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  1. I see this trade as fair, if you really need the cap savings, then I would go DJ / Adams side. Of all the players in this offer, M Gordon is the biggest wild card because you never know when he is struggling with a nagging injury. If he is hurt for a long period of time it could really make DJ / Adams a great deal.
  2. What is up with Navorro Bowman? Bowman has topped 125 tackles in five of the last seven seasons. Every time I attempted searches on this guy, I get nothing but Raiders should sign Bowman as soon as they sign Mack. I also saw a recent article titled, Is it time for the Steelers to consider Navorro Bowman? I have read the 49ers cut him because he had arguments with some San Fran coaches. Anyone have any current news on Bowman? Will some NFL team resign him?
  3. Without knowing your team needs: Kirk Sutton Guice (if you can sit on him) Jones (if he can get past his struggles)
  4. Didn't read every detail in this thread, but did anyone mention his age?
  5. David is an average LB when Kwon is healthy, I agree. Look at last year's stats & compare when Kwon was out, it explains what we are telling you. When Kwon is healthy he has the three down LB role.
  6. Burton has big breakout potential. I got him off of waivers late last year, and I cannot accurately estimate his 2018 stats, but when you have a few roster spots for fliers, Burton qualifies. Other than Allen Robinson, I have a hard time seeing competition for a lot of targets, so I feel good about Burton as a flier. As we all know, sometimes in fantasy football, it is the opportunity that makes a player good.. I agree with the post above, 60/800/8 is attainable, especially when opponent's defenses have to respect the Bears running game.
  7. I wouldn't trade for Golden (I'd pick him off waivers or drafting him late in my up and coming draft). Golden has missed a lot of time due to injuries & he hasn't been cleared to play yet, so I wouldn't trade for a player unless he can play. There are too many strange variables to this situation, but I would stand pat. That is even before considering salary.
  8. I wouldn't take that deal, unless I was getting Zeke. I need to see Adams play well in GB without Jordy Nelson, too many bad dreams when Nelson was out with those injuries, and Adams didn't produce.
  9. I would tend to think the 1.02 & 1.11 alone could get your son a good RB. If you added a good player to those picks, you should get a very good RB. The price of Matt Ryan, C Godwin, J Landry, 1.02 and 1.11 is about or almost enough for a top RB. In my opinion, your son could do better than this offer. Without contract details, I can't comment on that.
  10. I think that he is paying way too much. Luck is very risky to trade for (except maybe a buy low situation), he has the obvious health and shoulder questions. Mike Evans had a down year last year, and there is a lot of mouths to feed in Tampa Bay right now. If there is a Tampa WR that I am high on, it is Chris Godwin. In my opinion, giving away those two first rounders make your son's offer too rich for this trade. I'd look for other situations that would be more helpful for your son's team. What about Dion Lewis? Your son might be able to get him cheap.
  11. Hankmoody, I like reading your posts, I have a lot of respect for you and your posts. In my research, I read some place that Rashaan Evans is a liability in pass coverage. How would you rate his pass coverage ability?