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  1. We have already talked about context and yes its the foundation of this.
  2. no offense to you and I get you are just wanting informative debate but this is all just getting way too much. Once you start digging into this someone is going to be offended at just at about anything. Life is too short, there are too many people on this planet and its just never ending. If a woman is getting offended at the use of the words "female" or "girls" maybe its time for them to look in the mirror.
  3. Being cool to other people is getting them to act like you want them to act?
  4. I see now, this is all shtick. Just like in the Kraft thread, this is what you do. At least I know now. I'm out.
  5. Is this shtick because I really dont know? And if its not I dont want to get banned again for something petty.
  6. This "political correctness" stuff is just making things unbearable now.
  7. nany in those leather pants though. Wow so hot. The plan to send josh and amanda was dumb, they have to take out the brits before its too late or else they are just going to get taken out one by one Jealous leroy was just a bad look.