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  1. I literally just listened for 30 minutes waiting for my kid to finish practice. I had to do a double take on the radio to make sure I was on ESPN because I couldnt believe how bad the show was. If Golic Jr had another name he would be working in a lumber yard and I didnt know fitz had left his afternoon show with spain. Spain while hot, I just cannot see carrying a show by herself. Man ESPN has made some really dumb choices in the past few years.
  2. Damn, how far is that drive? Totally worth it though
  3. Does Joe just drop this here and see what happens? Seems odd to just drop this nugget and not come back to defend it
  4. I love the Tampa area, although its too crowded, I really like the northern coastal areas on the east but anything other than that forget it. That place has some areas that is truly cray cray. Looking at you Ocala.
  5. 91 with sweltering humidity today. But we will have 60-70 degree days for every month in the winter. NC, best place to live in murica
  6. No dude, we most certainly get to give our input on this one. This is monumentally stupid and I think Joe just does this type of stuff to drum up posts on a thread. This is a new thing for him and this site.