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  1. @Maurile Tremblay^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1206765770870599682& December 16 was Monday, and I am pretty sure Sleeper, Fantasy Life, and several other outlets reported it, too. At this point, Cook was unlikely enough to play where I don’t think he was the default choice for Vikes RB in the rankings... What I really wanted to see is the opinion on Boone / Mattison and where they would rank
  2. Frankly, you didn't want FBG rankings for week 16 anyway. I have a lot of respect for @Maurile Tremblay, but the early rankings he posted on Monday had Dalvin Cook as RB5, even after Shefter came out and said its unlikely he plays in the regular season. It wasn't fixed for a few days, either. I realize the goal of the early rankings is just to get a POV out there, but you would think week 16 is too important to just throw something up that's waaaay wrong. @Joe Bryant - we seem to have had this discussion last season - faster and more < > better.
  3. Yes, the espn mobile app has problems, the ones you’ve described and more. Separately, this is the first year where our auction on ESPN was a complete cluster - their servers couldn’t handle the load, some people couldn’t nominate players at all, weird errors, all of us getting kicked out at some points, etc. Wish there was a good free alternative to ESPN auctions - will spend some time looking this year.
  4. TMQB: KC, PHI RB: Kamara, CMC, Barkley, Chubb WR: Hill, Hopkins, Thomas, Adams, Julio TE: Kelce, Kittle Flex: Ertz PK: Butker, Zuerlein DST: CHI, PHI
  5. What do you guys think of Saquon in this format? Clearly, playing for a non-playoff team doesn’t help + I think he’ll have more challenges without OBJ + inept QBs + bad line... where would you have taken him? Just curious.
  6. FYI - doesn't seem to work for me - the bookmarklet never opens.
  7. I will take one of the remaining spots NOT in ABLC. All other leagues are fine.
  8. @Steeler Thank you! I sent you a PM - would you pls take a look when you have a chance? Appreciate it!
  9. Will someone run the team scoring site for the competition again this year?
  10. I am in for league 6. I will join another league if needed.