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  1. Julio, easy accept.
  2. I'd take Ingram.
  3. x2, there would be no question about it
  4. What is Ty MONTGOMERY trade value in picks or WRs? I have a ton of good RBs, but would like to up grade another WR spot. I also have Hyde, Ware, Melvin Gordon, Gurley (I'd like to keep Gurley, if possible) besides Montgomery to trade. Do I have enough ammo to trade for a top ten WR? Thanks in advance!
  5. Sorry, I made an error, I also have Davante Adams as a WR, but I was hoping to deal some RBs (and possibly some other considerations) for a top ten WR. Do I have the ammo to make a trade like this? What WR should I target? I was thinking AJ Green, but I am open to advise.
  6. I hope that I correctly understand your question, but I would make that deal. Those high picks would help to restock you roster. How much more does Brees have in the tank? Is Watkins healthy?
  7. Baldwin and a second rounder is steep for the 1.04, maybe negotiate some other considerations with Baldwin for the 1.04?
  8. I would grab Fournette and Davis with the 1.01 and 1.02. Dalvin Cook didn't do so well at the combines, so drafting Davis with the second pick isn't that much of a reach. I would stand pat with those picks unless a incredible deal is offered to you. Then be ready because I agree, do not lock into a positional requirement going into a draft. You never know what will happen in a draft, especially if your league does a reasonable amount of trading. Draft choices tend to get better trade value at draft time than during the off season.
  9. It would depend on where in the 1st round that first round pick that you are receiving. If I couldn't get a very early pick, I would just keep OBJ. If I could draft a STUD player with something left in the tank and keep Coleman, then I would probably deal OBJ. Without more information, I really cannot give a better answer. Also not sure who New York will have for QB in a few years.
  10. No doubt, Mark Ingram, what are the odds of hitting on all those picks? Even if you get a good player at 14, you are probably at best, breaking even, I guess it depends on how good of a drafter you are. I just don't see how you are getting value for Ingram in this offer. I would wait until the draft and offer Ingram to teams on the clock, when there is a draft pick that you really want rather than take this offer.
  11. I would probably deal some of your older and more injury prone players for younger guys and / or draft picks. You have Gronk and a few WRs that have some trade value. I wouldn't trade any draft choices or younger players unless you get getting more value than when you are giving up for a rebuilding team. I would attempt to build around Freeman/Coleman and Baldwin, and start a rebuild. Two good drafts and a little waiver wire luck and you could have a contender.
  12. 12 Team dynasty PPR (TE enhanced scoring rules), starting lineups are pretty flexible: 1 QB, 1 or 2 RBs and can start up to 2 TEs and / or 4 WRs (five offensive skill starters other than QB). Basically, I am a contending team, but lost late in the playoffs, and I am overloaded with RBs and would like to get a little more balanced between RB and WRs. Most of the owners in this league stock up on WRs, and some are hurting at RB. My Team: RBs: Zeke, Melvin Gordon, Gurley, Hyde, Spencer Ware, TY Montgomery WRs: Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, Mike Wallace, Josh Gordon TE: Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert, Austin Hooper, Dwayne Allen Any suggestions on who to trade? Also what could I get for Melvin Gordon in draft choices, and what WR could I get in a straight trade trade for Gordon? Thanks for all help!
  13. I'd trade Howard for Green. Many people subscribe to that zero RB strategy, and they will gobble up good WRs, and just use whatever RBs they can find. It might be close, but Green probably has a larger shelf life than Howard, so that is a plus for a rebuilding team. I would keep Green because you do not know how Allen will bounce back from injury. You can grab a RB with your 1.01, and look for more RB depth as you are able.
  14. Me also