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  1. Too many questions about the players performing well for me in the offer that you received, I would decline this offer Brown is out now, and everyone is ranked about 20th in scoring in fantasy football, you are not receiving any difference makers in return for Barkley. This offer is the great example of offer many pieces for one STUD offer.
  2. When I first read this, I agreed with it, but as I thought about it, I disagreed with it. Pittsburgh's QB situation is a big mess now, and no telling when it gets straighten out. Roethlisberger is 37 years old, so I would personally think that Smith-Schuster's value will be volatile until a good starting QB (with consistency in starting) is in place. It might take years for Pittsburgh QB situation to straighten out. Everyone knows how a QB can affect a WRs fantasy value. It is true that Ekeler's value may take a hit with Gordon back, but there is no guarantee Gordon will be back with the Chargers next year or even stays healthy this year. This is one of these situation where using logic isn't always helpful, but one must trust their gut. Personally, I can see good arguments either way in this offer. What I would probably do is sent a reply to the guy who offered this, telling him this is an interesting offer, but JuJu doesn't motivate me enough to deal away Ekeler. and I would see if he could sweeten his offer. If you really like JuJu, please disregard my last line.
  3. I have to agree, plus the one player that upgrades your team, Kelce, he is no spring chicken. McCoy is also old and Diggs, no one knows about Diggs. Fournette is scoring better than Elliott right now, so I would probably pass. Losing those two WRs is really asking a lot.
  4. Hey Ray, I see your point about being short sighted, and I agree except that I really believe in Godwin. My main point was giving Godwin and a first round pick. I watched Godwin play in college at Penn State, and he totally destroyed my beloved Wisconsin Badgers. I was so impressed how he totally destroyed Wisconsin's highly ranked defense, Godwin was unstoppable. He really impressed me in college, so I followed him closely the year he was drafted. Bloom among many others, were bragging about his size and athleticism. I noticed how many fantasy people were saying the same thing about Godwin. He just needed some refinement. I drafted him in my dynasty league in the second or third round, I was giddy about getting him there. I will admit Godwin has a great opportunity in Tampa with Mike Evans there, but opportunity is part of the game in fantasy football. The issue I have with Nuke, is his QB Watson has a rep of not being accurate or consistent as he could be. Sorry, but I would much rather take a chance on Godwin developing into a WR1, than paying the price you wanted for Nuke. I also would not trade Godwin for Nuke straight up because where is Nuke this year? Nuke is also about four years older than Godwin. I just have a different opinion than you, but I did extensively research into Godwin, so I am not shooting from the hip. Right or wrong that is my opinion.
  5. I own Godwin in dynasty, and I would decline that also. Godwin and a 2020 first rounder, no way. Before this year, I was very high on Godwin, and there is no way I trade away a good young WR and a 2020 1st for a WR scoring about 3/4 the points that Godwin is scoring. Hopefully, this is not coming across rude, I am just speaking my opinion.
  6. I would probably keep Zeke right now, but I might reconsider if I started losing and became a noncontender early in this season, or if some of those draft choices some how became earlier draft choices than what you estimate. Many people believe that the 2020 draft to be very strong, and if you still had your first round pick, that would be five first round picks along with WR Sutton, that would be a good haul for next year. Remember Zeke like all RBs have a shelf life, you have to ask yourself a question, how long will Zeke last. He probably has several good years left, but what if you have to rebuild your team to contend? Just my opinion.
  7. What I was wondering above is where those four first rounder would likely be located in the first round and how many rookies get drafted early. I know you said 10 player keeper, but I do not know how many teams are in your league, roster sizes, and how your drafts go, etc.. If your league functions more like a dynasty league, and you received a few very early first rounders, I would consider that offer (especially if there was a very good chance you could get two or more very early picks). I don't know how your scoring rules work, but in my dynasty league, I own Zeke, and he is currently the 11th RB in scoring. If your record fell to 2 and 4, would you still be a contender?
  8. What are the chances that some of those four first rounders being an early pick? If some of those picks turned out to be early first round picks & I don't believe I am a contender this year, I would really consider that offer. Right now, the 2020 NFL draft is considered a strong draft. (Do you draft rookies or unrostered players who are not keepers or both)? I am saying this without knowledge of your league and keeper rules, I would need to know your league better to offer a specific opinion.
  9. Chargers RB Melvin Gordon might end holdout soon
  11. I would make that trade. Has it been offered to you? I could not hit accept fast enough for this offer.
  12. I would stand pat and wait, some of the players you are being offered got off to a hot start, but long run I would be concerned about this deal. If you like this deal, go for it, in but this deal, Engram is nice, but some on this board are concerned about his injury history. I don't really care for Jeffery, and I don't know what to think of about those Washington WRs.
  13. Is your league PPR or standard scoring? How big are your rosters? What are your starting line up requirements? PPR, I would definitely keep Thomas, I would probably keep Thomas no matter what the scoring system is. In real life, Arizona is rebuilding, and Thomas is about the best receiver there is in fantasy, so I probably wouldn't do this deal. You appear to have a good team, but it is hard to give good advise without knowing a little more about your league and team.
  14. X2 - Chubb is too valuable to trade for most DBs (I would consider an elite young safety who is a consistent STUD year in and year out, someone like Jamal Adams in a big play league). This might be a pipe dream, but I keep wondering what would happen if Chubb ever became a DL.
  15. I think it is really even as far as value is concerned. I would slightly lean Kupp's way for two reasons: Kupp is a few years younger Most games, out of all the games that Kupp played last year, he scored really well, so the competition for touches doesn't really scare me. If the Rams really manage Gurley's touches really closely, I start liking Kupp even more. Also a QB can really affect a WRs fantasy scoring, so I would be a little concerned with owning TY Hilton. I could also see good arguments for TY Hilton because this deal is close in value and different people can value one player very differently.
  16. Just to back up the last post:
  17. I see this trade as fair, if you really need the cap savings, then I would go DJ / Adams side. Of all the players in this offer, M Gordon is the biggest wild card because you never know when he is struggling with a nagging injury. If he is hurt for a long period of time it could really make DJ / Adams a great deal.
  18. What is up with Navorro Bowman? Bowman has topped 125 tackles in five of the last seven seasons. Every time I attempted searches on this guy, I get nothing but Raiders should sign Bowman as soon as they sign Mack. I also saw a recent article titled, Is it time for the Steelers to consider Navorro Bowman? I have read the 49ers cut him because he had arguments with some San Fran coaches. Anyone have any current news on Bowman? Will some NFL team resign him?
  19. Without knowing your team needs: Kirk Sutton Guice (if you can sit on him) Jones (if he can get past his struggles)
  20. Didn't read every detail in this thread, but did anyone mention his age?
  21. David is an average LB when Kwon is healthy, I agree. Look at last year's stats & compare when Kwon was out, it explains what we are telling you. When Kwon is healthy he has the three down LB role.