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  1. I would make this trade.
  2. I am an Allen Robinson owner, and I would not except that trade, Allen Robinson will bounce back, it is too early in the season to consider him an under performer. This is incorrect, I would be leaving this league as fast as possible, there is no way this trade is too lopsided for the side receiving McCoy + Baldwin. As mentioned earlier, Robinson currently is an excellent buy low. I probably am more positive about Robinson than most people.
  3. I own Ware, picked him off of waivers as soon as a league mate cut him on the final cut down. I wouldn't trade Ware for any of the three previously mentioned WRs, I would want a much better WR, or I would just as soon hold onto Ware. I can get an average to good WR pretty easily because there are so many of them.
  4. Would need to see your roster, tons of WRs out there, not many QBs.
  5. I would not trade Julio for AP, I would offer D Thomas for AP, or just forget about this trade possibility. Is this a dynasty league?
  6. I would go Gordon, but I am a Gordon believer. Did you look at stats of Gordon's last game? If you need both WRs, could you bid on both?
  7. Virgil Green - he is extremely athletic - great expectations for him this year - if Green stays healthy you might want to keep him after Eifert returns
  8. 12 team PPR dynasty league with IDP. I have Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, RGIII, and Colin Kaepernick as my QBs. I have a contending team, but thinking of attempting to deal RGIII for something that helps my team win the title. In your opinion, what could I get for RGIII, and when would be the best time to trade him? I really don't have any positional weaknesses on my roster, but need to get better to stay competitive. Thanks for any input!
  9. If you are rebuilding, keep Luck and the 1st rounder. Romo doesn't help a rebuilding team. For me that is an automatic reject offer also. Why give two good pieces for one players (who isn't a proven STUD ff player)?
  10. I own both of them, and it is a toss up, but I probably like Melvin Gordon a little better because the San Fran offense is too much of a mess for me.
  11. I figured I was being under sold on Hyde. When I start negotiating a trade, I tend to lose my objectivity. What would I need to get fair value for Hyde, the other guy doesn't have much that I am interested in: Other owner's players that interest me are: Luke Kuechly (my idps are strong, so I really don't need him) Odell Beckham (I'll have to add to my offer to get this player) Kelvin Benjamin and Travis Benjamin was something I initially thought about, but I do not have a good feeling for that situation. Bottom line I would probably want to ask for Odell Beckham for Hyde, but what do I offer besides Hyde to make the trade offer fair? I have all my 2017 rookie picks (late in the round). My WRs are: Allen Robinson Mike Evans Josh Gordon Mike Wallace Seth Roberts Davante Adams Any suggestions on what I offer for Odell Beckham? Carlos Hyde and what else is a fair offer for Odell Beckham? I probably will be better off just standing pat if the other guy doesn't want to deal Odell Beckham.
  12. In short, my team is a contender in a 12 team PPR dynasty league (.5 PPR for RBs and 1 PPR for WRs). We have a lot of flexibility in starting requirements, but they are: 1 QB / 1 RB minimum / 4 total for other skill position starters (but max is 2 for RB starters). I usually attempt to keep some trade chat going, and this other owner wants Carlos Hyde and is offering me Travis Benjamin from San Diego. In my research of Benjamin I have read a lot of good things about Benjamin, and I have never started Hyde since I have drafted him as a rookie, so my only two questions are: 1) Would you trade Hyde for Benjamin? 2) Any information on this undisclosed injury of Benjamin?
  13. This is a no brainer accept for the owner getting Zeke, those late firsts rounders if they are 2016 firsts, they are not worth as much as most year's late first rounders.
  14. x2 I would have hit accept the moment I saw that offer. Some guys here are over rating Alshon Jeffery - he may be good, but he isn't a proven STUD ff WR.