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  1. She was nine months pregnant no? If she had a miscarriage I am pretty sure we would have heard about it. I also think miscarriages at 9 months are insanely rare.
  2. someone would have figured it out by now. no way she is dumb enough to lie about being 9 months pregnant
  3. I thought the walker had a gunshot wound and the "wake up" was her turning
  4. So the whispers still have guns but our heroes are down to only 4 shots in a snub nose revolver? You really really really have to try and screw up a dumb show about zombies. When the horde was coming did they not stop and think that maybe that could lead them away if they went outside and made some noise?
  5. There are a lot of top shelf qb prospects in this draft
  6. Please link to where I said he was a failure or bust. I laid out my position on this quite clearly above.
  7. How is he going to rise after scoring 8 points? Look I get it, you guys are high on him and he may be all world next season or 2 but the way you guys were talking about him was just insane. He was going to be the #1 OVERALL player this year. Thats what a lot of posters were saying. Breaking records etc etc etc. Not only that he was going elevate David Johnson to the #1 rb. I am simply pointing out that putting that much faith in a rookie in a system that we have no clue if its going to work, on a bad team with a horrible oline is a pretty bad fantasy strategy. But congrats you keep rolling him out there and he is going to have some good weeks. I hope it works out for you.
  8. He is a fringe qb1 at best dude. The numbers dont lie. He has 9 tds in 7 games. 9. Like I said last week I am more or less just laughing at the ridiculous expectations that were put on him by you guys before the season. Remember he was going to shatter the rookie records? Just last week you said he could still be the #1 overall player. He is a dink and dunk passer that hardly ever runs. In fact the run I saw where he took off and tried to turn the corner and the linebacker was step for step with him so that skillset may be a bit overrated as well. Also I have no clue what you winning has to do with Kyler murray