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  1. Visit jack tunney’s grave
  2. I think its its fantastic.... for a convenience store... As insein said, it doesn't stack up with a real sub shop, a real pretzel shop, etc. But in terms of the quick cheks, sheetz, 7-11's, cumberland farms, et al of the world, its a head above. I'm lowcarbing now but damn the pretzels here are the best two bucks you can spend.
  3. Not much was made of her making out with another dude two days before Bourdain killed himself. Bourdain is responsible for himself of course, but I would term this coincidence at a minimum newsworthy
  4. I don't think CNN is neccessarily paying huge money for a weekly show, even as succesful and high rated as it is. Couldn't be more than 2 million a year I'd bet. None of these chefs give up their restaurants, which I think the promotion of appearing on tv really drives them, most have mulitple and I don't think Bourdain had any. Argento really skated in all of this.
  5. Taking the flair impression to extremes
  6. Is there a way to do commentaries with it?
  7. True. I don’t think the chess pieces look good for her, though
  8. You guys have an iron constitution for sticking with wwe. that new contract was the worst news for fans, it only emboldens this dreck
  9. I’ve done a lot of dieting and still have weight to lose but just wanted to say, IF is one of the best things I’ve gotten results with, even on an 8-16, and even with drinking Diet Coke. I don’t doubt I would have better, faster results without it, but just I’ve seen some on the fence about having sweeteners. I’m working towards getting away from it, having read that zevia soda doesn’t raise the GI
  10. It won’t, This is face saving posturing by one of his reps. If Kennedy goes there’s no reason to keep this dud. There’s no track record to steer into the skid with him, he’s toxic with the “manbabies” aka the only people buying tickets to this based on solo. Heres your spoiler alert... she will retire or move on to save face from being fired, the biggest face left there is JJ Who takes over, who I’m sure will be thrilled to have Johnson direct after he tore up the episode 7 foundation
  11. more interesting,two days ago, when they signed him, it was I think the 16th anniversay of Bartolo being traded to Montreal for Phillips, Cliff Lee and Sizemore. The Former is still bartolo while the other three were presumed retired. Bartolo was 29 at the time
  12. You play in a costco.
  13. So maybe the rules changed or maybe I’m not remembering correctly but apparently you can catch a ball off the speakers in Tampa like you’re playing backyard Wiffle ball. Maybe metrodome had the ground rule double dead ball rule send this dump to the dustbin and send this team to Montreal for this nonsense
  14. Love Soto, grading Torres up for being a middle infielder. He’s probably a better SS than didi right now. It’s very early but he reminds me a lot of machado with this plate coverage
  15. Gleyber Torres in this conversation unless we are considering him no longer a prospect. This is the one guy I might trade Torres for (given the yanks cap deal, would obviously deal him for Trout)