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  1. Anquan Boldin
  2. My opinion is that this trade is a fair trade, with good arguments going both ways. This trade really come down to one's preference. I would stand pat because this is a redraft league, and the down grade of Rodgers to Rivers is about the same or a little more than the down grade of Jones to Fritz. Rivers is a good & solid QB, but I personally like Rodger's up side this year especially in six point per passing leagues. I recommend to go with your gut feeling about this trade.
  3. How many points for a passing TD in your league? If it's four points per passing TD - I would make the trade. If it is six points per passing TD - I have to think about this trade a little more. Green Bay offense can really stretch the field in the passing game with Montgomery at RB and those receivers. The Packers are built more around Rogers this year than the last several years, when they had Lacy and Starks at RB.
  4. Bengals starting safety Shawn Williams was carted off the field after suffering a right elbow injury in the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs. He did not return to the game. Who would replace him if the injury is a major injury? Sorry that Shawn Williams isn't a rookie, but all the back ups I have researched, all have very little experience, any idea who would replace Williams?
  5. Personally I'd keep Brown, unless there is some rule in your league that I am unaware of. Odds are against you of drafting someone better than Brown at the 1.04. There should be some good QBs that you can draft later in the draft.
  6. Where is the first round pick estimated to be? (early or late)?
  7. Have you ever consider dealing Jordy? Hopkins is young & can bounce back, but Jordy has a very limited shelf live of being an elite WR, and his name has good trade value with certain owners. My personal opinion, I probably wouldn't counter that Forte offer, most of the time those trade situations go no where. But if you want to counter it, give it a shot, it might work.
  8. Personally I'd reject that trade offer and if he comes back with a better one, I might consider it. By far, Gurley is the best player in this trade, and if he gets his head on straight, he has the talent to be a top RB again. I wouldn't trade Gurley for all that he offered straight up. Please don't give Gurley away for less than his real market value. The other guy is offering you pieces for a possible STUD.
  9. x 2 - except this offer is more like a dollar for some unknown swap land.
  10. What about Devonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta or someone similar to him for Allen Robinson? There is no way you could come close to David Johnson, Elliot, or Bell in a straight up deal for Allen Robinson. If you like Cooks better than Robinson, you best options are to either trade straight up, or ask the other owner to sweeten his offer a little more. Cooks and Robinson are about even in my book, maybe Robinson is a little better, but everyone sees things differently, so you need to be flexible. Personally, I would attempt to package something like Robinson, Olson, and Snead together and see what type of WR or RB you could get for that package. Bottom line is if you can upgrade your starters or key reserves, and only trade away depth, most offers like that would interest me. Hope that helps.
  11. x2 - maybe toss Olson in there too, if he helps to increase the return value of your trade enough where you like what you get
  12. In my rookie draft that was held about a month ago, I had the same decision & took Godwin (I already have Howard & Evans). I didn't intentionally mean to own the most of the Bucs offense, I was just drafting best player available, and just ended up with all three. I am happy because I do believe that their offense could be juicy in the future.
  13. De'Angelo Henderson Denver RB Josh Reynolds LA Rams WR Chris Godwin Tampa Bay WR Don't know if Godwin would be considered a stash, but in my PPR dynasty league, I drafted him at 3.10. I guess it depends on type of league or how the owners feel about his opportunity, I get the feeling that Godwin tends to fall in some drafts because there is little immediate opportunity for him to get a reasonable amount of targets.