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  1. Thank you for sharing and please vent as you see fit. Just a thought on the concept of doing it for nothing. I have no perspective on what you're going through. But, circumstances have forced me to consider life and time and their relationship lately. This little girl was straight up cheated out of life. I can't deny that. But when you first were posting and telling us the story of this remarkable Riley, you would have given everything, I suspect, but for your son, for these few too short Weeks. She fought her guts out to get you to that one perfect normal day at Lego land and Cheesecake Factory. That was no where enough and it makes me want to curse the universe for taking her. But I hope one day you realize that day wasn't nothing. It was everything. I know it's a raw time and feel what you feel But what you described sounds like a great day and I'm happy you have that.
  2. Wow too all This... Your story and the footage.
  3. This may not be the day or time, because nothing is as cruel or unfair as saying goodbye to a total innocent like Riley. It's hard to make sense of a world like that. But I don't think of that, I think of Riley, who I never met or knew, and my own tough time a few months ago when it was a struggle each day. And I would think of her. And think if this little beam of light has the life to fight to live, who am I to complain about what I can say now was comparatively minor So I just want to say, shady, her life was unfairly shortened beyond words but I want you to know your girl made and impact in this life, and I suspect to many more of us. Through you she was kind enough to lend us her light and while she's not of this realm, she will shine on.
  4. My heart skipped and then sank to read this. I'm just so sorry man. Love to you and your family.
  5. Love all you guys shady, praying and pulling for you. One breath and one moment at a time. Warrior is a very apt term for your little girl and I have to think that's genetic so you too hold tough and be strong in an impossible time.
  6. won't be a question once Monday night football kicks in
  7. cool I will check out... New to this thread, is there any way to get commentary tracks when streaming Criterions?
  8. wow any names on these? would love something like that
  9. This is a fascinating watch i think you can argue wrestling lost the biggest face and biggest heel of let's say a lost era or valley of 1989-1995 with Gino and magnum TA. Add to that, great point from the 605 super fast podcast (good listen for old fans) four guys all born within a year of each other: magnum david Von erich scott hall kevin nash imagine if you had those two extra bodies in their prime In Monday night wars. I haven't checked but I think Gino would be close in age. Gino was undersized but a good looking guy I could envision him in savage's slot. Or imagine Gino with the million dollar man gimmick sky was the limit for that guy
  10. Good stuff. Yeah this I had an awareness of I was curious if you had any more of a local take on his last days and demise. Lots of innuendo goes on about that
  11. Love ya MT. Get well and get strong. Praying and pulling for you
  12. Buffalo. Or anywhere in Western NY... OR if there's a better one in Niagara I'm all ears
  13. If I wanted to get THE Beef on weck, where would I go
  14. Tell me about Gino Hernandez