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  1. What did Calvin Johnson run for a forty when he was preparing for the NFL Draft?
  2. Hutch is no where near the player he once was. McNabb was worse than Favre just last year. Adrian could very well hold out. He's a good back. He's not as good as Johnson nor is he LT2 in his prime or Barry. He's very good. He's a professional and he stays in great shape. However this is the worst team he's ever been a part of. He's going too high in drafts. He just is.First of all, you said "make up for the loss of Hutch" implying that he was no longer there. Just because the guy underperformed last year does not mean he is done as a lineman. And either way, it's a misleading statement.Do you realize that Hutch is now 33 years old and has struggled with back problems the last several years? (As far back as the 2005 season when Hutch was with Seattle, I clearly remember the announcers talking about Hutch's lower back issues.)Hutch is no where near his prime.I am not arguing, I am just stating my opinion, I don't have much hope for 30 plus year old offensive linemen to improve much, if at all.