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  1. How did sark get such prominent job again so soon if these are his offensive insights. And dan quinn’s Time is up. You can’t come back from that bowl. In the meantime, mediocre matt is collateral damage
  2. Tight zone last night. Lots of Yankee fans worked up about the aaron hicks 3-1 pitch but they got every other borderline call that inning. It was a ball based on what he had been calling but I can’t get up in arms. My issues with the umping the first two games were the low, high east and west all seemed very generous. You can’t call a low strike and a high strike imo. One or the other hitters can work with. Maybe that’s why those games were 2-1, taking nothing away from keuchel and verlander. If fhe yanks somehow pull fhis this out verlander should still be mvp. What a horse.
  3. Yeah but he would have the game 1 ump tonight in game 7 who Gave keuchel a very generous zone
  4. Bad matchup for the Yankees. Cc turns back into a pumpkin tonight. Don’t like his stuff in this park. Yanks have 3 runs in 3 games here. Robertson is shot and Houston has figured him out so your max allotments are kahnle for 7 outs and Chapman for 6. I see a 10-9 type game, Chapman blows it in the 9th and Reddick hits a two run game winning double in the 10th off warren or Tanaka after the yanks took the lead. Great season and Houston is a great team
  5. Where can you find this?
  6. They had a tranny in there in 1985. Think her name was Tula
  7. It’s wrong. He’s arrested. What more is there to say about it? Where would you take and improve this thread and discourse
  8. Since the old one went up in smoke. Al Michaels with a better zing on Harvey than anything SNL did
  9. what happened to the other thread?
  10. I’ve seen signs. I just haven’t seen them all game as a constant obstruction like someone standing would be. Why do you draw the distinction at an umbrella?
  11. Do you have the right to hold up a sign or umbrella?
  12. Athletics are on the up and up with this sham ruling, fine, congrats. In the meantime, the school should lose its accreditation. Its falsifying its academic records systemically for years. If I were a team that lost to Carolina in this time period with athletes in these classes, I'd also file a class action lawsuit for fraud.
  13. These Shills on the TBS postgame not even addressing this pickoff nonsense
  14. big changes comin in Natstown, gotta shake things up big time, too much talent to be this decade's version of the milenial A's