could grab the brass that would best work with us. Instead we pursue the square peg in the round hole of democracy in that region. If people want and fight for democracy, I support them and would support them with force or presence if necessary, but that simply hasn't been the case. So I guess I reject the notion that he HAD to do healthcare, as part of a mandate but ignored the other elements of ending war and bridge building as a much broader portion of his mandate. Healthcare, on the heels of 2008, ramroded through, sold with lies. Your flippancy in respect to the wholescale rollback of civil liberties is incredibly shortsighted. Healthcare, as our country is established, is not a right. Your rights against search and seizure were seen as so vital they were put into the foundation of this nation. Of course I have great sympathy for those with exisiting conditions, I have been touched by this in my family myself. But that is just some of this country, the rollback of our rights affected us all. And from the guy that promised us the "most transparent administration in history".
  2. His initial campaign was built largely on the frayed and damaged reputation of the US the world community, largely due to a policy of interventionism and implied imperialism. We were told this lead to insurgency and unrest. A not unreasonable concept. My issues are two fold 1. I was lied to 2. The half in half out engagement. Be an iron fist and annex it all or get the hell out. Now, a full annex is crazy to me, so we are left with disengament. Or a smarter engagement. This is probably a much longer post but it's hard to count our successes in the region. But I will say this, dumping democracy on patricarchal theocracies has been a losing bet for a long time. These issues matter though as we have absorbed thousands of casualties, the dead and the wounded in these engagements and hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded civilians in these engagements. You talk about a self fulfilling prophecy of bred insurgency. Saying nothing of the human damn decency of not continuing a conflict without end I'm not saying it would have been easy but this guy sold easy. So he bears the weight of what he offered. The healtcare issue I take is due to the speed and poorly structured nature of it, it has always struck me more as a president needing a program for his legacy than a country needing a program. Again, it was passed and framed through deception. You don't care about paying more? Fine. The not the issue, we are talking about the salesman here. He need not worry about legacy though, because his is secure. Because he will always be known as the guy who given the chance to push back and defend American civil liberties did nothing. Transparency? Still waiting for that one. You ask what would he have to have done to be a great president? Taking a stand there would have been a big start. That's substantive change, not chasing the white whale of health care.
  3. He did not articulate this when he ran in 2012. One time liar then? wait til I break it to the commander in chief these decisions, all executive actions, are out of his hands
  4. Who moved the goalposts to being one of the greatest of all time? I would settle for mediocre which he has failed to be. He is not without his positives, he navigated a very tenuous 08 well, although we traded big oil for big finance in terms of influence to do it. I just don't know what message I'm supposed to take from tonight. These are serious times and we can't afford someone like trump but he America is and has always been great and things are looking great when I talk about my legacy? It's a tone deafness that ignores that things aren't great for many if not most in this country. And Obama acts like he's in the gallery. He's had 8 years to get a crack at this and he's proven minimally competent. And this is from a guy who voted for him twice and went to the first innaguration.
  5. I am down on Obama but I would enthusiastically vote for Joe. Let's not forget we only have gay marriage because of him. O wasn't going there. Instead we are left with This clown faced shrew nightmare leaving this fool trump with an open look
  6. Believe it or not, it wasn't always that way. And if it is true, it makes Obama a liar. Twice.
  7. He ran for office twice on a notion of ending this war. We are 4 full administrations into a war time. A generation of children, American and in foreign war zones, have lived their entire life at war. With no end in sight, with no goal line, with no objective. Do you think there's any chance the recent ring of terror we've seen at home and abroad has anything to do with this? All under a spectre of meta data collected and a litany of potential civil liberty violations. Where it mattered to me, he governed like a republican and not even a good one. At least a republican wouldn't have shoehorned a half ### health plan on us, again, sold to me as "you'll keep your plan, your costs won't go up they'll go down if anything" which turned into me paying 33 percent more for 3/4 of the coverage I used to get.
  8. 8 years of hope and change. Well, hope in one hand, as they say
  9. Exactly. If he governed as all as spoke we be a lot better off.
  10. So is this where we ignore obama's unchecked civil liberties abuses and excesses under his administration and get charmed like the fat girl at the bar at 2am who's finally getting attention at closing time?
  11. Ha... From O, the guy who brought you "the most transparent administration in history"
  12. Two time Obama voter... faced absurd obsructionism that should not be forgotten... but I think he's been brutal on foreign affairs. He ran on ending the war twice.... yet this continues on and on with no end in sight. Bound to be a generational thing of a constant state of war.
  13. Dems honoring a Racist in reid at their convention?