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  1. I'm all for mental health, but to me thats a whole infrastructure that we largely dismantled in the states. An infrastructure we dismantled out of the double motivation of cruelty and abuse of patients and an opportunity to slash budgets. And if we are going to be fair, that conversation went a lot like the one we are having now, the business of care, at scale, almost by definition loses humanity. But the structure of institutions, in theory anyway, lend the kind of care the mentally impaired on the whole probably demand. A social worker showing up at 2am when someone is out of their mind is, in my minds eye, probably not the solution that problem demands. Long term care is probably the start of a solution. And I've never traced it, but I'd suspect our decline in mental institutions and our increase in prison population have probably correlated quite strongly. I'm not sure what Canada or other countries do in this regard do we have an elevated level of mental illness and if so why? And Im very aware of and into really getting to an answer, is it lead poisoning? Is it poor nutrition? I'd be truly curious to know and I'd submit further pilot programs in this direction in other cities. Lets do a free inner city food market with the healthiest food possible food available for free. Would that lead to better outcomes over two decades? Our inevitable question becomes, what if some people just can't function in society? I don't think our divide is substantial but I think people's perceptions may fall in different lanes. They can look at the Brooks case, some see the guy whos drunk, but otherwise not being a threat, directly anyway. Others can see Brooks as a guy who's driving drunk, immediately a danger to all, and a guy who's demonstrated he's a threat. And... both are true to some regard. One part of BLM that troubles me is their attack on the nuclear family. I think that should be a point of emphasis as well as encouraging the extended family. BLM does this "village" raising nonsense, we've been trying that for 40 years, you can't legislate people to act as the village and no one will care about you like your family.
  2. Northern are you in Canada or the states? I ask because I'm wondering how larger cities in Canada handle it. What would your thoughts be to doing what you would like to see in Minneapolis as trial balloon? Can we see how it works there before we dismantle things? What would be an acceptable metric to know if this was a better strategy?
  3. You really should give it a listen, Wilinik was a SEAL, not a cop and the point of distinction he draws there is the training. I thought there was really interesting stuff in there that may not be what you're expecting. He's not pro police by any means. Two points to chew on: -by giving police combat training weekly, MMA/BJJ stuff, they'll be both more familiar with contact to better regulate their reactions and better trained to maybe subdue someone like Brooks. Wilink brought up a point that so much of their authority is derived from the uniform, which drives extremely high levels of compliance in most interactions that when its challenged, they panic. This needs to be better handled no matter what solution we come to. -by choosing to Defund the police, we are going to have a far lesser pool to ultimately choose from to do this work. I'm being charitable and assuming you don't want a total elmination of police in which case WE are hopelessly far apart.
  4. Well this is very interesting and is in no way acceptable. Those officers should have been terminated That said, it doesn't change my opinion of the Brooks death.
  5. If the inner cities went police free, what do you think the scope of outside investment or business would be?
  6. Put this on in the background It is working I've heard one exchange in a half hour
  7. will people be justified rioting if they don't get the outcome they desire?
  8. Here is the radio channel for SE Atlanta....I've been listening for 5 minutes, there are no calls, there is just silence.
  9. I worked in town for about 12 months over about two year, for work that took me around much town. And without getting too specific I did work that involved some crossover with the PD and I can attest it was a mixed bag. I tolerated the bad and embraced the good but maybe it was an out of town thing but I was told to avoid going south of 20. Which I did anyway but I can see what they were worried about so I feel for those folks tonight because I know whatever cops are around aren't protecting High Point, they're probably in Buckhead and North Atlanta.
  10. Thats about where we are at. But do you understand why an officer wouldn't want to expose themselves to this uncertain liability? I haven't looked exhaustively but I've seen across the board police for the officers actions. We as Civilians can debate the procedure but if the action was in the scope of their training in their sphere of acceptable judgment and his choice is supported by fellow officers, if I'm a cop and I go to work, I'm not risking my life on the job or even my job, I'm risking my freedom for using the training that has been acceptable and approved until about 4pm today.
  11. Every situation is unique. This guy went from a 1 to 10 in a snap. He's a threat to the cops and a threat to the public. He's got six cars in a drive in to carjack. He takes one and injures a civilian, he takes one and runs down the cops. Sorry. I'll side with order than having to contend with an armed maniac.
  12. No I didn’t. If we can’t agree that brooks was a threat, maybe we fundamentally disagree with what a threat is. Structural support to a job like policing, the general mandate to keep the public safe, probably the organizing point of society, was first severed by the mayor and DA. I think it’s a prohibitive challenge for the rank and file to perform these jobs . you have advocated for society to be dictated by foot speed. If a suspect can outrun a cop, well, we will see ya when we see ya? I disagree with that. And by extension I understand the choice to limit their personality liability. There is clearly no support network
  13. Why would they suffer? Sounds like we have no criminals over zealous police
  14. Does the officer A know he didn't get officer B's gun? Is Officer A expected to keep track of the discharges of the tazer, am I right in hearing that there was two? Brooks was under impaired judgement but that doesn't give him license to hurt the officers or others . I'm truly sorry he's dead but he made his bed and multiple times here.
  15. Two cops also encumbered with gear, punched, and one dropped on his head. You see a tired drunk guy, I see a determined lunatic, literally armed and dangerous. I'll also choose to be chartiable to the officer, suspect turns and discharges a flash at me after a struggle where he was grabbing at their weapons. I'm not sure what the APD rules of engagement are, do they pursue or do they not pursue, but I have to think the fact that he's armed is a factor here.
  16. He’s a threat to car jack to me, 100 percent apprehend.
  17. Thats a drill.... here it is in the real world... even more stark and you can see why the officers were justified in what they did to Brooks I had never seen this until yesterday.
  18. I would think the bulk of the bolded changes when someone is armed and dangerous and using their weapons on fellow officers. I mean, to raise "I got him" as a point... maybe he's telling his brother officer to stop shooting?
  19. Its going to be the officers judgement and the mulitple assaults done by brooks, there's probably very little chance he gets convincted. As I see it, he's probably got a fantastic wrongful termination suit with the city. Behavior like Brooks shouldn't be rewarded, but we'll all pay the price with Police who stand down due to lack of public and municipal support
  20. They literally, and I’m not joking, used to advertise for New Mexico police jobs in the bathroom of yankee stadium. So that is likely the caliber of officers they’re getting
  21. A death threat is a crime, so let’s just forget that example, poor analogy. if you’re hung up on the concept of an an action, I’ll concede it’s an action so if your point an opinion that may be harmful to an employer, should then an employer be forced to specify and stipulate acceptable opinions? I could see a scenario where there is a prohibition on social media. And that’s a concept... I’d be more comfortable with that than singling opinions out
  22. A death threat is a crime we all agree on. Are we putting opinions on that plane now?
  23. If they have never been fired for a prior facebook post and were fired for this one, I'd say its about their views.
  24. But again, lets start here because I can find more, but take this instance From what I can tell this woman posted this on her personal page on her own time. I don't think this is would rise to a standard of "racist". I can see it being... not in total alignment with their community obviously. Some of what has spurred this thought with me was the supreme court decision on LGBTQ workplace rights. For some, this may go very against their personal beliefs. But it has been deemed, you have to accept beliefs that aren't your own, for the holder of those beliefs has rights too.