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  1. Go Warhawks! Kind of funny that two schools 2 hours apart are traveling to Texas to play each other.
  2. Furley, a kid who help coach my son's summer hockey program plays for the Gamblers, I am hoping my son and I can get up there to see him play.
  3. I was surprised as well at the lack of those players on the list as well. The son of a friend of mine played with Caufield on Team Wisconsin a few years back, we went to watch them in Chicago and man that kid could fly. They had him on defense just moved down the ice with what seems like no effort at all. We'll see if he decides to play on the Badgers next year. It would be awesome to see Lindmark, Turcotte, and both Caufield's on the same team.
  4. Within the linked story, there is another link to get his excel form. there is a tab with all the sources and links to the source documents. Started looking at it, but was taking awhile.
  5. Pretty somber news on my local newspaper website. Breaking: Two confirmed dead in a fiery crash that shutdown I-94 City in shock after police officer is shot and killed
  6. Sledless Skeleton is more of a challenge
  7. Yes he called this one and game 1 as well. Game 1 he had bucks by 8 today he called bucks by 20. By the by he is on 1250.
  8. So is the comment below the "crap" talking that is being referenced? "Against Boston, you can go down 1-0 and still be fine. But against Toronto, it's hard to be in that spot when you lose the first game in your home," Antetokounmpo said Tuesday, according to ESPN's Malika Andrews. What exactly is incorrect in the statement, Boston was the 4 seed and had a home record of 28-13 in the regular season, Toronto is the 2 seed with a home record of 32-9. It is more likely to get a win in Boston that it is in Toronto. Not sure why this is #### talking, it is true, they are less likely to get a road win and will be in trouble if they lose at home.
  9. Actually, it would be more like your father in law crossing the county line to go to a bar in a legal county, drink some beers at the bar, then heading back to his house and being arrested once crossing the county line for drinking (ignore the fact that there could be drunk driving laws pertaining to this analogy).
  10. Or charges of second degree murder?
  11. What if the mother does not attend regular doctor visits or taking vitamins to help the fetus form into a healthy baby, would this be considered child abuse? I know this is extreme but at the same point if a fetus has full rights, this could be construed within those rights.
  12. Probably because he got to see Alton Lister in a non-Bucks uni.