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  1. I’ve never seen players in any sport with such open mutiny
  2. What context changes the broader point of what he's talking about in an IT comparison? For the record, I think there's definitely brain power and skills needed for IT, but its also extremely process oriented as well. Bloomberg could surely "teach" that as well as he could as teach someone to farm. But thinking farming is a five step deal feels to me like the old adage you can learn golf in 20 minutes but spend your life trying to master it.
  3. is this being taped for a prank show of some kind? Dems really in bed with this?
  4. Did anyone have Stewart’s? What’s interesting about them is seemingly the franchisee could make up any menu they chose. Maybe you get grilled cheese, maybe a hot dog, who knows?
  5. middle class Mike
  6. 4 years of Trump vs 8 years of Bloomy?
  7. the bloomberg and pete threads are filled with a lot of psychoanalysis of Trump supporters but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes candidates just merit critique
  8. Mcdonalds, somewhat status quo... the burgers are fresher and not sitting around as much as the 80's and early 90's when there would just be a cue of them. The fries suck not cooked in animal fat though, and not frying the apple pies hurts Wendy's, far far better... great quality ingredients for a decent price. Burger King... a huge huge fall off. I don't know if they actually still grill in the restaurant, you'd never know it though. They make a whopper, mayo lettuce and all and THEN microwave it... the most vile swill I can imagine, it takes a lot for me to eat their garbage. Roy Rogers... status quo KFC... worse all around but extra crispy was a decent ad (would guess mid 90's?) Thats the fast food I had exposure to in the 80's and 90's I have to say, its amazing going to a chipotle or a chick fil A, even Shake Shack, they have to be devastating the traditional places.
  9. There's no honor among thieves. Doesn't change one thing Houston did.
  10. now thats breathtaking ignorance... would like to see this guy farm... its not as easy as throwing a seed in a hole. This video is a great snapshot at our divide
  11. "I'm not gonna brag but I once had a girl give me a wedgie with my johnson" is one of my favorite curb lines ever
  12. I really loved last night even if it was pretty telegraphed we'd get that moment with the doll, I still was dying laughing through it. Has Vince Vaughn been on as Funkhowser's brother before? I feel like we'll build up to some feels when we find out marty's fate
  13. Hillary's access was far more limited than Trump's, She took mainly soft landing spots for interviews whereas Trump had a lot more availability. If Trump is able to deflect or diffuse, thats literally politics for the entirety of human history. Bloomberg is indeed non traditional, he may be playing a bit of an old playbook though in a game Trump has mastered. I mean, you've got to be a real chode pay people to make memes. Trump's use of twitter has redefined politics, Bloomberg is putting many people on payroll and parlaying that into endorsements but do endorsements mean what they used to mean? If they did Hillary would have dominated Trump. Bloomberg does present one interesting option, he's already put a shaky precedent in play by openly stating he won't have Bloomberg News cover his campaign critically, which is fine, but that they would pursue negative stories versus Trump. There's not much regulation in this regard any more, there was never per se in print proper but as new media, it may be an election loophole that needs to be addressed in future campaigns in terms of equal time as we have on broadcast outlets. Paradigm changing.. with 60 billion, how much media could Bloomberg straight up purchase prior to the election? He could probably purchase the bottom 95 percent of newspapers in America and not feel it remotely
  14. I'll preface this with a rather standard but necessarily periodical declaration I have to make around here from time to time, Trump is a crass vulgarian and certainly some part Charlatan. Further, I'm not convinced he's in someway sociopathic in given the remarkable microscope he's lived under, there is no creature alive, not a single one, that could endure that for better or worse. I'm not saying his scrutiny is unwarranted, undeserved and nor is it even uninvited. But it is jaw dropping the heat he works under whatever your perspective is of. Now, that said, and you're right we don't have this tax returns but lets be honest, you can't put in the same galaxy the same scrutiny the media applied to him and Hilary. Hilary was an access journalism specialty and there was very little critical thinking applied to her before or after she ran from the vast majority of the media. Had she been more vigorously challenged, it might have been a different outcome in the general where people could have confidence that there was an illusion of transparency. Vetting will either serve here to DQ Bloomy at least get this stuff on the table moving forward.