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  1. Ironically this guy did more to advance the case of established news outlets. They would never hype this tripe, nor would they dump a bunch of data and ask their audience to REPORT BACK TO THEM with any scoops. This is real "any jerk with a camera" stuff
  2. Raging slab was a pretty great band til the singer blew out his voice
  3. Gay guys have the highest standard of living in America.
  4. The Apostle and Boogie Nights are on my personal top 10 of all time. You have your biggies like Titanic, Good Will Hunting, As Good as it Gets, and then you indie stuff which I personally find to be very endurring like Wag the dog and the Ice Storm. Even the popcorn movies were original and fun, stuff like Men in Black, Austin Powers, Face Off, Conspiracy Theory, Con Air, or In and Out. Not the first thing I think of with this year, but in an era of endless superhero sequels, these were fresh fun summer films. Not evening mentioning Jackie Brown, the Game, 5th element, Happy Togehter, the Sweet Hereafter, incredible deep year.
  5. 1997 always makes my list.
  6. where are you?
  7. Why don't they book an adult oriented program? Call it ec dub, call it something new. Main roster has enough flippy ####. Give me something fun
  8. How in the hell are you guys blaming Freeman for this? Yes he whiffed on a block, it happens. There were also 5 other rushers at the time. Matt Ryan was beyond horrorific from mid point of the third on
  9. There was a game recently, i think in college, where someone did the math of kneeling it out from up 25 points, and punting each possession. I think it would have been harder than what New England got to work with
  10. I'm not even an Atlanta fan and I had to catch myself from punching the tv last night. I couldn't imagine blowing the super bowl in that manner. It was malpractice as coaches and more of the big game ineptitude Matt Ryan is known for. Not enough blame for Quinn in this thread though. That whole team folded and you have to oversee the calls there. Just an outrageous loss
  11. All of those acts are reprehensible and indefensible. However I saw video this morning of serious assaults last night. People on the ground passed out being beaten with broomsticks. You may not have seen it, I only found it on Reddit not on the news.
  12. What does this guy say, whats his schitck? I've looked up a view videos, he seems to lecture frequently on college campuses, and I can see a difference of opinion, but aren't college a venue for ideas? All ideas? Even bad ideas? What you condemn them for bringing in Farrakhan, for instance?
  13. No super familiar with him, what does he stand for? I saw one online video of his that made sense, questioned the strange bedfellows that the womens right march and islam represented, given their repression (to be kind) of women in many corners of the world.
  14. always loved when Reager boned Elaine on the European trip in TV's first pity F
  15. oh i think they're the designated "inter promotional" match. Although I could see after how bad taker looked last night they shoehorn Stroman into the match with Reigns and Taker