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  1. What does that have to do with a lady being assaulted and protected by males after it happened? Not following you here.
  2. She seems like a pretty petty and vindictive person quite honestly.
  3. WTF? Seriously wtf? Is this what its come to?
  4. But our defense is still crap and our oline needs lots of bodies. Its going to be a bad year. I am almost to the point that if we can get a 3rd or 4rth then just move him. I have to think the Bears would roll the dice on him for a 3rd Give cam a chance to win
  5. Me personally I wouldnt. But I can easily see the team just having enough of the drama and starting fresh. He is on a one year deal and its going to be a crap year with or without him. The whole can he play, is he healthy etc just gets to be redundant at some point. I would hate that they would cut him but I would understand. If he cannot play he simply cannot play. I guess we will see in mini camp where we are with him. I mean really, what is the best case scenario with Cam and this team for 2020? Jourdan R reported he should be able to pass a physical next month so that will be interesting to see if that materializes
  6. yep, but I am not sure if he qualifies as a "franchise QB" as it stands today. The dude is banged up and damn nobody knows anything it seems about his recovery. He commented that the foot injury was a "blessing" because it gave his shoulder extra rest which is concerning. And now you have the foot injury that typically zaps players of their mobility. This has to be a nightmare as the team prepares for FA and the draft. But I think at the end of the day he simply gets cut. It would be a sad and weird ending for him. A great player that just took an insane amount of punishment.
  7. Wouldnt there be a massive man hunt for Saul? Surely the cab dude would know about that.
  8. Rapp reported it would be closer to june before he is in game shape. Rhule made the comment about sept. Why I dont know but I have a guess. I dont think he had a setback just not the timeline we were hoping for. I wonder if he is still going to be able to at least pass a physical in March. Sure as hell doesnt sound like it.
  9. That changed yesterday if you believe some of the tweets from Jourdan and ian and from what Rhule said about sept. I am in a meeting now but will link once I get a chance
  10. From yesterday. June maybe even Sept Which you can draw your own conclusions
  11. You may be right but in his defense he clearly states that Cam should have been good to go in March. Now he isnt (which is clearly another separate issue) so the team cannot move him when he is injured. Things didnt progress like he thought. He Rhule also didnt rule out trading anyone on the roster. But yeah someone in the organization is probably toying with Ian R.
  12. I think. This came after the ding ding ding of the uncle wanting to mess with gus and the money
  13. He also said this, so who knows what is going on right now I still think at the end of this Cam is cut or traded for peanuts under the guise that he is just not healthy enough