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  1. You don't have to and you shouldn't but my only point is, if people are truly racist, they'd fear fixed power more than this temporary lash out that fleeting. THAT is generational change.
  2. I really want to see black america thrive and succeed. I'm a white guy, but we've seen black people excel and rise across so many fields. What's going on hasn't worked and we also know historically, rioting does not work, it does not change anything, its a money shot and its done. I don't blame these people though, purely, its probably modeling behavior and it feels like your only recourse and as a young man I, and probably many of us here, had some kind of a destruction phase. Because when you're young, black or white, you get put in a car thats already rolling and you have no power, and you have no perspective of what takes an hour, or 1000 hours to build takes a minute to destroy. THAT is power. But its futile and fruitless when you run out of things to burn. You learn that with age I think. So the real power comes in building, things, careers, a job, a family, a life. So rioting, is a failed experiment. What I'd hope can be instilled is to take this energy of these young people to play the long game. Because white America is probably scared by 10,000 black rioters. But they'd be even more scared by 10,000 black lawyers and CEOs.
  3. Minny Mayor says we can't arrest everyone.... so lets just arrest no one
  4. What do they base this on? If you have tangible data, like cellphone pings or something, I'll listen, if its well over the baseline I'll entertain it And if it IS outsiders, then all the more reason to protect your damn city... this is some of most namby pamby nonsense leadership I've ever seen, the Minny Mayor is your introduction to Milienal leadership
  5. Where is the handwringing reserved for the lake of the ozarks kids?
  6. Was coming here to post this, this is outrageous why would this guy want to lead? This whole thing is gonna play like a commercial for trump, how do you abandon your city?
  7. I did not, but be ware, this will take you down to just the most minor different between just shaving your head with a razor and not, if you want more a crew cut, try it with the guard and you can always cut more. For the first time, I did it no guard and then used a razor to finish it off and take it all the way down. Yesterday I touched it up to just use the razor, I left a little peach fuzz mohawk on top which looks a little more normal than just shaving. It helps manage the widow peaks
  8. To me it’s just stupid optics, there’s plenty of more efficienct options in nyc right now, I suspect this is deblasio trying to generate a photo op after the trump-cuomo moves with Javits and the field hosptial ship
  9. Wow, now that you mention it, I wonder if Joe was "impersonating" that producer's walk to frame him
  10. Was Rev. Exotic ordained?
  11. Its a grey area to be sure, but I don't like the whole entrapment process that went into busting him.
  12. Jeff was a snitch so he beats her by a nose
  13. I'd love to hear someone more precisesly qualifed or experienced but her answer to the question to me had every tell of a liar, and the disappearance languge of the will?
  14. Honestly Joe Exotic was framed and should be released...