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  1. I also assume it's Melvin Gordon. I agree that this offer really ages your team a lot, and that is a problem. Julio Jones is almost 10 years older than either Brown or Moore, and his fantasy numbers will start declining soon. Julio didn't score many more points than Brown or Moore in my 1 point PPR league, so in .5 PPR league, they should have scored about the same amount of points. 1.03 pick is interesting, but with no blue chip draft prospects that stand out at 1.03, I wouldn't get too excited about that pick. If Brown or Moore (both only 22 years old) would get in a good offensive system with a good young QB, either one of these young WRs could start realizing their true value. Melvin Gordon will turn 27 this April. and Julio is already over 30 years old, so this offer would come off as a weak offer compared to the up side of either Brown or Moore.
  2. Seven sacks in his rookie year along with 31 tackles is a sign of positive things to come. If Chase Young is added to the other edge, Sweat could be a nice player to have.
  3. Packer GM excited about Rashan Gary's future as versatile pass rusher.
  4. Packer off-season priorities
  5. Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst talks about free agency
  6. Cory Littleton is playing his way into a big payday – from Rams or someone else
  8. I am curious if Gary gets his shoulder surgically repaired during the off season. Anyone hear anything about his shoulder?
  9. LaFleur 'still working through' decision on DC Pettine
  10. Should Green Bay keep him?
  11. Packers Face Difficult Decision With Blake Martinez in 2020
  12. Kenny needs some help with talent. A good MLB will also help.
  13. My understanding is if GB cuts Graham, it will cost them 3.6 mil.
  14. Guess I was wrong:
  15. Where is Jimmy Graham? Isn't his contract finished now?
  16. Now I believe that Jimmy Graham's contract has run out, so no cap hit from losing Graham. With a few good free agent signing, and a good draft, Green Bay should be improved. Some receivers to help Rogers and Adams would be nice, maybe an offensive tackle too. A good middle LB and run defenders would definitely help (Clark can't do it by himself).
  17. According to Scott Wright's NFL Draft Countdown, Ke’Shawn Vaughn is almost as big as Jonathan Taylor and just as fast.
  18. Ke’Shawn Vaughn is currently rated as the 10th RB of this draft by Scott Wright NFL Draft Countdown.
  20. I am not saying they have to resign Blake, but they do need some help at inside linebacker
  21. and some inside linebackers (if they lose Blake)
  22. That is something I am attempting to figure out is what position Chase Young plays in the NFL. In my league each IDP position has it's own scoring rules, so Young is gold at DE, and not so desirable at LB (Khali Mack is a great example of the same situation as DLs get more points per tackle than LBs). I know it's the off-season, any sources out there with information on this subject?
  23. Hopkins Signs Extension To Center Bengals Into Offseason The Bengals have a weak o line, but the cupboard isn't totally bare. At least they have a decent center, and possibly two average to good tackles. Jonah Williams, last year's number 1 draft choice hasn't played yet due to injury. I also am hoping they bring Dalton back, gives the Bengals a chance to improve their o line.