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  1. Hockey fights are noted for dropping the gloves meaning no equipment
  2. If the NFL really wants to hammer the browns, make them extend kitchens for five years
  3. He also got murdered on that hit earlier this year
  4. Rudolph was hit late and had blows to the head all night that weren't called, and that play by Garrett should have been roughing, not that it justifies the helmet I guess
  5. Steelers calling this game like they're playing madden... every pass is a bomb and every short yardage play is a pass
  6. Rudolph, with his second stringers, struggling against the cleveland third stringers.... he is awful
  7. In a way... I'd feel better with it to free up the roster spot. He's gonna miss two weeks at least you figure, who knows how effective he is coming back. TE is just such a high impact position of attrition. So much contact. I have Fant on my wire, I liked the way he was looking the last few weeks, but not the best TE sched coming up
  8. I'm against the death penalty as, if its not something you're gonna bat 1.000 with, you don't get to do it. But that said, it stretches credibility to think this guy isn't guilty. I would be curious to see this belt tested though.
  9. I don’t know why the changed his position. I read that in the fbg morning update email and it didn’t sit right but I thought tanny might have tunnel vision for him. in the end I would have lost anyway so I can live with it but gotta go with my own gut next time