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  1. Nah I get it I am just saying if I was wes I would want to see where I messed up at? Also I wonder if they batteries were placed the same for both guys?
  2. Joe would boot me from this board forever if I posted what I truly thought of her. Lets just say she is a despicable person who sold all of her integrity to be on fox news
  3. Yeah that was odd. If I was wes I would want to see the rest of the batteries on my board to make sure they were all there
  4. There are skulls left to have but he could have gotten froze out if he didnt make the tribunal again. Way to risky. That is why I dont understand why these people were afraid to go in in the beginning against lesser players. Especially considering they knew from the jump that they needed a skull. I bet you start to see the strategy now that if someone on the tribunal has a skull that are going to vote in another player with a skull to get the numbers down
  5. Absolutely. its a sad time in American politics. It dropped off a ledge when Obama left and sadly I dont see any end in sight if Biden is the absolute best the dems can do.
  6. No doubt he is terrible but he has no remorse on anything he says. Off script or not. When Biden gets flustered he just rambles incoherently and sounds like an old man. Like I said I am not voting for either of these two nimrods and cannot believe the democratic party still doesnt have their stuff together.
  7. They all should have been trying to get in early on in the game. There will be a bunch of them left on the sidelines because they dont have a skull
  8. He came across as a complete buffoon in those primary debates. He is too old and doesnt have the mental capacity to A) debate trump or more importantly B)effectively lead as President
  9. oof
  10. Wut? Biden is terrible under pressure and thinking on his feet. What are you talking about?
  11. Not sure if serious. He destroyed Hillary in the debates. His tactics suck but they are effective and joe is not quick enough to handle him.
  12. If you are pinning your hopes on biden then good luck man. Seriously. Not a trump fan but he is going to wreck joe
  13. Trump will massacre Biden in the debates. I mean all time bloodbath level type stuff. Biden will get flustered out of the gate and go off script and produce a series of gaffes that he will not be able to come back from .