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  1. I also assume it's Melvin Gordon.

    I agree that this offer really ages your team a lot, and that is a problem.

    Julio Jones is almost 10 years older than either Brown or Moore, and his fantasy numbers will start declining soon.  Julio didn't score many more points than Brown or Moore in my 1 point PPR league, so in .5 PPR league, they should have scored about the same amount of points.

    1.03 pick is interesting, but with no blue chip draft prospects that stand out at 1.03, I wouldn't get too excited about that pick.

    If Brown or Moore (both only 22 years old) would get in a good offensive system with a good young QB, either one of these young WRs could start realizing their true value.

    Melvin Gordon will turn 27 this April. and Julio is already over 30 years old, so this offer would come off as a weak offer compared to the up side of either Brown or Moore.

  2. Just now, Balco said:

    Yeah not good with Graham. Am I reading it that cutting him would cause an 11,000,000 hit? Or is it a little over 3,000,000.

    He needs to be gone next year regardless.

    I am fine with Jace Sternberger as the second tight end. I think he is scheme versatile and can line up in a lot of different places. But the Packers absolutely have to sign a lead tight end. Number one on my list is Hunter Henry as I think he will come cheaper than Austin Hooper. But Hooper is a close second. 

    My understanding is if GB cuts Graham, it will cost them 3.6 mil.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Balco said:

    A quick look at Contributing Packer’s Unrestricted Free Agents:

    Blake Martinez: Packers need to let him walk. He was not a difference maker, when you watch him on the field he is an average Inside Linebacker. Love his intensity but not worth an extension.

    Bryan Bulaga: Unless he accepts a very team friendly deal (unlikely in this market) he needs to go to. Creates a hole but is he reliable?

    Mason Crosby: Bring him back.

    Geronimo Allison: Goodbye

    Marcedes Lewis: Retiring most likely - shouldn’t be back either way

    Tramon Williams: wonder if he hangs them up. If not would be fine with him coming back. Veteran leader.

    Kyler Fackrell: will get a nice contract somewhere. I like him as a situational pass rusher but will cost too much.

    BJ Goodson: If price is right they should re sign him. I like Goodson, plays downhill.



    Where is Jimmy Graham?  Isn't his contract finished now?

  4. 33 minutes ago, Balco said:

    Good news is that their are no free agents that we need to bring back. Let Bulaga walk. Under no circumstance should Blake Martinez be brought back.

    The good news, despite the horrendous showing yesterday, is these problems can be fixed.


    Now I believe that Jimmy Graham's contract has run out, so no cap hit from losing Graham.

    With a few good free agent signing, and a good draft, Green Bay should be improved.

    Some receivers to help Rogers and Adams would be nice, maybe an offensive tackle too.

    A good middle LB and run defenders would definitely help (Clark can't do it by himself).

  5. 9 hours ago, Balco said:

    I don’t want to see them break the bank for Blake. Wouldn’t mind them resigning BJ Goodsen who should be much cheaper.

    I’m actually okay with them letting every free agent walk.

    I am not saying they have to resign Blake, but they do need some help at inside linebacker

  6. 22 minutes ago, Balco said:

    Aaron isn’t going to be able to make all the throws and carry the team on his back. He needs short area help. Lafleurs offense is actually perfect for him as he ages. It’s a two tight end heavy set. Problem is he doesn’t have two tight ends that are of any threat.  Solve that issue and this offense becomes potent. Sounds so simple. But if Packers can get Hooper or Hunter Henry and another pass catching tight end (Marcedes is retiring and Jimmy Graham is horrendous) and a quick twitch slot receiver - watch out. 

    on defense need some stout rotational DTs.


    and some inside linebackers (if they lose Blake)

  7. 1 hour ago, Tick said:

    It all just depends on who drafts him.  But yeah, getting an OLB who's misclassified as a DE is always a cheat code.  This year that was Clowney and Addison.  I noticed last offseason that FBG started listing some players as Edge or OLB/DE, which was nice - if they have projections, it helps see how the players map if you start to suspect they'll be misclassified.

    A good person to follow is Gary Davenport from IDP Sharks, since he's now the person who sets the MyFantasyLeague positions.  Listening to his podcast last offseason tipped me off to draft Clowney when he was an LB, knowing he was very likely to be switched to DE.


  8. That is something I am attempting to figure out is what position Chase Young plays in the NFL.

    In my league each IDP position has it's own scoring rules, so Young is gold at DE, and not so desirable at LB (Khali Mack is a great example of the same situation as DLs get more points per tackle than LBs).

    I know it's the off-season, any sources out there with information on this subject?

  9. On 12/23/2019 at 7:19 AM, DAG said:

    Really wish Cincy didn’t clinch the 1.1. I think Burrow is mentally tough enough to not get ruined by a bad o line but this seems like a brutal situation for the short term. I know things change fast in the NFL, but the Bengals ownership being awful seems pretty fixed. I’m hoping they bring back Dalton for a year and work on the line. 

    Hopkins Signs Extension To Center Bengals Into Offseason

    The Bengals have a weak o line, but the cupboard isn't totally bare.  At least they have a decent center, and possibly two average to good tackles. Jonah Williams, last year's number 1 draft choice hasn't played yet due to injury.

    I also am hoping they bring Dalton back, gives the Bengals a chance to improve their o line.