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  1. Hopefully she can testify against him to beat her wrap
  2. Not a lawyer but I've had some friends get busted. The criminal defense lawyer is the best money you'll spend. I would imagine a first offender would get plead down particularly with rehab stint unless there's a local sheriff with a "law and order" iron fist type deal. They may be extra hard on her case in a worst case scenario as they can be seen as out of state trafficking. Heroin is awful but 23 is young. Don't give up but don't be naive and remember with heroin you're not dealing with a person but a drug. So don't take things like her lack of a thank you call personally. It sucks but she's young and on dope. That's doubling down on stupid and inconsiderate. But it's not about you. Don't know where you live but she needs to be geographically extracated from that situation. Florida in Clearwater and outside of Miami have comprehensive recovery community that have helped friends dry out or get off pills. But the hardship is you have to sever your routine as others said, the boyfriend has to go. He proved he didnt care about her by exposing her to this danger but this margin call may be a blessing in disguise if she avoids a felony. Of course she's a young idiot (no offense, they all are) and will probably fight this harder than getting straight. It's a double whammy but she Caused this so it's time to rip the band aid. Just be as patient as possible. I don't know if I buy "this is a disease" but it might as well be because you can be sailing along and it will jump up and bite you. She's in for a hard year, probably a hard 20's and likely a hard life but it's not a death sentence and if she gets convicted so be it. Life is a lot more than your job good luck and you're a good man for caring for her
  3. His cause of death should be "being Gregg allman for 69 years" any of your local radio stations doing anything? Very disappointed nyc is giving them nothing despite being their second home for the second half of their career
  4. In terms of partying, gotta think Gregg is in some ways the American Keith Richards. That guy was doing coke before Pablo. He was there before the bullets fly baby
  5. Fair to say. I originally called him a front man which he was in theory but not in traditional rock constructs in terms of jumping around. I'd still say southern rock as much as anything so to me he's a rock singer. The allmans were always like Pink Floyd to me in that they created a genre. More southern rockers came than Pink Floyd-Ian acts but their ingenuity underscores their talent
  6. Had the pleasure to spend give or take 40 nights with Gregg. Usually with friends, often under the stars and it never for a second of his stage time escaped me that it was to special and to soak it in as I knew of his habits. I remember a show at beacon in 95 or 96 that didn't start til 10:30 due to Gregg having a "motorcycle mishap". How or why Gregg would have been on a bike in NYC. People were reasonably patient and they played their ### off with mainly dickey and warren singing. But when it came time for Gregg to hit it, and i don't recall what it was, he tore the hell down. As I said to my friend, never saw Gregg do a bad show but sometimes we really touched greatness. Excess, largess, ego, dope, celebrity wives, and bascially a disloyal jerkoff. But Gregg is STILL The greatest in my book. i don't know if he's the best singer in rock history but he's my favorite
  7. Maybe a bit not precisely Germane but part of what espn faces. I had an issue with my DVR last year, cable company sapped some shows with sentimental value. At the same time north jersey lost the YES network. I call to complain, frankly looking for a little break on a bill or something. Mind you I was a single guy paying over 200 bucks a month for the whole package. They were so unresponsive to any of my issues (including that they kept the same cable rate when they ceased paying YES) that I cancelled spur of the moment. I work in media, I still buy a newspaper or 3 most day's and they were so awful at customer service I bailed. Went with sling and I haven't missed a beat. I was going to be a customer for a long time and their crappy Attitude pushed me out and now I'll NEVER go back. The only thing I miss is gameday but now I'll swing by my parents and eat breakfast and watch there. Find the Monday night game in the gym or in the bar. All else they offer is not must have to me
  8. The seeming volume of radicalized folks in the EU and UK would give me pause even with lockdown security. I'd also like to get home without a hassle
  9. That would be enough for me to cancel
  10. When you have the wind at your back of a supernatural directive, coupled with a lack of opportunity and the chance to make your family a few bucks, I think mental illness is far down the list of root causes. I step over plenty of mentally ill in New York, very rarely do they detonate themselves
  11. sick to death of this canard
  12. Under... barring an injury. I think they will try to keep him down all year
  13. Feel like we wont see Jeter for ten years now that all of his buddies have been honored and he's going down this Marlins road.
  14. I think the pods currently have a couple of rule five guys that fill that bill. But little different circumstance. We've had a decent number go from the NCAA right to the bigs Last guy I KNOW of was Alan mills on the Yankees and it hurt him. Can't recall a position player. Maybe pujols?
  15. What other second place teams get statues? These confederate sons must love the Bills