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  1. If you guys haven't already, go check out the Jose Fernandez Tribute into the Dee Gordon highlight, that was the real drama tonight, an incredible sports moment, much better than this dud of a debate
  2. Charles Krauthammer says its a tie and the tie goes to the challenger but then details exactly how and why Trump got lit the F up tonight
  3. Even the Fox guys know its over
  4. geez hillary romps and they're now getting into the murky business of trying to separate from Blumenthal post debate and try to sort out the birther/muslim stuff RAISED BY THE CAMPAIGN
  5. Trump getting walloped for the last 45 minutes.. started well but good lord stop the fight
  6. typically yes, but I believe he has done focus groups for both networks.... he also had Romney winning debates when Fox was paying him so I'm always curious to know where the money is with him in particular
  7. Love the spontaneous, relaxed program they installed in Hillary
  8. what network is paying luntz?
  9. Is this Hillary or the body double?
  10. Who coached Hillary that smiling like a psychotic clown was a good move?
  11. interesting triangulation of Blumental in terms of the birther answer
  12. Trump is exactly right about the useful idiot role of the black community in politics
  13. Murders down in NYC? That doesn't sound right but I'll let the numbers bear it out
  14. law and order sounds good to me
  15. Can we change the title to week 3 please? TIA