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  1. Are there any skins fans left who can possibly believe in god after these last 25 years?
  2. I think the fundamental cancel culture question is, are we only as good as our worst moment?
  3. I wish someone would actually report on the thing. I looked up their local ordinance, it doesn’t mention patios but it says decks need a permit. The video specifically mentions a patio. If the woman didn’t have her i’s dotted in questioning them I don’t feel bad. But I know in NJ you’re supposed to display a permit I guess for reasons like this. I myself would have called the town if I had a question but she may not be a pure busybody (though she sure seems like one)
  4. I’d much rather vote by app than vote by mail. I trust an app more than the mail
  5. This reminds me of 96 Limbaugh... he was still relatively ascendant at that point, so the content is driven by being Anti-Clinton, but the best thing for Limbaugh's business was for Bill to win. News channels have seen unprecedented numbers under Trump... is he the golden goose? Its hard to see the fatigue not setting in if he loses, so do they somehow prop him up later in the year? Or are there true belivers in their walls who are willing to forego the bottom line
  6. How many people do you think earn a living as strictly a voice actor?
  7. 20 percent of Paterson votes tossed. Ridiculous.
  8. So by this line of reasoning do we get rid of Hamilton? I hope not. But you might snuff out the next Hamilton
  9. If the merits of recognition are rooted in winning and losing wars, it isn’t.
  10. It’s complicated but by this Logic you could argue we shouldn’t have monuments for American Indians.
  11. Do you think the American news, as currently constituted, is credible?
  12. Meet me in ... where? Who can give these bozos an audience?
  13. Don't worry, Minny City council will be safe, they hired private security
  14. Wonder if Disney will have to pull Hamilton next week?
  15. So can someone come start a new Dixie beer? could I start the new Dixie chicks? Are people abandoning these copyrights?
  16. Did you guys read the ny times article on the minny neighborhood “struggling” trying not to call the police?
  17. I only ask because, regarding the survey... either at Talladega or other tracks, these weren't frozen crime scenes. If I'm some schulb who's gonna get in trouble for "nooses", there may be a human nature factor untie these knots or cut them off the rope at Talladega. With regard to other tracks, if I'm self reporting... am I doing to report the "noose" at my track or just .... fix it and say no noose.
  18. Do we know the name of the position who maintains or sets these things? Is it the track? Is it each individual team? Who is responsible for the rope? Is it NASCAR? is it the track operator? Is there any difference between NASCAR and the track operator? I guess I'm looking for something like a club house attendant in baseball... does NASCAR have that position?
  19. Someone got some crisis PR to Bubba, thank god
  20. Now change the rhode since people could confuse THAT with Cecil John Rhodes