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  1. Or these insatiable nitwits could learn to live with this. Nothing will ever be enough but feed these intellectual lightweight bums everything they want. Tear down your racist diaramas inside too. Who can support these leftist maniacs? TR is basically the father of the modern environmental movement but that’s not enough. Nothing ever is
  2. After what I've seen these past two weeks, when apparently they have the manifest power to march through a lockdown, dismantle the Minneapolis PD, and tear down statues, I don't think I'm the one who's out of bounds for taking these people at their word. Am I assigning interpretations beyond whats written? Its many here who say "defund the police doesn't mean what you think it does". Umm. excuse me? I don't think defund the police means what the DEFENDERS think it does.
  3. Well, once we get through all the statues I'll consider it.
  4. Can we tear down Jordan for profiteering from modern day slave labor
  5. The concept of dismantling the family is a tenet of communism. We have been in effect trying this in the inner cities since the 60’s. And the village has not shown up. People on the whole seem to have better outcomes with a two parent family intact I don’t want the woman on the block raising my kids. I’ll raise my kids. Now this my opinion, but I don’t think that’s a leftist perspective. The attempt to normalize disjointed families serves no one well based on available data. If we can’t find common ground there I don’t know what to tell you. Why do you object to the far left label?
  6. Silence of leaders and standing down of the police indicates support in a leadership level. It’s endorsing and giving license to these lunatics. so I’m just playing by the ever changing rules of the mob, and apparently the mob runs the show now.
  7. We do agree there. As far as their far left status, I'll leave this here It doesn't get much further left to me than saying We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable. Do corporations know what they're even endorsing when they give this group money?
  8. I stand corrected on paragraph 2 thank you. Regarding eliminate/defund, we're at a stalemate, agree to disagree. But nothing will change my mind short of demonstrative clarity from BLM, not surrogates. Until then, when I see extremism encouraged and accepted, I have no personal problem defaulting to the most extreme interpretations of whats put forth.
  9. The last question wasn't tinfoil hatish, it was a less direct way of saying the posters here. Why are people here trying to say thats not what they mean when what they mean is on their website? There isn't a grand conspiracy, Karma I respect you greatly and value your opinion and I believe you're African American if memory serves. So it being a grassroots movement I can of the belief that you as much as anyone are qualified to speak to this, under the guidance than anyone can pick up the mantle. I respect and understand white voices that may want to support, I really don't think its their place to clarify the messaging. It has been explained to me that their place is to sit back and listen. With respect, the far left hasn't taken over BLM, BLM is far left. It is what it is. BLM has had ample time and many questions if they chose to correct the record. Its not me who's dabbling in conspiracy to question their message, its others who are attempting to spin on their behalf for some reason. I'd like to know what reason, are you afraid their messaging will not appeal to a broader swath of people?
  10. There's also a lot of black guys named Washington and Jefferson, I guess the statues should stay by that logic.
  11. Understood, but again, how does the Democratic brand not fall under that?
  12. But how can you justify waiting with this current energy? Isn't this moment about righting past wrongs? And not with a patient reconstruction, we yank things down now? A name, by comparison, is easy to change.
  13. I don't know their public face in terms of speaking and the like but there seems to be clear leadership They're receiving tens of millions, there is most definitely leadership even if they don't put their face out there. They sell merch, they're a corporation at this point. We've seen a pivot in all corners of this country in the space of a month so pardon me while I actually take this group seriously and at their word. They are in the deep end of the pool and rapidly acquired power so they should at least be able to explain what I think are, frankly, radical concepts. I guess the better question is why are there efforts to mask or couch these concepts? Why are people attempting to explain for this powerful group what it means?
  14. Karma I could buy that if it wasn't still on the website as part of their plank. They've had ample time to clarify this internally and I can't find the links right now but I've actually seen what you referenced, a far harsher term applied to this. According to my spellcheck, defund isn't even a word, so if its a poor choice of words, it certainly is a deliberate one.
  15. What does Defund mean? Defund is clear word to me. Its not reform or reimagine, reallocate, cut, transform, change, improve. Defund, absent any of the qualifying bonnet many here want to place this concept into, is unambiguous and deliberate to me. Unless we are going to have police work for free. Defund, again with no further explanation on their own website with ample space to do so, going to eliminate the police.
  16. Why are you attempting to correct the BLM clear messaging? If you're white, this would fall under whitesplaining
  17. Decatur, its being removed NYC City council members want TJ out Petittion to remove TJ at Mizzou Efforts to remove Washington statue in Chicago Calls to remove in Harrisburg So.... if this is the standard, how does the Democratic Party keep the name?
  18. Did I miss their statues being torn down in American cities in the past two days? NYC has convened a commission about removing their statues from city buildings.
  19. There is no valid argument to keep the “democratic” name if Washington and Jefferson are unacceptable. None. It’s a hollow defense of the brand. It’s respecting one tradition while rejecting another and they’re all water from the same river
  20. Its actually a great point, by the standards which we are exacting society, the Democratic brand should be at the forefront of things retired. Its just a statue, and its just a name, whats the big deal?
  21. Well, if you want to live like a suburb you've got to probably be in a suburb. Because that scales down the disconnects laid out there and another factor of that is the family situation and solution. I grew up in the suburbs, I knew kids who went to juvy and I knew kids who' skated for things and it was in both cases 100 percent parent intervention and involvement, and parents acting as advocates for accountability for those kids. As I think back, only one really stayed a screwup and most are normal functioning adults with families. I'd advocate for anyone raising a family to get out of a large city enviroment and I know its not that easy but there is something about the concentration of people there and large police departments that lead to harsher outcomes. I'd rather be country poor than city poor.