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  1. He’s looked like he’s not ready to start in the nfl yet but with the season lost and the bye in week 10 is it possible they decide to role with him going forward?
  2. Thanks bloom 2 finals- 1st is a ppr Qb pick 1: luck, Prescott or Mayfield Wr pick 2: Hilton, Diggs, Edelman Final #2 is standard rb pick 2: d.johnson, j. Samuels, j. Williams, or Peterson
  3. I have a question about Steelers linebacker Vince Williams . I was watching the game last week and I noticed that he was not out on the field in a lot of passing situations. Looking ahead at this match up with New England. They like to throw to the running back‘s quite a bit out of the backfield. Does that create more or less tackle opportunities for a linebacker like Williams? Is he a everydown linebacker or does he come out on obvious passing situations
  4. The question has to do with the concussion protocol and a couple of different examples. Both Coleman and Kamara got concussions in last weeks game. Kamara and his coach have proclaimed that he will play. But I have seen no official report from a doctor clearing him. On the other hand Coleman has yet to practice. Is it possible that Coleman doesn't even travel with the team this week? Its a short flight but I read somewhere about flying while in the concussion protocol could cause setbacks. I'm just looking for more information about the protocol. Is it possible that Atlanta could wait until 2 hours before game time on Monday to announce their inactives and include Coleman only then? Or will we know sooner than that if he is playing or not.