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  1. Good call GM. I live a mile from this facility. This deal made farmers and real estate agents rich. The spending and construction is ongoing as if there are no changes. Roads are closed to convert from 2 lane to 6-8 lanes highways. Additionally, water and sewage pipes are being installed to pull and return millions of gallons of water from the lake every day. If this is going to be converted to a storage facility there is no need for this type of infrastructure. Now Foxconn is disputing the non-payment and is insistent on a payment. This deal is such a it is unbelievable. My fear is the area is going to be strapped with the debt for the spending to date and nothing to show for it coming in.
  2. Foxconn Empty Factories Here is another story on the Foxconn conjob.
  3. That is great to read. I hope they do something ensure more/quicker polling locations. In April Milwaukee had 5 polling locations normally they have 180. Anything that can be done to aid in more people voting the better things will be.
  4. While that is great news I think one hindrance is the need to poll workers. In Milwaukee local politicians only had 3 voting locations during the last election because there were not enough poll workers.
  5. Good to hear, I had read that he was considered a fugitive, but that may have been at the time of the charges.
  6. He is considered a "fugitive from justice". Kid fled the stated with intent to avoid prosecution.
  7. I work in Kenosha and have family (brother, sister, mom) that live blocks to miles from where the shooting happened last night. After last night to say I am on edge is saying it lightly. My 18 year old daughter has some grand illusion that she is going to the peaceful march tomorrow, we informed her that will not happen. My sister and her family live blocks from last nights shooting and my brother and his family live blocks from the Monday night fires. It is very depressing seeing all the activity and finding out this is people from other cities.
  8. Has anyone gone through depression due to sleep disorders? I have not been to the doctor to get reviewed for any sleep disorders, but I am convinced the peaks and valleys of my moods is entirely due to my sleep issues. I go through highs and lows in life, more often than not there have been lows that I just cant dig myself out of. I could never do anything to myself, I just feel like I cant get anything right anymore and struggle through day to day.
  9. I deserve that, no apology necessary. I understand it will help but my thing is if I don’t get a replacement in another 15 years I want to make sure what I get is good. Kind of sarcasm, kind of truthful.
  10. I have to replace my 15 year old wireless router. We tend to lose internet access throughout the day, especially when I log on for work. A co-worker recommended Google Nest Mesh system, if we all run apple phones and such is there a wireless router that would be better for those systems or does it not matter. Mind you I am considered the IT guy in the house and I don't know barely anything considering IT but I guess I know more than anyone else in my house.
  11. Last week I had a friend that passed away and a small group of us got together, I went to the basement and pulled out some beers to share. Drank the following: 2012 White Chocolate, 2007 Bourbon County Stout, and a Bourbon County Cherry Rye. The White Chocolate was by far the favorite.
  12. I wonder whatever became of Freeway . . .
  13. Go Warhawks! Kind of funny that two schools 2 hours apart are traveling to Texas to play each other.