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  1. Fair enough, so 3 qb's in 11 years. Trevor needs to be smart here
  2. Pennington sanchez Smith Darnold in 18 years. Trevor should run far away
  3. Why is Smith not included? The jets have scewed up 4 different qb's in 18 years. How is that not backing it up?
  4. I count 4 in less than 20 years. TL would be smart to stay away
  5. Thanks I thought I heard a news lackey say that last night
  6. So if Biden wins Pennsylvania than his path to victory is almost unstoppable?
  7. Sure but my point is I doubt there are folks this late in the game that are undecided. I think you are either going to vote or not and it doesnt depend on if Biden or whoever was in your state in the past week.
  8. I am always skeptical about undecideds this last in the game. I mean do you really think there are people that dont know who to vote for but then see said candidate in their state and that makes their mind up? What am I missing here?
  9. You dont find the timing of this suspect? I mean literally a week out from the election
  10. enough
  11. Based on all of the polls showing Biden and the early voting favoring him as well, how is there anyway Trump pulls this off
  12. I started Claypool over Moore due to the matchup this week.