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  1. X2, in my opinion, Green and Olson are a wash next year, but Green is younger, so he has more left in the tank. Hard to gauge that 2018 first rounder since it could be anywhere. I don't know FFPC rules, so I may not be the best source for an answer to your question.
  2. If you like Moncrief, then I would counter and ask for a player that you like better than Coates, and / or drop that 2.2 choice from what you are giving up. You need to figure out Moncrief's value to you, and then negotiate a fair deal that doesn't make you bear all the risk. I don't like that initial offer, Moncrief has potential, but he isn't a consistent proven ff performer. Moncrief for Ertz and your 2.2 is a terrible offer for you. I own Reed, and with him, you need good TE depth for when he is hurt (which happens a lot). I would think about offering Reed for trade and see what someone in your league will give you for him, when Reed is healthy, he can be an incredible asset to your team and to the right owner, He will have good trade value.
  3. I agree the 1.03, what are you getting with White? He hasn't proven himself as a reliable fantasy option yet. Can he stay healthy?
  4. I'd make that trade. Don't understand the 1.13 in a 12 team league, but I would still make that trade. I would probably attempt to deal Olsen to a contender for picks or young talent.
  5. Luck owner in only one league, but I agree I wouldn't trade Luck for the 1.06. I also own Wilson in the same league, and I wouldn't deal him for the 1.06 or less either.
  6. I would have to concur with everyone else. Tyreek is 5'10" 185 pounds, Howard is a good RB, but none of them are as good as Zeke. The 1.04 pick is not always a blue chip prospect, so you are giving up some good pieces for a STUD RB. I wouldn't think twice about that offer, I be accepting before someone changes their mind. The players that you are giving up are young players that have some name recognition or some popularity early in their careers, I wouldn't think twice, and I would make this deal for Zeke. I own Zeke, and I would not consider trading him away for Hill, Howard and the 2017 1.04.
  7. I'd go Eifert. According to, AJ Green is doubtful. Good luck!
  8. I would deal Eifert for either Baldwin or Hilton (if you feel he will help your team), especially if you are not starting Eifert.
  9. I'd go Adams, but either one is good. Marshall is coming off a recent foot injury and Adams has the better QB. I don't trust Jets QBs this year.
  10. I am in a .5 PPR (for RBs) 12 team dynasty with large rosters, and I am loaded at RB. I was considering an attempt to upgrade to David Johnson, RB, Arizona. I was going to offer Melvin Gordon, but what else do I have to offer to make my offer fair? For RBs I have Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley, Carlos Hyde, Melvin Gordon, and Spencer Ware. In our league we only have to start a minimum of one RB, but we can start a max of two if we want. Otherwise I have also considered attempting to upgrade to Antonio Brown, WR, Piitsburgh (who is owned by a different owner than Johnson). WRs get 1 PPR scoring, and I have good starters and little depth, I have Allen Robinson and Mike Evans as starters. Overall my team is solid, but I am looking to upgrade because I am in a tough competition for the title. I was thinking of offering Gordon, with one of Hyde or Ware and someone like Mike Wallace, WR, Baltimore for either Johnson or Brown. If needed, I could also throw in 2017 draft choices, so is my potential offers fair or insulting? Would appreciate all suggestions.
  11. No
  12. I would make this trade.
  13. I am an Allen Robinson owner, and I would not except that trade, Allen Robinson will bounce back, it is too early in the season to consider him an under performer. This is incorrect, I would be leaving this league as fast as possible, there is no way this trade is too lopsided for the side receiving McCoy + Baldwin. As mentioned earlier, Robinson currently is an excellent buy low. I probably am more positive about Robinson than most people.
  14. I own Ware, picked him off of waivers as soon as a league mate cut him on the final cut down. I wouldn't trade Ware for any of the three previously mentioned WRs, I would want a much better WR, or I would just as soon hold onto Ware. I can get an average to good WR pretty easily because there are so many of them.
  15. Would need to see your roster, tons of WRs out there, not many QBs.